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Dr. Conrad Murray: Guilty in Michael Jackson Manslaughter Case

Dr. Conrad Murray: Guilty in Michael Jackson Manslaughter Case

Dr. Conrad Murray has been found guilty in his manslaughter trial.

The doctor was charged with the involuntary manslaughter of Michael Jackson and faced a maximum sentence of four years in prison and the loss of his medical license.

Michael Jackson trusted Conrad Murray. He trusted him with his life,” prosecutor David Wahlgren said in closing statements to the jury.

Michael Jackson went into his personal bathroom and swallowed Lorazepam and Dr. Murray didn’t know,” defense attorney Ed Chernoff told jurors in his closing statement. “Somebody’s got to say it … If it were anybody else but Michael Jackson … anybody else, would this doctor be here today?

DO YOU THINK jurors made the right decision in the Conrad Murray case?

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  • dxd

    RIP MIchael

  • ck_always

    Michael Jackson died from Michael Jackson. I don’t care what he started or what he’s the king of. The man had problems and another individual pays the price.

  • Dieter

    He needs to go into jail for like two to four years for his irresponsible and griefy behaviour. It goes without saying that he never should practice medicine again !!

  • jill

    Everyone knows that Michael killed himself, this guy was just the scapegoat for what Michael did to himself.

  • finally

    Finally MICHAEL can rest in peace. Wonderful result.

  • wth

    What sucks is that it really wasn’t this guy’s fault. More of Michael Jackson’s fault and this guy’s life is ruined forever. He lost his medical lisense and will be going to jail. I feel like this waskind of injust.

  • LaCroix

    In the end this doctor was paid to look out for Michael Jackson, & he ultimately died because of this doctors negligence. Any doctor that Ok’s the treatment Jackson was getting is just in it for the money & should pay for it.

  • venenosa

    Whatever, it won’t bring Michael back. Is the doctor pulling a Lindsay Lohan and getting out of jail the easy way?

  • WOW!!

    Murphy had several kids by several different skanks. he was tlaking to some of his baby’s mamma’s /skanks while MJ was on his way to death.
    all this shows poor judgement and moral character of Murphy.

    Murlhy saw the dollars , plenty of money being MJacksons ‘s docotr. MJ found Murphy because he knew Muurphy was easy, on the slide.
    Both Murphy and Jackson are guilty.

    MJ died . MJ was adicted to prescript meds. MJ had precripts for precript drugs without Murphy.
    Murphy, a shady doctor, is of the se fabric of character, values as Dr. Nick9Elvi’s doc) and Anna Nicole Smith’s doc.

    Murphy should not ,not, have jail time.
    No med license. He has no money.
    He cannot vote and things being a convicted felon.
    His life is over. The skanks have all these kids for a used to be doctor who has no money.

    My point there is some people will do anyhting for money. Name the price. have a baby with a man who , she thinks has money so she can get her money. Jokes on all these girls now.
    Some people like Murphy will do anything for money like through away a career.

    too bad, too sad for all parties, MJ, the slkanks, the kids, and esp. Paris, Prince and Blanket Jackson from whoever their biological mothers were and fathers were
    . It is too abd these kids will nmot be able to grow up and be unleashed from the hands of the money hungry , grabbing Jackson family. Paris, Pricne, Blanket will forever be in the public crazy spotlight hat surrounds MJ and the 2nd generation , their first cousins will be trying to get in on their money, make a singing group with them, etc. Those poor kids will NEVER be free.

  • BEAN

    I agree with you guys that Michael knew what he was doing (though I’m sure he didn’t mean to kill himself) and is to blame himself, but medically, this guy was negligent – end of story. He would have never prescribed MJ with all those drugs if he was being monitored and that is what obviously scared him into not calling the ambulance when Michael died.

  • l0nely-girl

    Dayum, hard times.

  • Rayn


  • KIKO

    I feel bad for this guy,
    Michael was a drugie , He paid this Dr. to give him what he wanted, Like all people with money do!

  • mika


  • Facts

    Michael Jackson was addicted to presciption medication, no doubt. BUT Murray was just as guilty for feeding him with it. Justice has been served.

  • S.

    Stupid people just WANT someone to blame!
    NO justice has been served, Quite the opisite really, This poor Dr. Now has to pay for a troubled addicted pop singers dirty habbit & his fans who refuse to believe MJ was a loser junkie…

  • Darla

    I agree with Jill. Michael Jackson was his own worst enemy!!!!


    This Doctor is definitely guilty of killing Michael. He knows that Propofol can only be administered in hospital setting yet he gave it to him. To make matters worse he even left him that’s why he didn’t notice the bad effect on Michael and didn’t even call 911 immediately.

  • Guy

    Well, I don’t think it would have mattered if he was innocent because he will always be remembered for this, accident or not…

  • Shannon

    Is Conrad Murray guilty of murder? No. But is he guilty of manslaughter? Absolutely yes. He provided his patient with prescription drugs (which are just as bad as any other kind of drug) and lethal amounts at that. Murray’s irresponsibility as a doctor and lack of concern or regard for Mr. Jackson’s health place him completely as guilty in this case for enabling and contributing to the death of Michael

  • daniel

    This is pathetic Michael did this to himself and his family all of a sudden they are sad and concern about him why now he is gone they are just after money and fame . I’m sure they knew michael was taking all kind of drugs .


    Even if Micheal Jackson had his addictions and caused his own death Murray was a doctor and took an oath !! When he was first hired and the first time Micheal wanted the drugs he should have said NO instead of taking the money he received while working for the Jackson’s.
    If he had walked away Micheal would have found a different doctor and Murray wouldn’t be the one on trial that doctor would be instead. Now he will probably be sued by the Jackson family as well in civil court.
    So Murray pays for his greed with jail time while Jackson pays for his addictions with death. Everyone pays.

  • JohnDoerman

    I totally agree with this verdict. First off, Lorazepam is highly addictive and should ONLY be prescribed for short term use, 2-4 weeks.
    Second off, It was completely obvious that Michael had an addictive behavior, plastic surgery being one of them.
    There is absolutely no evidence that was reported to show that the ‘doctor’ was trying to scale his prescription drug use back.
    The lack of weight gain was also another factor, as it seems his ‘doctor’ seemed to either not notice, or just didn’t care.

  • Nuvia

    Sure, michael was a druggie..

    But doctors arent supposed to knowingly cater to druggie’s insane habits and demands. He should have jail time for his choices.

  • cjohn


  • grrrrrrr

    he was an adult..he chose his own path in life. It wasnt his doctor’s obligation to keep him alive..again, he was an adult!!!!!!!

  • Jude

    micheal is a drug addict & killed himself by leaving all sorts of life b/c of his money.murray shuld not be blamed cos he is not God dat nos everyones time of death,he shuld’nt be treatd by jailin him 4 yrs & loosin his license 4 cryin out loud.u cant render one useless cos of one who killed himself,rememba de comandments of God of NOT TO JUDGE,i wonder where dis judge is comin 4rum..NOT FAIR.

  • Really?

    Just because someone is a drug addict, doesn’t make it okay to stick the needle in them. That makes you a participant. Fine to say it was Michael’s fault…but who out of all the people calling him a ‘scape goat would want him for their Doctor?

  • Sabrina

    OH PLEASE, COME ON ! Yes, it’s true, Michael was SICK. He had a problem, a big one, an addiction, but he could’nt admit it and didn’t want to. That is a fact. But here is another : this guy, Dr. Conrad Murray, was the one who could help him, because he was his doctor ! He had to do anything to save him from his adiction… But instead, what did he do ? He said yes to Michael’s requests, and gave him propofol and other boolshits. And why ? Certainly because he was afraid to lose his super highpaid job !!! With his money, Michael Jackson would for sure find another doctor to give him propofol or something else. So Doctor Conrad Murray is, in a way, guilty. And i’m not saying this because it is about Michael Jackson. I’m saying this because it’s simply true. This guy is not a good doctor. And nobody would like to have him, i’m sorry, he can’t be trust. Seriously, propofol at home, like milk ?!!

  • Angel

    Some of u guys are so judgemental! Michael Jackson killed himself?How many of you guys would want this guy as your doctor? NONE! U guys are crazy! REST IN PEACE MICHAEL! People are still trying to bring you down, even in death!

  • http://Carlld12 Carlos Diaz

    No michael Jackson was crazy he cause his own dead isnt nobody’s fault is his, did you see his nose? His arms? Fingers? Come on! Conrad Murray is paying for somebody else

  • http://Carlld12 Carlos Diaz

    @grrrrrrr: Agree

  • http://justjared Mjforlife

    Death in handcuffs = Priceless The Judge is my new hero I CAN NOT believe Death’s lawyers thought blaming THE VICTIM would take Death anywhere but a state prison …they must have graduated in the same University Death did…

  • HE-is-a-killer

    well he was the last person with him and his Dr he should have know that he need help not covered him up in his room so whatever he is going through right now is cos of his own greediness for money.

  • cp

    Where exactly was the hard fact evidence that Dr. Murray did this?
    Everyone’s just looking for someone to blame… Dr. Murray was just one doctor taking care of MJ at the wrong time. A man of that fame would have found these meds at other sources.

  • camillus

    Jackson was an addict, a pedophile, wanna be white boy, in his later years he was talentless all he did was screach and hold his crotch, he wasn’t relevant anymore, he was not a King but an addict…Glad he’s gone

  • Finigan


    So he is a doctor, people die all the time in the care of a doctor. Does it mean they should go to jail for 4 years and lose their licence? No it doesn’t.

    He didn’t shove these pills down MJ’s throat, he did it all himself and lets face it. It was an accidental overdose and it was all his own fault. The defence are damn right, if it were any normal person, this case would never of seen the light of day and it would be penned as an accidental overdose but no because its MJ and his death was HUGE, there was a big case and now somebody who did nothing wrong, is going to jail. I find its completely unfair that the jury made the decision because it could of easily been biased.

    Should Heath Ledger’s maid have been sued, instead of calling 911 straight away she called MK Olsen or Ashley, one of them first telling them whats going on, who knows? maybe he might of been alive if she made that call 5 minutes earlier instead of calling one of his friends.

  • Chloe

    Yes, he is guilty. You do not give Versed or Propofol to someone unless they have to be chemically restrained or for surgery. You do not use them for sleep. The doctor was using drugs incorrectly.

  • Cookie_Monster


    Michael Jackson didn’t want a doctor..He dangled large sums of $$$ paying for his personal drug dealer!! Therefore, your argument does not hold water because this case should not be treated like malpractice taken place inside a regulated environment like a hospital. It would have been another doc standing before this trial, junkies will find someway to get their fix. END OF STORY

  • Angel

    It’s very clear that u are very ignorant and misinformed. I feel sorry for u. Murray’s in jail where he belongs. Maybe we can make u his roommate. LOL Justice 4 MJ

  • Angel

    No Heath Ledger didn’t have a doctor administering him meds. He overdosed by himself, he was there alone. Michael didn’t! Murray was hired to watch him and keep him alive. Would u go to Dr. Murray for treatment? Maybe u should ask him to be ur doctor and let him leave u alone, while u’re under a powerful drug! Please stop the bull. U guys just dislike Michael, so u’ll say anything, The man is a doctor he had an obligation to his patient!

  • Angel

    @Carlos Diaz:
    Show us a picture of ur face,nose,arms and other body parts. Michael Jackson was a genius and helped millions. Who are u? And what have u done? Michael Jackson was a KING! U… well u are unknown! Peace! Luv MJ

  • Screwthehaters!


    Please stfu! Murray gave him drugs! That is a fact. He had MJ’s blood on his hands! Get over it haters!

  • Screwthehaters!


    What was Michael Jackson and what did he do?

    Made the biggest selling album of all time!
    Brought the Beatles and Elvis Catalog!
    Owns the rights of half the artist out here.
    Screwed Elvis’s daughter!
    Biggest star EVER!
    Yeah screw u! MJ was none of the things u say! Jump off a bridge!

  • christy

    I think that under normal circumstances maybe the doctor should be guilty but no matter what this dr. murray did michael would have died the same way. He would have just found another doctor and another doctor to pay off to get the drugs he wanted! He was a legendary preformer! anyone can agree to that but he had enough money to buy his children,his freedom and as many doctors and prescriptions as he wanted! Bottom line is nobody could stop michael jackson from haveing what he wanted wheather it was kids,freedom,drugs or doctors!

  • leney

    All of u that are saying dr murray didn’t deserve to go to jail dnt knw wat u are talking abt if u had lost a relative thru a bad judgement in drugs wld u still lyk that doc .murray killed jackson becoz of his greedyness

  • Haveacomment

    This doctor did not know how to properly perform CPR. Even without the drugs he’s and idiot, and shouldn’t have a medical license. No matter who a person is famous or not if your paying a doctor to take care of you, they should know how to save a life. Guilty… Good job jurors

  • Renny Masetsola

    This is unfair Dr Conrad doent deserve to pay so unreasonably like this, you will see it by youself in our UNITED STATES Law that. the situation was involuntary, i dont even think there was any voluntary ingnorance here.

  • J. Ryan

    Michael had problems, we all know that and he very well may have killed himself or just simply overdosed. The point is that because of this man, a licensed member of the medical community, Michael had the means necessary to do the deed. Doctors are not supposed to be door mats and Dr. Murray bent to the demands of an obviously sick man and then attempted to cover up the fall out.

  • melissa asherman

    I am so happy for Michael Jackson and his family! FINALLY between casey anthony and lindsay lohan… there’s some justice left in the world. My take on it is that do I think Michael Jackson wanted and begged the crap outta this doctor for more drugs? Yes. Absolutely! But as a doctor… you should say no. I know addicts, I know what they are like BUT you also have a responsibility of keeping him alive so dying won’t happen. If you can’t say no, you LEAVE and quit – let him do it to himself. Otherwise, this is the possibility. It doesn’t matter if he wanted more… the point is, you gave it to him, you left the room, you tried to cover up the evidence and now… you are in jail and you ultimately killed him. You didn’t kill joe somebody down the road, you killed MICHAEL JACKSON. It’s a huge difference, don’t think you won’t get caught.