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Natalie Portman & Benjamin Millepied Jog in Los Feliz

Natalie Portman & Benjamin Millepied Jog in Los Feliz

Natalie Portman and her fiance, Benjamin Millepied, go out for a jog together on Monday (November 7) in Los Feliz, Calif.

Over the weekend, the 30-year-old Oscar winner and her sweetheart were spotted out with their son Aleph – the happy family visited the Huntington Botanical Gardens!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Natalie Portman

Nat was also recently spotted picking up dinner from the Mexican restaurant Loteria Grill in Hollywood.

Before giving birth to Aleph, Nat told People that she’d be out of the public eye for a while and would figure out future work “as it comes”.

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  • Alex

    Don’t care what anyone says, love her !

  • natalie sucks

    can’t stand her, she’s just so blah!!!!!!!!!!!

  • natalie sucks
  • Catie

    Wow, all I can say is good thing makeup exists.

  • overrated

    she’s so bland..she only looks good when a team of people work on putting her face together..her everyday look is so average. I know regular women who arent rich and famous who look more beautiful and put together every day.

  • ewwww

    bALLerina boy is not cute! Natalie’s legs look retarded lol

  • lafamepoma

    It’s good to keep fit, after pregnancy you must workout or that ugly belly still on

  • NoName

    Sheesh, I’m glad I don’t have you people as my friends. FYI, this isn’t a fashion shoot; these are jogging partners, people you most likely see on your street everyday and whom you most likely ignore. Take a chill pill!

  • natalie sucks

    @lafamepoma: Well by looking at her belly now it looks like she is still preggers!!


    @Catie: Oh please she is jogging. How would anyone look if people took pictures of them running without makeup. It probably wouldn’t look very flattering.
    Someone should blur that kids face. he isn’t the child of some celeb and shouldn’t have his face plastered all over the place.Its just wrong.
    Not sure what is going on with this picture here it looks like she doing some sort of dramatic run from the paparazzi or something. Very Oscar worthy. Lol

  • aloha

    I look even cuter when I jog because I get a blush in my cheeks. My outfits are way cuter, and I don’t have a big belly like that. Celebrities are overrated! Some of them.
    That girl Monica Bellucci and Kate Beckinsale cannot look ugly no matter what….they do deserve to be paid for their good looks. Natalie Portman, now that’s one overrated average looking chick.

  • Creed

    unfortunately your personality must ruin your ‘cute outfits’

  • Catie

    @IDGAF: Never said she needed to put on makeup when she’s jogging, just saying she’s not all that until you cake makeup on her!! :)

  • Catie

    How did the paps get these pictures? She’s so ordinary and plain looking when she’s out and about, don’t understand how they see a women running with a hat on and a terrible outfit and think hey, I bet that’s Natalie Portman!
    Natalie and Ben are such famewh0res. That’s the only reason he’s with her.

  • Duh

    Natalie and Ben are such famewh0res. That’s the only reason he’s with her.
    So True!!
    They pretend they don’t like the paparazzis, what are they doing in LA?

  • WTH

    OK guys… calm down. SHe is way prettier than anyone on this thread who’s questioning her beauty: that’s one thing I’m sure of.

  • Actually…

    @Catie: @Duh: They are jogging on Los Feliz Blvd based on the trees in the backround. It is one of the most busy streets in east Los Angeles. A lot of stars that live in Los Feliz live somewhere near Los Feliz blvd so the paparazzi can easily roam up and down the streets and find someone. Natalie lives in a gated community in Los Feliz nearby the blvd so the paparazzi can’t follow her home. If she wanted to really presswhore she wouldn’t have done that. So the only place they can find her is when she is out jogging or shopping or whatever she is doing.

  • Catie

    @WTH: Do you know what the people behind these names look like? No. I’ve never found Natalie all that attractive, I don’t find her down right ugly. But she’s average and no better than anybody else in Hollywood.
    @Actually…: She’s running down the street in baggy clothes and a hat, how exactly do you realize who that is unless the paps were alerted by “somebody”. If she ran by me I would never know that was her, just looks like an average women.

  • Whoa

    Dude, I look like a hot mess when I run….just sayin’. You should see my half marathon pictures, not THAT is scary. She looks A ok in my book.

  • Stacy

    Love Natalie, but her sneezy Eurotrash babydaddy makes my skin crawl. *chills*

  • Stacy

    Love Natalie, but her skeezy Eurotrash babydaddy makes my skin crawl. *chills*

  • Supernova

    Wow, what is with all the hate! Do you have nothing better to do than bash someone who has done nothing to you?
    For the record, they’re jogging, it’s not a freaking photoshoot. And I look a hell of a lot worse when I go jogging. They both look great. I never understood the hate directed towards Portman. She’s talented, intelligent, caring and is NOT trash like the other popular celebs. To top it off, she’s beautiful, but never lets it go to her head.

  • yajaira

    wao, what natalie has done to everyone in here? nothing right, let her be. what i really loveeeeeeeeee about her is that she’s so down to earth, she gave birth and she’s still not working like other people that before the baby is 1 month WORK is more important to them, she didnt sell her baby pics to a mag like many celebs do and more important SHE’S OF THE FEW CELEBS OUT THERE THAT WENT TO COLLEGE, NOT ANY COLLEGE HARVARD BABY, so if she doesnt want to go back to act that’s ok, she can manage her self

  • Pat

    someone should get the ambulance on standby , these two look like they are about to have a heart attack! especially Ben! Is this how he looks when he dances? And yes, motherhood seemed to have turned Natalie into a homeless person and yes, there are thousands of regular woman who are even prettier than her and less snotty!

    I’m guessing those who are posting good things about this girl work for her? seriously? she’s overrated and she’s still in LA ’cause girl gotta make money..she gotta stay in the news or everyone will forget her..

  • tweet

    @Supernova: This is a gossip site, not a I heart Natalie site. People can say what they want, if you go to any other post, pretty much everybody has haters. And according to a lot of people who have met Natalie, she’s not all that caring. She’s rude and ignores her fans like she thinks her sh-t don’t stink. I’m tired of her, she’s overexposed. She used that poor girl that did all the dance work for her in Black Swan, couldn’t even mention her name once. She’s one of the most average looking girls in Hollywood. Thank god she had a baby, now we won’t have to hear about her as much anymore!!! LOL

  • tweet

    @yajaira: So because she went to Harvard we should have to bow down to her?? She’s just a prissy little know it all that thinks she’s better than everybody else.

  • Supernova

    @tweet: I know this isn’t an “I Heart Natalie” site. But what has she done…honestly, that makes her a person that people like you condemn? Is it that she works with FINCA to help women around the world get the opportunities to take care of themselves and their families? Or that she works with Free The Children to help kids receive the education that they deserve? Or perhaps it’s that she DOESN’T whore out her personal life or her child to the media? And seriously…bringing up that Sarah Lane crap? I’m sorry but that was just some woman searching for her 15 minutes of fame. Portman acknowledged Lane in the countless interviews she did for Black Swan…before Awards Season and during. She’s also heavoily featured on the Black Swan DVD. There was no reason why Natalie should have thanked her during the Oscar’s speech because she didn’t contribute to Natalie’s performance. She contributed to the movie as a whole (for about a fraction of the whole movie).
    And FYI, I’m not an “OMG IT’S NATALIE PORTMAN! SHE’S THE BEST PERSON IN THE WORLD” crazed fan. I’m a person who loves film and find her to be among the small amount of actors and actresses who actually have talent in today’s Hollywood industry. In addition to that, there is an even smaller amount of celebs in Hollywood that have my respect. She’s one that does.

  • tweet

    @Supernova: Just don’t like her hun, plain and simple. You trying to convince me to like her isn’t going to work. I don’t think she’s a horrible person, just don’t like her. Everybody has a certain celeb that rubs them the wrong way, and in my case.. it’s her.

  • kikay

    @Supernova; give it up already,she really looks like a homeless bag lady if you give her a cart for props ,she’s totally not all that.Just look at that face,she looks like shes got a downsie or something,not being mean or anything ,just stating the obvious.

  • Maya

    Wow, is this guy hairy or what?? Ugh…not pretty!

  • Pat


    hahah…hairy + dancing + running = smelly!

  • dab

    noone’s talking if she’s a beauty or ugly. even the worst shot can’t express how unreal she is, i mean papz are not to blame here. i couldnt even imagine it was NP at first, LOL.
    the thing is she’s SOOOO average in real life. no, better underaverage.

  • Miranda

    does anyone else think it looks like she’s wearing a belly fat pad? looks totally artificial in some pics.