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Kate Bosworth: Byron & Tracey Salon Visit

Kate Bosworth: Byron & Tracey Salon Visit

Kate Bosworth is all smiles as she leaves the Byron & Tracey Salon on Thursday (November 3) in Beverly Hills.

The 28-year-old actress was spotted arriving at LAX airport over the weekend with her boyfriend, director Michael Polish.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kate Bosworth

Late last week, Kate attended the Chanel Intimate Dinner and a Burberry Body event with British model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

Kate‘s latest movie, Another Happy Day, will hit the big screen next week! The drama tells the story of a high strung woman who’s hurled into the center of touchy family dynamics after a wedding takes place at her parents’ estate.

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Credit: EM43 ; Photos: Splash News Online
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  • bobbyweiner

    Whoa another big screen movie for Kate, hope its a big smash hit like her last movie Straw Dogs. Possible Oscar nod i think

  • keyzlvr

    …and her hair still looks like crap. Time for a new hairdresser, Kate! BTW, don’t you love how she’s flaunting that ring on her? She makes sure it makes it in every paparazzi shot.
    “Look at my ring, look at my ring!! Please gossip about me so I stay relevent. My career is tanking and this is all I got!”

  • bah

    i like the whole outfit but not the boots. it just makes her legs shorter.

  • ladybug

    @bah: But so, so much better than the beige ones she has. For a casual look, she did pretty well.

  • DailyNightly

    What the hell is the point of going to a salon if they are not going to do ANYTHING with her hair. Maybe they were sanding the hooves down?

  • alex

    the youtube channel for JewelMint her jewelry line sends out friend requests….so people will subscribe to them.

    bahahahhahahahah. her jewelry sucks just like her career.

  • Dimbulb

    The outfit is good but that hairstyle makes her forehead look MASSIVE! Looking more like a conehead than a fashionista I’m afraid.

  • WayWay

    When will they realize that no one is willing to pay money to see this talentless tart?

  • ladybug

    @DailyNightly: Well, it’s combed.
    But, the roots aren’t done. And I do wish she (and her stylist) would realize that there’s more than one shade of blonde. She would look better with a warmer, darker shade of blonde. And about 5 inches lopped off of her hair.


    Love her! So beautiful and talented.

  • mforman

    We all know even an Oscar Nomination wil ever happen, but can you imagine her speech:

    “I did this all mysellf, nobody helped me, it was just my talent, because I am such a great actress”,.

  • Her Alopecia gets some help

    At least she is treating her Alopecia due to her lack of proper food. Starving yourself can have disastrous effects but thanks God she has the money to fix them even temporarily .
    Where is a BFF Bilson. They are both as talented.

  • okay

    something tells me bobbyweiner is joking………the only way it can be an intelligen post :)

  • BlueCrushed

    So yesterday the moron and her mate wore black winter gear at LAX but today a t-shirt is fine? Idiot.

  • Rachel()

    It’s about damn time. Her roots were getting crazy. If you’re a huge famewhore, you gotta keep your hair pap ready.

  • ladybug

    @BlueCrushed: That confused me as well. I’m going to presume that they were arriving back at LAX from someplace colder, though JJ’s post didn’t really make that clear.
    Rachel(), and yet you can still see her roots!

  • BlueCrushed

    Whether or not they were coming from a colder climate doesn’t mean that those idiots needed their coats buttoned up at LAX. They weren’t carrying luggage and could have carried their coats. Pictures on other sites show other people around them in t-shirts. It’s all about her advertising her freebies she and her life partner just got from Burberry. I wouldn’t be surprised if they actually just went to LAX and pretended they just came from somewhere. Lame and famewhorey.

  • BlueCrushed

    The coat is Mulberry (owned by Burberry) and unless I’m missing something it looks like those two idiots are walking away from the airport without luggage.

  • Ria

    Hi Mforman,
    do you notice the IPAD she is carrying!!!

  • ladybug

    @BlueCrushed: That is funny, I hadn’t really paid attention to the background on the airport shots, but, yes, they are walking away from the baggage claim area with no baggage, they don’t even appear to have carry ons.

  • sorella

    She has the worst hair, so limp and thin. And her parting/hairline is practically on the top of her her skull, she’s all head, looks like an alien to me!

  • La nouvelle icône fashion

    Bella! I love her outfit.

  • Thespian

    She looks demented with that idiotic grin.

  • Wow

    I guess she couldn’t afford weave hair this month.

  • krazykate

    She really needs to stop calling the paps. Nobody cares…except to poke fun at her.

  • http://justjared Mjforlife

    I like the outfit but I can’t believe she is coming out of a hairdresser …

  • Her amazing eyes

    Kate’s smile is radiant! She looks happy, relaxed and in love. I think she looks great in her outfit.

    “Another Happy Day” is opening November 18 and besides winning the Sundance Screen Writing award, the first few reviews are VERY good. Kate’s performance is praised, describing it as nuanced. She has top billing,her name after Ellen Barkin. (EB plays the main character and is one of the producers.)

    Looking forward to seeing it!

  • Tres

    At least the photographer earns from this. One good thing to come out of this unnecessary photo op

  • ladybug

    @Her amazing eyes: From the looks of the poster it’s not so much second billing as it is in alpha order:

  • again?

    I see kb had to resort to her second job again, being papped for doing sh*t all .

  • again?

    I see kb had to resort to her second job again, being papped for doing sh*t all .

  • Karen

    @alex: Her jewelry line is soooo ugly. Just look at this:

  • Karen

    Oh and two words for Kate, as a little bit of advice: HAIR EXTENSIONS.
    (You need them).

  • ladybug

    @Karen: No, less hair, not more. Her real hair is fine and looks better short. And combed.

  • BlueCrushed

    @Her amazing eyes:

    Kate seems to fall “in love” with every new and frequent dcik. She’s puddle deep.

  • Kate Is Styleless

    The only items on that page that could *maybe* consider buying are the Windsor set and the Cavalier pendant. Maybe. All the others are atrocious.

  • Actually..

    @Kate Is Styleless: I really do not get JewelMint. It seems like about eighty percent of their stuff is hideous and the price is not a good value. I’m gong to preface this with admitting that I’ve never bought anything from JewelMint, BUT many people who have bought JM have stated that it’s H&M or Forever 21 quality jewelry. Of course Forever 21 and H&M’s stuff ranges from about $4 (or less) and tops off at $20, with most things being about $10 or less. Making JewelMint’s cost of $29.99 an item a bit outrageous, even if it is delivered to your house and comes in a pretty box. (Although they do seem to have a TON of discount codes going so I guess you can get it for less.) And no, I did not look that up just to bash her, I once saw something I kind of liked and wanted to see if it was worth getting – after those reviews it clearly was not.

  • Rachel()

    @ladybug: You can’t see them as much as in the last batch of pics…she needs to fire her hairstylist.

  • ladybug

    @Rachel(): They’re less obvious, but still there. I thought the roots weren’t supposed to show right after a dye job? Unless the roots showing just a bit is some fashion statement she’s supposed to be making, and I, as a fashion Philistine, just don’t get it?

  • Dimbulb

    @Her amazing eyes:

    Bwwwaahhhaaahhaaaaa……Her name comes after Ellen Barkin’s because the actors are listed in alphabetical order, braniac. Sheesh some stans will REALLY try and turn this damn pumpkin into a golden carriage, eh?

  • Rachel()

    @ladybug: Just crappy workmanship. Nice catch with the top billing being alphabetized.

    I don’t think she’s always a horrible actress. She’s just average, and always in god awful movies. Blue Crush was the lamest most cliche chick flick ever and this is what she’s most known for. Jennifer Anniston has a more impressive film career than KB does! She is not a success.

  • ladybug

    @Rachel(): Sometimes she’s an alright actress, sometimes she’s not. I was pretty sure that with AHD’s cast, KB wasn’t going to get 2nd billing, she’s just not that well known.
    I, a glutton for a punishment apparently, went back to look at the reviews that came out for AHD during Sundance. And KB does get some good reviews (and some ‘eh’ reviews). Here’s the shocker, Demi Moore also gets some good reviews. So perhaps being surrounded by some pretty darn good veteran actors helped both KB and DM actually focus on acting.
    That’s been one of my complaints about her, she’s not the world’s worst actress, but she never seems to do much to become a better actress.

  • mforman

    @ #19—Ria—Hi. I cannot believe that I missed the IPAD before, but I knew you would catch it.

    That and the fact that she is working that ring like nobody’s business, it is really now starting to become an even bigger joke.

    All her carrying around an IPAD, all of a sudden, because she never did before; is more proof of stalking AS. KB just cling to your new victim and leave AS alone. You never deserved him to begin with, but you know how to work it, and all of HW knows it.

    I cannot believe I am saying something nice about the creature, but this is the best her roots have ever looked.

    I hope you can forgive me RIa.

  • mforman

    Her amazing eyes—Did you really think that KB would get better billing than Demi Moore, seriously; the girls acting gets worse and worse with each new desparate release.

    When a film works with an ensemble cast, it is always listed alphabetically.

    For any sightly positive review, she gets, she gets at least 4 or 5 negative ones.

    After 10 years in this business, she just gets worse and worse, and that is completely unheard of.

  • La nouvelle icône fashion

    @mforman: You are a person so full of hate.
    Something is really wrong with your life.
    Get help.

  • mforman

    @#27–Her amazing eyes–She doesn’t have a smile, she has a smug look on her face. When you look at her in any photos, she puts on that smug look, and wants us to all feel that she is better than us.

    Sorry, but she is wrong.

  • mforman

    @47—Actually I have a pretty good life for these time. I have a job I actually enjoy, a wonferful guy and the best niece and nephew that anyone could ask or wish for.

    My disike of KB started long before she decided to use AS for anything she could. Any woman that is proud to be a famewhore and makes sure everyone knows this, and is proud of it; dosen’t deserve mine or anyones respect or if you can tell me one thing that I have said about her that wasn’t true, I woud take it back.

    KB is just not a likable person, which mens she is not at all bankable in the movie industry.

    She uses people to get jobs, when working on a film she will use her costars (Kryten Ritter) in Bff and Baby, when her and AS were having trouble, next thing KR is saying what beautiful chilldren they will have and then we never see KB or KR together again. She goes after the boyfriends and or husbands of her female friends on her payroll (because her reputation is well known) and that is the only way she can have friends.

    Over 10 years in this business and aside from being a pairah, she is only known for using people, being difficult to work with, ignoring and being rude to her fans and feeling superior to all of us.

    Like I said if you have proof of me lying,,,…please tell me, but do not just say things because you are one of her two stans.

  • ladybug

    @Actually..: But, according the founders of JewelMint: JewelMint founders Diego Berdakin and Josh Berman—who was one of the original founders of MySpace—say their jewelry, which is offered on JewelMint for $29.99 a month, would ordinarily retail for $100 and up.
    There’s a place for slightly better quality cheap jewelry, I have no idea whether JM fits that bill.

  • Yoda

    @Her amazing eyes:
    Pathetic you are.

  • Eresyn

    She looks ok here, considering everything else. And the hair problem won’t go away until she starts eating properly. She should cut it shorter, though, maybe it will look better that way. The way it looks now, i’d never had guessed she’s coming out the hairdresser’s…wth???? She needs to fire her stylist ASAP!!!
    And i’m so glad she’s not wearing those horrid suede boots!!!! i like how she matched these boots with the purse.