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Lindsay Lohan Released from Jail

Lindsay Lohan Released from Jail

Lindsay Lohan has been released from jail less than six hours after she was booked in.

The 25-year-old actress checked herself into the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, Calif., on Sunday (November 6) at 8:48PM PST to begin serving her 30-day jail sentence.

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By 3:10 a.m. Monday, Lindsay had been released, Sheriff’s Deputy Mark Pope said.

On Thursday (November 3), Lindsay attended Leonardo DiCaprio‘s J. Edgar after-party held at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood.

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  • sami

    amazing how this girl can make the justice system jump through hoops…

  • DIDI

    OMG she freaks me out! When she will be senteced dor 10 years? i cannot see her ugly face anymore!

  • mel

    i’ve lost track on her jail no jail life

  • James

    I’m sick of her and her problems, get you ish together you’re not 12 years old, b:tch!

  • Fran

    What a complete and utter joke this person is!

  • Joann

    Ladies & Gentlemen, be proud of our JUSTICE!
    I’m so ashamed to be American when I see some stuff like that.
    Like really?? So she can basically kills somebody and just because she is rich and famour she is out of the system.
    That’s makes me sick!

  • Lol

    I wish the media stopped posting news regarding Lohan’s court or jail. Nobody cares about this looser! That is all. She has already put an end both to her career and public status. It’s time to vanish away, looser.

  • PrisonBreak

    Look at what you have ‘brought up’. A despicable human being.

  • ashlaasdhl

    they would’ve been better off giving her house arrest. yes it appears to be a lesser sentence but in reality they could enforce that for the 30 days, as opposed to the joke this was


    Wow no surprise here. Whatever it doesn’t matter she is back out and back to messing up her life again. Good I hope she continues her fall right to the bottom as long as she doesn’t mess up anyone else’s life while she does it!!!
    Lindsay can pull strings and get out of jail but she can NEVER get people to like her again. Ever.
    Her career is over so her life as a celeb is OVER.
    She does realize no one likes her anymore right? Or is she that hopped up on drugs that she can’t tell the clapping turned to booing a long long time ago.
    I really dont give a **** about her or if she ever recovers from her pathetic behavior all I hope is one day she doesn’t end up hurting some poor defenseless person while she out driving drunk again or whatever she does.
    I swear they should teach a class to aspiring actor/actresses and have her mug shots up in the back round and do a whole course about THIS IS NOT WHAT YOU WANT TO END UP AS.
    I think she probably only the beginning of more starlets like this. They all just want to be talked about they don’t care what people are saying. I’m not sure if I dislike Lohan more or the Kardashians more. You know what I would pick Lohan because at least the Kardashian’s don’t go to jail every six months. UGH.


    BTW you mean she CRASHED the J. Edgar after party right not attended . She made a fool of herself there. It was reported everywhere.


    @Joann: Blame it on Baca the head of the Sheriffs Dept. Lindsay always goes to his jails and he always lets her out early. All the stars go to the Lynwood jail because of overcrowding and Baca lets them out early. Hes the same one that let other people do like 15 mins and then be let out. Just long enough to be booked. He is the real joke. But he runs the dept and there is overcrowding. So Judges can send Llndsay to jail but he decides if they stay or not.

  • Stefanie Farkas

    She should be put in jail forever!

  • http://ja slig o ^___________^ cue


  • Mia

    Why is she getting released so soon?
    What’s the point of it?
    Did she learn now? OFCOURSE not
    Judges are starstruck by celebs.
    I mean seriously, what does this girl have to offer anymore?
    Only her body.. nothing MORE and her body isn’t even something special.
    She is nothing anymore.
    Lindsay go be a drug addict, we don’t care.
    NOBODY cares.. only your delusional mother.
    Probably a drug addict too.
    And STOP with the surgery, you’re looking like a DUCK

  • Sona

    such a bad example for young teens, just like the kardashians.

  • bmb4243

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  • Disney17

    @Joann: You’re an idiot! Lohan is a b!tch, but violating probation vs killing someone? Your comparing those two things?!

  • sr

    And some people still wonder why L&O: Los Angeles was canceled. The criminal justice system in LA is a f**king joke! You sentence someone to jail, you SEND THEM TO JAIL FOR THEIR ENTIRE SENTENCE!

  • Shannon

    How does a few hours in jail motivate anyone??? She didn’t do her community service she had before her assignment at the morgue she has now and all she got for not going was 5 hours???? It’s almost like rewarding bad behavior….but whatever…this girl has the mentality she’ll never do more than a couple days in jail no thanks to the justice system so i’m sure she’ll start skipping her community service all over again in hopes of yet another chance they give her for a few hours in jail

  • groundcontrol

    Lohan isn’t getting special treatment. All similarly situated defendants benefit from LA jail overcrowding.
    Judges are loathe to use jail to punish substance abusers when that isn’t the solution. It’s not just Lohan. People may forget that her original offense was not exactly a major crime and she has been sentenced and treated accordingly.

  • CJLOVE23

    Free to get drunk and high again! WAHOOOOOOOO!!!!

  • brainy box


  • brainy box


  • laverdadduele

    This just makes me sick to my stomach. This worthless POS constantly violates her parole terms, yet manages to get away with it every time. WTF is wrong with our justice system?.

  • juliet

    why are the courts and system wasting their time if they let her out right away anyway.

  • rattlesnake

    I love it ! another kick in the butt to the judge and judicial system … you have NO power over celebs, HAHAHAHAHA , shhhhhhhe is out IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII LOVE IT !

  • samm

    So let me get this straight…for not doing like ANY of her 360 hours of community service she had to do…less than 6 hours in jail…wait to show her American justice system! That since she won’t make time for her community service, you won’t make time for her in jail…sure makes a lot of sense to us in Canada.
    Solution to this problem: lock her up in a cell with a serial killer or rapist for 6 months…problem solved
    Letting her out is just going to guarantee that she will snort some more coke, do a few shots, steal a car and get nailed for another DUI with a necklace “she borrowed”
    ….Oh, thank the good lord I do not live in the US

  • Nina D.

    Good grief. What a joke this entire thing is. No wonder this girl isn’t getting any better. She keeps getting these passes on things that normally would help her realize what a disaster her life is.

  • Facts

    She has been on probabtion for 4 years. This all started 4 years ago. It would have al been over if she just stayed clean and sober for a year. that was her original sentence. She has turned a year’s probation into a 4 year career suicide. She is demented.

  • Joann

    @Disney17: so you think driving just after partying, dinking, smoking,…and everything else with that trash is not dangerous?!
    YOU are the idiot!

  • SarahNL

    less than 6 hours? what’s the point of her putting in jail then? dang. not that I want her in jail, I don’t care. But less than 6 hours? That’s stupid. Does this only happen to ‘famous’ people? …