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Brett Ratner to Olivia Munn: Sorry, I Lied!

Brett Ratner to Olivia Munn: Sorry, I Lied!

Brett Ratner admitted to lying about having sex with actress Olivia Munn on The Howard Stern Show on Monday (November 7).

“The girl’s a friend of mine,” the 42-year-old Tower Heist director/producer shared. “I said I banged her three times, which wasn’t true. She’s hot! She’s actually a talented actress.”

Listen to Brett‘s interview with Howard below!

Brett also attended a Q&A on Friday, when this gay slur slipped out: “Rehearsal’s for fags.”

He issued an apology this morning, saying, “I apologize for any offense my remarks caused. It was a dumb way of expressing myself. Everyone who knows me knows that I don’t have a prejudiced bone in my body. But as a storyteller I should have been much more thoughtful about the power of language and my choice of words.”

Olivia just finished shooting Steven Soderbergh‘s Magic Mike and is currently in New York for The Daily Show right now before she begins shooting Aaron Sorkin‘s new HBO series.

This February, Brett will be producing the 2012 Academy Awards!

Brett Ratner to Olivia Munn: Sorry, I Lied!
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  • Dobbi


  • fred

    sexist and a bigot?

  • S@n


    Talented actress?

    I think he is lying now!

    This is very funny!

  • BEAN

    So who was she talking about in her book?

  • ynop

    I highly doubt he lied…otherwise Olivia wouldn’t made a statement that he was lying. She didn’t…they banged a couple times…it is what it is!


    Wow he just can’t stop shoving his own foot in his mouth can he?
    He should be seen and not heard . Just stick to directing and ruining film franchises. Silence is golden Ratner.
    Shut up before you offend anymore audience demographics. First women then people of the L.G.B.T community. Who’s next? Maybe he wants to be a bad director and a hated one. Smooth real smooth, He must be trying to Micheal Bay approach to life.

  • Creed

    He is lying right now. Olivia did bang him and every other director and producer in hollywood. This is written by a PR dude.

  • ynop



    This is all to promote Tower Heist which didn’t do so well at the box office btw.

  • Creed

    It overpreformed. 25 million in the box office is excellent, it is just that Puss and Boots did better

  • awalker

    So Happy Olivia is vindicated and Ratner is getting blasted just as he deserves.

  • Oprah

    Oh, Olivia Munn, I used to defend you. You’re just a dummy now. TEAM RATNER

  • OK

    Dear Brett Ratner,
    Seventh grade ended a long time ago for you. GET OVER IT.

  • Stern grows a brain

    Munn and Brett are both disgusting pigs.
    But more importantly even big lib Howard Stern is mocking the Obama supported violent Occupy Idiots.

  • @Creed

    @Creed: Look at its budget including cost of the cast which wasn’t cheap and then promotional costs, distribution etc..Actors like Eddie Murphy and Ben Stiller will be getting a cut of the box office gross most likely either first dollar gross if they have a really good agent or back end money but either way that cuts into how much the studio makes back. By the time the film leaves theaters Tower Heist will probably barely make it out of the red. Just because a film doesn’t open with only 5million its first week doesn’t mean it isn’t a failure.
    To know if a film will get out of the red it usually can be seen by it’s third or fourth week in theaters. Thats when films have their big drop offs right out of the top 5 or 10 and the real hits can be singled apart from the first week one hit wonders. Tower Heist still wouldn’t have done that much better even if it wasn’t up against a kids film.
    The point is all of Ratner’s comments are to grab attention for Tower Heist.

  • Ann

    Someone make this girl go away. Honestly, who cares if she banged this director? I’d be more interested if she said she banged JT while he was with Jessica. This is boring compared to that. Also, who the eff does she think she is and why is she promoting her book this way? She’s so sleazy.

  • Creed

    @@Creed: The budget is 75 million. It is going to make its budget back.

  • The80sRule

    Can’t wait for Rush Hour 4! LOL

  • bobbyweiner

    he lied again….Olivia a talented actress…haha

  • Debsa


  • http://Nothin Sparky

    Must be related to Joe Ratner.
    I started an MBA course at Drake University following WW2, and the
    perfesser’s name was Joe Ratner.
    Joe was a humorist, and the General Sales Mangler for Meredith
    Publishing Company of Des Moines, and I know you’ll be llying, if you
    tell me you know what MPC was or is.
    Anyways, my tuition was paid, et al – by taxpayers.
    On opening day, Joe opened up by asking all of us – one at a time – to
    tell him what grades or credits we wanted, for having completed what
    was his Ad-One-Oh-One course.
    “Keeping in mind” (as he put it) “that I would like to have a balanced cross-section of grade numbers to hand over to Drake officials, since this is a private school, owned and operated by those those who define themselves as Christian people of high integrity, blah, blah, blah.”
    Yes – Joe was Jewish, and made no bones about it.
    Why am I telling you all of this?
    I don’t really know.
    Except I had and have great respect for Joe, and Jews in general.
    My bunky in the Newnited States Navy was Merrill Dorskevitch, who was a first cousin of Mel Brooks, whose name is Mel Kaminsky, if you really care, and I do, too.
    Vaya Con Dios.

  • Gigi

    She probably has some other sh-t on him and threatened to expose him if he didn’t apologize. These two losers belong together.

  • Genie

    Whether it’s true or not (it’s obviously true) he had to apologize cause she can sue him for defamation of character. Everyone can clearly see she has NO TALENT. Her sleeping her way through big Hollywood directors is no surprise people.