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Leonardo DiCaprio: Good Morning, America!

Leonardo DiCaprio: Good Morning, America!

Leonardo DiCaprio drops by ABC Studios to make an appearance on Good Morning America on Monday (November 7) in New York City.

The 36-year-old actor spoke with ABC’s Robin Roberts about his new movie, J. Edgar.

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“Usually, when a lot of questions still arise about the character and their intentions and their motives, that’s when I become interested,” Leo said. “When you read a script and everything’s completely on the page and there’s no job left for you, that’s usually when I’m not interested.”

Leonardo DiCaprio on ‘Good Morning America’
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Credit: Donna Svennevik; Photos: ABC
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  • BEAN

    Never thought I’d say it, but he looks rather dashing in these pics.

  • Useful Idiot

    Do tell me more about your “Green Car” the Fisker built in Finland with our Tax Dollars. Yes we are providing jobs for Finlanders that they will kindly sell to us in return…collective eye roll.

  • runny

    omg hes so hot!!!!!!!

  • dirty dianna


  • mary

    i really want to see this film

  • dirty dianna

    ahhh i was THERE!!! I wasnt at the very front so couldnt get an authograph but i was still close enough and omg hes sooo hot in person like 10 times hotter, the crowd and paps were going crazy for him….he gave some lucky girl his pen too…leo love!!!

  • nina

    apparently all the GMA people as in girls all made a special effort to dress up today…haha the effect this man has on people

  • mmmmm
  • mmmmm
  • H. Wood guy

    Blake lively who?!?! no doubt in mine and everybodies mind he dumped her….thats the general consensus in hollywood anyway, hes far to good in looks, personality and talent for her and everyone knows it

  • carrie

    Hes got such sug smirk of im the “sh1t and i know it”…fair enough leo ill give it to ya your one of the better ones, handsome too ;)

  • lilo nogo

    The song sexy and i know it muts be constantly going around in his head haha, lookin forward to the movie looks good and hes getting RAVE reviews

  • Anon

    there are no words-

  • coy

    There were reports of him beat boxing at some bar in LA when he first arrived home from australlia and was supposed to be really good, i would pay good monney to have seen that! Think it was the night after he was ut with his buddies for halloween….wish he’d do some more crazy stuff like that in interviews

  • @ H.Wood guy

    oh god yes couldnt agree more i live in LA and everyone knows he dumped her and she went running to ryan and he was stupid enough to take her, nice sloppy seconds ryan!! People dont realize leo has like god status in LA, everyone either wants to be in with him or with him and lively sorry you and your cupcakes simply dont cut it


    Ow, man. Leo looks great, thanks. He’s shining. After he broke with the project of “actress”, things seem back to their proper places. That’s wonderful. I can’t wait to see this movie. Go get your Oscar, Leo.

  • Solyndra

    Today America’s creidt card reached 15Trillion in debt…thank you BHO

  • lara

    He hasn’t look this good in a long time.

  • Melissa

    Loved the interview. He seems very smart and knowledgeable about the role, love his view of leaving the audience to guess, and adding something to the role…He doesn’t want everything to be written on the script for him.

  • Naomi

    One of the many things I like about him, is that he always knows how to present himself and how to dress properly for the right occasions. A classy guy.

  • The80sRule

    Leo’s starting to look like Philip Seymour Hoffman each day

  • Sasha

    Thanks Jared. I like Robin Roberts as an interviewer.
    So Leo’s turning 37 this coming Friday. Does anyone know how he really plans to celebrate his birthday and with who? It will have to be in Australia, for sure, but how and with who?

  • 90

    what a hotieeeeee

  • slurp

    his voice is so deep and sexy….

  • slurp

    his voice is so deep and sexy….

  • mussy

    the things i would do to that man….

  • rex

    ya i heard hes hot s h i t in LA too on the most wanted list, hes really cool and dare i say like “hip” and down to earth think thats why people like him

  • ssssssssstuble

    yesssss love stubley leo!!!!!

  • karen

    i love the way he wears his hair day to day all fluffy and down in his face, soo sexy…like it like this too its classy and italian

  • kiki

    Blake downgraded BIG time with ryan, bad move love

  • @kiki

    She did not downgrade, it was just a summer fling for the two. They had fun for the “short time” it lasted. Now, she seems to be in love with Ryan. For real.

  • Daisy Kenyon

    Lookin’ good!

  • His Love?

    Anyone know who the blogger is talking about or who the blogger is

    Leonardo DiCaprio: LACMA Gala with Clint Eastwood!
    LOVE @ 11/06/2011 at 9:09 pm +1
    Post 37
    Well, I am glad that Leo doesnt pretend to the “happy”. His eyes are calling for his love.

    Leonardo DiCaprio: ‘J. Edgar’ Opening Night Gala with Armie Hammer!
    Post: 58
    LOVE @ 11/04/2011 at 8:31 pm +1
    Leo, support you forever, give you a warm hug!

  • Cammie

    His B-Day is this mth…but he looks like a Handsome almost 37 yr man…

  • Cammie


    Dream on ..he got rid of the Hollywood Affleck, Gosling did…Give Reynolds 4mths..until it’s over..then what, just a Winter Fling for her…

  • Sexy

    Leo is so sexy


    Blake Lively who? Lol, please. Leo is not the kind of guy who needs a girl like Blake Lively. He can do so much better. As for her… I cannot say the same. Ryan is cute, but doesn’t reach the feet of Leo, that’s obvious. Leo is great single, thank you. Before alone than in bad company.

  • @kiki

    U realise ur comment brought out the typical Blake crazy thats in every celeb forum on the web
    Hint – Name starts with C
    Got called out on those sites

  • Swallow

    I wish I was there!

  • @kiki

    U realise u just awoke the Blake crazy that goes on every celeb site
    One must ask since Affleck and Gosling personally called her to tell only her they slept 2 gether. Did Ryan R email that it would be over in 4 months?

  • http://youcando slig o ^___________^ cute

    Leo the best
    Leo look fantastic

  • Cammie

    Plastic Surgery fans calling someone crazy LOL!..eventhough, she is a know A-list groupie and a liar…..

    And No Ryan doesn’t have to call anyone…cause her track record speaks for it self…it might not even last 4 mths…I could be wrong..Ryan might jump off the bike in 3 mths…

    Gosling let People .com know directly he wasn’t dating the Hollywood Bike eventhough her PR team tried to link them with those Disney photos…

    Far as Affleck…it has been discussed on many blogs about who those nude pics were for..

    LOL…Go Back to Bellazon…Fake Livley Freak…

    KiKi..comments about her downgrading…Brought out the Bella freaks…

    Hint….Fake Lively Thread on Bellazon…

  • ?

    Does anyone know if he’s already back to Sydney? Or will he attend any other events?


    So, Leo. Where is the birthday party? I have a special gift for you, lol. Play. But I don’t get tired of looking at these photos… the work here is so boring, the best thing that happened in the office today were these pictures. I don’t know when he returns to Australia, but I think it this weekend.

  • zurichgirl

    he looks sooo great, i’m 17 years old high school student and if i had a chance i would marry him today :)

  • FrG

    Did he said the movie was filmed in a month and a half ???????

    If yes WOW that’s pretty impressive…!! Usually a movie is filmed during 4 or 6 months !!

  • Ka

    @YUMMY: He said he will return to Sydney when the interviewer asked him how to celebrate his B day. So he should leave before weekend I think. I know how he celebrate his B day. Go to club with his friends , and I hope with his mom, too.

  • Ka

    @FrG: I remember Clint said it took 4 months with only $35M. But not very sure.


    Oh, thanks @Ka for the info. I had not seen the video yet when I posted the comment. My computer is very slow these days :( . But I agree with you. He probably will go to a club with some friends… I’d love pick up some pictures, right JJ?

  • ???

    Dear Ted:
    I have a funny feeling that now since Blake Lively is gone, Leonardo DiCaprio is going to get back together with boring Bar Refaeli. Only god knows how many times they’ve been on and off. I actually wished Gisele Bündchen wasn’t married with children because I think Leo seemed the happiest with her. They were hot together and she is the only girl he walked the red carpet with and was affectionate with since his Titanic days. What happened between them? Was it the ol’ she wanted to get married and start a family?
    —Forever stuck in 2005

    Dear On-Again:
    Leo certainly loves his models, there is no doubt about that. Gisele certainly settled down after she and Leo ended their relaysh, so maybe that had to do with the breakup. Since Blake, Leo has been having some fun with his usual type Down Under and no one is shocked. I suspect Leo will keep bedding models, and who knows, Bar could be one of them soon.