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Kate Bosworth: LACMA Gala with Michael Polish

Kate Bosworth: LACMA Gala with Michael Polish

Kate Bosworth hits the red carpet at the LACMA Art + Film Gala presented by Gucci at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art on Saturday (November 5) in Los Angeles.

The 28-year-old actress was joined by her director boyfriend Michael Polish at the gala, which honored Clint Eastwood and artist John Baldessari.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kate Bosworth

Proceeds from the gala will be used to support LACMA’s initiative to make film more central to the museum’s curatorial programming, while also funding LACMA’s broader mission.

FYI: Kate is wearing an Erdem dress, Jonathan Kelsey shoes, Neil Lane jewelry, and a Christian Louboutin bag.

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Credit: John Shearer; Photos: Getty
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  • Catie

    Why is she always pimping out her relationship with this guy? She was never posing in pictures with her past boyfriends.

  • Catie

    Also that dress is ugly.

  • Jack

    Can she do anything without that ugly guy attached to her?

  • vicky

    you can count her bones

  • Jeannie

    Of all the real stars at this gala, this is who gets reported on? Ew. She’s really pushing this relationship, if it doesn’t work out…

  • J

    Something about her irks me. Too privileged or something.

  • Actually…

    Something about this dress does not quite work. I don’t know if it’s the sleeves or the neckline, or it just isn’t right for her. Maybe it would have been better in blue so it could have given off a bit of an Alice in Wonderland vibe? (In a good way.)


    she looks old with her hairdo

  • BlueCrushed

    Her life partner Polish is willing to let her be his plus one and pose with her unlike Alex.
    The dress is ugly and cheap looking. She looks the same age as Polish.

  • Halo

    Is she a professional escort?

  • Halo

    Why is Kate Bosworth?

  • BlueCrushed

    The dress looks like something old and cheap from the ’80′s …and so does she.

  • mforman

    I do not know why she is famwhoring more than she usually does. I mean we are used to this weird behavior with her, but she is definitely taking it to the next level.

    It is ike she wants us to believe she dumped AS (what a joke) and is just so happy with her “life partner.”

    Colleges could teach psyh courses on her, because she truly is not all there. I have never seen someone who is absouletly obsessed with themselves. She must stand in front of the mirror for hours on end, “saying I am just so pretty.”

  • tweet

    Kate Bosworth is probably hoping being seen at a event like this with real stars will confuse people into thinking she is one of them LMAO
    Sort of like how Lindsay Lohan snuck into the after party for the J. Edgar movie premiere with Clint Eastwood and Leo and made a fool of herself.
    Kate is probably hoping if she stays bone thin long enough that it will land her to cover of UsWeekly like it did for Leanna Rhymes, with people saying Kate is just too thin. Kate Bosworth’s biggest dream would probably be the cover of People of UsWeekly. How said is that for someone once considered an actual actress.
    At least she finally has a partner is crime now that will stand beside her and play the famewhore game with her happily. He does realize this makes him look like an idiot and less like a serious director.What’s next a reality show? Bosworth would love to be a Kardashian I bet. LMAO

  • BlueCrushed

    Life partner = Famewhore buddy.

  • lol

    Notice how you almost never see Kate Bosworth and Rachel Bilson in the same place at the same time? Maybe they are the same person!!!! Because they sure seem to have a lot in common. XD Except Bosworth is getting better at her fame game than Bilson is. Getting so much attention out of this Polish relationship thing with their cute little fake rings.Kate and Rachel should just date and have a civil union ceremony they can sell to land the cover of some tabloids!!! But since they are so much a like wouldn’t that be like marrying youself? Is that even legal Lol.
    Who is the bigger joke… the punch line herself Kate or the guy that dates the joke and poses next to her?

  • rockon

    She is an escort. No more no less. She is gross.

  • Curious

    Where’s the Junkmint and life partner rings?

  • LMAO

    To be considered an “actress” doesn’t she still need to actually act?
    Nothing she is in ever gets released. When is the last time she even had a mild hit at the box office. Superman Returns? LOL@Curious: Thats what I was wondering. Jewelmint aka Junkmint was such a joke. All the mint brand stuff has been a joke. The Olsen’s stylemint to Jessica Simpson’s beauty and Rachel Bilson’s shoemint. Why would anyone buy cheap products from a site for cheap prices? You get what you pay for.

  • Jasper

    @lol: Don’t even compare cute face Bilson to this walking skeleton. They have a tiny tiny bit but hardly no resemblance, just as much as Rachel and Mila Kunis have a resemblance. When you look at Rachel you can’t see her bones through her skin, she’s small but healthy looking. Unlike Kate.

  • Shannon

    She is so extra.

  • Rachel()
  • LMAO

    @Rachel(): maybe that or she forgot to tweeze lmao

  • Jeannie

    Maybe it’s a game, pin the J’s on the fameho?

  • Bah

    I love the hair and make up. It nice and soft and not covered in foundation.

    I don’t like the dress, it’s something out of the 80s and she doesn’t have pretty shoulders and collar bones and the skin in the chest area is sun damaged or just due to aging, that area the skin is very delicate

    Is the bf using gel in his hair, I don’t like it….I wonder what he looks like clean shaven. Maybe his twin doesn’t have a beard and that’s how you can tell the difference between them

    Anyway is a fail on her stylist for the dress

  • Actually…

    @Rachel(): It seems to be something JJ’s started doing in the past week or so (everyone on the front page has them if you look for it). It can be quite unfortunate placing at times. Zac Efron had them tattooed on his lip, Reese Witherspoon has them on the end of her nose, Kate Hudson has them in the middle of her neck, and Bosworth had the two J’s sprouting out of her chin the other day when she was leaving the salon. Not really the most attractive watermark ever, but it is fairly unobtrusive and it can be kind of funny.

  • Bosworth=fail

    @Jasper: I see how Kate and Rachel are alike. It isn’t in their appearance except they both have that same pose and smirk of their faces. Something they were both taught to do I would imagine. They both famewhore and get papped randomly, both are constantly posted about on JJ. Both wear Vanessa Bruno crap way too much ever since Bruno invited them both to one of her parties. So they are paid to plug Bruno’s clothes while they plug themselves with photo-ops. They also happen to be friends. Which they talked about while filming that movie Life Happens which will never be released. Bosworth plus Bilson equaled NO release and it got shelved. Although the fact that Bosworth was in it is bad enough to get it shelved without a release. People tend to be alot like their friends. Both have lack luster careers and turned to the mint brand to make some money. Both try to be “fashion icons” and fashionistas. Bosworth and Bilson have become better known for what they wear than what try their best to act in.The only difference is Bilson is lucky enough to have Hart of Dixie right now. Bosworth would probably do anything to have a show on tv even the awful CW network. Ha. Maybe Bosworth will be the next “star” to grace a CW tv show. Both will probably end up the same with the height of their careers long behind them and only fashion magazines and gossip blogs to remember them.

  • unknown

    Bones only stick out like that if you’re STARVING. Pretty sad her tiny weight is the only thing that keeps her relevant

  • Tres

    The dress is unfortunate. Erdem has a lot of beautiful dress, why she picked this one is beyond me. Looked like something her granda used to wear.

  • ladybug

    I want to like the dress: it’s not beige and it’s sort of covering her knees, but there’s something off about it. The buttons?
    @Bah, I suspect the chest area issue is sun damage.
    And here’s a 2009 pic of the Polish brothers without facial hair.
    MP needs to stop slicking back his hair, not a good look for him.

  • porquenon


    Amusing find Ladybug. Obviously, Michael Polish has no problem playing the photo op game – perhaps he and KB truly are life partners in their quest for fame and, well… fashion? Silly, vapid people wrapped up in their own sense of self importance. Mazel tov.

  • ladybug

    @porquenon: Well, that link is from the Tribeca Film Festival and looks like work related photo ops. I don’t have a problem with that, it’s part of the job. Even this photo op is sort of ‘work related’, in a sense.
    So far he doesn’t have a problem being papped with her at the airport or random restaurants. I still have no idea whether he thinks is normal for her and puts up with it (sort of like a bf would go see a rom-com movie to make his gf happy) or if he’s really along for the ride.

  • La nouvelle icône fashion

    :( I don’t like the dress, nor the shoes.
    But the hairstyle is fabulous.

  • porquenon


    “…..or if he’s really along for the ride.” Oh, it’s obvious he’s along for the ride. Who really knew who he was before his “life partner” decided to make him her next mark. She raises his profile, albeit dubiously, and he adds “gravitas” to her resume.

  • Curious

    The life partner ring seems to be missing.

  • http://justjared Mjforlife

    Who let her in?

  • Kelly

    I find it interesting that JJ posted Kate Bosworth before he posted Leo and Clint! Why is Bosworth posted before the stars of the night?

  • Bella

    Kate looks stunning, absolutely gorgeous. They seem to be very happy together so good for them.

  • lafamepoma

    Why was she in that gala, she’s not even a good actress. Horrible shoes!

  • Tulip

    I love this look. The lace is exquisite. You can see the detail here:

  • Tulip

    I love the earrings too!

  • Mirella

    I know lace is in, but she looks like a grandma.

  • Tulip
  • http://ShelooksOLD! Blackcat99

    She looks so DAMN OLD! If I did not know her age i WOULD THINK SHE WAS AT LEAST IN HER EARLY 40′S.They look like an OLD married couple.

    Her lips are horrible! and the way she tries to purse them is not cute!Just disgusting and gross.

  • mforman

    @#12–BlueCrushed—That was the best posting ever. I have never laughed so hard, it was truly a KB posting classic.

    @#16–lol—I think a lot of the reasons you do not see KB and RB around together anywhere or anymore is due to Hayden C, they had broken up because he couldn’t take all the famewhoring pubilcity she was doing, so like a grown up she choice him and they are back together and from all reports doing amazing. There was also a very strong rumor that KB was angry that Karl Langerfeld picked RB to do that whole campaign for those ice cream bars.
    Also, to be honest RB definitely is much more of a fashion icon than KB, every year RB is invited to all the fashion shows and is always photographed in the many style magazines.

    @#20–Jasper–You are right RB looks healthy and adds to whatever she wears, that is probaby why she is photographed so much more.

    @#22–Rachel()–That is not the face of a 28 year old, that actually has to be one of the worst pictures ever taken of her. I cannot believe who she goes to for these procedures still lets her continue with the awful nonesense. Her face looks older now then ever.

  • v

    I don’t mind the dress, but it’s October and that dress is obviously Spring/Summer. She may want to show that she’s in with Erdem and can get the samples, but it’s too bright for the event. Also, why wasn’t she dressed in Gucci? Even Belle was given a Gucci dress.

  • ladybug

    @Mirella: Oh, this is a good lace look for her. As opposed to this lace look:

  • mforman

    I cannot beieve it took the stans so long to start making their ridiculous postings about her, maybe they are even starting to wake up.

    @#27–Bosworth=fail—The movie that they were interviewed for on set (or course) was BBF and Baby, that was also the film when Krysten R. and her talked about their great friendship, and KR talked about KB and AS and what a great relationship they had and what beautiful babies they would have; how funny that it came out when it was reported AS and KB were having trouble. Also isn’t it funny how you have never seen one photo of her and KR together, even for lunch and it has been quite some time since you have seen any picutures of KB and RB, seriously if you aren’t on her payroll, then you aren’t her friend. The girl is a pariah with the worst reputation is HW, so nobody wants to be associated with her and that fact is proven time and time again.

    @#30–ladybug–I think he looks so much better without that facial hair, I don’t know why we only see him with it, maybe that is the only way KB can tell the difference between him and his twin. Someone needs to tell him to stop using that hair gel, it is awful.

    @#41-Tulip–Of course those earrings are gorgeous, they are beautiful Neil Lane diamonds, not fake JM.

    Those “wonderful, happy and so in love,” photographs have been set up and paid for by Robin B, do you really think that at an event that honors Clint Eastwood and Leo D, there would be so many photos of 2 nothings.

    Also, isn’t it funny that she chooses this event, that is for charity and makes sure we all know about it. She is just becoming so involved in causes, especially the ones that she can make sure she gets pubicity for. What a desparate, desparate person she truly is. Even I am starting to feel bad for her.

  • Sammie

    Michael Polish is so incredibly unattractive. What a downgrade from Alexander Skarsgard. Geez…..

  • ladybug

    @porquenon: I’m trying to be nice! :)