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Lourdes Leon & Kelly Osbourne: Material Girl Casting Call!

Lourdes Leon & Kelly Osbourne: Material Girl Casting Call!

Lourdes Leon and Kelly Osbourne are all smiles as they attend a Material Girl “Lucky Stars” casting call on Wednesday (November 2) at Macy’s Herald Square in New York City.

The 15-year-old fashionista and daughter of Madonna recently starred in a video withe her famous mama to promote the casting call.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Lourdes Leon

There are still other castings to come in Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago, and San Francisco. Watch the video below for details!

FYI: You can still enter to win tickets to Madonna‘s dance competition. Her Madgesty will be there!!!!

Madonna & Lola Want You!

10+ pictures inside of Lourdes and Kelly at the Material Girl “Lucky Stars” search…

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Credit: Paul Zimmerman; Photos: Getty
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  • gglover128

    Say what you want; Madonna made one hell´╗┐ of a beautiful daughter!!


    Madonna raises her 4 children very well. Lourdes is a pretty girl who is perfectly trilingual french english and spanish and she has always sound mature.
    She sounds more mature and doesn’t dsiplay that arrogant egomaniac attitudelike many offsprings of big stars (cough, cough…Will Smith offsprings for example) , less spoiled and less self centered than 31 years old Kim Kardashian let alone her younger siblings who are Lourdes age.
    Madonna did a great job in that regard All her kids seem well behaved with a good head on their shoulder.

  • Sue Denim

    Kelly is an ugly person, inside and out. Transphobic, stupid, ignorant and trashy.

    On a nicer note, Lourdes seems like quite the well behaved young girl and it’s great that she still goes to school and seems to have a normal life.

  • tim

    kelly looks like a babrbie doll that’s melting all over the place.
    what the heck!!

  • Zee

    Aww, Lola’s a cute girl. She’s getting tall.

  • :)

    love Lola love Madonna more

  • Macey

    Were we watching the same video?
    Kid is pretty but she acted like a total brat.
    I want to saythats a joke (hopefully?) but I’ve read and seen snippets
    of her blogs that Jared posted before and she was the same.
    In all of them she is hypermaterialistic and all to aware that she is rich and madonnas daughter.
    She’s not very down to earth at all.

  • Zee

    @Macey: The video is a PARODY. They are playing up the stereotypes and image people have of them as a joke.

    Her blog is a FASHION blog for her fashion line and is also very playful. She’s not going to write essays on social issues and charity, though she has made a few posts about some causes she supports. Pretty much everyone that’s met her and commented has stated she was very down-to-earth, polite, and did not act as though she is who she is (the daughter of a megastar).


    Lourdes is very lucky. she’s getting the best education in the world. I hope she doesn’t ruin her future by trying to become a singer/actress etc.

  • Rebecca

    Lourdes is a very normal matured girl. I like her style. She’s going to have a very good future.

  • opi

    Wow, so just by looking at her you can tell she’s a nicely-behaved, down to earth daughter? On Dlisted, some person said how they met Lola, when she was really young, and how she was an absolute brat. Some guy switched seats with her babysitter at the time on some flight, and she pointed her finger in his face, and said you can’t sit there, and what did you with my babysitter? She said she had a real condescending air about her, and she was a toddler then. You can imagine how she is now. And one time, there are pictures out there, Mercy is crying at some aiport, and there’s pictures of Lola fake crying and mocking her. Just because she speaks french doesn’t mean she’s a nice person. And yes it is a parody, but I think they both acted as exaggerated versions of themselves, Madonna the narcissistic mother, and she, the indifferent, unemotional daughter.

  • Seriously?

    Can someone tell me why Lourdes is wearing a rosary around her neck if she practices Kabbalah? Oh wait her mother use to do that…So what’s next in the retro to present fashion trend? Will wearing the star of David be the next in thing?!!!!! *rolls eyes*


    @ opi
    Not by just looking at he picture onlr. Whop said that it was concluded by just looking at them ? I have met her too and have seen her several times in french TV when she was living in the UK.
    She was often accompanied her mother at certain of her shows in France. I remembered one specific interview that was made in French and Lourdes who was around 8 – 9 was automatically translating each question in english to her mother and replying directly in a perfect french to the interviewer. I was not only amazed by her very parisian like french but the level of mature vocabulary she used. She is mature and sounded like a girl that read things and are exposed to literature older than her age.
    That’s when I learned that Madonna was a very strict mother. She sent her daughter to the Lycee Fran├žais in the french class. All her children speak french and english but Lola has always spoken in spanish to her father too.
    Madonna said that she envied the easiness with which her children , especially Lola had learned languages while she is still struggle with both frtench and spanish. Lola apparently is a very good pupil at school and more mature than Madonna at her age revealed Madonna.
    Recently another interview with Madonna stated that the fact that she was personally involved with her mum in those zambian ventures to get her second brother and mainly her second sister made her more aware of her own chances. Mercy was saying how Lola is very protective of her. Few 15 years old act like her, fewer with a mega star of her mother too.
    David was saying that Madonna was loving and strict and that she spankedhim once out of great fear then embrace him when he disobeyed and ride a little horse and felt down. Madonna got scared and spanked him . He is very closed to he and there are often seen laughing each other.
    I command Madonna for raising great children, for having succeeded in keeping both fathers in their lives and having great relationship with both of thm. This speak volume about her as a woman in a couple, as a mother. None of her children seems to have suffered from her divorces seems. This is commandable and speak a lot about her as a mothe and a ex wife.

  • chinazo

    lourdes is so awsome and pretty i love her edgy style its so kool shes so nice i wonder if her older friends are doing the mg model search i love everything about her.

  • EW!

    Ew! Lourdes is so hairy dark and ugly. She looks exactly like her Cuban father which is not good.

  • EW!

    Ew! Lourdes is so hairy dark and ugly. She looks exactly like her Cuban father which is not good.

  • keelee

    @SnOOKIE: hahaha oh u can bet she will. hello, she is 15 and promoting a fashion line.

  • jessa

    @Seriously?: yah it is rosary for fashion only. this is the great education she is receiving obv (dont know why everyone keeps posting that here – there’s more to education than u can speak 3 languages. how about dont be a superficial brat for starters?) contradiction/hypocrasy. wearing a rosary even tho u werent raised catholic, have no idea what it means or stands for and u practice a completely different religion.

  • Yo Landi

    Lourdes is so big =O I remember her as a tiny little girl. Wow. She’s cute indeed. I think she’s the spitting image of Madonna, just a brunette version of her!

  • Poor Madonna

    She would have been a pretty, white, blond blue-eyed blond if Sean Penn had been her dad. She looks very little like Madonna and more like her horse face father.

  • Ozzy

    Kelly and Madge look like mother and daughter duo.

  • Lars

    @gglover128: If you think this girl is pretty you are a crack head, she is barely cute.

  • Rico

    Lourdes appears a lot older than her years Kelli looks younger than she does.


    This is so stupid. Madonna’s Brother is HOMELESS and living under a bridge in Traverse City, Michigan. He is freezing his buns off and his niece and sister is going on about their business like he does not exist. Madonna is SCUM and so are her dumb fans. Why would anyone keep supporting Madonnas bad behavors. Madonna disses her fan with the lily insult and now her Brother needs help. You people are SICK.

  • Lastcommentiscorrect

    Actually previous comment, I completely agree with you, but a good portion of people are brainwashed idiots, and they support anyone who’s in the public eye, famous or has money. Madonna is a narcissist, the whole world could be falling apart and she’d only care about herself. She’ll die alone, miserable, and surrounded by nothing but her money. She can’t love other people, so her biggest karma is that no one loves her. Even that young guy who’s with her is only with her for the fame, the money, and the ability to travel anywhere he wants.

  • :)

    @MADONNA THE OLD HAG IS SCUM: Madonna has tried to send him to rehab he doesn’t want to go!. his father who madonna helped get his own vineyard fired him. his own dad and I’m sure for good reason.. if that doesn’t tell you he has a problem not Madonna then you must be a leech who lives off your own family as well.

  • ali

    I once met Lola and her dad on the 96th st subway station in NYC
    i think she was 5-6 years old . she looked adorable !!
    now she sounds very smart and mature for her age .

    Madonna obviously (who i admire) has done a great job raising her
    Lola looks very normal kid very smart and pretty :)

  • Zee

    @opi: You are sick. So you hate the mother and now you have to lie about her daughter and take your anger out on her? I’m not surprised you mentioned Dlisted which is a cesspool of scum. People who have miserable lives hang out there. You fit right in there. There is no picture of Mercy crying and Lola making fun of her.

  • Zee

    @Lastcommentiscorrect: “She’ll die alone, miserable..” I think that’s probably you considering you’re the troll making multiple negative comments about someone you don’t even know and seem to be really obsessed with. If you would put that much energy into your own life, maybe you wouldn’t have such a miserable existence and wouldn’t have to take it out on Madonna, who doesn’t give c r a p about you.

  • peter

    lola gorgeous!!