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Jennifer Aniston: 'Wanderlust' Trailer!

Jennifer Aniston: 'Wanderlust' Trailer!

Check out the trailer for Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd‘s new movie, Wanderlust!

The comedy, out next year, tells the story of a couple who leaves the pressures of the big city and joins a freewheeling community where the only rule is to be yourself. Is the community they find the fresh start George and Linda need? Or will the change of perspective cause more problems than it solves?

Judd Apatow produced the film and David Wain (Role Models) directed. Malin Akerman and Jen‘s boyfriend, Justin Theroux, also star.

‘Wanderlust’ Trailer
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  • Justine

    The trailer looks great – very funny! Can’t wait to see it.

  • believe

    Rachel goes to the commune. Yawn.

  • ida


    YOU need to take some meds. that trailer is not funny by any stretch of the imagination. awful. Paul Rudd needs to reevaluate his career. He is a funny guy but he is making crappy decisions. Maybe he needs the money.. No wonder they pushed this thing back It is cringe worthy.

  • mike

    Jen and Paul are hilarious!!!!

  • Put your paws down B!itch

    I am not a fan of anyone in this movie except Paul Rudd loved him since friends the trailer looks decent i will actually watch it mainly because of Paul and Jennifer seems cool

  • mike

    Jen and Justin are hilarious! :) Can’t wait!

  • Poor Jen

    Poor guy is stuck with her clingy insecure asssss until it’s release.

  • Poor Jen

    Poor guy is stuck with her clingy insecure asssss until it’s release.

  • Poor Jen

    Poor guy is stuck with her clingy insecure asssss until it’s release.

  • Poor Jen

    Poor guy is stuck with her clingy insecure asssss until it’s release.

  • Poor Jen

    Poor guy is stuck with her clingy insecure asssss until it’s release.

  • Elle

    Do her fans realize if the movie had come out in October they would be broken up by now?

    She could date Charlie Sheen & you would all think that was so great. Because you all are so desperate for her to not be alone.

    And the movie looks stupid. Nothing new, same Aniston bulging eyes, flailing arms zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  • Dawn


    Why do you care? Why do you need Jen fans to start validating your opinion of her and start hating her, too?

  • Lilly

    Another unfunny bathroom joke film. That toliet seat scene is disgusting.
    Aniston should hang up her movie “career”
    yaw fest and actually quite a waste of time or $
    isn’t this film coming out in Feb?
    why peddle this crap before Oscar time? lMAO

  • allie

    Love Paul, Jen and Justin. Film looks like fun to watch. Can;t wait.

  • strange?

    I have noticed something JARED you smart guy basically when you go on Angelina posts you have a lot of likes and when you try to dislike something it actually adds 10 likes and you cannot dislike so then i went to Aniston posts and noticed you cannot like because when you like it dislikes which is strange first i thought it was just me and keep in mind i am not a fan of either parties but i just wanted to investigate then i went on a post once a Angelina post and their was 150 likes on the first comment however their were no other comments because JARED had just put it up and now i have come to the conclusion that JARED is team Brangelina just wanted to clear that up :) you smart guy JARED but still a douche



  • Elle

    I dare her fans to name 5 interesting, amazing things about her or things she has done in her life.She is plain and dull.

    All she is is hair, average body, too tanned, pr boyfriends, yoga and Mexico.

    While other younger actresses have families, meet presidents and Prime Ministers personally, drive motorcycles, fly planes, travel around the world, do action and dramas, win major awards etc.

  • mike

    full of haters!

    if you don’t like her then stop clicking everything about her! lots of dumba$$ here! mostly jolie’s asswipers!

  • Lilly

    what kind of people think this crap gross film is funny.
    It’ll flop like most of her film, unless it’s a cute dog or she is with zillion funny guys.(co-star)
    LOL..face it..Aniston is talentless.
    she’ll be 43 soon & still acts like a teenager. Pathetic!!!!!

  • Andrea

    Rachel and Mike!!!

  • vid

    this looks good

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    …Another movie were she plays sidekick to a funnier more talented and popular leading male actor. Ugh.. I’m sure Paul Rudd will be funny and she’ll ruin every scene she’s in.


    Why does Hollywood keep making movies with her? She is the most boring self absorbed actress out there. Please retire Jen and join a commune with your no leg boyfriend.


    Why does Hollywood keep making movies with her? She is the most boring self absorbed actress out there. Please retire Jen and join a commune with your no leg boyfriend.

  • outisthrough

    glad to see Lauren Ambrose in there!

  • lisa

    The movie seems boring and not very funny.

  • DC

    STRANGE? – I’m not sure what you say is true – that JJ favors Angelina over Anisten. But I hope it’s true. Have you gone to other sites to see the terrible, disgusting things that is said about Angie and all wonderful things said about Anisten. I love JJ and you’re not a douche. Love Angelina! Wish there was more post on Angie.

  • Derivative Dreck

    Poor poor Paul Rudd. His shelf life is going to be over before he pulls himself out of this bad career choices stage.
    This looks trite and completely unoriginal. The only thing I laughed at was the joke at the McMansion with the typical overdone features – sort of a commentary about what the film seems to have on offer.

  • Rachel, Rachel, Rachel…

    I wish they would bring back Gidget but call it Rachel starring her.

  • No, not Paul, noooooooooo!

    I love Paul Rudd… why why why????

  • MJ

    WOW! Anuston in a WHAT-A-SLUT movie? I am shocked! And the world is shocked too. A very classy movie, well if we compare it to porn movie or even her BFF Joe Francis GIRLS GONE WILD videos that she even helped distributed. She is just pure DISGUSTING woman/man. This dumb movie is good for her dumb fans. Oh! well, at least she knows how dumb her fan are. This movie is painful to watch even if it will go straight to DVD.

  • jules

    Oh my, that was really bad. No wonder they pushed it back to Feb. Shame cause I like Rudd.

  • Moo Cow

    Easy to see why this film was dumped from the October release schedule and Jen wasted all those magazine covers and photo ops she set up.

  • Moo Cow



  • Chris

    I feel sorry for Heidi Bivens. She thought her man was going to work but he was sleeping with Jennifer Aniston. Wow after 15 years that got to hurt Heidi.

  • Justin Wants a FrontlaceWig

    Oh Dear This Movie Looks REALLY BAD!!!
    Old ladyjen is just a punch line in Hollywood a bad Joke, stop coattailing the JP’s
    Go Away and take the midget with you

  • CJLOVE23

    LOL!!! Another LAME ASS Aniston movie. She has no shame!

  • an opinion

    “he wants to make a suit out of our skin”
    Um isn’t this suppose to be a nudest camp. Thus the line does not make any sense.
    .Typical ignorant silly movie by Aniston.
    Does she show boobs or butt in this movie?

  • kristen

    The movie was going to be released in 2012 from the beginning, i don’t know who or where they said it was October. a director said it, it will be released in 2012 and that was around 2010.

    The movie looks fun I’ll be watching.

  • dont get it

    he gets fired but she has to move with him and leave her job so he can work for his brother? stupid who would do that. movie looks unfunny too.

  • jjss

    Why does she have to keep ruining Paul Rudd’s movies?

  • Justin Wants a FrontlaceWig

    @kristen #45
    Not true, even Entertainment weekly had this Crappy Movie listed as a fall 2011 release.
    Now the 45yoahorsefacehasbeen is pimping this trash way too soon

  • Nan

    u guys are hateful and mean!
    no wonder America is in trouble.

  • jk

    I will definitely watch this. My type of fun movie.

  • @nan

    yep…. america is in trouble because some of us don’t appreciate stupid movies and talentless, self-centered has beens. right.
    imo, america is in trouble precisely because of greedy, selfish individuals who churn out garbage for a shameless money-grub! apparently she doesn’t have enough money for her beach-side vacations, spray tans, hairstylist, yoga and massage sessions, cosmetic procedures…… while you, dear fan, spend your hard-earned money to support her lavish, self-absorbed lifestyle.
    how’s this for an idea? donate the money you plan to spend on her perfume, bottled water, and movies and help someone keep warm and less hungry this christmas. especially since she sure as hell isn’t going to do it. bottled water! how about donating just $25 so a family has access to clean water for life? check it out.

  • Hermione

    Looks so great, longing to see it!

    Great couple, lovely personalitys, Love them!
    They are gonna knock everybody down!
    Best of wishes!

  • yawnn

    NOT funny at all!!!! they both cannot act. Period. NOW please GO AWAY!!

  • snotty

    Love jen i Will see anything she is in she is so great and this movie looks great i dont understand why you people on jj hate her so she just live her life do what she love and she dont hurt anybody i dont see anything wrong whit that if you dont like her movies Then dont see Them there is not need to bash her

  • Grow up!

    Why the continued hatred. Jennifer Aniston is a great actress–funny, smart, talented. She continues to be in films because a lot of people love her work. I see no need to compare her with Angelina Jolie or anyone else. They make different types of movies, and they live there lives very differently. If you want to love Jolie, then that is your choice. Those of us who enjoy Jennifer Aniston’s work do so because it is our choice. Degrading comments are immature and uncalled for. If you don’t like her, then 1–don’t read about her, 2–don’t post about her, 3–don’t go to her movies. It is as simple as that. Those of you who feel the need to hate and spread that hatred need serious help.