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Michelle Williams: Straight Men Don't Like My Hair!

Michelle Williams: Straight Men Don't Like My Hair!

Michelle Williams and her bodyguard land at LAX airport on Saturday (November 5) in Los Angeles.

The 31-year-old actress can be seen singing “Heatwave” as Marilyn Monroe in the upcoming biopic My Week With Marilyn.

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Michelle recently opened up to Elle about her hair: “What [my daughter] Matilda would love is for her mom to grow out the cropped hair, though that’s unlikely to happen any time soon. I’ve really grown into it – I feel like myself with short hair. And it’s been a really long time since I had long hair, five years. Of course, the only people who like it are gay men and my girlfriends. Straight men across the board are not into this hair!”

FYI: Michelle is wearing Robert Clergerie shoes.

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  • Helena

    Yup, i know what she’s talking about. My hair is even shorter than hers and everyone is telling me it looks great. And everyone means gay men and women. But straight men? Nope. Well, who cares?

  • J&J

    she still looks pretty, but yeah it’s not for everyone

  • Janey

    Her hair is so cute cut like that. Don’t listen to the straight men, Michelle.

  • Diamond

    Straight men don’t like short haircuts on women because they see the big chop as a woman giving up her femininity perhaps because she has also given up on men. Like she stopped caring. That’s what I hear. I still think they look fabulous and would definitely get a short do, without caring what the collective psyche of men says.

  • JoD

    Well, honestly, with that hairdo, as cute as it may be, she does look like a young boy – unless she wears makeup and a dress or skirt. But she can be mistaken for a young boy. And I am not sure if this is a look for a woman who wants to be seen as a woman. If she likes being left alone, she will have to wait until a straight man shows up who is looking for a woman who looks like a boy. And then one might wonder why …

  • Evie

    Where is her boyfriend Cary Fukunaga? People need to think you still love Heath Ledger, Michelle?

  • madmax

    I wonder who is watching Matilda?

  • krtmom

    @JoD: For your information, there are plenty of straight men who love women with short hair. I get compliments and comments from men all the time who find my short hair “sexy”. I guess they’re secure in their masculinity unlike idiots who make stupid comments!

  • Hannah

    Gay or straight, she has zero sex appeal.

  • Annie

    Why is Michelle still riding Heath Ledger’s coattails? Can’t she stand on her own two feet? Why does she bring him up all the time in interviews (in Marie Claire, Vogue, Elle twice off the top of my head)? He’s now been dead for longer than they’ve dated. They were broken up when he died, he was in a relationship with somebody else, there was a custody battle etc but Michelle acts like she’s his widow. She’s been milking Heath for years. Heath would be disgusted. I respect Gemma Ward, Heath’s girlfriend, a lot more for being private and for not using her relationship with Heath every time she needs PR like Michelle. Terry Gilliam was so right about her.

  • Lyla

    In the rest of that quote she explains that she first got it cut that short for the one guy who was actually attracted to it (Heath) and that she keeps the length in memory of him. It’s really sad.

    It sounds like she knows she doest need to have a hairstyle that men are all attracted to bec she already met the love of her life.
    It’s just that he’s gone now.

  • Yo Landi

    I understand what she means. 6 years ago I chopped off several inches and when I went to school, boys hated it. Without going into the all men psyche thing, I’ve come to believe in the fact that guys are just attracted to long hair because hair is a huge part of sex appeal. It’s just very sexual. I know it’s weird but hair attracts XD I’m more mature now and the first thing I look at on men is their hair. And some have told me that it’s the exact same thing for them, on women one of the first thing they look at is the hair. So yes, I guess it is all about hair power. Most men like a woman with long hair better. That’s a fact.

  • Me

    Michelle looks amazing with the pixie cut. She’s one of the few who do. Michelle, Carey Mulligan, Emma Watson, Ginnifer Goodwin, and a couple others really pull it off.

  • Me


    Probably her grandparents.

  • Yo Landi

    @Lyla: But they were not together anymore when he passed away…. Maybe it’s about time for her to move on, don’t you think? [though I think the whole "keeping the haircut for Heath, love of my life" thing is very sad and romantic]

  • Lyla

    @Yo Landi: I actually read that they were on their way to getting back together. But even if that wasnt the case, I think that just because you’re broken up, doesnt mean the two people arent still in love with each other. And we all know u can be with someone new and still be in love with someone else.
    Love isnt everything tho, so thats why people in love can still break up. Other circumstances might make it difficult or not the best thing to be together at that time.

    The 2nd part, I can tell you that I lost my father 2 years ago. It was a sudden death. And no, you never EVER get over someone’s death. There is not a time that you ever move on. You miss them always and forever. Plus in her case, it was the father of her child whom she knows her child will never have the blessing to know herself.

    I think it is great that she is honest. If she still loves him, still thinks about him, is depressed etc then so be it. It’s sad, but if that’s her reality then allow her that and just be sad that someone is still hurting from their loss.

  • Ellena

    It’s very beautiful and sad. I think it’s hard for her to move on, and in my opinion she and heath despite their split were still in love. Sometimes people break up, it happens every day, but they have chance to get back to each other. Unfortunately, Michelle and Heath don’t have the chance like this. So sad. I have so much respect for her, she’s beautiful, smart and she’s a great mother.

  • jessa

    @Hannah: not everyone’s trying t o be megan fox or rosie h-w.

  • Kate

    I’m just waiting for that person who always insults Michelle, Unfortunately, she will never give up.

  • Kate

    I’m just waiting for that person who always insults Michelle, Unfortunately, she will never give up.

  • JJ

    @madmax: madmax, I’ve seen you around on JJ and I’m sorry but you sound creepy. Matilda is a kid of celebrities not a celebrity. She should have a normal life without paps and her parents’s creepy fans keeping tabs on her.

  • $hane 3ryant

    I actually find short hair more attractive on certain women. Pink and Annie Lennox come to mind for women that look great, atleast to me personally but we all have our opinions. I am far more into tomboy-ish women though, and I myself am a bit “tomgirlish”… if that’s even a word. But I’ve always seen short hair on women beautiful, depending on the individual. Really, that’s how I see everything.. that it just depends on the person. I believe some women look much better without makeup, and some look better with a bit of extra weight. I know these are things that “most guys” see as “unattractive”, but again… it’s just my opinion.

  • Yo Landi

    @Lyla: Oh I didn’t know that. I didn’t mean it in a rude manner. I actually know what it is to love someone deeply and to lose them forever…. And I don’t know why I said it that way but let me tell you that I didn’t mean it the way you think I did. And sorry about your father

  • 123

    @Lyla: They were not on the way of getting back together.
    1)they were about to bring the custody issue to court when Heath died; things between them had to be pretty bad if they couldn’t find some way to work it out without bringing attorneys into it and making it public sooner or later, them being so private
    2) Heath was dating an australian girl; I don’t think he would have gone into a new romance had he wanted to get back with Michelle especially with the already considerable friction there which was only shrinking Heath’s time with Matilda who was the most important for him.

  • me

    She ain’t no Marilyn Manroe…she is fuglie. She is so skanky looking…Marilyn was voluptous.

  • Jessica
  • Jeff

    @123: As the other poster said, wheher they were going tiger back together or not, u shouldn’t deny someone their grief.

  • Jessica
  • Evie

    @123: Exactly!!

  • Natalie

    Oh, dear 123/Princes or whatever, they met one or two weeks before Heath died. He bought a book for Michelle, which she really loved. It’s confirmed, it wasn’t an anonymous article/news. Their (Michelle and Heath’s friend) talked about it.

  • 123

    @Natalie: I don’t know who Princess is but it’s not me. The custody battle and the relationship with the girl were confirmed in Vanity Fair and by the woman herself. She is a famous supermodel called Gemma Ward who retired after Heath’s death and just recently made a comeback. As you can see none of it is anonymous sources or news. She said they met in November and began a relationship. They spent Christmas together in Australia. Heath left a message on a local journalist’s voicemail thanking him or her for the privacy they had got saying it was one of the best holidays in his life. Just google and read.

  • XX

    Interesting, because her sister said something different :)) Babe, stop changing your names and find something interesting to do. You definitely have no life.

  • 123

    @XX: “Babe”, stop making things up. I haven’t changed my screen name but okay I bet you have Natalie. Personal attacks when you have no comeback, how original! ;)

  • Mark

    Why does Michelle Williams need a bodyguard?

  • cait

    men hate short hair on women the same way women hate long hair on men. the traditional classical beauty is long hair for women. open minded men might like short hair and vice versa. men don’t care about long hair on men and may find it ‘cool’. they may want to try the long hair, too.

  • Kat

    Michelle&Heath: I think even if they were dating other people and perhaps even disliked each other at the time, still loved each other and maybe in the back of their mind thinking might end up tog again.
    Put it this way. Like Travis barker and shana moakler are divorced and hate each other if one of them passed away u know the other would b devastated. Same thing.

  • Heilige Bimbam

    @Evie: Michelle and Heath were separated before he died. She has been going on and on as if they were still together when heath died, they were not.

  • Princess

    Heath Ledger was never in love with Michelle Williams.
    This spoiled wannabe got in his way.

    Find Batman’s Dinner With The Joker here at Just Jared and you will
    get the best answers from his fans and how Heath Ledger had moved on happily without Michelle.

    Someone suggested a FREE HEATH campaign back then.

  • Evie
  • 880000

    Enough already of the loser, Heath Ledger. He makes me vomit.
    He was a balding,crack addict

  • Princess

    You are the loser. Many people will always love him.
    What fans do you have scumbag?
    Yes of course you have to love yourself first but in your case that’s it.

  • Candy

    ” Heath said the happiest moments of his life had been with Michelle and Matilda. He just wanted his girls back. He talked about plans to have a big country estate and a house in Australia – all big ideas that involved them as a family.”

    Everything about that how much Heath “didn’t” love Michelle.

  • Eva

    i love this part of her quote about her hair: ‘I cut it for the one straight man who has ever liked short hair and I wear it in memorial of somebody who really loved it”

    so cute

  • Clark

    Well,I’m a straight guy and I think her hair cut is beautiful

  • Pea nguyen
  • palms544

    @Eva: jared s u c k s for not posting the whole quote ..what is he trying to accomplish

  • will

    Straight guys don’t like the combination of her hair plus the way she dresses.

  • krtmom

    @Clark: Good for you! Different strokes for different folks! A true beauty looks good without any hair!!!

  • cmac

    I never understood this issue that many straight men have with short hair. I can’t think of an actress more feminine than Michelle. The haircut suits her perfectly. All I can figure out is that the short hair represents independence and these guys who don’t like it are insecure and threatened by that.

  • Monkey

    I like her hair… and I’m glad she is strong enough to keep her hair the way she wants it rather than what will attract men