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Rachel Bilson: I've Always Wanted Kids!

Rachel Bilson: I've Always Wanted Kids!

Rachel Bilson does a little shopping on Wednesday (November 2) in Studio City, Calif.

The 30-year-old Hart of Dixie actress made a stop at Urban Outfitters.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Rachel Bilson

Rachel covers Nylon magazine’s latest issue and told the mag that she wants to start a family someday.

“I’ve always wanted kids – it’s sort of an obsession,” she said. “but I want to do it right, where I don’t have to work. I’ve heard the stores [of people balancing acting and kids], and I know it’s possible. I don’t know if I want that, though. I’m not sure if I want to continue to work when I have kids.”

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  • Lauren

    I think it would be foolish to just quit working when she has kids. Whose supposed to support her and her kids? I don’t think she makes that much with the Hart of Dixie that she can support her shopping and kids, without relying on a husband. That would be highly foolish. She needs to be independent when she raises kids, not dependent on others. Just my two cents

  • Jon

    Love Rachel Bilson!! Can’t wait for the show to come back on.

    P.S. Jared, your title names are really dumb. You don’t need to always quote what people say in interviews for the title.

  • Jon

    @Lauren: I’m sure she has plenty of money, she was on a huge show for four years. I’m sure a lot of it has been spent, but she seems like somebody who is financially stable. That’s also why she said in the interview she wants to do it right, when she doesn’t have to work. She clearly knows right now is not the time to actually try to a baby.

  • Melissa

    I think being home when they are really young is important. But as they get older, you need to get a move on w your own life too. Balance is key.

  • Sophia
    Got to love the pretending to hide her face from the photographer shot.
    She needs to step up the acting for it to be more believable. Rachel Bilson is about as believable pretending she doesn’t want the attention or call the paps as Kim Kartrashian’s entire marriage was. LOL

  • Will she still have a JOB

    The real question is to know if Hollywood will wait for her after she has kids. She is no Movie material girl, and she’ll get preggo once all her youth will fade away.
    She will not be able to play the cutie midget Summer type too long now.
    All her pics are heavily photoshoped. Her eyes are wrinkled and puffy despite her 10hr sleep! She does not look fresh to me and 30 is not old.
    She is aged in the face. With heavy makeup she would pass for a 50old lady
    Her teeth are crooked but I would say that’s nothing.

  • Jax

    Like she “has” to work. OMG, please. She’s made what, 5 movies now that I’m sure she was paid for, she did the OC for 4 years and got paid for that plus residuals for the rest of her life, she’s doing HOD which she isn’t doing for free, you know Josh cut her a sweet deal. Not to mention all her family money, her trust fund, and all of her product endorsements. Oh, and those stupid ice cream commercials. I doubt she did those for free either. And she gets a lot of her clothes and shoes for free, I understand she’s always going up and down Robinson asking for freebies. This girl does not “have” to work, that’s just verbal diarrhea coming out of her mouth. I agree with #4, PLEASE don’t reproduce. Ugh.

  • HA

    @Will she still have a JOB: photoshoots and magazines photo shop everybody, here’s a recent public appearance which clearly isn’t photo shopped. If you think this is the look of a 50 year old, I’d like to see how you look.

  • Pepto

    Good grief, STFU Rachel. You’d think she’s toiling away for minimum wage somewhere, working two jobs trying to make ends meet. I hate selfish up their own a$$ b&tches like her. She ought to HAVE to try and get by and raise a kid and pay bills and the mortgage/rent and put food on the table like most of the women in this country. Entitled and spoiled. No thank you. SIT. DOWN. Rachel.

  • Will she still have a JOB


    This pics as many others is retouched.
    She has plenty of wrinkles around her eyes and they are puffy.
    Lightning, and filters , plus agencies retouch the pics.
    She does not look fresh to me.

    If you think this pic isnt retouched, you should come on in a pro photo studio. You will be really disappointed!

  • HA

    Ha, well guess that’s your opinion. I think she looks beautiful in the photo. I guess if calling her ugly or “old looking” makes you feel better than good for you.

    And Pepto. LMAO You are one jealous b!tch.

  • HA

    @Will she still have a JOB: Who re-touches public appearance and candids? If that’s the case than every celeb must look like crap.

  • @HA

    Ummm, by saying she has no grip on reality? By her own admission she was raised like a spoiled little princess, “I know it sounds awful, but I always get everything I’ve ever wanted, my parents saw to it.” Yeah, that’s something to look up to, instead of being taught to be humble and thankful. Whatever.

  • Good Gried Yourself


    You hate her because she has money. You don’t know her well enough to know if she is selfish or not, but because you perceive her as privileged. And yet who wouldn’t trade incomes with her right now. Hypocrites.

  • HA

    @@HA: So it’s her fault her parents gave her everything she wanted? When you’re a little girl who doesn’t want everything? Just because she said she was raised like a princess and was spoiled doesn’t mean she’s a mean, horrible person like you make her out to be. You know and everybody else knows the only reason the people who comment on her posts hate her because of Hayden Christensen. She didn’t have any of this hate back when she was on The O.C. and dating Adam. So what’s different now???

  • @HA

    No, her parents’ actions are not her “fault,” the deal breaker for me is her attitude. It’s one thing to be raised a certain way, it’s quite another to brag about it and not see anything wrong with it. She’s 30 freaking years old, she should know better by now. If she had been raised right, instead of bragging that she always gets everything she wants, she should try saying “I was very fortunate growing up, I had a lot of advantages and material things not everyone has….” blah, blah, whatever. But she doesn’t have that filter or compass. Partly because she’s brain damaged and just not smart at all, and partly because she was never taught that in the first place. I’m sorry, but I can neither defend nor admire someone like her. But, I don’t “admire” most celebrities anyway, so no big loss.

  • HA

    @@HA: Her attitude? How do you know how her attitude is? Have you ever talked to her before? She comes off sweet and bubbly in interviews. She said the quote about her growing up like a princess years ago, back when she first started on The O.C. when she was 21 not 30. And I remember the interviewer had asked her how her childhood was, at least she was honest and came out and said “I know it sounds awful but I grow up sort of like a princess”. Even if you don’t like her, your “brain damaged” joke is just cruel. She was in a horrible accident were she almost died. Have a little respect, are you that cold and hate her that much that you wish death on her? That’s crossing the line a little bit. Whatever, I’m done talking to you. You’re clearly just a cold, heartless person. And of course I know that for sure because well, I guess I’m just being like you and judging somebody I don’t know.

  • @HA

    I never said I wished she were dead, where did you get that from? I said she was brain damaged. She is. She’s said it herself. Maybe if her mother had taken more interest in what she was doing when she was 14 years old instead of spoiling her rotten and giving her everything she wanted, she wouldn’t have gone through that windshield while she was out with a bunch of boys, drinking, having sex and doing drugs, at 14 years old. 14. And she made that princess remark not so very long ago. Again. And those interviews she did just a couple of months ago? She came off as a total b*tch, in every one of them. Your guilt trip attempt on me for this spoiled rotten little bit of waste of space doesn’t work. I don’t wish any ill on her at all, I just don’t like her, and I wish she would go away. Period.

  • sim

    If she wants to have children someday, she is going to have to drop Hayden and get herself a straight boyfriend.

  • Grey’sFan

    @@HA: 14 is young, but the majority of teenagers are having sex and drinking. So it’s not that strange.

  • HA

    @@HA: I don’t care if you don’t like her, but your facts are inaccurate and the things you are saying are just rude. Saying she’s “brain damaged” and “dumb”. How sweet. BTW I did some searching, here is the princess quote. This interview was in 2003, so it wasn’t recent.

  • @20@22

    @@HA: @Grey’sFan: In the Nylon interview she talks about partying at 18,19,20 years old not 14 years old like she had said in previous interviews. I think because of her car accident she has a hard time keeping track of what she has said publicly and can’t keep her story straight. She has said in previous interviews that she forgets peoples birthdays and usually tells them it isn’t her fault she was in a car accident and doesn’t remember things. That was 16 years ago she can’t still be using that excuse. There are war veterans that almost died and had major brain damage that have worked hard and recovered completely. She just simply doesn’t try. According tot the Nylon interview.When she was in college she kept heading down to Tijuana Mexico and missed a lot of her classes because she kept partying. Tijuana is a pretty bad place to party, heavy drug scene etc. She left college in San Diego because her father told her he was not paying for her to party instead of go to school or go to auditions instead of go to school . She said ” alright fine” and quit school and asked her dad to get her more into the industry. Not long after she got some commercials and then the OC.

  • HA

    @@20@22: Yeah, and she admitted to partying a lot when she was younger, *before* she was famous. Have you seen her partying, drinking, doing drugs since she started on The O.C.? At least she’s grown up and has matured enough to have grown out of doing that. Now, are you going to judge her because when she was a teenager she did was a lot of teens normally do?

  • HA

    @@20@22: And having a window go through her head during the accident? I think I’d give her a pass for saying the accident is what causes her memory problems.

  • Rachel after the Oc

    It was pointed out she wasn’t so disliked back when the OC first started and now she is. Well a lot of things have changed since 2003.Adam,Ben,Rachel and Mischa were all suppose to be the next A list of Hollywood after the show was canceled that didn’t happen. Mischa Barton use to be a really liked and had a lot of fans now she is better known for her drug problems and a stint in a psych ward. Things change. Over time Rachel has been caught ripping off other people’s designs and using them as her own for her clothing line. Something that turned a lot of people against her. She gets followed by photographers sometimes more than the top A list actors while they are on set. So people have had years to see her not working but acting like someone that needs the spotlight and attention. Rachel Bilson is better known now for gossip blogs and what she wears than anything else besides the OC. OC was a huge show but hey boybands were really huge too and look what happened to every guy that was in a boy band besides maybe Justin Timberlake who has managed to have a career after his NSYNC days. The rest have ended up on Dancing with Stars. As mean as this may sound if it wasn’t for Rachel’s connections with her father or more importantly with Josh Schwartz she would probably be on Dancing with the Stars right now. If Hart of Dixie gets canceled a few years down the road Rachel Bilson just might end up on Dancing with the Stars. This time a year or two ago everyone was talking about how Rachel Bilson didn’t really work anymore. Gossip blogs asked how she still got into some of the events she attended. Hart of Dixie is her first major gig since 2007.The other movies she did all have failed or were never released. People forget that. Hopefully for her sake she is able to keep the Dixie gig. I don’t think another show like that will come her way again. People don’t really hate her I think well at least not most they just are tried of seeing the obvious attentionwhoring and game playing to keep her career going. Of course a lot of people do the things that she does to keep themselves going. I guess the reason people find it so annoying is because she tries to put out this image in interviews and in the public eye that doesn’t always match the things she says or does.
    One day I think it will more Who is Rachel Bilson? Then people saying they hate her.Like Adam Brody and Ben McKenzie she can still get work. The work just isn’t the big parts everyone had expected for her and the others after the OC. It probably won’t ever be. She can’t be “THAT GIRL FROM THE OC” forever. People moved on from that show to Gossip Girl, Twilight and so many things since. There have been dozens of Rachel Bilson types of actresses since. Sophia Bush has had the same problem since One Tree Hill in getting work and Hayden Panettiere after Heros. There are so many actresses that are the same type as her and go out for the same parts as her. That is something hard to compete with.

  • @HA

    Anyone who knows anything about HW knows that if you don’t want to be seen, you aren’t seen. Of course she isn’t going to be seen out partying, she’s trying to push this innocent, in bed by 9, straight laced image. That’s fine. If you buy into that, wonderful. But don’t berate me because I see through it, because I’m more intelligent than that. If I cared enough, I’d do five minutes of research and find her recent interviews where she’s talked about all of this. But I don’t. I know what I’ve read. She’s nothing, and not worth any more of my time.

  • Anonymous

    @HA: You really do hound Rachel threads don’t you? Under different names.
    What do you do? Constantly refresh to see if anyone has made a comment. It takes barely a few minutes for you to respond to what someone said including typing up your own comment back at them. Sometimes responding more than once in a matter of minutes jumping all over any comment you don’t like. If that is the case you really need to get a life.
    Clearly you are obsessed with Rachel Bilson love her or hate her and have issues. Lets see how long you can go without responding to this.

  • HA

    @Anonymous: Yes ma’am!! Having a boring night, so what am I doing? Facebook-ing and browsing the internet. Got a problem with that? That’s too bad. It’s funny how people always use the comeback “you need to get a life”. I’m off work, watching a movie and looking around the internet, and now I need a life? What f-ck are you doing? Looks like if I’m in the need a life so are you! :)
    @28 – If she’s not worth your time, why are you here?

  • call me crazy but…..

    I’m loving the comment that Rachel said about being obsessed with having kids. It’s just so dumb, so her. 1) If she was that obsessed then, at 30, she would have them already, and, 2) it’s called a biological drive, not an obsession. If ya female then ya biologically pre-programmed to want children! Most of us, anyways. Sheesh, I sometimes think this gal must have been standing behind the door when brains were being handed out!

    Besides, the whole darn post is pretty much weird. I get that she’s in Hart. I get that her ‘career’ apart from OC and Hart is darn well insignificant; Hell, invisible even! What I don’t get is why JJ posts old stuff about her every few days. Now there’s obsessive for ya!

  • @27

    @@HA: You can’t be in bed every night by 9pm if you are filming night shoots or working on a tv show. The hours can run from early in the morning till late at night depending on the call sheet actors get which tells them what time to show up and how long they will be on set. So how can she be in bed every night at 9? If she is filming a show. It would be one thing if she said If she had it her way she would be in bed every night at 9pm because she is like an 80 yr old woman but that isn’t what she said. She is so full of BS sometimes.

  • booo

    What work? has she been working in the past 2 yrs or so since she made last movie or tv show except for that ice cream commercial? she makes it sound like she’s working ALL THE TIME. Attending fashion shows isn’t considered working. Dumb a**

  • chill out ppl,,,,,,

    yawn borning how many times has the rubbish been said by her?
    cant think of anything new to say?
    just the same old rubbish that get’s said time and time again.

  • lexy hates bilson

    This makes NO sense. She only RECENTLY got a job – thanks to Josh Schwartz – all that time she was unemployed so she could have had kids if she wanted them. And is she really comparing herself to women who HAVE to work when they have kids?? Despite being unemployed for many years she still lhad plenty of time and money for shopping so obviously SOMEONE is paying the bills!!

  • call me crazy but…..

    They’ve been dating for 5 years and still no sign of marriage. If she does want kids with her bf then she’d better get a bit of a move on and marry him. I know she’s only 30 but their relationship moves slower than molasses in winter. At this rate she’ll be 40 before she even conceives.

  • carol

    There was a couple of twitter sightings of Rachel yesterday “filming Hart of Dixie on the Warner Brothers lot’. She goes to bed at nine at night because she gets up at five am to go to work on the Hart of Dixie set she has said in her recent interviews, Sometimes the actors on Hart of Dixie that have twitter accounts have tweeted about filming at night and on weekend days. Regardless of what Rachel has done in the past, she works full time now. That is why it is not surprising to not see her with Hayden every time he is papped during the day. They do not go everywhere together, what couple does? Sometimes they do things together, and are not papped, sometimes they are. I am sure Hayden and Rachel do things with their families at times without each other, as well. Rachel is with her mother alot. It is better to not have kids if you are not ready for them yet, they change your life. Waiting to get married to have kids is a good thing for Hayden and Rachel, especially if they do not last. Look at Halle Berry and her old boyfriend having problems over custody with Nala. Even married, a divorce is hard on kids, too. Nothing wrong with being ready before you start a family.

  • whizbang

    @I’ve Always Wanted Kids!
    You dont want kids BilPOOO but just full stardom… yet its starDOOM had always been coming…

  • kosher

    What else is new?!
    Ret@rdchel would always say the darnest & the dumbest things.
    So all right then. Whatever you say, you ***Talentless Lukewarm Heap Of Vaguely Mediocrity***!

  • meong

    couldn’t care less

  • shadowy

    Her hype-statement about wanting kids obssessively… is very much sounding like Kim Kartrashian stating that she “married for love” – LMAOOO!

    Oh Isnt it that latest poster’s name called HA is also WOW from the last thread?!
    Yaaaaaawn… predictably right on!

  • lexy hates bilson

    I think you all are seriously over estimating the “Bilson” family fortune. She’s no Hilton or even a Kardashian. I doubt she’s got a trust fund.

  • Gina

    @shadowy: No offense, but you’re not really one to talk. #38-#41 are all you!!

    @ #42 I don’t much about Bilson but I think her family is pretty rich. The difference between her family and the Hilton/Kardashian’s is Bilson’s family isn’t rich just from publicity and just being famous. I know her dad, grandpa, and her dad’s grandfather are/were writers, producers, and directors. You can call Rachel a fame-whore or whatever it is you call her but, her just being on JustJared is hardly famewh0ring. She is not anywhere near as desperate and annoying as the Kardashian’s and Paris Hilton.

  • Wow


    Your predictably WRONG Shadowy, seems HA has a different opinion than mine. But that’s OK it must be hard for you- keeping all the names in the right order LOL

  • whodie

    She’s simply a brainlerss famewh*re just w/ less connections & money compared to the Kardassskanks & Parisite Hilton… but w/ a lot of same nerve – that’s just all about it.

  • Beach time for Hayden

    Hayden was spotted in Barbados without Rachel on Wednesday. The same day these pictures of Rachel were taken in Studio City. No wonder she looks unhappy.
    I would be pissed too having to work while he gets to play.

  • 5days wow

    Five days without a new Rachel Bilson post. I’m impressed. She must be really “busy” with filming Hart of Dixie to be paped all the time anymore doing completely and totally nothing..
    No pictures of her jetting off the Barbados to be with Christensen. No pictures of her roaming around LA or leaving her house. Those are always so fascinating. XD This is highly unusual. I guess now that she has Hart of Dixie she doesn’t have to work so hard at getting her picture taken just to stay afloat. Since its Monday now I am sure some new candid pictures of her will pop up walking around Los Feliz or something. Just in time for the Hart of Dixie two week hiatus to end and a new episode to air. She won’t go too long without some new paparazzi face time.lmao In the mean time we get lots of Bosworth. Again so fascinating. You could go a month without a new Rachel Bilson and Kate Bosworth post and I promise the sky wouldn’t start falling . Imagine that a whole month maybe even two without either of them? Yeah right like that will ever happen lmao

  • wow..
    Wow Dixie’s ratings really dropped again. :O They are back down to where they were before. I don’t think that two week hiatus helped much or the fact the last nights episode was really a series low. The writing was all over the place. If this keeps up Dixie won’t get a second season.

  • Wilson/RachelWade/Zoe

    According to an interview posted on Enews. Wilson Bethel got fired from the OC because he was late six hours to set. He was a one episode wonder that got to make out with Rachel Bilson as part of his time on the show. Okay so he was on the OC and was going to play a love interest for Rachel’s character Summer until he got fired.His casting on Hart of Dixie makes so much more sense now. They had already ran into each other before and worked together like that. Rachel claims she doesn’t remember Wilson from the show but I don’t believe her. How do you forget one of the guys you had to make out with for the OC day after day while filming the episode and then the actor pissed of Josh Schwartz and got himself fired. I think she remembers him but just doesn’t want to admit it to him yet. I don’t think many girls would forget Wilson, She didn’t have that many love interests on the OC since Summer was mostly with Seth. So she totally remembers him. I wouldn’t be surprised if Rachel had something to do with the thumbs up on Wilson’s casting for Hart of Dixie. I think the shows creators knew the two of them are going to be the package deal that keeps the show a float from the first episode. Scott Porter/George is just there to give her another option. Scott has been talking about returning to The Good Wife recently and has been in talks about appearing on that show again. How much he would appear on that show they didn’t say if it happens. That sort of sounds like Scott isn’t so sure what is going to happen to his character George or the show.@wow..: Yeah the ratings were really bad last night.One of the lowest nights ever or the lowest ratings so far. Might be because they didn’t air the Halloween episode till after Halloween and also because they didn’t air any episode for two weeks. People found something else to watch and forgot to come back.
    Here is the Enews link

    I don’t think they plan on getting rid of Wilson anytime soon. So he doesn’t have to worry about getting fired again. Maybe Schwartz knew who Wilson was when he hired him and didn’t bring it up.

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