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Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: Tokyo Airport Arrival with the Kids!

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: Tokyo Airport Arrival with the Kids!

Angelina Jolie and partner Brad Pitt lead their family through Haneda International Aiport on Tuesday (November 8) in Tokyo, Japan.

The 36-year-old actress and her sweetheart held hands with Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Knox, and Vivienne while being escorted through the crowded airport! The happy family was smiling and laughing as they made their way out of the terminal – hundreds were crowded around to get a glimpse of the group.

Brad is currently in Tokyo to promote his film Moneyball.

Angie and Brad were last spotted out at a romantic dinner date together in Budapest in late October.

FYI: Maddox, Pax, and Shiloh are all wearing Splendid Mills JR. Angelina is wearing a Versace trench coat.

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  • Boo

    Great family :) Wonderful people.

  • Ako si Gladys

    Brad is sooooooooo handsome and Angie is soooooo beautiful!!!!!! I love them all!!!!!!!<3

    First????????? :-)))))

  • http://bocHakuW bocha

    it’s cute that Maddox and Shiloh have a shame shirt…love Shiloh..!!!

  • fanny

    Aww. What a lovely family.

  • LaCroix

    The beauty genes in this family is just ridiculous !!

  • Ako si Gladys


    You’re the first!!!!!!!!hahaha

    JP rocks!!!!!!!!!

  • truth

    Seriously, when are you going to fix the site so pages load properly? Often I have to refresh the page tons of times before the content actually displays

  • Ako si Gladys


    Agree!!!!! Even the adopted children,,they’re good-looking and beautiful also!!!!!!!!!:-)))))))))











  • Rose

    What a beautiful family. Happy times for the fans.



  • noplace




  • bobbi

    Adorable children!

  • bobbi

    Adorable children!

  • bobbi

    Adorable children!

  • bobbi

    Adorable children!

  • bobbi

    Adorable children!

  • bobbi

    Adorable children!



  • Sona

    Her coat is lovely!
    Wonder what they think of Kim K and if they even KNOW who she is.
    Hahahaha she will never have a family like the Jolie Pitts

  • elizabeth

    Wow about time. surely lad to see the family. Hello to all JP fans

  • Ako si Gladys

    Re-post from

    “My name’s Rodgee. I’m female and 17 years old. I am an Angelina Jolie fan obviously :P. I’ve been an avid fan for five years and I’m still counting. :D She’s the most wonderful woman in the world and there will be no one else like her. She means the world to me. ”

    LOL!!! We’re the same,, my name is Gladys and a 17 yr old Female..i am also a fan of Ms. Angelina J. since i was 13!!!!! This made me smile!!!!:-))))))))

  • vool

    Knox is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute and seems to be an effervescent kid with so much personality.

  • gracie

    So nice to see Angie and the kids again. Beautiful JP family. Pax is killing me.Lol.

  • woman spanish

    Good morning to all JP fans!
    Lovely family, all children are precious

  • jmho

    It’s a treat to see the whole family together! Mom and dad look so proud of the kids. Love them!

  • woman spanish

    I love Brad with long hair, and Angie’s beauty, inside and out, is beyond words

  • Pee drinkers arrive at last!

    Brat and the brood and Lippy touch down.
    Fun, fun, fun!

  • sarah

    knox is so cute. he seems like he has a very down-to-earth personality.

  • hag

    Brad filmed 6 months with his family with him.

    7 long years ago filming Troy he was alone, a PR “wife” who only visited him once and complained.

    Now proud, fulfilled happy family man showing the world his TREASURE. ANGIE, HIS WOMAN, THE LOVE OF HIS LIFE. THE ONLY WOMAN WHO GAVE HIM CHILDREN.

    hags…weep for your chinman and her hired BF (middle-aged gigolo)

  • lylian

    Wow, these kids are well behaved. Not even Viv and Know seem to be whining and asking to be picked up as so many 3 years olds like to be! LOL!
    Looking at Maddox, you can see his face is already changing. He’s losing the last bits of that baby fat on his face that all children have. I reckon that in the next 12 to 18 months he will enter adolescence. I’m sure Brad and Angelina are watching him grow with interest and excitement and just a little bit of sadness. The thoughts of “where did our baby go?” must be crossing their minds right now….
    No wonder Brad and Angelina are talking about Grandchildren right now.

  • http://ta slig o ^_____________^ cute

    normal family

  • Toni

    Agreed Sona :-) Kim will also never have the love and respect, the way the Jolie-Pitts do. She has proven herself to be nothing less than an untrustworthy, conniving, selfish person, who wastes time and money on just herself. Beautiful Angie on other hand, is a natural beauty, who is not seen wasting time at beauty parlors, but focuses on real issues, like poverty, war-torn countries, children, etc. etc. etc. This is truly a selfless woman. Have the utmost respect for her and Brad.

  • photo op much

    So let me see….there just so happened to be random photographers and so called fans waiting at the airport to await for this lot………….you guys know that this is all part of the Money ball promotion….WAKE UP YOU SUCKERS….lap up there deception and spend you money so they can continue to live a undeserving priviledged life as they look down on you with their smug faces………There all out in full force using their kids to promote their lifestyle…….they are so gross……there nannies walk through the airport after all the hoopla is done with….as if these two can work ,wash,cook etc and take care of their kids…….the problem is not that they cant do these jobs but the fact they pretend that they can………bunch of deceivers……

  • Norman Exclusive

    Whamo The Half Man’s dog thinking thoughts about Brad’s pee is back,
    He aet s!!t and drinks his husband pee everyday,
    He and Whamo are The Half Man with Grill Wrinkle Balls,
    They must b@rking for their husbands,

    Sad Spook The Barren Cow loves them b/c somethings are Kaapuut like her,hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,


  • lylian

    Yes, the contrast between Brad filming in Malta for Troy and filming in Malta for WWZ cannot be greater. As so many fans have pointed out: he lived a “monastic” life the last time – solitary and with sexual abstinence. This time, his life in Malta is the very anti-thesis of “monastic” – plenty of family all around him and of course, plenty of S E X with Angelina! hahahah

  • Rose

    @I Love Shiloh, I must disagree with you saying you were being bashed on this site. I and a few other fans believe the children should not be looked on as celebrities. They did not asked for this, their parents did. We are seeing the children with their parents on this thread right now, and are commenting that they all are beautiful children and that is fine. However to look at them as celebrities is just wrong, IMO.
    Do you have children? It would be an honor to one of them to use their name, ie, I Love Mike. Again, no bashing was done or intended. For you to say you may not visit this site again is just silly. Reconsider. Replying to previous thread, last page.

  • what the!

    @lylian: You need to get a life

  • wfb

    Awww, the lone troll is b*tt hurt.

  • hag

    the SEX aspect is what is killing the HAGS the most! WHY??? why does the fact that brad fuccks angie ruins their lives?????

  • mwannir
  • what the!

    @Norman Exclusive: Your a nutter….you realize there not your friends or your family or part of your life…..serious much

  • Ako si Gladys


    Reconsider!!!:-)))) this is me (I love Shiloh)!!!!
    I have no children,,I’m still 17!!!!! =D
    I understand you!!!! Thanks!!!and sorry!!!

  • photo op much!

    @hag: Are you f@@king serious….that is so gross…good luck to him….they deserve each other and not in a good way….who gives a toss about what their doing ……yeh the reason that we dont like them is because their doing it ….you are totally nuts……..continue and be deceived….

  • jp fan

    Such a beautiful family.