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Michelle Williams Sings 'Heatwave' as Marilyn Monroe - VIDEO

Michelle Williams Sings 'Heatwave' as Marilyn Monroe - VIDEO

Scope out this new clip of Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe performing “Heatwave” from the upcoming biopic, My Week With Marilyn, in theaters November 23.

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Below is “Heatwave” video is another clip of Marilyn hiding in the backseat of her “getaway car” with young Colin Clark (Eddie Redmayne).

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe so far – YAY or NAY?

Michelle Williams Sings ‘Heatwave’ as Marilyn Monroe

Michelle Williams: Marilyn Monroe’s Getaway Car!
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Photos: Brigette Lacombe
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  • Evie

    I don’t see Marilyn!

  • http://JustJared Jan

    She was amazingly convincing…good work!

  • Ruth

    I was very impressed with that short video. Really convincing though, of course, she is much slimmer than Marilyn.

  • Lil

    Not even close to Marilyn. The acting in the trailer looks better than the singing.

  • stellartes

    i feel the Oscar coming!

  • Jan

    That’s terrible! An embarrassment to the real Marilyn Monroe.

  • Lisa

    She’s too skinny for Marilyn

  • Anne

    OMG this movie is a flop she is not a good actress in this movie. This is terrible I’m mean terrible they should of got someone else.

  • why??

    they’re pushing this film so much….i mean i’m sorry it just seems so character-y like she’s doing an SNL impression of marilyn monroe…no thanks. She is a good actress in Brokeback Mountain and other films…but she just isn’t sexy or anything. Poor choice in the casting department

  • dada

    I don’t see Marilyn either, she is just trying too hard to be sexy and obviously she is not, they sould definiteky have hired someone better , and her acting is really bad!

  • Mous

    Worst choice for Marilyn ever. I agreen with the comment that it looks like she’s doing an SNL skit about Marilyn.

  • V

    not bad..could have been worse,I guess.

  • laverdadduele

    I’m not feeling it.

  • Derpina

    I think she looks great

  • tweener


    im sorry , but michelle is very bad here.

    what’s with that laugh, it ‘s nowhere near the laugh of marlyn monroe.

    and what’s with the dancing: do you call that sexy or dancing for that matter????? she is too stiff, too wooden.

    i dont see marlyn monroe, i see michelle williams playing dress up.

  • Zelda

    ok, this is just a straight hater comment as i know she is not exactly marilyn, obv.
    but marilyn has a cuter, better nose.

  • shakirakitten

    Awesome. Does a great job and brings something fresh to the piece. Great work!

  • LaCroix

    No one can compare to the real Marilyn, there hasnt been an actress to even come close to her real persona. Williams isnt sexy. I saw her in Brooklyn where she lives, visiting one of my friends the woman is paper thin. I can’t even think of any other actresses who could have pulled this off.

  • dan

    YUCK… no thanks
    this chick is NOT sexy

  • O

    No. Marylin was much sexier than that… It’s missing something. The face, the lips, the body move. It’s not like her, at least dancing and singing.

  • madmax

    she looks amazing, like she channeled Marilyn I look forward to seeing this

  • Princess

    Michelle believes that she really is Marilyn. That’s where she gets the nerve to act this conceited. Michelle is not acting she is just being her conceited self. Does anyone hear much about other female actors? We don’t because most of them didn’t attach themselves to real fame like Michelle had to with Heath Ledger. We are all very disappointed in the
    choice that was made for a movie about Marilyn Monroe.
    Is Katie Homes really the best choice to play Jackie Kennedy?
    Kate Beckinsale would have made the best actress. Does anyone hear about that girl anymore? She is very talented and pretty unlike Katie
    and Michelle.

  • annab

    Marilyn was very curvy with natural sex appeal. I don’t think anyone could capture what the real Marilyn had. People that try…just make fools of themselves.

  • Camille

    she needs more curves! marylin was waaaaay chubbier
    i dont like this actress, she is not expressive enough – not sexy

  • tweener

    producer harvey WEINSTEIN is behind tis movie.

    transation: even if michelle sucks as marliyn monroe, it will still get positive reviews (that i find very strange, because michelle is really bad in this, maybe they were paid by weinstein to say only positive things about the movie, happens all the time)

    and it will get an oscar buzz..

  • tweener


  • tweener



  • anon

    A bunch of over-weight girls, still in love with Heath Ledger, sure are hate-spamming this…

  • booo

    Michelle Williams isn’t a bad actress, but this wasn’t a right role for her. She suits better playing tragic, sad, and downcast roles like Blue Valentine or Broke Back Mountain.

  • Maria

    Michelle Williams is kind of pretty and a decent actress but she does not have the appeal- the innate appeal- of MArilyn. With Marilyn you just cannot take your eyes off her- she is so stunning. I think the only person I can think of like that who is an actress is Scarlett Johannsen- tho she is not like Marilyn- but she is at least sexy- Michelle isn’t really and yes way too thin

  • chris

    Eh she’s alright as an actress but too vapid to pull this one off. Stick to depressed and dowdy characters and she should be fine. Glamorous and sexy she is not.

  • Lulu

    No matter what many naysayers said, the honchos will push her for best actress win. They will say she’s not an imitator; she’s telling a story of Marilyn.

  • Princess

    Michelle should play positive acting roles but just not this one.
    Marilyn Monroe is very beautiful and Michelle Williams is
    not an appealing woman. That’s why Heath Ledger became so depressed
    becoming tied down to her. He did run away from her in time and found
    Gemma Ward.

  • Veruca Salt

    What’s the matter with you anon?
    Aren’t you the same person who criticized Michelle Williams about how Heath Ledger never wanted to stay with her?

  • Freda

    Haha… I knew if I came to check this article I’d find dueling banjo-esque comments.

    I neither religiously hate nor unconditionally love Williams and I feel the same way about her Marilyn performance. I can see she’s captured some of Marilyn’s essence but I’m not sure I’d go as far to say it was an ‘oscar-worthy’ performance… and yes I have seen the film ;)

  • brad pitt

    @Princess: fck off will you?youve been trolling her posts for years get a life

  • Princess

    @brad pitt:
    Brad Pitt? Please how dare you use that kind actor’s name to make your mean comments.
    Michelle deserves to be EXPOSED for her obnoxious past behavior not praised but I guess a SCUMBAG LIKE YOU HAS NO RESPECT FOR an innocent person like Heath Ledger.
    He can’t exactly defend himself against everyone believing that Michelle deserves some kind of sympathy when all the while she was the person who started all of his problems in the first place!
    By the way I am only repeating what I heard from countless fans of his
    going back to 2007.
    Someone tried to start a FREE HEATH LEDGER CAMPAIGN in 2007 and I didn’t even know who he was back then.
    I found the comments posted from his fans about it on Just Jared.

  • Princess

    Batman’s Dinner With The Joker. Find it Mr. Brad Scum and go through
    every single comment on there. I dare you to come back here and try to
    challenge me.

  • Evie

    Took the words right out of my mouth! But of course you are me and I am you. lol

    The acting looks good in the second video but still don’t see it in her face. All I see is Michelle.

  • Mark

    I just saw this movie today. Michelle Williams does a wonderfull job portraying Marilyn. The other people in the theater said they loved the movie!