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Orlando Bloom & Flynn: Father-Son Saturday!

Orlando Bloom & Flynn: Father-Son Saturday!

Orlando Bloom exits out the back door of a coffee shop on Saturday (November 5) in New York City.

The 34-year-old actor strapped his son Flynn to his chest for the walk home from his meal, where he was joined by his wife Miranda Kerr.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Orlando Bloom

Later in the day, Orly hopped on his Ducati motorcycle for a spin – with a helmet, of course!

Flynn is currently teething! Miranda told Us Weekly that her son is not letting on to any discomfort.

“No, he’s a very happy boy!” she said.

FYI: Orlando is using his Ergo baby carrier!

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Credit: Wagnez AZ, Thelonius; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline, SplashNewsOnline
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  • Keilee

    Anyone who remembers when he was hot?

  • Bored

    back in 2007.

    They need to find a new way to get attention. This is boring shit. How much money are they investing in paying the paps to snap pictures of them? Then they play the sympathy card by pretending they are being stalked. Really? What a load of bs! The paps are just dying to know every movement of a panty model and actor – oops – was actor – as they parade their child around. Even Pitt and Jolie don’t do this to their kids but these idiots – time to take the prop – I mean baby out. We’ve not had our daily dose of the press. At least their dogs are not being subjected to this shit.

    Next will come the idiot comments here to defend these idiots.

  • oy2

    I don’t think he knew the paps would be there. I wonder if he’s starting to catch on why they were.

  • Jess

    It’s one thing that the paps are taking shots of them, but entirely another that this site feels the need of demand to post them. Ugh.

  • Josie

    It’s kind of weird/funny how Miranda and Orlando have completely different approach to showing Flynn’s face. When Orlando is with Flynn, he almost always coveres his face, holds him very tightly and doesn’t let paparazzi take a clear picture of his face (at least lately), but when Flynn is with Miranda, we can always see him very clearly, sometimes it even looks like she wants paparazzi to make best picture they can. But then again when Miranda is with Flynn and Orlando, she usually uses a stroller or blanket to cover him and acts all mad that paps are taking their picture. I am not a hater of any kind, but Miranda’s false behaviour and their recent overexposure starts to be really annoying.

  • @Bored

    If they are in fact managing the paps they should have a consistent approach and make sure they don’t overdo it. I can’t imagine why their PR would think it was a good idea to get photographed every day – in fact more than once a day. It’s usual to take care to avoid overexposure isn’t it?


    oh god no! Orlando Bloom again! I am sick and tired with this guy trolling around the city carrying his ever gorgeous son doing nothing! If he wants a publicity then do that on his own and leave his child to rest with his nanny! As simple as that!

  • Lisa

    man he hasn’t aged well. Even sadder he’s basically went from being Orlando Bloom the movie star (i say movie star cause he was never a great actor) to being Mr. Miranda Kerr. SO SO glad I grew out of my obsession with him.

  • Lisa

    Hopefully The Hobbit can revive his career…

  • :(

    @ 5
    ” their recent overexposure STARTS to be really annoying”???? LOOOOOL . O + M = PATHETICS

  • mia

    the strangest thing is that she was at the front with a friends? baby to throw them off. i dunno why i find that weird but i do. i mean who would offer up their kid for that??

  • carrie

    i feel a Jennifer Garner’s career for him in JJ :every day here without reason except to talk about his fascinating life (today he goes to Starbuck WITH his son, he goes to a farmer shop WITH his son…..)

  • marchioness

    Why are they always on press?

  • Alice


  • NYCoolKid

    D-bag swag I like.

  • Kelly

    Orlando seems like a really good dad. He is so good with Flynn.

  • suffertilldeath

    I bet he’s always going to agree and say yes at everything Flynn wants. A very nice dad.

  • Poor

    awwww… is Orlando going to cry?

  • He’s so hot!

    Love him :) He is such a good daddy and obviously loves his boy. No one but pathetic, misguided haters think he or his wife call the paps just so you know. It makes you guys look really stupid and crazy when you say those things but keep saying them. It’s entertaining the lengths you guys will go to try and prove us shippers wrong. BTW, you might want to ease up on your obsession with us. Why do you care so much about what we think? We are fans. Why are you so obsessed with his and her every move? I’d like to see you answer that one because you obviously aren’t fans of his any more so why not just move on? Seems a little sick and desperate to follow someone you hate. Just sayin.

  • Meji

    In other news, Three Musketeers was at $101.2 million worldwide last Monday, with a good opening in Japan (Hollywood Reporter).

  • oy2

    @He’s so hot!: Wth are you talking about? Comment on the article or not at all. Comments about “haters” or “fans” are just plain douchy.

  • He’s so hot!

    Well, actually I did. My first line. After that I was replying to Bored at comment number 2. I’m entitled to respond however I please just as anyone else. You can see that I didn’t say people couldn’t say what they wanted just that they may appear stupid and crazy. When people like commenter number 2 say they pay paps to shoot them then they are outing themselves as haters.

  • eww

    We don’t need daily posts of a hasbeen. He just can’t be more disgusting and pathetic. Mr. Bloom (or Mr. Kerr?), your career is obviously DEAD so stop doing all these idiotic pap set up and please GO AWAY!! The only reason why JJ even posts about you is simply because you have a super pupular model wife whose name is Miranda Kerr!!!

  • Meh

    He aged awfully. He started to like an old man. Never get why Miranda chose him as her hubby. She certainly could have her pick for a much better man, not this desperate idiot.

  • Bored

    @He’s so hot!:

    Grow up. Some of those pictures were done by Getty. Getty Images does not send their photographers out to photography celebrities. They are paid to show up. If you can’t see that these are set-ups, then you have blinkers on.

  • Quit you old man

    Old looking…he lost his looks and lots of fans, oh and probably lost his careers too. This man has become a ridiculous joke!

  • @bored

    Actually, Getty does deal with paps. And if anyone here needs to ‘grow up”, it’s you haters who stalk this couple across the internet 24/7.
    It’s just not natural to hate the way that you do. Unnatural, unhealthy, and sick.

  • He’s so hot!

    @Bored I love how your ring leader posts something and you all just accept it. Wireimage (Getty owned) has taken pap shots of Robert Pattinson coming out of a restaurant and Penelope Cruz eating at a restaurant and Angelina Jolie with her kids, Liv Tyler walking down the street, etc. I could go on and on. Are these set ups too?

  • Miranda Kerr

    Look at my lovely son and…oh well…useless hubby.

  • He’s so hot!

    Oh no. On Getty I found candid pics of James McAvoy walking down the street. Seems he’s doing set ups too! It’s like a disease! Or Getty has paps on the payroll. Which is it?

  • oh orly

    We don’t want/need to see you everyday. Hide yourself as well as possible. You are not an eyecandy anymore. Now I only enjoy seeing your beautiful wife’s angelic face.

  • Twiggy

    There baby is ssoooo addoooorable!!!

  • sal

    Wow. The haters have gone over the edge. They are so desperate to insult Orlando that they are pretending to compliment their arch nemesis, Miranda.
    ‘Pathetic’ is definitely the right word for those hater hags.

  • @30

    I’m pretty sure she’s making good use of him ;)

  • @36

    I can think of a dozen or so ‘useful’ things that he could take care of.
    Wonder if Miranda will let me borrow him?

  • http://Justjared Jayne

    Well Orlandos true fans still like to see Orlando so jj can keep posting because i love seeing Orlando. If you dont want to see him dont come here any more. And why would Orlando give hes baby to some nanny when he can take care of him. What is so bad about Orlando taking Flynn out for a walk i think thats lovely to have time with hes son. That is why you have a baby to be with it not to give it to a nanny.

  • http://Justjared Jayne

    And Orlando is still HOT and alway will be.

  • http://Justjared No no no

    Not many know who MK was be4 OB. He got her name out.

  • @38

    But she is the one who is more famous and popular now. She made it. Orlando is cared by people only because of her.

  • the baby is innocent

    Hey Orlando, how about go get a real job and stop using your SON for attention. You have become more and more nasty. I know there are some people who dislike Miranda for being posted on JJ so often. I’m not a fan of her either,but at least she’s a hard-working mom and I think that deserves some respect to her. As for Mr. Bloom, seriously is he really post-worthy? What has he done lately? NOTHING! Oh maybe only one film that was a total BOMB in the US!

  • @He’s so hot!

    I just did some Googling of the photographer, Josiah Kamau. He mostly seems to take photos of people arriving at hotels, which could well be set up. But he’s also taken photos of Dakota Fanning walking on the street and Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber with their son loading up a car. If these are also set up, it goes to show that very well-respected actors aren’t above calling the paps and using their children to get publicity.

    It’s amusing that only a week ago everybody was going on about Miranda’s chipmunk cheeks and suddenly they all think she’s a Goddess who they could look at all day. Yet they are commenting on his photos, not hers.

  • cute baby

    I like them as a couple, but Miranda is definitely the more popular one. Why some of Orlando’s fans try so hard to deny it? There’s nothing wrong for a woman being more successful than her husband! If I were Orlando I would feel proud of her. Btw, the baby is so cute!

  • http://Justjared No no no

    No i think u fine its the other way people care about her becaues of OB life is not always about work and he has done bits here and there when he want to work he will. And they only talk about MK because of the baby aswell.

  • @42

    I’m a fan of his and I love that he is enjoying fatherhood and making movies when he wants to. I don’t think she is more successful than him but that is just a matter opinion, not a put down. They both have their careers and they are both successful in their own right. I believe he is very proud of her and has mentioned that several times. If Orlando has slowed down it is by his own choice. He may not be getting the same roles he once was but there’s still tons of work for him out there. He is doing what he wants and right now taking more time with his wife and son is what he wants.

  • http://justjared Mjforlife

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL @ Delphi psychos just…LOOOOOL .

  • He’s so hot!

    Seriously, Getty has shots of all kinds of celebrities walking down the street or at the airport with their kids and even Pippa Middleton! I just wouldn’t think she would have to call the paps. I think it’s time to admit you are wrong about this one. They have pap type pics of EVERYONE! Spin it any way you like but once again the haters have been proven wrong.

  • ?

    If someone believes that a celebrity hires paps to take pictures of them every day just walking the street or going out for lunch is because they want to believe it. Why would anyone do that? Or let me rephrase it, why would anyone pay money from their pocket to get their picture taken EVERY DAY?
    It’s obvious that paps know where they live and that’s all.

  • @48

    Common sense on a gossip site?
    That’s amazing!