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Jessica Lowndes: 'I Wish I Was Gay' Video Premiere

Jessica Lowndes: 'I Wish I Was Gay' Video Premiere

90210 actress Jessica Lowndes gets revenge on an ex-boyfriend through burlesque in the video for her new single “I Wish I Was Gay“, which will be available on iTunes starting tomorrow (November 11).

“This is my first solo music video and I am excited to debut it!” the 23-year-old singer/actress shared with Just Jared. “The [Frank E. Flowers-directed] video is about a girl who finds out her boyfriend has been cheating on her and she’s not going to let him get away with it. I love this song because everybody knows what it’s like to have their heartbroken.”

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  • Jess

    She is pretty but there’s just something about her that makes her entirely unlikeable.

  • bobbyweiner

    @Jess: her horrible acting?

  • janiece

    well THAT was certainly “gay”….

  • tiffany

    that is horrible.

  • http://@guilhermekills guilherme


  • manny

    I don’t know about like-ability but she looks f-in HOT….

  • Susan

    She has such a great voice!

  • Emily J.

    Gorgeous and talented. That is a rare combo in Hollywood these days.


  • Emily J.

    Gorgeous and talented. That is a rare combo in Hollywood these days.


  • Davidjay

    Wowww! This girl is hot! Love her on 90210, but she should certainly concentrate on her music career if she’s capable of this! I’m in loveeee with the song, can’t stop watching it!! :) :) :)

  • Halli

    It should be, “I wish I WERE gay”

    Not “I wish I was gay”

  • Montana

    @Halli: Um…..FAIL!

  • Alaia

    So generic.

  • Drew

    She gets revenge…by shaving his thighs?

  • Eva

    ewwwww, this is looks so cheap! the song is bad, i expected she does a lot better
    but now i still think she is pretend to be a second Megan Fox and she always wear such a horrible costumes! just eewww

  • allie

    I really like this song.

  • Ty

    She is so talented. 90210 needs to give her more to do!

  • Naomi

    You’re right. But it wouldn’t sound right when singing it

  • Liz

    She’s so pretty!

  • Alanna

    Jessica looks so HOT! I love this song – so catchy, and the video is gorgeous!!!

  • YAYA

    She looks just like Nelly Furtado.

  • hmm

    I wish I had her face.

  • yoyo

    I actually thought it was it was good. I dont care if every dislikes it. I actually like it. NO she scared him because he didnt know what she was gonna do it withe.

  • yoyo

    It’s her first MUSIC video; and plus it’s funded by her, so — it’s her first video, don’t expect too much, it was good. I enjoyed it and it was alot better than DJ Ironik and her video. So..KUDOS JESSICA :)

  • yoyo

    I love how all of the negative comments are from females lol. Jealous much?

  • mkhay

    she’s gorgeous. song is catchy.

  • ELI

    This beauty should play Elizabeth Taylor when they make a movie about the big star.

  • Amy

    I agree it is her first music video which she’s doing by herself and her first album all funded by herself. Give the girl a chance. She’s got a really good voice and she looks great! It’s a catchy tune. The song is different, she’s not trying to be another Katy Perry or Rihanna, she’s doing what she wants.

  • Vanessafan

    She’s one of the prettiest people in hollywood and her voice is decent, but this video/song is pretty bad. Kudos to her for funding it herself, though (if that’s true.)

    We’re jealous because we know when something is good or bad? And if you look again, almost every female said she was gorgeous and that they liked the video or she’s pretty but, the video was awful. Why do people always have to bring up the jealous card? It’s ridiculous, come up with something more creative.

  • SeeFSee

    Very catchy, but I’m confused.
    Why does she wish she was gay ? because he cheated ?
    Plus everyone , boys and girls act that way, or whatever way she is thinking.
    It’s catchy but confusing….and she’s gorgeous, the cheat does not look half as good….a little unrealistic there, I don’t think he would stray.

  • F16

    The song is so so sucks

  • LadyB

    She’s very beautiful…Canada has a lot of ethnic looking pretty ladies….The video was nice but the song is not…then again I’ve heard worse songs.

  • unknown

    Fail all around. She couldn’t even get the right grammar in the title.. it should be “WERE”

  • offtheproperty

    You should be happy you’re straight:
    *It helps you see the truth of life clearly.
    *It makes your family most proud of you.
    *It sets a positive example for everyone.

  • Molly

    Wow this song is bad, and her voice is nothing special.

  • Adrianna Fan

    @bobbyweiner: NO WAY. Jessica is the best thing about 90210!

  • Heppy

    Speaking for homos everywhere, I’m glad she’s not gay.

  • http://fionagodbless fiona

    totatly awersome love i t loveit

  • bobbyweiner

    @Adrianna Fan: disagree thought she was good the 1st season…..but got worse over the years

  • wouldyoukindly

    @bobbyweiner: Adrianna kinda sucked in season’s 2 & 3, but she’s definitely been making a comeback in season 4.

  • wouldyoukindly

    @bobbyweiner: Adrianna kinda sucked in season’s 2 & 3, but she’s really making a comeback this season. Also, Jessica Lowndes is easily the best actress on 90210.

  • Joe Chen

    Pretty disrespectful to gay people though.

  • Anya

    I like her but this sucksssss!!! So lame S:

  • Jack

    @janiece: I Know, right? it made me very happy! Go Jessica! She has a fantastic voice and is sexy. Don’t hate, your jealousy is just showing.

  • http://elitistops penifsmash

    I, too, am gay.

  • http://rawiahalsalman rawiah

    wow….i love you jessica-lowndes somatch
    the is very very cool and she is very Beautiful

  • Taylor

    The song is catchy, albeit somewhat offensive. I hate how female music video clips are overtly sexual to the point it is kind of gross and barely sexy. I know Rihanna and all that do it…the S&M clip for example. Isn’t mystery sexy any more?

  • lily

    She isn’t much of an actress but she is pretty and might manage a music career after 90210. The new 90210 is an awful show so really no one is good on it ,not just her.

  • mimi

    @T: totally missing the point! jessica is totally respectful to the gay community… and this is an awesome song

  • Ellen

    The song should be titled: ‘I’m a lesbian’