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Adam Lambert: Out 100 Honoree!

Adam Lambert: Out 100 Honoree!

Adam Lambert channel’s Andy Warhol‘s Elvis Presley screenprinted painting as he’s honored in Out magazine’s Out 100.

Here’s what the 29-year-old entertainer had to share with the mag:

On whether he’s worrying about his sophomore album: “I feel like it’s almost the opposite in my case. The process of making the first album was so fast. This is definitely the album that I want to make. I’m getting time with it, I’m able to say, ‘I want to re-record that vocal,’ or ‘Let’s bring this song to another producer or a different beat put on it’. So I’m getting to immerse myself in the process. I feel like I’m getting to take the necessary time.”

On if he writes from personal experience: “Well, the majority of the music on this second album I have written. There are a couple songs written by other writers, but for me to sing a song that I didn’t write, it has to be something that I can relate to personally, 100%. So when I get in the booth and I sing it, it’s coming from the most real place possible.”

On making music he’d want to hear at a club: “My challenge was, how do I make dance music authentic to what I’m capable of vocally and what I do. That’s when I started getting into the funk arena. I mean, it’s still electronic, but it’s funky and it has a swing and listening to a lot of Michael Jackson and Prince and we just started going in that direction.”

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Bigger pic inside…

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Photos: Gavin Bond
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  • James

    I don’t like this photoshoot. Adam looks stupid.

  • venenosa

    Electronic dance music? WTF? I want him to make an old school rock album. What a disappointment.

  • Lissy

    Love the Andy Warhol homage, nicely done! Soooooo excited for Adam’s new music, it sounds fantastic!

  • spilt_daydreams

    It’s a great interview. Nice picture concept. :)

  • Lissy


    Then you obviously haven’t been listening to him speak for the last two years, he was never gonna make an old skool rock album, you need to let go of that ridic fantasy.

  • Lissy


    Then you obviously haven’t been listening to him speak for the last two years, he was never gonna make an old skool rock album, you need to let go of that ridic fantasy.

  • Boston61

    Ode to Andy Warhol and Elvis. If you go to Out 100′s site they show the inspiration for the photo

  • let’s be real

    His performance last night with Queen was dope. I like how he honored them by putting focus on them start to finish.

  • http://WWW. zen

    @let’s be real:mte! i love how only queen was introduced, it made him seem like their frontman whilst also respecting them.

  • Nina

    Whatever genres of music Adam records, they’ll be Brilliant! Never in my lifetime has there been a talent who has the vocal abilities to cross so many genres believably, and with such panache. LOVE. HIM.

  • The Truth

    I don’t like the way that Adam is getting all this attention, whereas the actual winner of his AI season hardly ever gets mentioned. Like it or not, Kris Allen was America’s choice. It’s unfortunate that the producers of the show sometimes promote one of the non-winners more than the actual winner. Case in point: season 5. Chris Daughtry came in 4th place, but he got more promotion than the 3 contestants who placed higher than him.

  • @The Truth

    Adam’s getting all this attention because he DESERVES it. With the exception of 2 winners on AI (Kelly and Carrie),more non-winners have been more successful post-Idol — Aiken,Daughtry,Hudson,…..Lambert….

    If you have a gripe with the way things have turned out for Kris,I suggest you take it up with TPTB at Idol…….It’s not Adam’s fault that people find him more Idol worthy…..

    That’s all I can say…..

  • ha

    total loser

  • Jason

    I would probably like him if he hadn’t been on Idol…
    Girls from Idol always do better and aren’t so much seen as ‘embarrassing guilty pleasures’. It may not be fair but admitting to listening to a dude from Idol just ain’t cool….most people would never admit to liking a boyband but it’s cool if you like a girlband, yknow? I’ll admit to liking/respecting him on the internet though hahaha.

  • LuvYaAdam

    @The Truth: If Kris Allen truly was America’s choice, then he should be selling more records and have more twitter followers, right? If Adam has become more popular, just like Daughtry became more popular than Taylor Hicks, it’s because no matter how many times someone called or texted for the winner, they did not support their talent when it really counted, outside of a reality show. And so you know, I love Kris Allen (Before We Come Undone & Let it Rain are my favorites off his CD) but he simply is not a Superstar, while Adam truly embodies that label.

  • KingAdam

    Adam’s performance with Queen last night was out of this world. Also, his name wasn’t mentioned and the whole focus was on Queen shows what an incredible human being Adam is with immense character. He wanted young audience to respect and give more attention to this legendary band. IMO Adam revived the spirit of this band last night. People got a live taste of this band. Spirit of Freddie was in Adam last night.

    On this topic, love this picture giving homage to Andy Warhol art!

  • aww

    @ha: let me GUESS. you’re a pressed: clayiken stan; freddie stan; kalulitz stan; allen stan; cook stan………..maybe you’re just a loser homophobe. adam has so many butthurt haters lol; perfection, praise and popularity always brings out the worst in people like you. i will pray 4 u xxxx

  • -____-

    Why are people talking about Kris Allen? On Adam’s post?

  • http://ja slig o ^___________^ cue

    hahahahahah why he like that hahahah

  • http://www. V

    I love Andy Warhol.

  • http://ja slig o ^___________^ cue

    Coz vs in amircan idoal

  • ryerye
  • Carla

    Excited for his album :D

  • http://ja slig o ^___________^ cue

    i see adam in blog photo have much styl change he look hahahahahahah

  • http://ja slig o ^___________^ cue

    You want kill me @_@
    Ok sorry i go out

  • ane

    looks awful boy

  • LDN

    They always play WWFM at work, lol. I paused Florence and The Machine’s stunning new album to watch his performance last night. He did good ;) Honestly, he is very talented.

  • csa

    Ugly fag!

  • lo

    one of bad photoshoot

  • why

    ugly make up pretty boy

  • xtina

    look like wolf

  • ha

    complete douchebag

  • Jory


  • adam lambert

    beautiful boy as always

  • Super Cool

    epic fail.

  • stupidisasstupiddoes

    The stupidity on this site is sometimes mind-boggling. Why bother making comments if they’re:

    a) incoherent
    b) lack any insight
    c) blatantly dumb

    Oh…..i know. It’s because stupid people have rights too. I forgot. Right @ha?

  • Mari Guerra

    Can’t wait for his new album!

  • jacki

    NOt thrilled with the photoshoot but I get that it’s a tribute to Elvis/Warhol. I never was a big fan of Warhol images. ;) But Adam still looks stunning and it’s great that there has been a reconciliation between Out Mag and Adam after the awfulness of 2 years ago. Adam has always said people should stop being upset about what happened and forgive and forget the Editors words. With this interview that may finally happen. PS I don’t know why this article has so many ridiculously ignorant comments on it. Does this site attract a lot of illiterate people or something?

  • watnext

    Oh, have you performed with Queen for an audience of 1.2 Billion people?

  • wiccagirl2009

    @The Truth: They are now on their own careers. They have to make their own opportunities. AI was never a guarantee for success. The hard work starts after the stint on the show. Move on.

  • wiccagirl2009

    @The Truth: They are now on their own careers. They have to make their own opportunities. AI was never a guarantee for success. The hard work starts after the stint on the show. Move on.

  • My goodness!!!

    I love the red shirt – he’s looking so hot!

  • Dreamland

    @The Truth: Season 8 was over LONG time ago. Kris and Adam are in the REAL WORLD Music industry now. What happened to all Kris’ fans? They voted for him, but they didn’t buy his album or attend his concerts.

    Queen REQUESTED Adam to sing with them at the European Music Awards, ok? Plus, Adam’s sells all over the world? What? Do you think you’re going to do? Stand at the record store and tell everyone that they have to buy Kris’s CD’s instead of Adam’s because he was the winner?

  • magsmagenta

    You de realise that letting what is considered ‘cool’ dictate your taste and who you like makes you as uncool as you could possibly be. Think for yourself for a change and let the world see it. That is what is truly ‘cool’