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Gisele Bundchen: Tai Chi Class with Yao Li!

Gisele Bundchen: Tai Chi Class with Yao Li!

Gisele Bundchen gives a great big hug to Tai Chi instructor Yao Li before heading to his Back Bay kung-fu studio on Friday (November 4) in Boston, Mass.

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“It’s like a moving meditation,” the 31-year-old Brazilan supermodel has said of tai chi. “It is very important to have the right teacher, and Yao is a great teacher. He is very aware so he can feel what each of his students needs are. And then he teaches accordingly.”

Other pics include Gisele carrying her tiny Yorkshire Terrier as she leaves her new brownstone home on November 3 in Boston.

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Credit: Stickman; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • Bonitto

    You go girl.

  • Wallace

    “The Last Supermodel!”

  • Mark

    She is so sweet, I love Gisele

  • lisali

    Even her candids are beautiful..I love her energy!

  • Laura

    In my eyes, she will always be, the most beautiful person to walk the earth.

  • John

    HOT MAMMA!!!!! HOT MAMMA!!!!

  • Expensive

    Yao Li from her recent Vogue UK interview:

    G’s mind is so positive, when she thinks something it just happens. She doesn’t allow the negativity to get in there” Yao Li

  • Lili

    She is so beautiful, i just love her.

  • me

    I love taji practice….and moving meditation, I wonder if the instructor teaches chen style or Yang style or both. No wonder she looks so healthy and stays healthy.

  • wow

    @Anonymous: 2 words for you; Anger Management.

  • Mark

    @Anonymous what is your problem???

  • Loo

    Love G!!! Always gorgeous!!!
    @Anonymous get a life.

  • Savvy

    Anon you only know what Gisele says in her interviews, (not because you read the REAL ones) just versions of them on gossip sites, because she is so famous for a model and everything she says/does gets tons of attention, even if so minutely petty. Alot of models can’t even get English speaking interviews and say/do much worse things everyday. Actions speak louder than words. Gisele’s actions warrant no hate. Afterall she was the celeb who donated the most money to Japan and Haiti after their natural disasters happened, and not once admitted it or spoke /”bragged” about it. Get off the biased gossip trash sites who will write anything to sell a story because its making them richer, don’t you know that? lol Next time read her REAL interviews, the good outweighs the bad, but good doesn’t sell. duh.

  • Hollyboob

    Gisele Looks absoulety gorgeous!!!I love the Fluffy hair..

  • sara

    Gisele always has the most amazing things going on and the smile reflects her inner zen. Good for her!

  • GiseleSells

    To the hater the other week saying Gisele wouldn’t have the Givenchy campaign think again. The designer himself confirmed it to Elle Brasil magazine AND said she did the show for free out of friendship AND since she walked the show Givenchy has seen great results as per usual with everything she’s associated with.

    “The designer Riccardo Tisci spent the afternoon of Friday, November 4, in the studio of photographer Bob Wolfenson, in São Paulo, following a trial that is preparing ELLE magazine with model Lea T.

    In an informal conversation with the staff of the magazine, fashion designer, shy and very nice, Gisele Bundchen confirmed as poster girl of the 2012 summer campaign of the brand. He also said Gisele modeled for the brand in the fashion week in Paris for a symbolic fee – “she did out of friendship” – and that the presence of the top on the catwalk generated very good results for Givenchy.”

  • Anonymous

    Wow! One, I am not sure why my comment was deleted. Second, you cannot deny her own quotes — yes, @savvy, I have read her articles, and her condescending, conceited attitude is there. You can’t deny what she said about breastfeeding, women as garbage disposals, her contradictory statements on the environment, her comments on potty training her son at four months, etc. And finally, the video and pictures of her getting naked in front of the paparazzi is clear evidence of how trashy she is.

  • wow

    Your comment was deleted but don’t worry it would have had minus 10 by now I’m sure. and I just read your latest comment and that all sounds so petty! What someone thinks is their prerogative, not everyone has to agree and no one should be mute especially while doing an interview (you definitely won’t get the job). I don’t judge people on their opinions. I’ve got my own as well and don’t expect for everyone to agree. Now its the “actions” part that people should be judged for and Gisele is not hurting anyone, she doesn’t abuse anyone, she isn’t caught on video tape snorting things, she isn’t doing adult tapes to become famous ie: Kim Kardashian. Seriously if petty little comments are her biggest “controversy” in Hollyweird, then she better step her game up. I think her comments are picked apart because she is a media darling and sells well, but doesn’t do media darling type things, so they have to scrutinize petty panty commercials,her kid likes veggies,she loves her step son, she prefers to breastfeed, she doesnt eat junk food, are you serious??? how boring. I don’t see her on US Weekly or OK magazine covers every other week, she is about as tame as they come. and are you kidding me, she is a MODEL. not a secretary ie; has to undress at photoshoots. Whther that shoot is inside or outside in some deserted location, last time I checked models do that on shoots; change clothes. Oh the horror Gisele does it though, right? Its like she’s become so well known people forget she is a model. Not your average 9 to 5 job so please don’t act like she has to be in button down suits all day to be “perfect”. I laugh at some insinuations about her. All so contradictory.





  • Bonitto

    I love and admire Gisele, keep on talking girl.

  • yep2

    He also said Gisele modeled for the brand in the fashion week in Paris for a symbolic fee – “she did out of friendship” – and that the presence of the top on the catwalk generated very good results for Givenchy.”

    wow so cool! This is the type of thing that deserves publicity, *shake my head* but then again that isn’t near as appealing a headline as “Gisele shut up you du** model”. Anyways ppl who dont like her will never like her and people who do will always. There’s no arguing it, she could donate 5 mill tomorrow to kids in Africa and still be considered a horrible person to some of you gossip addicts. Knowing the media that wouldn’t even make 1 headline, but a little measly comment does. Shows who runs most gossip sites: women who wear extra large underwear.

    the comment made by her Tai Chi instructor must be why she is so successful. She didn’t listen, nor care about the BS, just did her thang, and quite well I may add, according to Forbe’s magazine.

  • BRYNN1880

    Hello crazy people from Boston!These loosers are always here putting gisele down because of old bitter who is a New Yorker BTW.Gisele ‘ s son Benjamin Brady was born in Boston unlike bitter and her bastard son John Moynahan.It is such a waste of time to fight the haters because the truth is out there.someone just said this on twitter: “Just stood on line with Bridget Moynahan. Very nice person. However cameras and make up do wonders.” see?LOL. OLD OLD OLD BITTER.

  • Mike

    @BRYNN1880: haha funny because on twitter people have nothing but nice things to say about Gisele. and that she is more stunning in person. Guess that explains why one has a mega A list career and the other you can catch on old SATC re runs. I remember last year someone said BM was rude and nasty in a Miami restaurant, and very different looking (in a bad way) in person. haha Quite the opposite I read daily on Gisele. Don’t blame ya either Tom. Average janes will always “relate” more with BM, since she’s the epitome of one.

  • bridget fan

    The twitter comment BRYNN 1880 stated was posted by a brazilian fan . After she posted the comment on this site, she deleted it from her temporary twitter account.
    She neglected to post the twitters that state Bridget is kind, gorgeous and very beautiful.

  • Mike

    @bridget fan: lol knew Bridget “fans” are always amongst us here. it was a test. Fail. haha. Hi how are you? can you recommend me some of her Lifetime movies or canceled old lady tv shows? and wow stalking Gisele’s fans on twitter? yikes. Does Bridget even have fansites? lol. Wouldn’t know cuz I’m not into D listers. Get a life Tom moved on years ago. I think you all should too.

  • Cleo

    Yuck. I don’t know why she doesn’t refuse titles about how great looking she is when the mirror tells her the real story.

  • WOW

    She is so down to earth. I love her !