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Chris Pine & Felicity Jones: THR's Next Gen Reception

Chris Pine & Felicity Jones: THR's Next Gen Reception

Chris Pine and Felicity Jones attend The Hollywood Reporter‘s Annual Next Generation Reception held at Milk Studios on Saturday (November 5) in Los Angeles.

The 31-year-old actor was joined at the event by his proud father Robert!

Felicity, who wore a Proenza Schouler polo + skirt, landed on THR’s Class of 2011 list in the actresses category. She was joined at the event by her Like Crazy director Drake Doremus, who received a place on the writer/director list.

Also pictured inside: The Descendants actress Shailene Woodley, who also landed on the actresses list. She wore a Kate Spade dress with Ann Taylor heels.

15+ pictures inside of Chris Pine, Felicity Jones, and Shailene Woodley at THR’s Next Gen Reception

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chris pine felicity jones thr next gen reception 01
chris pine felicity jones thr next gen reception 02
chris pine felicity jones thr next gen reception 03
chris pine felicity jones thr next gen reception 04
chris pine felicity jones thr next gen reception 05
chris pine felicity jones thr next gen reception 06
chris pine felicity jones thr next gen reception 07
chris pine felicity jones thr next gen reception 08
chris pine felicity jones thr next gen reception 09
chris pine felicity jones thr next gen reception 10
chris pine felicity jones thr next gen reception 11
chris pine felicity jones thr next gen reception 12
chris pine felicity jones thr next gen reception 13
chris pine felicity jones thr next gen reception 14
chris pine felicity jones thr next gen reception 15
chris pine felicity jones thr next gen reception 16
chris pine felicity jones thr next gen reception 17

Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez, Kevin Winter; Photos: Getty
Posted to: Chris Pine, Felicity Jones, Shailene Woodley

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  • mel

    I LOVE Chris Pine… but is it just me or does he look kind of strange in these pics?

  • Dee or Deemebr

    It’s just his hair slicked back… I always say I do not understand this hair… lol… but CP looks GORGEOUS as always… and his mother was also there talking to someone behind Chris and Mr.Pine…

    Hey Kea I said, right?… LOL… hmmm… but someone was out of photo…

    :-) :-)

  • hkt

    Wow, Chris is really getting style conscious. He’s looking all Bomer like!

  • Delphic

    Felicity is just beautiful and adorable. Don’t care about the guy.

  • S@n

    Chris Pine looks great, despite the hairstyle, but it’s great to see him posing for pictures at an event, it was so rare this year!

  • @dee

    why are you so freaking obsessed with chris pine’s girlfriend that you dig sh!t up? wtf is up with that? let them have their privacy sheesh.

  • *candystarz*

    @@dee: I dont think they are too concerned wit privacy if they showed to a hollywood event together and have been photographed consistently since they started dating. Only reason it hasnt made bigger waves is bcz no one knows who the hell she is.

  • @candystarz


    so why didn’t they pose together if they’re not concerned? she had to hide in the shadows at this event. no pics of her inside, so she had to hide for the “official pics”. yeah they’re being private.

  • S@n

    WOW someone is freaking out here, I wonder why!

    I think I know why!

  • Ulin

    I can´t stand Felicity Jones. There are more beautiful actresses with better talented than her and much less ANNOYING and BORING.

  • Dee or Deemebr

    sheesh?… hmmm… maybe I should keep what I know for myself… but what?… who’s talking about the personal life of CP here?… I’m not… is that the smart does not know?… they know nothing about the personal life of CP here on JJ… so… “SHUT UP SMART”!… LOL

    I think I want to go sleep at the kitchen sink that Chris Pine is sitting with Reese in This Means War now… …… +LOL

    Thanks S@n…

  • *candystarz*

    Im guessing its bcz no one knows who she is. Mayb he didnt want to pose publicly yet. he hasnt even confirm dating this chick and she already papped several times wit him, in nyc and la. We never saw pics of him and laura v. Only one. Just dont think he tryin to b too private.

  • answer

    Her name is Dominique Piek. A South African jewlery site called Joya Jewlery put “On a date with american actor Chris Pine” on there twitter and facebook account with a picture of her. She is from South Africa, and she is a model.

  • brenda

    Just wondering how long it will take before he comes out of the closet.

  • S@n

    Do not say nonsense, he is dating this girl since September, at least they were photographed together in September, nothing to do with Zach’s life, by the way!

    Perhaps “brenda” with her wisdom can convince him that women that he prefers, it’s not the best for him, but I doubt it!

  • Dee or Deemebr

    Ok.. people persist with this issue… okay then I’ll also talk about it…

    Convince him… LOL… let me say that whatever his conviction, I will always be with him… he looks great these days, after that “Mud” style a few months ago…
    But now it seems he was convinced that he is happy… was convinced to go to South Africa with someone… was convinced to eat sushy at a
    Halloween party with a naked woman on the table… and being cozy with a mystery woman in black… was convinced to go to an event in Hollywood with his mystery woman in the company of his parents… and you know I’ve never seen him so happy and comfortable with someone, as he is with the mystery woman…
    And I loved it since the first photo… but was in September in New York he smiling beautiful, behind her… I realized immediately what I saw… but how comment on, whether people are freaking out just thinking about it..

    As Adele sings… “I wish nothing but the best for you….”

    :-) :-)

  • S@n

    Yes, of course I’m seeing my comment #15, it’s meaningless now or at least the first part it is.

    So clarifying things, I was replicating a comment made earlier, and for some reason this comment is no longer here.

    That’s it!

    Thanks to the moon!

  • PW

    Another Z list wannabe beard! Poor Chris Pine, must be hard trying to play Capt Kirk! LOL
    He looks happy? he’s with a girl? Don’t be obtuse. That’s what gay actors do in Hollyweird to keep working…..

  • S@n

    It seems that Chris Pine has not met the expectations of PW!
    And PW is feeling miserable now!
    Poor PW!
    Be patient with PW or whoever he is next time in next comment!

  • S@n

    It seems that Chris Pine has not met the expectations of PW!
    And PW is feeling miserable now!
    Poor PW!
    Be patient with PW or whoever he is next time in next comment!

  • S@n

    It seems that Chris Pine has not met the expectations of PW!
    And PW is feeling miserable now!
    Poor PW!
    Be patient with PW or whoever he is next time in next comment!

  • S@n

    It seems that Chris Pine has not met the expectations of PW!
    And PW is feeling miserable now!
    Poor PW!
    Be patient with PW or whoever he is next time in next comment!

  • S@n

    WOW, it was not necessary to be repeated 4 times once was enough, I think Captain Kirk is powerful, just can be that!
    It was funny, but it was not my fault, I guess!

  • Dee or Deemebr

    OMG!!!… LOL… yeah for sure… something happened directly from the Enterprise… that crazy…

    and want to know what?.. about… whoever he is… I love to provoke people and see their reaction… one thing I found out for sure… what a gay guy and a straight guy have in common?… both are able to talk crap things… in many different places on the Internet… believe me… LOL…
    Ok this is bored… I’m tired…

    :-) :-)

  • Ann

    I have been reading the comments on this page, and don’t you guys think it odd that now Mr Pine has girlfriend now and is taking her to Hollywood events after Mr Quinto anounced on the weekend of Oct 15 that he was a gay man. The only reason I knw this in detail is that I am a big Hero’s fan, and believe Zach to be an excellant actor. I understand that Chris has been dating this girl since Sept, but if you look at the dates he has been seen with this girl and the time Zach stated that he was gay, does it not seem a little strange? My point is that maybe Hollywood is trying to get people to see that Chris is a leading man in movies, and to bring his parents to events (which is very sweet!!) but still he needs to show that he has a girl by his side. (I also understand that Robert pine, Chris’s dad did a reading together that noc). I saw Star Trek a couple of years ago and I believe Chris and Zach to be talented actors. And I expect great movies or plays from these two. This is only my opionon, I am not trying to make waves here. Thank-you for letting be post my comment.

  • *candystarz*

    @Ann: That exactly point i was trying to make but it got deleted somehow. He is usually low-key but its like now, esp after quinto announcement, he wants to make sure he seen wit a gf. (cuz nothing says str@8 likr dating a model-dicaprio im looking @ u). For someonr who dumped a woman bcz she always called the paps, this behavior now seems out of character for him. There is pic of them in vanity fair of all places, where he posed for cameras embracing her. she not showing face but they were papped earlier in the day together and that pic is in eonline. All im saying is for not having made an official announcement, everyone seems to know anyway bcz they are bein very visible.

  • Jessie84

    I didnt think anything of it till i saw vanity fair pic. Even if they didnt show face and referred to her as mystery woman, it still makes a pretty big statement. Its vanity fair. Not some tabloid or twitter.

  • Princess Whitelaw

    Yes they have been very visible……funny isn’t it, for someone who could avoid the paps for months when he wanted to!!

  • S@n

    The only strange thing in the behavior of Chris Pine, affects only the fools who thought Chris and Zach are more than friends and colleagues in a movie, you believe in this fantasy and then become disappointed with reality.

    Grow up people it is obvious that Chris should be full of this nonsense, and has every right to demonstrate this, even if only with attitude.

    As far as I know he always showed his preference for women, at least until now, if you did not realize that continue deluding themselves and suffering!

    He seems to be happy, he has the right to be happy with who he chose!

  • S@n

    deluding yourselves and themselves, by the way!

  • Ann

    Nobody said anything here today that Chris is gay. We just think that it is unreal that now he is pictured with a girl multiple times after Zach comes out as gay. He seems a very private person. And please don’t say that they just met. You have to remember that Chris’s image has to be brought up. He has not been in the pubic eye for so long. And this year he seems to be really quiet. Plus they are going to start filming Star Trek 2 soon. Nobody said anything today about Chris and Zack being in a relationship. You have to remember that these are only our opinions. I have the must resepect for these two gifted actors.

  • haha

    Wasn’t Dominique Piek C J Wilson’s (Texas Rangers) girlfriend till they broke up in July 2011??
    2 months later she’s Chris Pine’s mystery woman?

    OMG, these people! they are hilarious, no?!

  • Dee or Deemebr

    Who ‘s hilarious, ha ha?…… because they said that:
    “Actor Chris Pine got cozy with his mystery woman in black and stayed until the wee hours of the morning”… I was just being a bit ironic because the fans really interested in CP knew who she was… and of course they also knew… but for some reason chose not to say…

    I think they are as discreet as possible with the kind of life they have… now she is on trial because she was someone’s girlfriend before… ??… you said…

    The truth is that no major site talked about them yet… they have been together since September and only the fans are talking about it… and some fans are freaking out as usual… WOW… they are not criminals, they do not need to be hiding..

    Well, I wish the best for him… if this woman makes him happy… why should I be unhappy… everyone deserves dating and be happy a little…LOL

    :-) :-)

  • Keachick – rose pinenut

    I think It is just coincidental that Chris Pine is photographed with the mystery woman around the same time that Zachary Quinto announces that he is gay.

    Chris has been seen out and about more lately and I think this is because his publicity officer and Paramount want him seen more to remind people of who he is and what he will be doing come January next year. While the making of the Star Trek seemed to be on hold, there was little reason for Chris to be seen but now there is, so now we get to see him more now. Yay for that and Star Trek could not come sooner!

    Frankly, I sense that the paparazzi (and probably fans as well) freak him out a bit. However, in the last few months, the pictures we have seen show him looking calmer and more contented/happier than in a long time. Perhaps he really is in love! I hope he and Dominique continue to be good for each other.

    I just hope that he will be better able to cope with the increased pressures he will have from now on than he appeared to be able to in the past.

    @ Chris Pine – Take care now. Love you!

  • tiberius quirk

    CP gets himself a mystery woman
    Gets more comfortable with the paps
    Is happier/ more content in his life
    Paramount decides it needs to remind people who CP is. Because Star Trek was on hold and apparently there was no reason for CP to be seen…..awww that’s not nice! doesn’t his other 2 or 3 films done this year count for anything?
    And most important of them all…..
    CP forgets all about how he wants to keep his private life private. I mean the guy can’t stop talking about it in interviews but hey maybe he has a short short memory…

    All of this at the time Zach comes out of the closet.
    And it’s all coincidential?
    So many coincidences….so much BS

    CP is an actor whose business is in HW. A cut throat industry notorious for its image manipulation. He is not this cute guy who lives next door…

  • S@n

    Coincidence or not he has to take care of the life he chose, his image is important of course, only a fool would not know it.
    But there are many ways to position yourself in life, his family is in the entertainment business for a long time, his father has been an example for him, and as far as I know his family seems respectable in this business.
    I can not believe someone just because being in Hollywood is necessarily bad character and totally manipulative, at least he shows his face for good or for bad.
    Why people can talk a lot of nonsense from someone on the internet mainly, and that person has no right to demonstrate what she wants to make clear about his personality?
    And image is not only important in Hollywood put your face on the internet and quit talking trash or has an inappropriate behavior, and see how it can harm you in any profession you have.
    Anyway he already was dating this girl when Zach made ​​his announcement, and who saw the news about that knows the amount of nonsense that was said about Chris as though both were glued to each other.
    And if he wanted to show that his life is independent of the life of his friend and co-star, he is on his right, but in fact I think it looks like a nice moment of his personal life, and there is nothing wrong to show that.
    I’m no fool, I’m just not looking horn on horseback, I follow the career of Chris and Zach for a long time, they’re great guys, and I see no reason to be malicious about their behavior and about the life they have.

  • S@n

    I’m referring to “comments” made about Chris mainly on internet, I’m not saying that the news involving Chris!

    Ok it’s enough for me about this issue!

  • Sarah D.

    I was reading this article about Chris attending a Hollywood event, and then I read these comments, and I had to read the above article again. Where does it say he has a girlfriend? I searched the internet and I saw nothing of him and Dominique dating. If he was pictured with a girl, well don’t you think that maybe they are friends. There is nothing on the internet that confirms this. I really don’t care if Chris has a girlfriend or not. I am more interested in his acting. Sometimes I think, and I hope nobody takes this personally, people get so caught up in internet gossip, that we lose the real reason for following a celebrity. We should follow a celebrity because they are a great actor, or singer. Why do people care about there personal life. But while I type this, look at the computer site I am typing my comment on (Just Jared). People see something on the internet and all of a sudden they think it is fact, and get all worked up over a celebrity that they see on a movie screen. If Chris is dating this girl, it is not up to us to figure this out. It is between Chris and this girl. They are the only ones who know what kind of relationship they are in.

  • ??

    I hope you realize how absurd it is to come to a gossip blog and ask people to cease and desist. People will discuss whatever they want, when and wherever they like. Please do not impose your ideas and ideals on others. The discussion here by a few was not whether Piek was Pine’s girlfriend but the odd timing of ZQ’s coming out and Pine getting a woman on his arm…

  • Sarah D.

    Well…. I guess I will NOT voice MY OPINIONS on this site again!!