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George Clooney & Stacy Keibler: Mexico Getaway!

George Clooney & Stacy Keibler: Mexico Getaway!

George Clooney and Stacy Keibler enjoy some fun in the sun as they drive their golf cart to a cabana on Friday (November 4) in Los Cabos, Mexico.

The 50-year-old actor and his 32-year-old gal pal dined on some food and drinks at the resort during their beach getaway together!

George and Stacy were last spotted out together at the Hollywood Film Awards in late October.

Next up for George is the film Gravity with Sandra Bullock, where the two are the only actors on screen for the entire film! “Sandy is the lead, and she is beautiful in it,” George told USA Today.

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  • Put your paws down B!itch

    Getaway and please stay AWAY!

  • LadyB

    Sorry but nobody puts on a teeny weeny getaway outfit like Elisabetha Canalis.

  • Betty Lou

    Looks like he could be a abuser ..look at his face.. and see her face!
    He is also working on movie with Ben Afflexk Directing called Argo.
    She looks so sad?…

  • J

    Why do these women keep falling for Clooney when it will end in a breakup? Is it just to be famous?

  • QQQQ

    Cabo or Lake Como.. as always.

  • venenosa

    This relationship is going nowhere. She’s just his booty call in turn.

  • kami

    omg he looks just like the late actor jack elam.

  • Twiggy

    Like her, don’t like Georgie porgie. He has women on an assembly line, shame she has fallen for his old crap. He needs to go away his movies call suck.

  • minty fresh

    George Clooney gets a new girlfriend every time award season rolls around.

  • LOL

    Makes you wonder how women with any self respect would go out with this guy. Is the money or the publicity worth it? You’re just a paid escort honey. Any woman with even a modicum of self esteem would not be a paid puppet to hang on this aging arm.

  • Okay?

    Man! What’s with the face George? Total fury. Perhaps things are falling apart rapidly, and it’s not looking good. People are just tired of this nonsense with these skanky women. Takes away from his career. Also people lose respect for him. Also too, in one of the pics it looks like she is holding him up.

  • Okay?

    Actually looking at the main pic more closely, I think there might have been an argument. Kiebler has drastically dropped her weight too. What happened to being Miss Independent? Looking at these photos, that is total bull. He has her under control. I wonder what her tab is now since she makes 25,000 an appearance ????

  • OkayisNuts

    Total fury? You need glasses. He looks like he’s amused, she hasn’t lost weight, she isn’t holding him up. She looks healthy and pretty. They look like two adults having a pleasant time on vacation. Futhermore, NO one is “tired of this nonsense” except you, and it hasn’t affected his career in the slightest. If people want to see his movies, they will do so, regardless of whom he is dating. If the industry wants to give him awards, they will do so, regardless of whom he is dating. I think Okay? is the same sad sack nutjob that posts on every Clooney thread her crazy ass conspiracy theories. Get a life loser.

  • Saph

    Looks like a daughter helping her father to his room. Not such a great shot after Eli and her father/daughter relationship comment. Stacy looks even more like his daughter they look nothing like an actual couple. Guess she needed a tan for her next red carpet walk. Funny how little we see of these two away from the Premieres etc. Stacy seems to be struggling with the role of being private and being a famewhore. She has been tweeting the last couple of days she has been in Cabo so George can’t be too surprised the paparazzi showed up. Or what is the point of having a girlfriend with such a big mouth? The twit pictures are funny too.

  • ali

    GC needs to go to an old grani house where old aging
    people live . he is an OLD man .
    Clooney – you aint cary grant …


    She is a huge step down from E.C. I just don’t get why any woman with any self respect would date this used up manho. All kidding aside he is pathetic.

  • gglover128

    When is he going to stop playing around with all these women?!?! I don’t give these two even a year actually that’s to generous maybe a couple of months don’t no what all these women see in this loser smh

  • urgeeks

    “…she is holding him up.” She has one hand on the small of his back & he has his arm around her shoulders. Have you ever someone up with one hand resting on the small of their back while you’re both walking? Its really sad that Clooney has such evil, lying, nasty fans.

  • Michelle

    Wow how original George! Take your girl on vaca and then dump her when you’re back in the U.S. All George does is use girls. I am hoping his next victim won’t be as stupid as this chick because clearly he has no interest in her and he is using her for publicity and she is just his current toy.

  • barry

    She has a fabulous body and she seems like a happy person. The last one wasn’t a dog, but she was too skinny and mean looking. I’d say he’s doing better this time around, besides its all over town that he dumped the last one becuz he already had a thing with this one. The guy gets whatever he wants. The snotty comments here are obviously jealous, petty hags.

  • AIL
  • Kahlua®
  • marco

    Queste foto mettono tristezza!!! Lui sembra invecchiato di 10 anni , e non ha più lo sguardo scintillate di quando stava con Elisabetta!!! Con questa Stacy, donna totalmente insignificante, sembrano amici e niente di più!!! Quando stava con Elisabetta lui aveva un aria allegra, soddisfatta e anche più sexy! Cosa sta succedendo al povero George !!!!!!

  • From a former fan

    So sad!!!!!!
    I’ve never seen him so unattractive, they don’t make a good looking couple.
    They look bad together, his past girlfriends didn’t make him look good but that one not only doesn’t make him look good but she makes him look so bad.
    As far as I am concerned he lost his appeal. Nothing’s left for me to admire in him. If he can be attracted to that kind of trash ( because no matter how much they’re trying to make smell like a rose she is trash) then he is trash himself.

  • Guest

    Wow she tweets about being in Cabo and the paps magically appear to take some photos and by Sunday night there up on the gossip sites. There must be some new rules to the clooney dating book. Is there some gossip war going on between Stacy and Elisabetta camps. Hmm I wonder who will win.

  • A

    elisabetta è il povero e george solo l’aria stanca che aveva tanto lavoro, ma ancora così sexy!

  • A

    elisabetta è il povero e george solo l’aria stanca che aveva tanto lavoro, ma ancora così sexy

  • sara

    how sad!but really seem to love 2 people and happy?

  • sara

    how sad!but really seem to love 2 people and happy?

  • Okay?

    Conspirac theories? Vent much idiot??? I am looking at the photos stooge! Hmmm… All over town he was fooling with her before dumping Elisabetta? Stacy tweeting from Cabo? Yeah he is ticked. My guess looks closer to the truth. Mad because I hit to close to the truth?

    Tell George stop bellyaching! He brought this upon himself. Stacy’s mouth is just as if not bigger than Elisabetta. So before trying to insult me, have a talk with your boss dildo. Oh! I know I guess George and Stacy did not like me bringing up her fees. Oh well. They should not advertise her expenses like that. Yeah it is hot down there, but it is not the heat in Cabo. Lol! A certain s.k.a.n.k. Is getting her butt fried.

    Yes she is skinnier. One of George’s requirements. Duh!

  • Okay?

    Oh by the way, that message is for Okay isNuts. Got a new name for you. How about I AmNothingButAHiredDildo?

  • Confused

    WTF ! I can’t believe these awful comments about 2 people who look happy . This world is a hard place . Maybe you guys should look at these pictures as an inspiration . Perhaps you can find happiness like the 2 of them have . I don’t know about you , but I would love to have some guy make me smile like that ! I would love to have a man take me all over the world ! I would love to be adored and shown off as something special . She is truly lucky to be able to feel that way . Who cares if it won’t last ? It’s just nice to see someone smile in this screwed up world .

  • Okay?

    @Confused- Get a grip. It is called observation. What’s the matter? Is someone upset over all the comments? What do they expect? Games are for children.

  • Okay?

    @Confused- Get a grip. It is called observation. What’s the matter? Is someone upset over all the comments? What do they expect? Games are for children. She should of kept her mouth shut and we would never be commenting on this latest pap. Not to smart of someone who brags about a 3.7 GPA now is it?

  • signage

    Another staged publicity stunt fail by two famewhores. Yawn. Give us more Ryan Gosling and less of Clooney’s fake relationships, please.

  • Intercontinential

    Dear Gossip Friends, we ask this question every time this occurs but why, o’why, WHY is it that when we get media coverage of EC within hours we get coverage of the latest showmance?

    Is it just us that has noticed this or have you too? We’re not EC fans but it seems to us that SOMEBODY in the showmance is DESPERATE for attention! And really, you don’t have to look at those pictures to hard to see the smug grin that tells you who now do you, hmm…?

    Y’know friends, for a girl that is supposed to respect PRIVACY as much as she is supposed to she does an awful lot of tweeting her whereabouts AS IF the paps won’t follow!

    Ah, but they didn’t this time….see…
    ….the ONLY peeps who got the shots (and there are a lot more on the site that show a) a definite story of boredom between the two, (in fact it looks like really hard work to communicate!), b) she hogs the camera and prances – huh…seriously! c) GC doesn’t look to pleased when he spots camera and has his back to it in all of the other shots), which in Cabo, as we all know, is NOT normal, paps are everywhere. Other media outlets have, well lets be honest about this, half heartedly, followed to print at least an acknowledgement of the proceedings!

    Really, people this showmance is so boring – we are absolutely struggling to see any form of….well…..well….interest?…connection?… in each other…?! In our humble opinion this really needs closing down now before the damage being caused to GC is irrecoverable.

    The Ides of March is bombing over here, it went in this week at no8 even though the critique was amazing, but people have had enough of GC and his red carpet fame/ho’s. He would gain more respect on his own or with parents/Grant. So if that doesn’t tell you what you need to know..*sigh*….well, nothing will…!!

    OK people, thank you for listening, rant over…!

    Have a good week :-)

  • A

    she have some class his ex elisabetta was nasty and tacky, stacy is more sexy !

  • ?????

    Who would have thought that Elisabetta Canalis would get more positives comments than Clooney.
    People are so over him and his charades that they are loosing interest in even commenting on his threads.
    You’re doing something wrong Mr Clooney! If the purpose of that relationship is media coverage you failed.
    Get yourself someone who doesn’t behave like a doormat and who has something better to say than ” drink water all day long” or “Going to pop some @coldeeze before I work out today” and most importantly someone who doesn’t have a stupid and fake smile stick to their face constantly!
    If Mr Clooney want people to respect his privacy then he should try to date someone who understand the meaning of that word and not someone who has all the paps and publications number on speed dial.
    Please look at the way she looks right at the camera and smile. It speaks volume about her, she’s loving every bit of it. God I would love to tell her enjoy it while it last but my intuition tells me that she is going to last more than what we think and clearly she was there way before we heard of her.
    I hope I’m wrong and that he is just fooling around with her but I don’t think so, he is giving her much more “freedom” than the others and it’s the first time that I see him on vacation with his girlfriend alone so she might be the one that will make him settle down ( she already took him down with her anyway)
    Good for them as we say in my family it takes a donkey to get along with another donkey ( with all due respect to donkeys)!

  • Mike .

    and elisabetta gets the positive comments only in your mind right ,there is no way to compare the two she is not his equal or same league or even not as his class ! better for you stop mention george clooney name to make your 15 mintes last more ,,oh my have some pride elisabetta u like to be tacky always !
    btw his blonde girl is way more hot and upgrade from elisabetta in looks and character .