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Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds: Sunday Night in Boston!

Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds: Sunday Night in Boston!

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds step out together on Sunday night (November 6) in Boston, Mass.

The 24-year-old actress made her way out of Ryan‘s apartment as he followed close behind. The rumored lovebirds brought along their respective pups as they hopped into an awaiting SUV.

Blake originally visited Ryan back at the end of October for a Saturday and Sunday weekend visit for his birthday. She even bought him a special birthday present!

Ryan is currently in Boston filming for his upcoming film R.I.P.D.

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Way to upgrade from Leo!

i can see that there are still so many haters here. Haha, oh well, im happy for blake and ryan. they look good together! :)

she’s a bubbly girl, love her!

She has always loved ryan even though she was with dicaprio during the summer

Why is every one so critical?? Whatever happens in their lives has absolutely nothing to do with any of us. She is a 24 yr old woman who happens to be in a postion to do a lot of things that some of us may wish we could have done at her age. She seems to have her choice in men, that is not her fault.

This is actually their seventh consecutive weekend together. They seem really enamored with each other. There have been dozens of twitter sightings of them in Boston when she visits and NYC when he comes to see her, they are together ever spare second they get. She’s single and he’s single and they are hot for each other. What is the problem? Blake’s out there living her life with her hot man, the people slagging her off are clearly bitter someone else is happy and they’re not.

NotaBitterBetty @ 11/07/2011 at 6:46 am

Lots of bitter bettys out there! Oh well, haters are going to hate. I think these two are adorable together. There’s been an obvious spark between them for ages now but the timing was never right. They’re making the most of it now, and anyone in their right mind would too in their shoes. No hating of them from me!

@Fringe: How? You must be joking.

Totally agree! so it their seventh weekend.?? Love them.

Poor Blake! :( She’s getting a lot of hate, seriously!!! So many jealous ugly girls!! She can do whatever she wants!
And if she is a famewhore why would she cover her face?????? think people!!! jealous much!! get a life, losers!

Methinks she’s a ****. What ever happened to morals.

I admit it. I’m jealous.

@florence: Your speculations go a bit too far, don’t you think?

@Put your paws down B!itch: If I remember correctly, only a couple of months ago S. Johansson was the …. of the year because of her Penn fling. I see that now, suddenly, she has recovered her respectability. Interesting. People are flighty.

Has someone camped under his apartment or something to take photos?! Sad…
I don’t see why all the attention on those two, nothing special after all.. I’d punch someone in the face if they did that to me! P.S Scarjo is much hotter but it’s his life after all so piss off


Love Blake too. Leave her aloneeee

I would like to say to all of you admirers of this couple, chill out! If u dont know any of them then do NOT judge.. I hate reading about how adorable and cute they are, not for a second will I believe he did not have a thing for her whilst he was still married to ScarJo. Scarlett was not to be blamed when she was caught on set of GREEN LANTERN in her (then) husband’s trailer screaming at him out of rage… He didnt just wake up thinking “oh hey, Blake is cute lets give it a try…” I dont know her so I wont judge the girl, but HE had a thing with my stunning friend and I know quite alot…
Privacy my a**!………….. and if you read this, which I know you will, remember my friend only bad comments stick in the back of the head, rings a bell I’m sure huh..!

Ooooh Do Tell!!!!!

@Laura: He was much too tolerant with Scarlett, considering that she herself admitted being hyper-critical and demanding. Apparently, she now regrets she is no longer married to Reynolds and is on friendly terms with him and she more or less blamed herself for their divorce. Remember, men are often sadists but they are rarely masochists. If I were living with someone hyper-critical, who nags me and shouts at me I would dump him/her immediately. Divorce can be a marvelous institution. Why suffer or ruin one’s own life? Boobs alone cannot suffice. S. Johansson is, as she put it, very confident with her sexuality. She seems to bask in the adoration of men while itt is evident that, to Lively, the sun rises from Reynolds’ butt. Nothing lasts forever, As we well know, but they can walk together part of the way. And this does not concern us in the least.

They may be cute together for some, not for me. What I know is that both are bad actors apart and together (Green Lantern is THE ****). Comedy films, romantic comedy and Gossip Girl will not take them anywhere. I don’t know what I’m doing here, what idiocy. But the fault isn’t all mine… these gossip sites just give headlines for this type of person. That is sad.

anonymous @ 11/07/2011 at 5:30 pm

Your envy got the best of you…why do you care who they date?? you can say they are both bad actors, but both are consistently working. Blake pulls in about 60,000 a week to act poorly, and Ryan has an estimated worth of 45 million, so if they never do another movie, I can’t say for sure but they may be able to live off of that. Don’t hate them because they are beautiful + they are just dating!!

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