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Nicole Kidman: 'Wild Life' with Keith Urban!

Nicole Kidman: 'Wild Life' with Keith Urban!

Nicole Kidman and her husband, country crooner Keith Urban, catch a flight out of LAX airport on Friday (November 4) in Los Angeles.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Nicole Kidman

The 44-year-old actress is set to star in My Wild Life, a drama centered on elephant advocate/animal conservationist Dame Daphne Sheldrick.

Nicole would be reuniting with director Philip Noyce from her 1989 flick Dead Calm. Production for My Wild Life is scheduled kick off early 2012 in Africa. Sounds like quite the interesting project!

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Credit: GVK/Matei; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • Jose

    Someone needs to tell Nicole that Halloween is over.

  • JeffH

    Finally! Where has she been? The outfit is weird but she looks gorgeous and so young.

  • http://justjared POLO

    @JeffH: yeah, thnx to the Botox!

  • another one?

    she looks totally pregnant and has been mia lately. it happens so often when women are around babies. I wonder if there’s a third on the way.

    Keith looks a little annoyed.

  • GleeLover

    Her face looks like it has been stuffed and puffed.

  • Paulla

    she’s gone too far in the plastic surgery department. Not like a total plastic surgery nightmare, but getting there…Its beyond evident she had her nose done. In the movie Dead Calm one of her first movies, she had a huge bulbous pig nose. I always giggle when she is on all those “most requested hollywood nose” lists because hers is not even real. lol.
    Love her as an actress, but this plastic surgery is too much. She should have stopped in the “To Die For” era, when she was at her prettiest. Never a raving beauty though, just a plain jane pale piggy nosed red head naturally, eek!

  • Chris

    wow totally preggers!

  • yep

    Love Nicole! I really like the hat!

  • Kathy

    Not sure of the dress…. but as long as she is happy as she most defiantly is, all is good.

    Take care Keith. I read abt. your surgery. and get that you are up tight about it, but we are all praying for you. Hurry back with a new CD.

  • Portia

    She looks ridiculous!

  • Jordyn

    She’s got a look and style that’s all her own. Go Nicole!

  • Amy

    From the pictures of Nic & Keith…..Keith does not look very happy at all in those photo’s. hope all goes well with your surgery Keith ! Healing and praying thoughts are with you at this time. Love You Keith ! <3

  • hopeso

    Hey i have been looking for her, and i just red last night about Keith’s surgery good to see them both

  • dwess

    She reminds me of Bette Davis in the movie The Dark Secret of Harvest Home

  • Linda

    I am sure that Keith is thinking about his upcoming surgery.Almost every picture I see of Keith &Nicole they are holding hands & smiling.I don’t think he is pissed just worried.

  • Sara

    Glad you have Nicole to get you thru this surgery Keith. Speedy recover, and well wishes coming your way. See ya on TV in the upcoming events.
    I love the new song out. You Gonna Fly!

  • pummkie

    what the f=ck are you saying troll?? She hasn’t been looked so good in years. Stop jabbering pathetic hater, you don’t impress anyone.

    Nicole looks good, as always. I wish Keith a full recover

  • Margot

    what the hell? what are you talking about??? she looks stunning. Have you seen at these pics at least? Facts are under everyone’s eyes: she looks amazing and natural. Jesus, you’re just another crazy hater…I blame myself I gave you the attention you were desperately looking for.

    Curious, when Nicole goes big (another project, and this time a very big one), haters become more arrogant and pathetic and angry…So sad.

    Go Nicole! And go Keith! I wish you all the best and a full recover.

  • tryui

    She looks stunning, as always. She has her own style, and she isn’t afraid to show it. She doesn’t follow fashion, she IS fashion.

  • gpar

    I love this couple. Nicole is beautiful and sometimes has a quirky style which I find refreshing. Most people could not get away with it but she does .Find some pictures of just her face and you will see how very beautiful she is.

  • irene olson

    Nicole looks absolutely darling. Only she can pull off the boho look and look sheek and classy. Love this woman and Keith has definitely made her a new woman. He is the love of her life and she glows. I thought she was going to do a Broadway show in early 2012; now it seems she is doing a movie. Why cannot the gossip folks get the info straight. Love the Urbans. Sad to hear Keith is going to require surgery; he is a brilliant, live performer — the best in the music business. I do not care for country music, but am a rabid Keith Urban fan.

  • Barbara

    Glad to see the Urbans! It is always a treat. Whats this about surgery? Gee, I didn’t read that before.
    On a TV interview Keith Urban once said he would LOVE to go to Africa ! How cool is that dreams do come true.
    JJ from what you have said I guess this means it is a for sure project for Nicole?
    Have a wonderful time Urban family!

  • naturegirl

    Good luck and god bless to Keith.

  • Supergirl

    Nicole looks gorgeous as always i love her & Keith, God bless the whole family

  • Mike

    I don’t know what pictures some of you are looking at, but I think Nicole looks gorgeous!! I do not see how on earth you can accuse her of looking weird at all – she’s already gone and admitted to using botox in the past, and said she no longer uses it – end of conversation! Leave the poor woman alone – she just can’t catch a break with some of you!

  • tryui

    that’s because trolls and haters don’t have anything to lose. They don’t have a life so, when someting about Nicole is out they’re unleashed. In particular when Nicole and Keith keep a low profile, when something about them is out, or just a pic, they have again the reason of their life: hating.

  • Moh123

    OMG! she looks Gorgeous.

  • Joy

    Praying for Keith’s surgery to a complete success and that he has a speedy recovery.

  • holly

    The E haters must be creaming their pants for finally finding a pic of Keith and Nicole. It must suck to be ostracised from message boards where real insiders with real pictures hang. Oh well, they’ve provided a couple of months of rolling on the floor laughing for the rest of us. Thanks skeptics! Too bad your “clique” fails.

  • holly

    @another one?:

    Not ‘totally MIA lately”. You just gotta know where to look.

  • Talia

    Nobody reads the Eboard anymore, holly, but I bet they’re blowing up the pictures to look at every detail.

  • Lora


    .And you know what? 2/3 s of them are multi screen names talking and answering themselves. ha

    And also they make up new names and yell at each other when someone gets off script. ha

    AND THEY DON”T EVEN KNOW IT!! They don’t realize that “their friends” are setting them up..

  • Nancy


    Yea there are about 5 of the nuts left. lol
    What is really funny is that they talk to someone like they are a real person. Ya know why? Because they do not even know that it is another hater with a long ago made up name….. and not even a real person.
    Now how sick is that.

  • http://comcast DEE

    It doesn’t look kike Keith is as “smitten” with his wife as he used to be. I love Keith Urban. Check out You Tube Keith Urban Ellen Degeneres commercial. It’s great.

  • holly

    Glad you like the video. But we already knew that!!

  • CwhatuwanttoC

    I love Nic and Keith! Love the pictures

  • keithkitty

    I think Nicole looks really cute and Keith looks really worried about his operation.

  • Kim

    “smitten” lol Thats a old fashion term isn’t it. Its just that we usually see Keith Urban with his beautiful big smile.
    Not clearing his schedule and getting ready to under go a surgery ..

    Speedy Recovery Keith. Will be fun trying to keep from talking to those beautiful girls of yours.

  • Codyjo

    Nicole seems so happy and I love the Urban Family. Swift recovery Keith!!

  • ybbony

    zoomed in on all photos and nicole looks absolutely, stunningly, beautiful! love Keith!

  • http://comcast Dee

    Keith looks so sad and unhappy. Love Keith, I hope he isn’t getting tired of Nicole, having to follow her every place she goes. He loves Nashville.

  • holly

    @Dee- gee, I wish I had your gift of looking at a picture and knowing exactly how Keith is feeling. What about the pics of he and Nicole laughing and smiling? Oh right, those are staged. Bahaha.
    My favorite recent comment came from mental patient TwistedReason who said thinking so deeply about their relationship takes her way out of her comfort zone. And yet 6 years goes by…..
    And #35 holly isn’t me.

  • love robsten

    Keith has a special interview coming up. Guess what he named it ?

    Keith Urban’ s Beautiful Home Life.

    ABC this Tuesday 10 pm. with Robin Roberts

    Guess that says it all!!

  • clover1

    I love Keith Urban and lovely Nicole. That will be a great interview to watch.
    Wonder if we will get to see their beautiful daughters.

    Good news.


    Oh Goddie ! Will be sure and watch my favoite couple.
    I don’t live in Nashville, but I love it.

  • Thanks 4

    A Country music special with Keith Urban. You can bet I’ll be watching and loving every minute of it.
    I have been his fan for YEARS.

  • eeod

    Keep the faith Keith! You have a lot of people praying for you!

  • Margie


    I was “dumbfounded” when I heard the news of a surgery.. I agree eeod., country music fans are the best and prayers going out for Keith and his beautiful family.

  • bellanor31


    Maybe it is her intervoice that sees a pictures and talks to her?

  • sdlott

    Good Luck in your new film Nicole. Prayers for Keith. Take care of those beautiful babies, And keep on having a wonderful life!

    DAYZ DO GO BY!!!