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Michael Fassbender & Carey Mulligan: 'Shame' Trailer Released

Michael Fassbender & Carey Mulligan: 'Shame' Trailer Released

Check out the trailer for Michael Fassbender and Carey Mulligan‘s new drama, Shame.

Here’s the synopsis: “Brandon (Fassbender) is a New Yorker who shuns intimacy with women but feeds his desires with a compulsive addiction to sex. When his wayward younger sister (Mulligan) moves into his apartment stirring memories of their shared painful past, Brandon’s insular life spirals out of control.”

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Carey Mulligan

Shame is rated NC-17 and will be released in theaters on December 2.

‘Shame’ Trailer
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  • Gelina Whiddon

    I would love to see the movie, but I live in Mississippi and with the rating that it received, I doubt if it will be shown in any of our film houses. I think Director Steve McQueen is unique and edgy and of course Michael Fassbender is such a good actor that I am sure he turns he it up more than a “notch” as a sex addict. I applause him for going full frontal, more male actors should…it adds realism.

  • Eva

    The best film of the year. Definitely for mature adult audiance.
    Both actors deserve Oscars but since the Academy rather kisses celebrities asses it will be difficult for them.

  • Gelina Whiddon

    “Shame” appears to be an excellent movie. Definitely an award winner! Director Steve McQueen and Michael Fassbender are an awesome duo! “Twelve Years a Slave” is their next upcoming project and Brad Pitt is reportedly on board as an actor and producer. And for those who do not know, Fassbender was terrific in “Hunger” and McQueen broke new ground and won one award after another. Way to go, McQueen and Fassbender!!!

  • katniss

    Same trailer that’s been out since the beginning. I hope I get to see it it looks amazing .

  • gigi

    Till i see it, ratings don’t mean nothing. Can’t wait.

  • ck_always

    I hope the NC-17 rating does not tarnish this movie. Sounds like it will be amazing. It’s been a while since there’s been a realistic drama with raw talented acting. Fassbender is going to be a damn star. More than he has already become over the last couple years.

  • Melissa

    Looks intense.

  • http://verizon EmilyVP

    I am a fan of Carey Mulligan. She is terrific in everything I have seen her play. An Education, Pride & Prejudice, Never Let Me Go & Wall Street 2 all display her incredible skill at making you believe the character is real. I haven’t seen Drive yet, but I definitely will because Ryan Gosling is my favorite male star & she is my favorite female star. I will definitely see Shame & it will be my first Michael Fassbender film & I have only heard good about his performances. Can’t wait to see them together. Can’t wait to see Carey Mulligan sing.
    A special gift that Carey has is her ability to change her looks, via hairdos & hair coloring that I find make her become the character & thus a better actress. Sometimes the character is spoiled in a film because the actress plays her self as the character. Carey is the better actress for becoming the character in a physical sense a too. She is totally absorbed into the role because of this ability.


    I’d watch it if I knew he’d have sex with his sister

  • Rob

    @Eva: Example being? The Oscars are given to film makers by film makers. It has nothing to do with kissing asses of celebrities because most celebrities don’t get nominated for Oscars.

  • Eva


    Brangelina were nominated in recent years not because of the quality of their roles but for the ratings and indipendent films were excluded because of it.George Clooney too. Always playing himself but since Hollywood loves him they’ll give him another Oscar.
    It’s popularity contest not objective judgment.

  • Alaia

    @Eva: I will never forget Kristin Scott Thomas and Sally Hawkins getting nominated in favour of dull Jolie.

  • Alaia

    Sorry I meant them getting snubbed, not nominated. Duh.

  • manele

    GUH! Another movie about privilleged rich assholes whining about their self-created problems. Pass.

  • Alan

    omg this is so amazing and epic and I turn 17 2 days before the release so it is all perfect carey mulligan is flawless i love it and this seems like a great film

  • Rob

    @Eva: That’s not really true. Brad Pitt has been doing some very exceptional work these past couple of years. He’ll probably get another nomination for Moneyball as well. And he deserves it. He’s not the best actor but he’s been doing very well. Angelina Jolie can be an excellent actor when she wants to be. She’s very well trained.

    George Clooney winning was non sense though. He’ll get nominated again this year for his movie, The Descendants.

    It seems everyone jumps on the bandwagon when they don’t know anything about movies or acting. “My favorite didn’t win so the Oscars have no credibility even though the voting is done by people who actually make movies!” I bet nobody had anything to say when Jack Nicholson won three Oscars. All of which he won because of his popularity.

  • beenthere

    I am married to a sex addict and the trailer alone is crushing my soul. I wont be able to see this in public. I cant believe so many people are looking at this as a “woo hoo” sexy thing. I really hope thats not how it comes across. It is a deep, dark, depressing hole. These guys are charming and wonderful, they can reel anyone in to their ugly emotionless world. I really hope it brings awareness to this awful blight and ladies……beware, it’s more common than you think.

  • Bornblonde2


    I do hope this movie is on point for the reality of sex addiction. I found out about my H’s addiction and it’s destroyed our marriage, He’s going to recovery meetings and counseling, but the trolling for women and using porn all the time has destroyed any integrity and self worth this man ever had. I will never trust him again. He’s a community leader and very successful, has been a scoutmaster, church worker, etc. over the years and apparantly nobody suspected and nobody would believe it if I told them. I will see the movie, but alone, because I’ll cry the whole time. We are losing a lot of wonderful men to this. Maybe the movie will help kick start some awareness that it’s not just men who want to play around. It’s gutwrenching the damage it does.

  • beenthere


    ditto. it is really unbelievable isn’t it. hugs and prayers.