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Miranda Kerr - Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2011

Miranda Kerr - Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2011

Miranda Kerr hits the runway during the 2011 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on Wednesday (November 8) at the Lexington Avenue Armory in NYC.

The 28-year-old Aussie model rocked several looks – including the $2.5 million Fantasy Treasure Bra – while hubby Orlando Bloom cheered her on and gave her a standing ovation.

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show airs Tuesday, November 29, at 10/9c on CBS!

FYI: Miranda accessorized with Giuseppe Zanotti Design shoes and fine jewelry by London Jewelers.

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr at the 2011 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

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Credit: Jamie McCarthy; Photos: Getty, Justin Campbell
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  • YES!

    Thanks, Jared!
    And I love that Orlando was there to cheer her on for her big night!
    He’s such a good hubby!

  • Ann

    ok now I’m starting to wonder, does Miranda pay Jared? Why not show pictures of the top models in the show i.e. Adriana, Candice, Alessandra, as well?

  • eww

    @Ann: There are so many more models much prettier than chippy and she gets all the attention? wtf?

  • @2

    Miranda IS the top model of the show. She is wearing the fantasy bra, after all. And she is also one of the most popular.
    Why SHOULDN’T he post pics of her?

  • sal

    She is so gorgeous!
    My favorite angel!

  • Vanessa

    I refuse to believe this woman even went through pregnancy. She looks amazing!

  • alienHumanHybridChildNeptun

    Popsugar has pictures of all the beautiful VS models, Jared only posts chipmunk because he’s on her payroll.

  • kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    A old woman invaded my house with her ​​car, turned into a turkey and made this sound: gobble gobble

  • tam

    Orlando looks gorgeous at the afterparty!

  • Ann


    Not saying he shouldn’t post pics of her, it’s just that day after day we get pics of her and I don’t mind at all but it’s the VS fashion show and all we get are pics of her???? That’s BS. Why not include the rest of the girls in the slideshow? Why pay for so many pics of the same damn person? I think JJ read my post because Adriana just got her own post. Don’t you think it’s more convenient to post all of the models pics in one complete article?

  • @11

    JJ will probably post more pics of the more popular girls. Adriana, Candice, Ale and maybe Doutzen. But this isn’t a fashion blog, it’s a gossip blog. It isn’t his job to promote models that the average person has never heard of. Go to Bellazon, or The Fashion Spot for the other girls.
    His job is to post pics of the models that interest people. And judging from the fact that even people who claim to be sick of her, still come here to post about Miranda, she is of course featured first.
    And judging by the way that you accused JJ of being on her payroll, and insinuating that Miranda is not one of th etop models, my guess is that you are one of those people who come here just to complain about her threads. Your posts are one of the reasons that Miranda gets her own thread. Posts = hits. Hits = advertising money. No payroll needed.

  • Ann


    Oh please, just check me out on her other posts. I love this girl’s style and ask JJ to find out where she gets her close. I just don’t see the point in making a ton of separate posts for all the models when it could all be done in one thread. Also, I apologize if it sounded like I didn’t think she was a top model. When it comes to VS, she’s definitely one of the top girls, I just meant why not show the other famous faces as well. I couldn’t care less about the others.

    There’s no denying that Miranda gets a lot of play on this site, she, like Kate Bosworth is on the site everyday and that’s a lot of spotlight considering she’s only a model. Heidi Klum, I would understand but Miranda? Nope. Not unless she’s with Orlando.

  • @14

    But she isn’t “only a model”. Like Heidi, she has her own business, and does a lot of charity work. Of course, being married to Orlando Freakin’ Bloom and birthing the most beautiful baby on the planet has increased her notoriety.
    And once again, I will remind you that people who get a lot of posts, always have more threads. That means hits for advertising. JJ gets just as much cash from hits from haters or complainers, as he does from fans. THAT is why she is featured so often. That, and the sheer number of pap pics available since the paps have staked out their NY apartment.

  • Sally

    Who cares…… Miranda is only known cuz she bangs Orlando… And she isn’t pretty by a long shot

  • Sally

    Who cares…… Miranda is only known cuz she bangs Orlando… And she isn’t pretty by a long shot

  • Gorgeous

    Miranda is featured because she is more popular and well known than the other models…….that’s the reason why she’s wearing the fantasy bra and why she closed the VS show……simple!

  • @sally….16

    Jealous much???……lol!

  • @not so wise

    Marissa Miller the most famous? Not by a long shot.
    And Rosie? A movie star? LOL!!!
    One really bad performance in a really bad movie does not a movie star make.

  • @17

    You go right ahead and keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel better about your pathetic life.

  • Ann


    Heidi, Tyra, Gisele, all have other businesses but they’re also known for their personalities (crazy or outspoken). Miranda is not even close to them because at the end of the day you’re selling yourself as well as the product. Miranda has an adorable baby but calling it the most beautiful baby on the planet is a little much. If you’re a fan, I’ll respect that but I’ve said enough already. Now go argue with the people who call her ugly. You’re done here.

  • Ann

    Sorry I meant to reply to @15 not myself.

  • @26

    Wow. “You’re done here”? You’re a bit full of yourself, aren’t you.
    You make statements that sound offensive, then claim otherwise. What reaction did you expect?
    Maybe you should have been more selective in the language and tone of your posts, if you are claiming that you were simply misunderstood. It’s your own fault, so don’t get so snippy.

  • larsvonwhat

    miranda is cute, but i miss giselle’s legs :[ her gams were great haha

  • @29

    In other words, you’re so shallow that you demand the right to have the final say?
    They don’t have a life because they respond to your insults, yet you DO have a life because you made the statements in the first place?????
    They are right. You really are full of yourself.
    Maybe if you admitted that you were wrong in the first place, and stopped compounding your error, they wouldn’t feel the need to respond?

  • zoe

    Miranda looks PHENOMENAL!! Bloom is one lucky son of b*tch!

  • she’s the star

    @zoe: I totally agree with you. Someone said in previous post that “Anyone with a brain knows that Orlando is the ’star’ in their relationship.” LOLOLOL That’s ridiculous! Who cares about him if he’s not Mr. Miranda Kerr! He’s not going there to support her, but to get some attention for himself. Because Miranda is the STAR! Sadly he is NOT!

  • Sandy

    Miranda looks beautiful. Orlando is very loving and supportive of Miranda which is great. What a beautiful couple.

  • Monkey

    @@2: SHE IS NOT THE ONLY TOP MODEL! she is only more famous than the others because she is with orlando bloom, but as model I wouldn’t say she is above adriana lima or alessandra in demand, they are all pretty equal.

  • Monkey

    @@2: SHE IS NOT THE ONLY TOP MODEL! she is only more famous than the others because she is with orlando bloom, but as model I wouldn’t say she is above adriana lima or alessandra in demand, they are all pretty equal.

  • From Paris with Love

    Adriana Lima Reveals Extreme Diet Regimen for Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show
    [...] But now that Adriana Lima has revealed the extraordinary lengths she goes to in order to have that ‘Angel’-worthy figure, you might re-think keeping your own body.
    In an interview with The Daily Telegraph that has sent shock waves around the world, Lima was frank about her extreme diet and fitness regimen in the days leading up to the annual televised Victoria’s Secret fashion show, set to air on November 9.
    In addition to twice-daily workouts, for nine days leading up to the show, Lima eats no solids. She subsists entirely on protein shakes made in part from powdered eggs, and drinks a gallon of water a day. Two days before the show, she stops drinking the gallon of water and just drinks normally.
    Then, 12 hours before the show, she has nothing. No food. No water.
    “No liquids at all so you dry out, sometimes you can lose up to eight pounds just from that,” she told The Telegraph.
    I’m all for thin but I call this ANOREXIA. I don’t care if she doesn’t make herself throw up or purge, this is anorexia to me.

  • lil

    doutzen kroes was the most beautiful one, a real doll, with or without make up…

  • lafamepoma

    Poor, she will never be like Kate Moss or Claudia Schiffer the great models

  • wonder

    breast implants???

  • unknown

    I usually cant say nothing bad about her, but…it seems the models have reached a slump. SuperModel terminology is used way to loosely now days. The style at this years Fashion Show..lets just say, TURKEY anyone? Boring, and how sad that the only good thing about the show is gonna be JayZ performing with Kanye. I usually love some of the girls, but now it seems they ise average models who are with someone more famous than the model themselves. To me a SuperModel is like Heid, Tyra, Iman, Gisselle, and usully I add Alessandra, miranda, and a couple of others. But after seeing the hair make up, and designs. I think VS has reached their creative down low. To me a SuperModel isnt just recognizable in everything they do. They have that extra spark. Seems now days, its all abpoit who someone is married too or with in personal lives. Tha.k God the true Fashion Designers havent lost sight of this. As A super Model, you have to be well known all over the world, and not byu who you banging. Just my opinion!

  • LOL!

    I see that the delphidiot finally woke up.
    Where have you been? Such a slacker!
    That’s all that statement is worth.
    @brain of a monkey
    When Adriana or Alessandra grace the cover of three Vogues, or walk multiple hf runways, then you can say that they are “pretty equal”.
    Yep, Adriana is an idiot. While Miranda and a few other promote a healthy diet, Adriana tells girls that they need to starve themselves to look like her. Moron.

  • Truly

    @LOL!: Adriana did bit telll anyone they need to starve themselves to look like her. She revealed her VS diet plan.

    PS. Adriana has had 3 Vogue covers.

    She has ocassionally done HF, too. She is also financially more successful than Miranda.

    She has a bigger fanbase than Miranda and is more popular on the Internet than Miranda.

    Sorry, Miranda fans.

  • picture

    @Truly: Adriana has “dabbled” in fashion but is definitely not very in demand in that department…She has been around for 10 years and has only had 5 Vogue covers! thats horrible for someone of her “status” Candice has only been around since 2007 and already has 5, lol. Miranda only around since 2006 and has 3. Adriana is also telling people to starve themselves to look like her. I knew girl wasn’t very bright but wow, don’t act like a role model than reveal THAT diet moron. go make your derp faces on the catwalk some more. Adriana fans seem so mad that she never got the fame Miranda gets (she even dated a rockstar and a prince). Adriana can hardly speak English, she has no business other than pushing panties in the same old boring catalog for over 10 years. She laughs and giggles when she talks, she has absolutely no business savvy.

  • Jawne

    omg how did she become a model with such a big head? I think she appeals to the new age crowd I guess but when I was growing up models were much prettier than this! High cheekbones,sensual bodies, she looks like an child/alien! what is the modeling world thinking? no wonder models are not famous like they once were. No one aside from a small crowd gets into this “type” of beauty.

  • mel

    Is it just me or does her right boob look kind of weird in some pics?

  • yajaira

    i know a lot of women(me included) would die to have a body like that, so stop being so mean, she looks AMAZINGGGG

  • wow!

    She looks gorgeous!

  • @37

    Adriana has only done hf when they were looking for a gimmick. She is NOT a hf model, and she never will be. She has one look, and one walk…a bad one.
    Miranda and Candice tore up the hf runways in Paris. Both walking multiple shows and both getting great critique. THEY are the most versatile models that VS has. Adriana isn’t even a close second.

  • @26

    @@26: You are the one sounding offensive and snippy. You should stop with your obsessive posting on Miranda threads. You make it seem like all her fans are as crazed as you.

  • @44

    I’m not #26, but how could you say that?
    The other person is the one who spouted off with the “you’re done here”. THEY were the one that was rude.
    And since when is responding to a hater “crazed” and “obsessive”?
    Are her fans just supposed to sit by and watch the truly obsessed haters fling idiotic insults?
    Why is responding “obsessive”, and the haters posting on EVERY THREAD not?
    Is that just another delphidiot double standard?
    Yep, I think that it is.

  • AmnesiacNikki

    Look the boots she wore in the fashion show. What kind of style would you call that?