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Kate Bosworth: JewelMint's One Year Anniversary!

Kate Bosworth: JewelMint's One Year Anniversary!

Kate Bosworth keeps close with her boyfriend, director Michael Polish, on Halloween as they arrive at LAX airport on Monday (October 31) in Los Angeles.

The 28-year-old blonde beauty recently celebrated the one-year anniversary of her and stylist Cher Coulter‘s jewelry line, JewelMint.

“I just can’t believe it’s been a year!” Kate said. “It’s crazy! It feels so surreal. It’s exciting because what we set out to do has really been taken on by so many people. It’s encouraging and inspiring!”

Watch Kate and Cher‘s anniversary video below!

Kate Bosworth: JewelMint’s One Year Anniversary!
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Credit: BAC; Photos: WENN
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  • creepy

    He looks like Chris Martin …

  • Dina


    ok…who cares?

  • http://jda slig o ^______________^ cute

    hello kate how are you?
    Im go walk

  • Ria

    Kate also had this to say
    “too bad my smokin’ hot exboyfriend alex isnt around anymore for me to pimp out to sell my jewelry…gee, he didn’t let me pimp out affection for pics, talking about our relationship for press, OR new movies…im so lucky to have this new guy Mark ,…he really knows how to play the game…!!!

  • Bored

    Had to giggle at her continuous use of the word, “authentic.” Maybe it’s just me.

  • BlueCrushed

    Useless famewhore and her equally famewhorey life partner.

  • BlueCrushed

    Why are these two famehoes dressed in black winter coats while others are in t-shirts?

  • Ring Bearers

    Where are their life partner rings? Are they made by Junkmint?

  • Her amazing eyes

    Way to go Kate! Congratulations to you and Cher!
    Love the way MP is holding your hand over his heart. Too sweet.

    The AS stans are here. Their nasty comments are pathetic. Be gone stangirls be gone!!

  • Thespian

    Besides men, what does this fameWHORE do?

  • Thespian

    @Her amazing eyes:

    No stan here, just someone who can’t stand useless fameWHORES.

  • MindBender

    Like herpes, this chick will never go away.

  • WayWay

    This loser has a new joolree line inspired by her new bf…just like she had a Nordic joolree line. Can’t wait for her Navy fleet inspired line…the chick will be free by Fleet Week in NY.

  • Kell

    She is sweet.


  • WayWay

    She’ll whore anyone/anything out for her own agenda. So much for her “privacy”. Life partner= photo ops/ gossip fodder.

  • Kell

    Looks old and whorey.

  • Kell

    Both of them are desperate and lame.

  • Kelli

    Alex must be so relieved and laughing his ass off.

  • Kelly

    Poor Polish must think he struck the lottery. Too bad he looks like a tool with these pap set ups.

  • Her amazing eyes

    See? Look at Kelli’s last comment. It’s AS stans who make most if not ALL the negative comments. Go away haters.

  • Gwyn

    Gotta love that Chris Martin says that being with GP is like winning the lottery; Kate must of been like winning craps.

  • Gwyn

    @Her amazing eyes:

    Must be lonely being her one fan.

  • Rox

    they looks lovely together! she looks happy and honestly he’s a better boyfriend than swedish guy!

  • Cheeky

    That Polish guy looks like Cher has been styling him to death. He looked so pathetic and try hard at the Burberry event.

  • Jeannie

    I don’t dislike her for who she does or doesn’t date. I dislike her because she has NO redeeming qualities to like. She’s known for a surfer movie, bed hopping, and a ‘jewelry’ line. She claims to be do private, but please, she does anything can to stay in the spotlight.

  • Cheeky


    The Swedish guy was embarrassed to be seen with her in he US.

  • Cheeky


    The Swedish guy finally knows what everyone said about her is true.

  • Macy

    Why the hell does her hair always look so scraggly? Buy a damn brush Kate, we know you can afford it! These two have the weirdest way of holding hands.

  • ladybug

    @Her amazing eyes: So, the negative comments on her posts pre-AS, who was making those? Still-disgruntled OB fans? JR fans?

  • looove

    You guys writing really mean stuff r really sad… Can not belive that u actually take time to be MEAN! shame on you people!! You dont know them or their story…so sad that this is what people do instedd of being happy that they have found love…idiots!

  • Curious

    If the official breakup occurred on July 27th but it’s now being said she started to date Polish 3 months after that breakup (means break up was actually April 2011 since she was with life partner Polish on July 29th) how did they date for two years when Alex said that they were only friends until after Straw Dogs finished filming in November of 2009? Seems like he was in Sweden by himself in December 2009 then was seen in January 2010 with her. January 2010 to April 2011 is not two years. I think there may have been a Scream 2009 casual hook-up before her messing with Chris Martin.

  • ladybug

    @Curious: The two years was a media rounding up thing, laziness, really. A very generous rounding up.

  • Bored


    If you’re referencing this article they are just saying they have been dating for 3 months – July to October is 3 three months. They didn’t say they started dating three months after. Not criticizing you just trying to clear up a bit of your confusion.

    I do believe that July wasn’t the actual break-up date. Actually, I think they were broken up before Coachella. Not sure why they made a half-hearted effort to look like they were together there….but that’s Hollyweird for you – a group of adults who get paid ridiculous amounts of money to play pretend. I guess it really shouldn’t be all that shocking or surprising that the pretend extends to their “real” lives.

  • Macy

    It’s major rounding up. They didn’t meet until fall of 2009 and Alex himself stated they were only friends for the first while. I believe that extended even after filming. Maybe a brief hookup but I don’t think it actually became a thing until early 2010. Plus there are outlets that still say they broke up at the end of July when the release itself reported that it happened long before the actual announcement. I have no idea how people can say that is two years, but whatever. You’re right, it’s lazy, lazy reporting.

  • merita

    It was painfully obvious that they were over at Coachella. She was clinging for dear life and he barely glanced her way.
    Although the walking of her dog in June throws me.

  • Curious


    The dog thing I can understand. He’s a nice guy who described how much he loved his Leonberger dog he had for 12 years. I can see her asking him to look after it while she was out of town or even checking up on it at the kennel. I can also see her “forgetting” the dog at his house before she went out of own.
    I think she researched Skars before stalking him and knew how to play him.

  • Adorable

    OMG – why do some of you waste so much time speculating? When did they start dating? When did they break up? Were they together at Coachella? Why was he walking her dog? How long has she been with Michael? Really? Don’t you have anything better to do? You say you don’t like Kate yet you’re completely obsessed with her!

  • Her amazing eyes

    The AS stangirls are STILL discussing AS and KB’s relationship even though their love affair is over . Move on, they have.

    Wishing AS happiness, too bad you can’t see it in your hearts to wish happiness for KB.

  • Happytogether

    I love the way he’s holding her hand. It’s sweet.

  • Curious

    @Adorable: @Her amazing eyes: @Happytogether:

    Hi! KB’s one fan. ;0

  • Curious

    @Adorable: @Happytogether: @Her amazing eyes:

    Is it just one person or a multitude in your head?

  • Her amazing eyes

    The haters always fall back on this comment when they can’t accept that not everyone agrees with them.
    Sure, whatever …..hater. You sound silly… sigh

  • ladybug

    Well, since our hall monitor has returned, I’ll stay on topic and say this: this isn’t a bad casual look for her. Usually she doesn’t do casual well, but this isn’t bad. The beige booties are gone, the coat’s not too bad.
    Of course, they’re both in black/grey, which is weird in a Jennifer Aniston/Justin Theroux way, but whatever.

  • Neverpostedherebefore

    I joined JewelMint when it first started up. I love the pieces I’ve purchased and I get many many compliments.

  • Actually..

    Maybe it’s just because I’m actually in California and it’s still quite warm here so I’m not in the winter mentality, but I hate what she’s wearing. I don’t get the oversized fuzzy coat at all. And the length of the skirt with her boots seems odd (as does having a heal that high on combat style boots). It’s not the worst outfit ever, but I do not like it, nor do I get why she’s wearing it when it’s in the mid 70′s.

  • Curious


    The only reason she and Molish are dressed like that is because they want people to “LOOK AT US!!!!!!”

  • ladybug

    @Actually..: Heading off to colder climes and didn’t feel like carrying their coats? I have no idea.

  • He has good up bringing

    SO Alex is working on another project and all this one can do is fake it and pose for paps. Yes KB fans she is a great actress that’s why she is working so hard on projects. LOL! Seriously she is going to pull a Kim K and get married for the press then get divorce and say whoa is me. She is setting it up fake rings, life partner in press next thing you know married and fake baby. I am sure she was a ring on it tho. She is that desperate.
    Why is she holding her head down in shame and he is asking for attention. I DO NOT THINK SHE LIKE THIS GUY AT ALL. HE IS JUST A PAWN. But he looks slow like that so I can’t feel too sorry for him.

  • donnadew

    OK, well, he’s not much in the looks department with those little short arms –especially after Askars– but he seems to be genuinely ibedazzled by her and doesn’t make her walk 6 steps behind him like a baggage handler. Most of her old boyfriends did…….Orli, Askars, et. al.

  • chelle

    @BlueCrushed: watch out!! We have a new troll you might offend her innocent ears by using the word who*e.especially since twat offended her so much