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Mariah Carey: Jenny Press Conference in NYC!

Mariah Carey: Jenny Press Conference in NYC!

Mariah Carey is red hot as she speaks at a press conference on Wednesday (November 9) at the Four Seasons Hotel in New York City.

The 41-year-old singer and new mama is the new brand ambassador for Jenny (formerly Jenny Craig) and showed off her newly svelte figure on the cover of this week’s Us Weekly.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Mariah Carey

Mariah revealed that she felt self conscious during her pregnancy and even bathed with a towel on throughout her pregnancy. “You think I’d let Nick see me looking rancid like that?” she laughed.

10+ pictures inside of Mariah Carey at a press conference for Jenny…

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Credit: Cindy Ord; Photos: Getty
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  • Orange

    She looks great, but its sad one of the best voices in history has to resort to this level of famewhoring. You have to go all out these days to stay relevant.

  • Becky Shaw

    Love Mariah Carey!! Really lovely girl. I’m glad to see her flaunting her sexy new post-pregnancy curves which probably added to her appearance in delicious and wonderful ways.

  • Yo Landi

    Aww she looks so BEAUTIFUL. My legend, my diva<3

  • CC

    Ummm….OK….”You think I’d let Nick see me RANCID like that”….AND laughs???
    So, WTF get pregnant?? Why not use a surrogate???
    Inferring pregnancy with being “RANCID”????
    Chick’s STILL a self centered, self serving piece of TRASH!!!!

    I’m thinkin Jenny made a BIG boo boo with this one….

  • Me

    How is this famewhoring? Mimi looks great hope she inspires other new moms.

  • glitter

    Glitter looks like she still got nuts tucked in her cheeks for the winter…lol

  • Kutoim

    mariah…looks great…:)

    McDonalds giving away $250 giftcards 2 celebrate their 80th anniversary…next 24hrs ONLY..

  • J&J

    Huge boobs

  • J&J

    Huge boobs

  • dvsd

    she can lose all the weight she wants but woman still can’t dress.

  • butterflier

    The idea of Mariah Carey being an inspiration to other new moms who want to drop some pounds is laughable. Most new mothers don’t have nannies to hand the babies off to so they can work out with a personal trainer. Most can’t afford a personal trainer, housekeepers, liposuction and God knows what else did achieve her transformation.

  • tara

    She bathed with a towel on?? I mean…she doesn’t even take baths alone??

  • Me

    @butterflier being a mom of 4 and looking like I haven’t had one. I know what it takes to get and keep the weight off without, nannies and personal trainers. Don’t hate the fact that she can afford it change the message she is sending. My point is no matter what your means are there are ways to lose the weight. Mariah is promoting Jenny Craig, other promote weight watchers. These are ways someone can be inspired to lose weight. Also, there are a lot of overweight celebs who can afford personal chefs,trainers, and all the other quirks. Without willpower the weight will not come off regardless of your pay grade. Some of you try to turn anything that is remotely positive negative. Geez

  • Kriss

    She looks great, very femin and sexy

    Real women not like other skinny in red dress

  • Courtney

    oh shut up the twins didn’t have a nanny until they were five months old and it’s not her fault she gained so much weight carrying twins/multiples isn’t easy and she had near deadly complications that made her gain more weight than she wanted to. no body complained when Sarah Furguson the dutchess of York was a spokesperson for Jenny Craig in 1997 after she had a breast cancer scare. I give Mariah so much much credit for this it takes a lot for a celebrity to admit needing help losing baby weight. all that matters is that her and the twins are healthy and that’s the case so quit nit picking

  • lexy hates bilson

    God she is so self-centered!! I wonder if she breasts feeds or does she have other people “milk” her boobs for breast milk!!
    Seriously she had to have Jenny Craig pay her to lose weight?? All her money and she can’t be like the other celebs and hire a chef and trainer to come to her home?? I don’t like Sarah Jessica Parker but I do appreciate that after she had her son she was honest and admited to using precooked foods and trainers!! I mean it’s not like these celebs have 9-5 jobs or work crazy hours in retail!!

  • satchel

    My best friend works for ‘Jenny’ (Craig). That company is one HUGE MESS!!!

  • Happy

    Did you have twins or just 1 at a time b/c 10 lbs or more of baby is alot. I bet she and JLo had tummy tucks.

  • DRB

    @lexy hates bilson:

    Yet she’s been pictured with her trainer and mentioned him several times as well as her old trainer she had a few years ago.

  • DRB

    @lexy hates bilson:

    Mariah’s lost weight before solely with a trainer and by herself. I don’t see what your point is

  • Me

    @ Happy 4 separate births all children over 9 lbs and preeclampsia with my first. I went from 130 something to 245lbs with the first. They may have had tummy tucks, I can’t say. My only point is some women may see Mariah’s weight loss with the help of Jenny Craig and be inspired to do so. If she helps but one person make a change that is awesome. Every situation shouldn’t bring about a bunch of negative responses.

  • camillus

    Fake beyotch with fake tits, she’s fame whoring trying to be relevant, she’s 41 fu__king years old try dressing like an adult not a teen,

  • lol

    EW this woman is GROSS…butter face, err monkey face! JLo has nothing to worry about she’s miles ahead of this skank!

  • Jess


    A red, ankle length dress is inappropriate?

  • Happy

    @Me: Oh yeah, she could inspire lots of people to waste hard earned money on disgusting pre packaged foods instead of reading books or educating themselves. I don’t think I said anything negative I just find it hard to believe all these celebrities get zero amounts of extra skin. Good for you for not looking like you had any kids!

  • Jess

    @lexy hates bilson:

    She said she initially breast fed. If you’re gonna hate, at least have a valid reason.

  • Montana

    @Kriss: It’s feminine, not femin. Just saying.

  • tan

    How sad for her that she thought she – and obviously other pregnant women – look ‘rancid’?!? Shows that all the talent in the world cannot give someone self confidence or self worth. Truly sad. And truly VAPID. Let’s see how long that marriage lasts…….

  • DRB


    its been 3 and a half years. Pretty good at this point

  • Penny

    I think she would look a lot better if she removed those huge dispraportionate impants

  • booo

    Isnt’ she 42, btw? JJ, if you’re going to post celebs’ age, at least fact check first.

  • mbigl

    @butterflier: Yes.. except that tummy is not without a tuck. That’s not realistic.

  • tina

    Wow!!! Mariah has bounced back in no time!!! I am so impressed by her outstanding beauty!!! with Love!!

  • ali

    OMG what a diva !! i cant stand this self absorbed woman .

  • DRB


    She’s 41. 1970

  • DRB

    @mbigl: It’s only not realistic if you don’t try to actually lose the weight

  • mariah is a mess these days

    I don’t give a flying f*ck about Mariah Carey’s weight.

    She can be 92785628476947948464956498 pounds or only 0,0000001 pound.

    Where is her voice? Why doesn’t she sing live most of the time, anymore?

    Her talent is gone. And she is now collaborating with lame children like Justina Bieber on horrific songs.

    I own all of Mariah Carey’s studio albums, except : her second Christmas album, E=MC2 and Memoirs. Which are all her most recent albums.

    I don’t think I will ever buy another Mariah Carey album ever again… I will just continue to listen to her older music from now on.

    I am no longer a fan of the present Mariah Carey.

    And calling herself “Madame X” now, after Christina Aguilera did in 2010… that’s not funny or cute.

  • mindy

    So this is after the diet program? How much bigger was she? She doesn’t look fit at all. I’m not inspired by this one bit.