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Jessica Biel Covers 'Elle' December 2011

Jessica Biel Covers 'Elle' December 2011

Jessica Biel pairs her Donna Karan New York tankdress and Eres bra for the December 2011 cover of Elle magazine.

The 29-year-old actress was tight-lipped about her personal life in the cover story. Here’s what she shared:

On her status with [boyfriend] Justin Timberlake: “A girl doesn’t kiss and tell.”

On dating actors: “I think those are the people you meet and so it just kind of happens. Let me tell you: It never happens on purpose.”

On whether she plans to have children someday: “Sure, of course. And, yeah, I think probably at some point it would be something I’m interested in. But I don’t feel pressured. I was never one of those girls who dreamt of my wedding and my Prince Charming. To piss off my mom, I used to say, ‘I’m never having kids, and I’m going to be a fabulously rich old maid living in a house with cute butlers and dogs.’”

On whether she would consider leaving show business: “Absolutely. I’d love to write. I wrote a lot of short stories and poetry when I was a kid. That was my creative outlet. I’ve written a short film, and I write poetry.”

On whether she would go nude for another movie role after Powder Blue: “I wasn’t so scarred by that experience that I’d never do it again. If a director I trusted came to me with an amazing opportunity and it felt organic, I would do it.”

On shooting Total Recall with Colin Farrell: “The other day, Colin and I were in our harnesses, hoisted up 30 feet in the air looking down…The adrenaline rush of that was explosive. We hit the bottom, looked at each other, and burst into giggles. That was an I-love-my-job moment.”

On a role that got away: “The Notebook. That’s one that I wanted so badly. I was in the middle of shooting Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and I auditioned with Ryan Gosling in my trailer—covered in blood. [Director] Nick Cassavetes put me through the wringer in an interesting, excitingly creative way. But there’s a million that get away. We’re gluttons for punishment. It’s just rejection.”

FYI: Jessica is wearing a molded tankdress from Donna Karan New York, a bra from Eres, earrings from Low Luv x Erin Wasson, a pendant necklace and sterling silver rings from Gregg Wolf, a hook necklace from Jelena Behrend, a curb-link necklace from David Yurman, sterling silver bracelets and a textured ring from Chrome Hearts, and a diamond bracelet from Harry Winston.

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Photos: Carter Smith, Joe Zee (Styling)
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  • Kiki


  • mkhay

    she would have done awful in the notebook im glad she didnt get it

  • joyce

    thank God Rachel McAdams got the role

  • Jill

    I’m a huge Jessica Biel fan, but calling her Hollywood’s most beautiful woman is a bit of a stretch, really. She is pretty, no doubt, but prettiest of them all?!

  • ace11

    Timberlake plays her like a fiddle

  • commonsense

    With her acting skills it’s easy to believe that there are millions of roles that got away. Was that too mean? Sorry.

  • Jonte

    Best body in the game I’ll give her that.

  • hi

    @Jill: Is there one that is? I mean come on. So many women out there each beautiful in her own way, there is no way to pick one that’s more beautiful than the rest..but Hollywood tries, so let them have fun.

  • Lauren

    She looks beautiful! Almost didn’t know who it was on the cover, thought they might be doing another Victoria Secret cover shoot! love the wet, undone hair and smokey eye, and that dress is very beautifulf.

  • hayles

    im really surprised she gets any big roles at all.
    what are casting directors thinking??
    what has she been in that’s been a huge critical or box office success anyways? and not praising her co-stars but her specifically?
    she’s not that pretty at all.
    she is just one lucky duck.
    it sure isnt talent or looks.

  • Where was her hunted puss Tido

    She is really very unattractive and unspecial. And her acting abilities really suck. She and Timberdouche must do something illegal that they get acting jobs because they are really not worth any cent.

  • lol

    Her interviews are always so intellectual. lol

    Sometimes I have the feeling Justin tries to sound like her too, but it just comes out illiterate.

    Probably they should go back to college.
    I mean not even 10% of actors have been in college but at least they sound like life experienced people with a natural smartness.

    Something she and him seems never to get.

  • lol

    Her interviews are always so intellectual. lol

    Sometimes I have the feeling Justin tries to sound like her too, but it just comes out illiterate.

    Probably they should go back to college.
    I mean not even 10% of actors have been in college but at least they sound like life experienced people with a natural smartness.

    Something she and him seems never to get.

  • Julie

    Fact check Jessica, your a horrible actress who only gets roles because true A listers turn them down and production studios want you so maybe your famous bf will come on set to see you and or go to the premiere and bring buzz about the film. ” girl doesn’t kiss & tell” but she sure does have her pr team call the paps so the pics & her face get in magazines!

  • http://JustJared mo

    ^^^^correct !!!!!!!

  • http://youcando slig o ^___________^ cute

    You sexy in cover hahahahah

  • yeas sure

    I guess she has had to much botox even in her brain, probably she can´t grow mentally anymore.

  • http://doitdoit K A Z Simply

    Cover elle needs beautiful young model only

  • http://JustJared mo

    Fame whore!

  • speaktruth

    I’m sorry but why is she on the cover besides having the opportunity to talk or not talk about Justin Timberlake? She mentions Total Recall for about a second, and the rest is about her personal life.

  • Alaia

    I think people are very harsh. Has anybody seen Easy Virtue? She was really good in that.

  • Lyla

    @Alaia: I can think of 30 other actresses who would’ve been much better in her Easy Virtue role. U know who was great in that? ben barnes! :)

  • Kat

    She should feel pressured. Does she think fertility lasts forever?
    In fact female fertility starts to decline at age 30.
    After that, it becomes more difficult to get pregnant.

    Towards 40 and after the chances are conceiving are low.
    And Justin timberlake doesn’t look ready to put a ring on any time soon, so she needs to do some serious reevaluation IMO.

  • just me

    Maybe she don’t want to talk about her relationship with justin timberlake. Like rachel bilson. People need to asking people about things like that. Justin is her best friend and will always be. Why people think that anyway. She is available andi its nobody who she’s with ok. Justin dates other people when he’s not with her so there’s your answer. When she find the right person to settle down with. it won’t br justin timberlake.She don’t use guys like rachel bilson does for attention and to make her career. She make her own career on her own.

  • at just me

    you sound pathetic and irrational. If she wouldn´t be using that douche she couldn´t show her fake face anywhere anymore.


    Atleast.. She Can Act!!
    She is better of an actor than Jennifer Aniston!

  • how dump?

    She writes? poetries? I would really love to read them. I mean by the way she talks, orangic, piss off my mom,…. She doesn´t seem as dump as she usual sounds/looks like.

  • ali

    she is a big fool for letting justin wastes 4 years of her life
    without a commitment . what a waste of time .
    every time he calls her she runs back to him like a puppy .

    he will not marry you or anyone else (remember cameron diaz?)

    then at 39 these actresses are so desperate to find anyone to get
    them pregnant .

    sweetheart – no one stays young for ever ….

  • ali

    she once on an interview “my problem is that im TOO beautiful”
    she must be ful of herself to say that .

  • CJLOVE23

    Thank GOODNESS she didn’t get The Notebook!!!! That was Rachel McAdams’ movie through & through!!

  • may

    I can’t stand it when celebrities say “organic”- there is nothing organic about pretending for a living.

  • Real people

    She sound very intelligent.

  • Selena M

    That cover photo has definitely been photoshopped – and not very well either.

  • A3

    The Notebook would have not been “The Notebook” will all know and love without Rachel McAdams. It was simply not meant to be for Jessica.