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Miranda Kerr Taping Victoria's Secret Fashion Show This Week

Miranda Kerr Taping Victoria's Secret Fashion Show This Week

Miranda Kerr leaves her place in NYC on Monday (November 7).

The 28-year-old Aussie model paired a leather jacket and a long black dress for her day out on the town.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

Over the weekend, Miranda and hubby Orlando Bloom went out to lunch at a coffee shop in the city with their adorable son, Flynn.

Miranda is gearing up for the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, which will be taped this week and air later in the month!

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miranda kerr quilted leather jacket nyc 01
miranda kerr quilted leather jacket nyc 02
miranda kerr quilted leather jacket nyc 03
miranda kerr quilted leather jacket nyc 04

Credit: Dara Kushner; Photos: INFdaily
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  • Elizabeth

    She is so pretty it hurts.

  • Kamloa

    she is very pretty…:)

    Victoria secrets giving away $1000 giftcards ..4 their 40th anniversary next 24 hrs only..

  • Jess

    She’s posted about daily here. Overexposed.

  • http://youcando slig o ^___________^ cute

    Beautiful ^_^

  • http://hotmailaustralia paras

    Miranda is so, so beautiful.

  • teena

    OMG what a shock! Pictures of Miranda Kerr leaving her apartment! Who’da thunk it??

    Ya know…I hope she is renting those photographers an apartment in her building as payment for their loyal services. Or at least catering their lunches everday. She really needs to go above and beyond the wages she’s paying them because they have really been doing a hell of a job for her!

  • aarruugghh!!

    For the love of all that is good and holy, Jared, STOP POSTING ABOUT THIS WOMAN!! Seriously, I am to the point that I would rather hear more about The Biebs or Kim K than have to see this freak’s ugly round face. Everyday? Really? STOP THE INSANITY!

  • D.

    Geez, she is way too tall. She looks like a walking lamp post.

  • hahaaa

    hahah she looks like a long tree thats about to fall over with the lightest wind..not a good look

  • nikki

    if you are already very tall why squeeze yourself into 8 inch h00ker platforms too? you end up looking beyond ridiculous, see picture above..

  • adrian

    tree-woman Halloween is over, time to take the pumpkin off your head!

  • word

    I always find it fascinating and dis proportionate she is so tall and graceful bodied, yet has this child like cherub face. I guess it makes her stand out but definitely not true beauty in my eyes. The old VS models for instance, Stephanie,Helena,Karen,Laetitita,Tyra were not looking like little pumpkin head children. Weird.

  • hey

    Too much jealousy LOL

    Miranda is so Beautiful and getting more famous!

  • HA!


    Miranda is getting more tabloid and gossip blog coverage. That doesn’t make her famous, that makes her a famewh@re. There’s a difference.

  • ha ha

    modeling is a perfect job,for her she loves her pic taken every chance she gets

  • ha!

    See how idiotic the delphites are.
    They post on all of her threads, over and over again, complaining about her having so many threads.
    Yet their teeny, tiny brains can’t comprehend the fact that the reason that she gets so many threads is because people post over and over again.
    More posts = more threads.
    Even a two year old could understand that. Why can’t you old hags?

  • yes!

    Such a beautiful girl!
    I can’t wait to see her on the runway for VS again!

  • zoe

    Miranda looks so chic and beautiful as always. Bloom is one lucky son of b*tch!

  • d’oh!

    @ha ha:

    And you can’t wrap your teeny brain around the fact that there are so many pictures of her because she pays for them to be taken. I know, I know…you thinks she’s perfect and above all of that, which makes you dumb.

  • d’youevenknowwhatyou’resaying?


    Delphi is a city in Greece. If you are using “delphite” (a person who resides in Delphi) as a derrogatory term, I can only assume that you are a r@cist pig and should be banned from commenting…or you have no idea what you’re even talking about.

  • @19

    Why would she have to pay for them to be taken when there is so much interest in her by people like you? Huh? Explain that one.
    And to your sock at #20
    Playing stupid just makes you look, well, STUPID.
    But that fits for you DELPHI FORUM MORONS doesn’t it.
    Try again, sweetie.

  • @20

    I think that the city of Delphi should sue you delphidiots for besmirching their good name with your non stop hatred and ignorance. If anyone owes then an apology, it’s you lot.

  • Sally

    Miranda looks beautiful. Can’t wait to see her walk for VS.

  • Mikado

    @D.: LOL

  • ?

    If someone believes that a celebrity hires paps to take pictures of them every day just walking the street or going out for lunch is because they want to believe it. Why would anyone do that? Or let me rephrase it, why would anyone pay money from their pocket to get their picture taken EVERY DAY?
    It’s obvious that paps know where they live and that’s all.

  • beautiful woman

    When she’s alone or only with her baby she always looks so much happier and more glowing. Orlando seems to bring her a miserable life. Poor girl. I love to see her smile. You go girl!

  • ta

    Yep, praising Miranda to insult Orlando is definitely the latest delphidiot MO.
    They think that they are being clever, because their statements cause Orlando fans to make posts that defend him by further insulting Miranda.
    It’s a ploy, fans. Don’t fall for it.
    They know the facts as well as anyone, and next week they will be back to calling Miranda a gold-digger for latching on to such a successful man. And they will also be back to claiming that three Vogue covers, HF runways and The fantasy Bra MEAN NOTHING!
    Their plans are always so obvious and ridiculous. And to think that grown women actually have the time to spend thinking up these idiotic operations is beyond pathetic.
    Poor, sad delphites.
    Such a pitiful bunch of losers.

  • @27

    You’re off your meds again, dearie, aren’t you. You see conspiracies where none exist. Some people don’t like Orlando or Miranda. It’s allowed, you know.

  • @28

    No. That’s delphi for you.
    They live to create conflict.
    Anyone with a brain knows that Orlando is the ‘star’ in their relationship. People who say anything else are just trying to start a fight.
    You’re just mad that you were caught.

  • Gawd!

    What a lovely sight! Love her style. She can wear anything and look good in it. She’s got a great body after childbirth, and yes, she has the face of an angel. She has the most beautiful eyes and she reeks of sweetness… the kind of woman men like to make their wives. And Orlando Bloom did that indeed.