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Blake Lively: Versace for H&M Launch Party!

Blake Lively: Versace for H&M Launch Party!

Blake Lively strikes a pose at the Versace for H&M launch party on Tuesday (November 8) at H&M in NYC.

Celeb trainer Bobby Strom recently revealed how he got the 24-year-old actress in tip-top shape for Green Lantern and her 2010 Vogue bikini shoot.

Blake and I focused on circuit training four days a week, 90 minutes each time. All the planks, push-ups, and walking lunges paid off too,” he told THR.

“We did around 10 different moves three or four times, repeating the same exercises but never in the same order,” he added. “She also ate healthy foods such as vegetables, tabbouleh salads and quinoa.”

Also pictured inside: Blake‘s Gossip Girl co-star Chace Crawford.

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Credit: Jamie McCarthy; Photos: Getty, Justin Campbell
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  • Melissa

    Help! Someone get her a bigger dress (her boobs are about to pop out of this one)! Oh and some acting talent too.

  • Ann

    When doesn’t she look cheap? She’s the only person who can make expensive clothing look like it belongs to a stripper.

  • Chuck Bass

    i love her boobs. i don’t care if they are fake, real, made of butter, made of rocks, made of silicon. i just don’t care.

  • reeds

    The thingb is… that her boobs cant still get major roles & stardom coz we we all know that boobs doesnt do the acting LOL

  • JEN

    Her boobs are about to swallow her face.

    She looks like a stripper that just got off work and wandered into the nearest building and started posing for the cameras that were there. I’m surprised we’re not seeing dollar bills falling out of her fake cleavage. This girl is the epitome of tacky and cheap!

  • samule

    BOOBS :p

  • so ugly

    she literally looks like a lion, so ugly

  • enrique mole

    someone please get her the doctor that removed enrique’s mole! man after all that plastic surgury she’s still ugly.

  • sarah

    none of you have obviously ever worn a corset top before

  • katy

    love her style!!! So many jealous women here!!

  • Rana

    she is beautiful for me!!

  • faith

    it’s just the angle that makes her boobs big!! like here,0,0 it’s tolerable!! so many mean comments! you dont have to be rude to a person you have never met before just because she is living a very good life and having gorgeous boyfriends!

  • NotaBitterBetty

    She has very nice assets. She’s young and healthy and making the most of it. Why are people pretending they wouldn’t do the exact same thing with her figure? It disturbs me how many females come on messageboards to say nasty things about other women, this is why men can still get away with treating us like dirt. Because we are our own worst enemies. No need to like the girl, but where is the need to scrutinise and criticse every last thing about her? It’s quite sad actually.

  • Stephanie

    It’s so sad we live in a world where girls are so jealous they have to criticise other girls. Blake looks beautiful, I wonder if someone were to write something mean about you, how would you like it. You wouldn’t feel too good.

  • BSAQ

    im not hating, but if you call someone who had a nose job and a boob job beautiful, then that’s just real sad.

  • Wading

    Am I the only one who doesnt think her boobs look that big?
    Thants a corset top no
    Good to see Chace!

  • truth

    It looks like she gained weight! Kind of nice to see a girl in hollywood who’s healthy. Size 0 is disgusting

  • kate

    Seriously what a bunch of jealous prudes you all are. She’s completely covered here except for some cleavage. What’s so wrong with that? The hate she gets is ridiculous

  • Allons – y Allonso

    she needs to wear a bra

  • zurichgirl

    cmon she is beautiful, love her smile.

  • Cleo

    I want her hair! I think she looks great overall, but the dress isn’t the best.

  • Lysbeth

    Her fatness is going to explode

  • jo

    She looks gorgeous, those trolls are just hidious jealous women who can’t get a life! haha get real Blake Lively is pure hotness

  • coco

    you know surgery doesn’ t make people beautiful surgery does make people look more beautiful she was already beautiful before and not scary at all
    surgery is not magic

  • @reeds

    No, her boobs don`t do the acting. Sadly Fake Blake also doesn`t do the acting. Because she can`t act to save her life! So she lets her fake boobs do the work for her. Interesting how the trashy boobs look is back on her menu. After those photos were leaked she was all covered up and now all of a sudden her real talent is back in cheap looking, way too small and trashy clothes.
    Clearly being classy is not her thing!

  • Wading

    Oh C**m**e you’re here
    Oliver Stone, Rebecca Miller, David Russell beg to differ
    I guess they arent as smart as u LOL
    Ur obsession with Blake and her breasts still keep u warm in ur basement. So thats good

  • #26

    My `obsession`? Big words coming from someone who appreciates this useless `actress`! LOL! Just because she was squeezed into movies that had actual talent in it ( clearly not her ) doesn`t mean she is a good actress! If she was she would have scored some leading roles. Oh, wait. She got one in … The Green Lantern. LOL! What a performance and what a masterpiece of a movie! And let`s not forget Gossip Girl. LOL!

  • Reina

    @NotaBitterBetty: Well said.

  • Reina

    @kate: Agreed. Talibans would not be so harsh. She is beautiful. That mole suits her. Versace would make ANYBODY look tacky. Donatella, unfortunately, is not Gianni, who was a fantastic stylist. Anyway, Lively was by far the most stricking of those present at that event. She makes other women look opaque.

  • LOL!

    Most striking? That’s funny! Her Moleness is cheap looking and tacky. It’s not about the clothes. Expensive clothes won’t give class to anyone and she is the clear example for that.

  • anonymous

    If you could afford to enhance your looks would you say “Nah, I really don’t care to look any better”" I think not. This is shear ENVY posting. She is 24 yrs old , no children, her breast should be perky and guess what she can afford the best corsetts

  • @28

    2 posts on someone u hate yet follow closely in the space of an hour
    Yep I think Wadings right its an obsession
    Basement calls

  • Yawn!

    This is not a fan site so why are people so worked up if someone leaves a negative comment? Deal with it and please stop with the jealousy / envy slogan already! That’s obviously the easy way for some to deal with unflattering remarks on her bit at the same time it’s childish and boring. Not to mention the ‘you are obsessed’ theme. That’s all you’ve got?

  • efron

    She looks damn good, and also on interviews she seems to have a lovely personality and very down to earth even though she looks that hot. And yes, she had surgeries so what? Don’t be so prude to be like ”oh if I had the money I wouldn’t enhance my looks” cus that’s plain hypocrite. It seems like the girl can do no good and its a shame women put other women down in such a hard way.

  • Monkey

    no way is she 24! she looks so much older than that!

  • ali

    beautiful actress

  • tk

    i love her figure BUT to me she just isnt pretty. & she doesnt look like a stripper or tacky but i dont think she has good style at all.

  • Blake Fan

    She looks extremely happy and glowing. And her hair is shiny and healthy.

  • Julia

    Who on earth would be “jealous” of her? I mean, really, that’s your defense Blake fans? What do we have to be jealous of? Her fake face, that constipated expression she always makes in every scene, or maybe those huge breasts that spill over with every outfit and make her look like a hoe? Yeah, I’m sure that’s what we’re all “jealous” about.

  • @40

    Why do u care if Blake fans dont share ur hatred?
    Bog off to Leighton posts

  • b

    I see nothing special apart from those two big scoops of vanilla ice cream