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Chloe Moretz Covers 'Interview' Magazine

Chloe Moretz Covers 'Interview' Magazine

Chloe Moretz smolders on the cover of Interview magazine’s November 2011 issue.

Here’s what the 14-year-old actress had to share with Drew Barrymore, who interviewed her:

On who she would date if she could date anyone: “This is hard! In my age range there’s not many people to date, so…My date would have to be with…Maybe Ryan Gosling.”

On what she learned while working with Tim Burton: “Oh, Mr. Burton . . . Well, that’s hard because no one actually, like, sits you down and gives you advice or anything, you know what I mean? But the thing with Tim is definitely the way that he really just focuses on his actors. If the actor says, “No, I don’t feel that’s right for the character,” then he takes that so seriously – and not many directors do that in the same way. So that was a very special thing, working with him.”

On her favorite movies, both new and old: “A new film I love would have to be Black Swan probably, and an old one would have to be either Gone With the Wind or Breakfast at Tiffany’s.”

FYI: Drew directed Choe in the music video for “Our Deal” by American indie rock band Best Coast.

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Photos: Mikael Jansson
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  • Kirsten

    Beautiful girl but I don’t really like how she looks and often acts like a woman. Who am I to judge, but kids should be kids

  • O

    People’s interest for a 14 year girl looks like child abuse to me. Sad. She can be an actresse at this age, but something is wrong in my opinion. People talk about her as if she was a woman, and she’s actually a child. Btw, she acts like a woman. She looks like 24.

  • commonsense

    Actually there plenty of people she could date in her age range. Nobody said it had to be an actor, her answer just shows that she’s living in a bubble.

  • J

    I absolutely adore her! She’s a delight!

  • Lauren

    Such a beautiful cover, I always want to pick it up but for 7.00 its kind of too much. Such a lovely girl, hard to believe she’s only 14, she looks like she’s an older more mature figure.

  • Ann

    I don’t understand…so her mom didn’t let her watch Taxi Driver but she was allowed to watch Black Swan? Even adults were creeped out by Black Swan. Good grief child.

  • Sue Denim

    I don’t think it’s fair to cricise her for *looking* older because she really can’t help that but I worry about how much she tries to behave like a sexy grown woman when she’s only 14. I hope she doesn’t get into too much trouble along the road and that people give her a chance to grow up.

  • Jo

    I think she’s very talented and I like her, but I’m afraid what show-business can do to her. Those answers woudn’t be that bad but considering her typical red carpet look (grown-up dresses, high heels, too much make-up) and pseudo-sexy face she makes every time, the fact that she looks like the woman in her middle twenties in those pictures, that she chose a man who’s over twice her age as a possible date and R-rated movie with graphic oral sex scene and some disturbing violent scenes (for a 14 year old child) as a favourite one, worries me very much. She wants to be seen as a serious, adult actress so badly, that someone might want to use that and make her do something she will regret.

  • elena

    you’re so worng.
    normal boys can’t date her.
    she’s way out of their league.
    she’s making money $millon’s at such a young age.
    none of them can afford to date her.

  • http://doitdoit K A Z Simply

    In real so pretty

  • Derpina

    I see in the interview with Ellen she is a fan of Justin Bieber, I’m happy to see she is a normal 14 years old girl, I don’t like all this adult styles, looks and attitude

  • Turth

    The magazines are turning these girls like Hailey, Chloe and Elle into little Lolita. Why’s Drew asking her who she should date?

    Sadly, this child is very precocious and will likely be dating a 25-yr-old at 16.

  • Jennica Panettiere

    @Derpina: That was when she just turned 13 and her cuteness was refreshing. She probably thinks Justin Bieber is a loser now.

    Now she’s 14 and a half and going after 30 year olds. Only in Hollywood.

    People don’t call it Hollyweird for no reason.

  • Jennica Panettiere

    Kind of funny that the person interviewing her is Drew Barrymore. Kind of the poster child for messed up teens.

  • cardinal sin


    Your comment shows you’re way too serious about a glib remark from a 14-year-old.

  • cardinal sin

    “that she chose a man who’s over twice her age as a possible date”-Jo

    Lord knows she’s the first young girl, or boy for that matter, to have crushes on adults. What an unusual phenomenon.

  • http://jda slig o ^______________^ cute

    chloe moretz beautiful but dont need this color

  • Jo

    @cardinal sin:

    I said that as one of numerous things that bother me about her. It wouldn’t be bad as a single answer but that together with everything she said and how she looks is off, because she lives in Hollywood and a possiblity for her to date some much older man isn’t just an innocent taught from a normal teenage girl. It wouldn’t be Ryan Gosling, but it happened before that 16-year old ambitiuos, too mature actressess were starting relationships with some 40 year old producents or dirctors, cause they promised them serious carreers. She insn’t afraid to tell that she would want to date 31-year old man, that she watches grown-up movies and likes to dress herself like 25-year old woman, which might be a sign for all those perverts who just wait to get involved with her in the close future, that she is one of those susceptible ones.

  • Derpina

    @Jennica Panettiere: She was at the premiere of the movie Never Say Never this year, she loooooooooooves Justin Bieber, come on, what’s the problem if she had a stupid idol? She is a normal child, or should be.

  • cardinal sin


    There’s nothing wrong with what she said or how she looks. She has crushes on older guys like every other young girl throughout history, and she wears mature clothes to some special events like other young actresses do. Big deal………Watches grown-up movies? For one, she’s not allowed to see many R-rated films without her family’s permission. For another, how many 14-year-olds do you know who have never watched an adult film? All kids see these types of films whether it’s by themselves or in the company of family members. If you knew her well, you’d realize she’s actually about as sheltered and protected as any kid is.

  • cam

    @Jo: Jared cut it off, but at that end of the answer she says “he could drive me around.” You’re reading too much into just a toss off answer to a silly question she gave, just being humorous. I think she’s said in other interviews she has friends that are boys her own age.

  • cardinal sin


    Of course she does. She’s an actress basically being asked about her crushes. Who do these people think she’s going to name? Johnny Ross from across the street? But then, overreaction and odd speculation is a hobby horse of JJ commenters.

  • Truth Meter

    @Ann: @Ann, your obsession with Chloe is disturbing. Please report to the nearest police station.

  • Norton

    Dayum. She’s absolutely gorgeous and she has very strong facial features,

  • dave

    The camera loves her! I hope she still lives as a child despite the fame and work. We all must wait and see how her face changes as she grows older, but I think she will continue to be beautiful!