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Adam Levine & Anne V - Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2011

Adam Levine & Anne V - Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2011

Anne V gets a kiss from boyfriend Adam Levine during the 2011 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on Wednesday (November 9) at NYC’s Lexington Avenue Armory.

The 25-year-old Russian model walked down the runway while Maroon 5 performed their hit track, “Moves Like Jagger” – at the end of the catwalk, Adam planted a kiss on her cheek!

Before the fashion show started, Adam walked the pink carpet with his band mates, Jesse Carmichael, James Valentine, Mickey Madden, and Matt Flynn.

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show airs Tuesday, November 29, at 10/9c on CBS!

15+ pictures inside of Adam Levine and Anne V at the 2011 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

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Credit: Jamie McCarthy, Andrew H. Walker; Photos: Getty
Posted to: Adam Levine, Anne V, James Valentine, Jesse Carmichael, Maroon 5

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  • albino

    Excuse me but, this couple are trash!

  • sweetness



  • Carey

    She’s not goodlooking. Well, at least they excluded Rosie HW from the show.

    Adriana Lima and Candace Swanpoel are still their best bets.

  • joi

    I can’t stand this guy.

  • 007



  • Weronika

    OMg . ! Haha look :D ;

  • kel

    I see he dressed for the occasion, ugh.

  • frugos
  • Chloe

    They’re going to regret looking back on this after the breakup…

  • 007



  • 007



  • 007



  • Alex A Aguilar

    Adam & Anne make a Good couple.

  • 007



  • johan Antonio

    very good gateway victoria secret.

  • 007



  • 007



  • Dollie P.

    They are a prefect example of what gorgeous couple means.

    The delusional haters are not relevant (but I agree Adam could have avoided the tanktop: still, he’s so handsome you can forgive him and let him dress /undress as he prefers to).

    They need to marry and reproduce, also.

  • Girl Power

    He’s your typical whiney insecure celeb with a massive ego that when confronted with facts loses his shiiiit.

  • Le

    I don’t think she is pretty,but they make a cute couple!!!

  • Rose

    She’s a beautiful model. A part of me wants to see what this is going to look like when it airs. I just hope the rest of the band didn’t feel like they were doing the Adam and Anne show rather than the VS Fashion Show.
    I completely over-looked him in the pictures and marveled at how gorgeous she looked in her outfit.

  • Lisa

    Hot couple!!

  • Shannon

    Uh, what in the hell is he wearing for one thing? Second, it was very obvious as to why VS wanted the band on the show; or should I say, Adam Levine and the band Maroon 5 as some of the pictures have been tagged. The man looks good, he’s at a fashion show, at least dress the part.

  • j

    she looks like a dude.. levine and her are such attention whores.

  • Truth

    They are the new Heidi + Seal of the VS show.

  • unknown

    I think she is perfect for runway, but not Super Model material. She isn’t VS. Good marketing strategy. To bad everyone at the show thought this was a joke. However, Kanye & Jay Z. Thats the real show. Also, publicity stunts are getting old now.

  • unknown

    Atleast he isn’t wearing a t-shirt with her face on it like last years. @Shannon:

  • Shannon

    How many years has she been doing this show? Is she one of the key VS models like Alessandra and Audrina? I saw last year’s show where he was whistling during her walk.

  • unknown

    She has been on the runway for about 2 or 3 years now, but so has many other models. Whe. She started dating Adam, she got wings last year. Which is amusing, because usually when you get wings. You are in commercials and even listed as an Angel. Her name doesn’t show on the list at all. She is no where near the main girls. And another thing is when you are an Angel, you do a lot of promotions, and events. They have over 11 each yearr. She hasn’t done any of them. If you check out the main site for their commercials. You will se Erin, and new Angel, but not her. Also, she had her wings last year, usually they do a lil interview. They didn’t with her. Now things have changed since she & Adam publicized their relationship so much. I mean how many of the other girls are dating so much more famous or even married than Adam and they show respect by not showing out. Last year the joke at the after party was whether or not Adam was gonna pull out pom poms and do back flips. They only mentioned Anne one time last year. Now with this antic i bet you they will mention several times now. Publicity usually helps after a while, but wears down the soul. Remember Jennifer Lopez & Ben Afleck? The music videos, the publicity interviews. Just saying!@Shannon:

  • unknown

    Actually Seal & Heidi were sucessful and respected for their individuality. So these two are no where near that level. Just saying what people will say! @Truth:

  • Shannon

    Read US Weekly online and I saw this:
    “We kind of wanted to make [Maroon 5] as much a part of the show as possible,” Vyalitsina told Us Weekly after the show of her bit with her boyfriend of over a year. “We just tried to have fun and make it as cute as we could.”
    I did notice that they didn’t give her a pair of wings this show and didn’t she do two outfits last year as well. I looked on here and saw that Miranda Kerr has three outfits and another model had three as well. If she has been doing this for three plus years then one would think she would be advancing instead of going in the opposite direction in their eyes. The show hasn’t even aired yet and I can tell from the pictures that it would be awkward to sit watching over the top PDA on the stage.

  • nepenthes

    His tattoos are simply HORRIBLE. He gives a douchebag vibe too, imo. Get over yourslef boy, your voice sucks, no matter what you may think. I enjoyed their first album but his voice always annoyed the heck out of me. Really fail “fake voice”.

  • unknown

    Alessandra, Adrina, hell e en a new Angel named Emanuel De Palo, is more VS material. If you look at the new Angels, they have finally got it a little bit together. Here is the thing, if she wasn’t dating Adam, and especially in all the music videos of his band. Would anyone know who she is. I mean, would anyone be able to pick her out with a blonde in front or back of her on a run way! To me a VS model has to have an extra something. Someone who stands out and not because of someone she is dating. Everytime her name is mentioned they always put Adam in front or mentioned. Here is another thing, if Adam wasn’t on the Voice, and finally had a hit song with Moves Like Jagger. Which BTW, rumor has it they will be sued for it. Don’t ask! And dating Anne, would Maroon 5 be on the fashion show performing. Jay Z and Kanyes performance took over the whole show. Even out did the models. That’s all people talk about. So what does that say? BTW people better enjoy the Voice, I give it 2 or 3 more seasons and its gone! @Shannon:

  • Shannon

    @unknown: Every time I see his name pop up, it’s about the latest thing he’s bad-mouthing or gloating on. Sometimes too much of saying what you want whenever you want is a turn off. I didn’t like him at all in the Russian Vogue spread simply because of the fact that the spread was done way in the spring and popped out right at the time he announced being in VS and doing some overseas tour; plus he just didn’t fit at all with her in the pictures. There was one that was good, but the rest were lackluster. Not at all knocking their relationship but too much of doing everything together all time can do the opposite in a relationship.

  • unknown

    That’s a major NO NO! And the fact her big mouth opened about it, doesn’t shock me. It was very staged. But proffessionally, that’s a big No No. A slap in the face for the choregrapher! Her ass can be caned for it. @Shannon: @Shannon:

  • unknown

    Its called marketing. If they did it back in Spring they had no effort to release it. Usually mags release something like that the next month. Never several months later. Its a given. Do they realise their lil cuteness can blow up in their face. If the choreographer gets pissed about it enough. They will pull their performance from the editing. I have heard it done before, but then again. It gets attention too. And they do have a hit song and he is on a hit tv show for now. So if it draws the right kind of attention they will use it. However, people will look at it either way. Cute and romantic, but that’s for the people with their head up their asses, and as what it was. A publicity stunt and a joke. People were laughing when it happened and others rolled their eyes. And the fact Anne admitted it was planned, that may be a look at their relationship as a whole publicity stunt. Hollywood usually is a Superficial place but even they tire of stuff like this. @Shannon:

  • venenosa

    Two piles of sh*t on the runway. Lovely.

  • Shannon
  • Jordan

    Rosie wasn’t excluded you hater she’s still an angel, she is shooting a campaign STAY PRESSED. Flop Levine and fat arsed Anne are so horrid

  • unknown

    I usually dont follow her tweets until brought to my attention by my lil Birdy! LOL what amuses me is that she tried to take credit for a video too. Remember the one with the bed, whatever it was called, but i remember her distinctly saying look for @adamlevine & @maroon5 & my video. If it was her video, i guess her name should have been next to their name when the name flashed of the video. And so called excitement about heading to Vegas, but added ironically she was sad that her SI family wasnt there with her. Erm excuse me? Really? You are going to go see your BF in Vegas, where ironically where they met, and you happen to mention SI, which ironically she just did a 3 day shoot for. Sounds to me she is really wanting that cover this next year. And what GF goes on a month long holiday with out their BF twice! I mean i get he has a busy schedule, but twice now she has gone on a holiday with her family while he is on tour. And if you pay attention to her tweets. You can usually tell when they are fighting. She calls NYC her home, and he starts lashing out or gets political in a fiesty way. Just watch and see. And then if your a good investigator and can tell which friend is which, they start trashing Adam. Which is sad. But that also means she is running her mouth. And if you start looking a little harder, you can see the pics she txtx to certain friends of Adam and other friends, more personal ones be posted through their twitter pages. Just got to know where to look doll! @Shannon:

  • unknown

    Have you ever noticed how they announce the band, they say Adam Levine & Maroon 5, ya know whats really sad though. I have the feeling he just wants love, true love and be happy, and when a person wants something like love. Their judgement often gets clouded. I dont know Adam personally, but he just seems the type, and besides he is a Pisces man! I am saying though when his eyes finally opens up and realize. I will feel sorry for the man! But just watch and see. Oh BTW, for a man in love he tweeted Halloween that he and anne v have the best costumes. I maybe be wrong here, but that sounds like a friendly tweet not a BF & GF mentioning tweet. He could have refered her as his GF, but instead he just says @AnneV? Like a friend. Which again I could be wrong, but when he refers to her it sounds more like a guy living a fantasy. A red blooded male. But then anything can be misinterputed on line, but photos and comments dont lie when attached together in a way. The fans know him better, well about him more than I do, so they may back me up on this or not. I think he is just misguided and fatuated with love. And he has a pattern. He has gone with models in the past, and unless he breaks the pattern. He needs a business minded, not up tight. Someone who has things in common naturally with him. Not everything, but is completely honest and not posessive. And the fact he admited that they both are a lil jealous at times. That eventually becomes tiresome, and tantrums. And thats in every relationship. I think Adam is the type that is at that point he wants to settle down, have kids, but the right woman. I think he is a gentle soul, and not the person everyone sees, however, you will see when she tweets and he tweets they arwent imitating eachother hardly any more and if she does slightly mention about a personal related thing to Adam, its quickly follwed with a comment towards her career and money and fame. Just read between the lines.

  • lily

    i was like “aww” when she smiled. I can see many people over here are jealous. I think they look cute together !

  • hann

    adam seems like he would be a douche. js

  • Shannon

    I read some of their tweets. Is it just me but for someone that wants to show their relationship a great deal in public, but act afraid to display their ‘affections’ via tweets? What I did read came off a bit like they were more so acknowledging one another at a business standpoint, as you mentioned earlier on. No way am I assuming that they don’t care for one another, but I laugh a bit at how he told one magazine that he didn’t like talking about his relationship w/her, but yet did four interviews right after that talking on what? His relationship with her. It’s a bit too late now to suddenly want to have privacy when they’ve gone above and beyond displaying their relationship in every media outlet (magazines, music videos, etc).

  • unknown

    If they were sincere enough about their privacy, they wouldnt be doing a n.ude cover for a Russian mag, and yeah its not you. I mean they dont have to go all out and put their business out there for the world. Yes alot of high profile couples do interviews and what not, but they dont exactly go off and act like that either in the public eye. I said it before, and i stand by it. There are places in Hollywood & Malibu that are so much more popular where alot more celebrities can be photographed. Not in certain places they have been. And they arent worth that much money, verses other celebrities. I mean for instance, Anne is suppose to be a VS Angel, yet so many either refer to as a plain model, and 99% of the time, they refer her as just his GF. A few times they just, and this was recent too, refered to her as a friend. I am not saying they should be gushy, and smoochy on twitter. Thats their private busines, but at the same time, when they refer to eachother. It does seem like business. When she thanked him for doing the nude pics for RV, it came off like she was thanking a friend. She tweeted something similar to another person, a long time ago now. Almost the same exact thing. There is a huge difference between BF/GF, Lovers, Husbands/wives, so on, than saying something to a buddy, or in some cases, FWB. You can usually tell. If i was going to Vegas or somewhere to see my BF that I havent seen in a while. The last thing I would do is include someone job related within the last tweet. Its like yeah I am excited, but I am sad because of my SI people arent there. Its like slap the man in the face. I dont think they should put all their business out there online. But atleast make it more believable as a couple if you are going to refer them, or mention them at all. Its weird to me. I mean if I was his woman, the last thing I do was tweet anything about any of them out of respect or anything job related in the same tweet as I am refering to him. Thats disrespectful. Thats why so many question their relationship. BTW, when she finally gets the cover of SI, which i am guessing with all the publicity around them more and more. They will still refer to Adam first, no matter what she does. This is the one case where business and personal has crossed the line and thats never a good thing in any relationship. I mean yeah Seal did perform on VS and Heidi was coming back. But they looked in love and true love, even now. Never looked staged or any antics at all. Heidi is a name on her own, Anne is simply Adams GF. And the fact she has been in SI for 7 yrs going on 8 or 9, and never made the cover. Who is she really gonna thank, it aint God, she owes Adam. That includes his fans. Question? How many people do you think will stay on board with Anne being beautiful if they broke up? My guess alot less than before. Then watch them turn into a beautiful woman, to what an ugly ass bitch! Not my words, just saying how so many close minded people will react. @Shannon:

  • Shannon

    I wonder that too. You are really speaking honestly. Even on this site and any other site, Adam’s name does come first in the tagline “Adam Levine’s girlfriend, SI (or VS, depending on what they deem important) model…” or “SI model, Anne V, girlfriend of Adam Levine of Maroon 5″. I can see where many are depicting their on stage walk of that of Heidi and Seal, but it pales a bit in comparison in terms of emotions between the two of them. That, however, is just my thoughts on it after seeing Heidi and Seal’s time on the VS stage.
    Now, in terms of her losing fan base. I don’t know how large her following is, but from what you commented, I am pretty much guessing that the majority of that is because of who she is with that it climbed.
    I personally can not believe that she has been doing SI for seven or more years and doesn’t have a cover or two. Do most models for SI have to wait that long to get the cover or is it shorter than that? That right there just stumps me because that’s what she is known for.
    To answer your question in terms of if I believe her followers will drop if things did go the opposite for the both of them? I can say in my own belief and honesty that it would. Strictly because many are his fans/supporters and are following her due to him. She’ll still hold many but you pointed out that people do turn when a celebrity relationship hits the skids and start to talk in a bad manner of one or the other. Not right to do, I know but it happens.

  • unknown

    If they are true Super Model material, then the really good ones are on the cover by the third or fourth time. The fact sales didnt fair so well with the last issue. They will def put Anne on it. With the attention Adam has given in the media and her name mention too. Alot of people ev entually get to the point of questioning everything or ignore them completely. Tyra was on the cover of SI by her second time around, Gissele I think by thed third time, very rare does one hit the cover on first try. But some of the same girls have been in these issues repeatidly. It wont do well at all, even if they think Anne will draw attention due to her relationship being not only high profile, but Adam having the success he has given. They believe fans and know they will run out to get it. However, the true fans of SI, and I am one of them. I love seeing what designers come out with next. What can i say i am a girl, fashion is my drug. But a really really good model. Usually by the third time. If they have that wow factor. To me Anne is a cute, but average looking girl, and no offense, not attacking her, but at times I have seen shots of her, and I can see why people would claim she isnt really a woman. One of dearest friends, who is gay, he swore she was a Tranny and didnt even know who she was as a model or affiliated with Adam. To me and I know so many true fans of fashion & models will say this. If she was on a runway, they wouldnt be able to point her out from another blonde or two around her. Gisselle, everyone knows who she is, with or without knowing who she dated. She is a Super Model, even before Seal, Heidi is a Goddess. See the difference. Super Models dont need a name to be dropped everytime they are mentioned. They hold their own and stand out amoungst all the others. The need the Sex Factor. And sorry Anne doesnt have any of it. She is more known as Adams main squeeze than her professional career. Oh BTW, Anne isnt the only VS model he has been with. Look around a bit u can find out alot. Or in my case, just ask the right person. Nothing wrong with that, he is a man. There is a, i think she is 17 now, Hayleigh something, i am twrrible with names. She is a blonde hair blue eyed girl and trust me she stands out. You can spot her in a second. By the time she is 18 i bet she will be on VS stage, and have wings by 19 or 20. Thats a Super Model in the making, actually as far as I am concerned and the industry will agree. She has the it factor. @Shannon:

  • Shannon

    I don’t know if that could ever be a compliment to get the cover of SI solely for the person you’re with, rather than it being solely on the body of work that she has done. Didn’t he do some ‘campaigning’ for her in tweets or some interview when the last issue of the swimsuit edition came up?

  • unknown

    If memory serves, and I believe it was you that said on twitter that he made a comment on there about her being on the cover. If it wasn’t you, I apologise, but that’s what I heard. He said something like that, and that’s never good, because yeah some people will sit there and want her for that purpose to sell whatever they are selling, but true and respected designers, those who are very well respected, would rather have a no name than someone who is getting a name for the sake of the relationship they are in. That’s why I say its a fame relationship, and that’s why so many call them fake. Well atleast in her part. I mean she could do so much on her own without him, examlpe that whole spread in RV, which was badly photoshopped. I mean atleast curve her ass, or no ass, a bit better and they deleted his abs! Badly done for sure. But it can go either way, but seriously, it won’t last, and its sad. In so many ways.@Shannon:

  • Madu

    maroon 5 maniac over here… you forgot PJ Morton, he plays keyboard with Jesse Carmichael