Kate Bosworth & Rachel Bilson: Vanessa Bruno Bash!

Kate Bosworth & Rachel Bilson: Vanessa Bruno Bash!

Rachel Bilson and Kate Bosworth meet up at a party for Vanessa Bruno on Wednesday (November 9) at Lucques in Los Angeles.

The L!fe Happens co-stars helped the Parisian clothing designer celebrate the one-year anniversary of her flagship boutique.

Vanessa collaborated with designer/filmmaker Stephanie di Giusto for some short films – including A Visual Poetry, which starred Kate – as part of her Fall 2011 Nordic-themed campaign.

You can check out video, in which Kate performs all of her own stunts, at VanessaBruno.com!

FYI: Rachel is wearing an olive khaki ruffled blouse with a black skirt and black Vanessa Bruno blazer. Kate wore a white shift dress with silver metallic detail.

Rachel accessorized with a pair of Anita Ko 18k yellow gold Spike stud earrings.

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83 Responses to “Kate Bosworth & Rachel Bilson: Vanessa Bruno Bash!”

  1. 1
    lexy hates bilson Says:

    Wow! She looks awful standing next to Bosworth!

  2. 2
    tara Says:

    Kate is looking better than she has in a long time. She looks like she’s put on a little weight…witch is good!

  3. 3
    Crap actress Says:

    Both are crap at acting, however Kate looks nice for once it looks like she has had a good wash, where is kate’s bf M polish?

  4. 4
    kel Says:

    Yeah, kate looks pretty.

  5. 5
    Actually.. Says:

    I’m not liking Kate’s two-toned and two-textured hair. And the dress is too baggy on her. Other than that she looks okay.

    Bilson would have looked much better if she had worn something besides those shorts. Her hair and make up are nice though.

  6. 6
    wow Says:

    Hard to believe Bilson is two years older than Bosworth, she looks so much younger than her.

  7. 7
    Dimbulb Says:

    Nice wiglet Kate.

  8. 8
    Eresyn Says:

    i can’t believe her stylist let her go out with that crappy hairpiece, it doesn’t even match her own hair!!!!
    Dress is awful, too baggy IMO
    and I can’t take my eyes off Bilson’s head. I never noticed it was so big!

  9. 9
    JEN Says:

    LOL they clipped the hair peice under her real hair that consists of 7 or 8 strands. The colors don’t even match. She should just shave her head and start over at this point. It’s a lost cause.

    I like her dress though, minus those stupid tights. It makes her look like she doesn’t have legs. Well she doesn’t have hair either so….

  10. 10
    DailyNightly Says:

    Back to smugging again, I see. Guess Hobbit managed to escape for the night.

  11. 11
    Hazmat Says:

    The hair piece is a major fail. Neither one looks polished or pulled together.

  12. 12
    Jeannie Says:

    Wow, Kate looks so much older than Rachel. Also, what’s up with her hair?

  13. 13
    ladybug Says:

    @Jeannie: Well, either bad extensions or she didn’t brush her hair this morning (she’s had this look on other occasions, maybe she thinks it high fashion).

  14. 14
    jamie Says:

    Rachel and Kate have nothing better to do than insult each other on this post. Those 2 are crazy and bored enough to do this. Ladies, you both are not Hollywood “it” girls any more. Get over yourselves.

  15. 15
    Xs 2 Says:

    Knew we couldn’t get a month without a pointless Rachel Bilson or Kate Bosworth post and now look BOTH of them in one post. Aren’t we so lucky?
    The two of them together is like having the twin D list attentionaddicts of Hollywood joining their publicity forces in hopes for once they can make real headlines together. Yeah still not going to happen “ladies”.
    Two D listers don’t make one A lister sorry. I saw Kate’s video on Bruno’s site its really creepy and very Black Swan like. Haha. That is about as close as either one of them will get to a Black Swan performance ever. Vanessa Bruno really needs to get better people to attend her events and wear her clothes than these two, because no major actress in Hollywood is going to want to be seen in the same dress or at the same party as Bosworth or Bilson!! You can feel the desperation radiating off of both of them in these pictures. Like please remember us when we were famous?

  16. 16
    BlueCrushed Says:

    The life partner was there. Kate obviously missed the tutorial about the clip in hair extensions and didn’t get the right colour. The girl in this video got it right and she didn’t have a big budget and a team. Pathetic.


  17. 17
    lafamepoma Says:

    They look similar but I prefer Rachel

  18. 18
    ladybug Says:

    @BlueCrushed: Still not convinced it’s extensions, because the lighting is so bad it’s hard for me to tell if the back is really that dark (and therefore perhaps a bad weave) or just a trick of the lighting.

  19. 19
    Vanessafan Says:

    I don’t get the hate for Rachel. She’s gorgeous and her outfit is cute. I’d like to see her wearing something different for once though.
    Kate looks beautiful as well, but her dress has got to go. No me gusta!

  20. 20
    Xs 2 Says:

    @Vanessafan: The “hate” for Rachel as you say is because Kate and Rachel are pretty much the blonde and brunette versions of each other. Except Kate has screwed her face up a lot more. Which is why Rachel looks better when compared to Kate. Which isn’t saying much. Because Kate looks jacked up most og the time.Rachel isn’t really HATED though because you have to matter to be hated. Some people just find her to be annoying and dislike her like they dislike Kate. Neither Kate nor Rachel are HATED because neither one matters enough to be hated. They both play the same games to get talked about and they both have lukewarm careers at the best of times. They both are past their glory days, yet still managed to get followed by the paparazzi like they are still A list. Was Kate ever A list? or Rachel just for being on the OC. It’s ratings were never that great.
    Getting photographed and talked about is their first and most important full time jobs. Second would be trying to convince people they are fashions “icons” and third would be trying to work enough to still be considered actresses. A very distant third place.

  21. 21
    BlueCrushed Says:

    @Xs 2:

    Bilson doesn’t have the wh*re label attached like Bosworth. The only man that seems she’s known for is Hayden Christensen while Bosworth climbs every man that will let her.

  22. 22
    Rachel() Says:

    Bilson looks cute and happy, Bosworth just looks smug(why?).

  23. 23
    lara Says:

    why do you dislike Kate so much? i do not know, she maybe a mediocre actress, however there are plenty like her, nowadays talent is really rare. she maybe is not the most beautiful woman in the world,but i am pretty sure many women would like to look like her. do not think like i am defending her, just i am really interested what so much wrong with her

  24. 24
    Actually... Says:

    I did not find that all on my own, I googled “Kate Bosworth hair extensions” and it came up how everyone agreed she was wearing them when she went on Fallon’s show, then I noticed they looked very similar to the under layer of her hair at this event. I think she just wanted to duplicate her hair from the show, but forgot that she had changed her hair color in the mean time. (And then also chose not to curl the top layer of her hair for some reason.) It did look nice when she was on Fallon so I can’t blame her for trying to do it again, but she failed in the execution.

  25. 25
    @BlueCrushed Says:

    @BlueCrushed: When Rachel Bilson was single last year she was rumored to be with Chace Crawford, Jake Gyllenhaal,Andy Samberg and Ryan Gosling all in a short amount of time.All supposedly were rumors and denied by each guy but then again you never know. Kate always has the same kind of “denied” rumors once the publicity has been milked out of the story.The point is when single Rachel Bilson can be just as “connected “to various people as Kate Bosworth is when she is single. They both play the same game. The difference is Kate just takes her famegame too far sometimes and doesn’t know when to take a few steps back before causing damage to her image

    Kate has damaged her image and career about as much as she has damaged her hair.. A LOT..

  26. 26
    ha ha Says:

    @@BlueCrushed #25

    Rachel was never seen alone with any of those guys, except Chase Crawford at a dinner with friends in New York City. Chase Crawford was supposedly dating Kelly Osbourne at the same time as Rachel, but Kelly said they never met, and Rachel’s rep said Rachel was friends with Chase’s manager, and knew Chase for awhile but they were not dating. She was at a concert in a park with friends that Ryan was in, never seen with Andy Samberg, who had a girlfriend he was with at the time. She was seen at the gym in the same yoga class Jake was in, that was how that rumour got started. She was never seen dating any other guy when she and Hayden broke up, and Hayden was not seen dating anyone else. Sophie Monk went to the after party of Takers with Tove-ha Tove was seen carrying her purse which was totally ignored. Rachel is not seen partying all the time and dragging different men around with her while she does it. Hayden is not seen partying with other women than Rachel. Hayden and Rachel are pretty boring when it comes to anything exciting happening to them scandal wise, I would say.

  27. 27
    Jeannie Says:

    And to my knowledge, Rachel never went after her married friends husbands.

  28. 28
    BlueCrushed Says:

    Even Life.com has called KB out.


  29. 29
    Eresyn Says:

    @La nouvelle icône fashion:
    healthy? you must be anorexic too, or you need glasses. She clearly has an eating disorder.

  30. 30
    Actually.. Says:

    @Actually… (24): Last night I posted two links comparing the two hair styles, but I guess it got deleted overnight because it had two links. Without it 24 look random and grammatically awkward, oh well. Sorry for how it’s a bit redundant now.
    I can’t believe I noticed this, but I think the clip in extensions are from when she was on Jimmy Fallon. She had a warmer dye job then and it was a bit wavy. Note how the hair in front of her shoulders at the Bruno dinner is a different color and texture from the hair at the top of her head and framing her face. And how that hair looks exactly like her hair did when she was on Jimmy Fallon (if you factor in that the dinner had cooler, bluer lights than the studio):

  31. 31
    Eresyn Says:

    I think you’re right!!!! it’s a shame her stylist didn’t dye the hair to match the hair extension…or gave her another hairpiece, because you can see the color mismatch right away.
    I think she should go back to this kind of haircut:

  32. 32
    Mjforlife Says:

    Rachel looks younger.

  33. 33
    marlie Says:

    KB and RB look gorgeous and healthy. Because obesity is rampant, fat is the new thin. Heart attacks waiting to happen.

  34. 34
    mforman Says:

    @#33–What are you talking about? KB hasn’t looked healthy in years and I think you will find you are in the minority when you say that about her. It scares me that you think she is healthy looking.

    Her “life partner” was in attendance, posing with Vanessa Bruno, because she is clinging and dragging him all over the place, and the funniest thing is he goes willingly, maybe he is as big a famewhore as her, I mean seriously, he was probably the only so called bf there.

    When you see Bilson and the creature together you realize just how much damage the creature has done to her face. She has absolutely done damage that can never be repaired, she looks likes she has about 10 years on Bilson.

    That hair is the most ridiculous thing we have seen on her in a while, but for some reason, lately she really is trying to pull off that bed head sex kitten look and it doesn’t work when everyone and their mother knows you are wearing the most disgusting unmatching hair extensions possible.

    Seriously, she was probably so happy she had people to pose with, no matter who they were, since everybody stayed away from her at the Clint Eastwood dinner in which I would love to know how Robin B got her invited, she probably had to have a bunch of her A list clients go and got KB and life partner thrown in; why would any of those amazing A listers want to be photographed with her. The famewhore is a pariah with the worst reputation in HW, I can just imagine she was probably seated at the table by the bathroom, looking around for a friend, but we all know she has none, unless of course she pays for them.

    Her posing for the paps is just getting worse and worse, it truly is like a drug fix for her, when the paps show. She puts on that ridiculous smirk and tilts her head and tries to pose. She is just getting more and more desparate.

    It is like okay since I am not working and have nothing lined up, I will just go to everything and anything I am invited to and if there is nothing then I will go to the hair or nail salon and call the paps, because I need my fix, I must stay important.

    It truly is scary that nobody in her life cares about her scary, weird behavior.

  35. 35
    mia Says:

    @wow: Exactly! That’s what I thought too! Rachel looks much younger. Good genes, I guess :)

  36. 36
    Sofie Fox Says:

    I really don’t like how Jared and other outlets are saying that she did all of her own stunts. When the video came out she said herself that she did all of the stunts EXCEPT “the back flips and crazy acrobatics.” But now Jared and the LA Times are trying to make it sound like she did EVERYTHING. Now I’m afraid of heights, so I give her credit for being placed in that tree without a harness, but it is really disingenuous to say she did everything herself when she did not. I don’t know if she’s changed her story or if it’s just lazy celebrity “journalism”.
    On the video, from the LA Times article on the dinner: “Bosworth busts out some action star-worthy flips and is placed at the top of a very tall evergreen –- all stunts she performed herself. “

  37. 37
    mforman Says:

    @Sofie Fox—I agree, all she probably did was ride the horse, but I think she wasn’t standing in a tree, they probably used a green screen and she was standing on a box and we all know she did none of those flips, her people are probably just lying like they usually do with her to make her seem more important, because she has absolutely nothing lined up and isn’t even rumored to be doing anything; now that I said that watch all these ridiclous rumors start, like she was in that huge tree without a harness, very, very sad. Too bad all it does it make her more and more desparate looking, it is just getting worse with each and every post.

  38. 38
    lauren Says:

    @mia: Kate looks older because she has had extremely poor work done on her face. She has stretched it to the limit with Botox and who knows what else. So of course Rachel looks younger everyone looks younger next to Kate Bosworth. More actresses should stand next to Kate!!

  39. 39
    ??? Says:

    Question is L!fe Happens ever going to be released? It was filmed over a year ago and has no release date for the dud movie these two starred in.
    Second question Does Kate still have an acting career anymore like any movies coming out something?

  40. 40
    Sofie Fox Says:

    @mforman: Well in the LA Times article, immediately after the writer incorrectly stated that Bosworth did some “some action star-worthy flips”, quoted Kate as saying: “This cherry picker placed me at the top of this tall tree. They were going to put a harness on me, but I was like ‘you can’t put a harness over these gorgeous clothes!’”
    What I don’t get is don’t they need to have insurance? I really don’t believe they would let her go all the way up there without a harness or SOMETHING. That would be a major liability for the production. (Obviously I don’t know exactly what happened since I wasn’t in Slovenia with them.) And if they did put her up in that tree, they shouldn’t have bothered because it LOOKS like it was shot in front of a green screen.

  41. 41
    molly Says:

    How nice that Molly Sims didn’t even get a mention even though she is clearly pictured above with Kate and Rachel.
    Even Instyle mentioned Molly!!! Sims is just as well known as both of them are. Yet Sims doesn’t even get a mention. Seems messed up to me.

  42. 42
    BlueCrushed Says:

    Why isn’t she wearing any Junkmint?

  43. 43
    mforman Says:

    @#40–Sofie Fox–Once again I must totally agree with you. There is no way, and I do not care what the writer wants to quote KB as saying either she was harnessed or like I truly believe and like it really does look like, she was shot in front of a green screen.

    It really just goes to show us all how desparate she is to stay relevant at all that she makes up ridiculous stories, becuase she knows we will talk about it. Seriously, a cherry picker, give me a break, the girl has some very serious problems.

    @#39—???????-There is no release date for that bomb of a movie, KB is box office poision. I really don’t think she has anything coming up and that is why she is all of a sudden showing up everywhere and anywhere and doing some modeling again, she needs her fix, so she needs cameras.
    That is why within the next week she will be going to the vet or the doctor or at the airport again, without any luggauge. How very, very sad.

  44. 44
    April Says:

    I love Kate. She looks beautiful. I also loved the Vanessa Bruno campaign she did. It was stunning. Regarding insurance, I think in Slovenia they’re very lax about that sort of thing.

  45. 45
    maya Says:

    i like them all they are amazing <333 especialy rachel she’s my darling

  46. 46
    Actually.. Says:

    @April: Regardless of the laws in Slovenia that doesn’t mean that Bruno wouldn’t have to worry about Kate suing them if she got injured. (The following is based on many conversations with my lawyer parents:) Bosworth’s contract is based in the United States or France, and because of that If she had fallen she could have sued them for medical costs, loss of wages, and/or emotional distress based on the fact that Bruno failed to meet an acceptable level of worker safety. Bruno could have argued that the standards were up to Slovenian standards, but a jury and many judges would not side with them and would penalize Bruno for not meeting the standards of the country the contract was signed in. I don’t know what the standards/laws are in France, or which country her contract was signed in, but I assume they are similar to American laws and I doubt Bruno would have wanted to risk the cost OR the bad press. If they did put her up in that tree (and I actually think they probably did even if it does look fakish in the online video), they MUST have put a harness on her under the clothes. The dress she’s wearing in the tree is quite loose so it could easily hide a harness and I just can’t imagine them taking that risk just for that shot.

  47. 47
    April Says:

    I like famewhores. They’re amazing.

  48. 48
    Actually.. Says:

    I love watching the part of the video where she’s arguing. She can never pull it off; Something about the way she always does it is just completely unbelievable to the point of being comedy. (Kind of like when she tries to cry on camera.)

  49. 49
    Macy Says:

    Bosworth’s dress would be ok if it actually fit her, and didn’t have the same quilting pattern that my granny uses to make bedspreads. Seriously, it’s a pattern she uses a lot, just with different colors. Why you’d wear a dress that looks like an old lady’s quilt is beyond me.

  50. 50
    ladybug Says:

    @April: Slovenia’s an EU country, so they’re probably not that lax. Though if you can come up with actual links and proof, I’d be more than happy to see them.
    @Macy, why wouldn’t she wear a dress that looks like her grandma’s quilt, for the Nylon cover party she wore a dress that looked like her grandma’s lace tablecloth. I’m waiting for something inspired by grandma’s flannel nightgown.

  51. 51
    Macy Says:

    Oh my God don’t give her any ideas!

  52. 52
    ladybug Says:

    @Macy: Just wait until Vanessa Bruno’s next line, inspired by grandma’s (and great grandma’s) closet and attic! I like it.
    People who wouldn’t be caught dead in grandma’s style of clothing if you called it grandma’s clothing would wear if it had been featured during a runway show.

  53. 53
    Macy Says:

    I don’t care who designs it. No way am I putting on a dress that looks like my granny’s blankets. Haha

  54. 54
    Rachel() Says:

    Why are we debating whether they put a harness on KB instead of laughing at the moron for asking them not to? Really, this fool was willing to risk being seriously injured to protect those “beautiful clothes”. I mean, I realize that wearing stuff is pretty much all she’s good for in life, but she’s willing to die for fashion? That is just so noble. Idiot.

  55. 55
    mforman Says:

    @#54–Rachel()–I am sorry but even though that is what she told the reporter, that girl was in front of a green screen, but of course she had to make herself look like the desparate famewhore who only cares for her art, whether it fashion or her so called acting and she would do anything for her art. What a joke.
    I just cannot believe how ridiculous this has all become, I mean seriously now she knows how to do flips from the circus, she is so anorexic her bones would have probably broken. The most she did was ride that horse in a circle, you know because she is such a champion horse rider, still haven’t been able to find one photo of her at one competition during her youth, I guess being an only child her parents never took any photos of her, that I find to believe.

    She is just getting worse and worse, I am even afraid of what the heck she and her paid for team are going to come up with next.

    Interesting how Ann Taylor came up with the Nordic idea before Bruno, using a truly beautiful woman, Demi Moore. I am waiting for KB to say it was all her idea, when she was visiting Sweden on one of her many, many trips. Please someone make her go away and make MP stop wearing that hair gel, but I guess he figures if she can wear those disgusting extensions, why can’t he wear that horrible hair gel.

  56. 56
    Di Says:

    I think Kate looks beautiful overall, although I do agree it looks like her hair has a little synthetic help.

    Rachel Bilson is a cutie and her new show on the CW is a lot of fun.

  57. 57
    BlueCrushed Says:


  58. 58
    come on Says:

    Kate isn’t wearing her Jewelmint line and Rachel isn’t wearing her Shoemint line. If they are going to attach their names to products & site and then try to sell it to people during a tough global economy, they could at least wear the items.People aren’t going to buy items that the person themselves isn’t willing to wear.
    If the items are that great they should be showing the products off if they are so proud in what they put out for people to buy. Otherwise it just looks like another way to get a quick money grab and some press.
    WEAR the products Kate and Rachel. Otherwise why would anyone else want to if it’s not good enough for you to be seen in.
    Sofia Vergara even wore her jewelry line from KMART at the Latin Grammy Awards. If she is willing to do that it shows she is willing to back the items she put forth for fans and people to buy. Come on

  59. 59
    Tulip Says:

    Based on these photos, I can’t tell if Kate’s wearing JewelMint. I can’t see her earrings. She almost always wears JewelMint and she wears it well! She wore JM earrings that I fell in love with on the red carpet at the Deauville Film Festival.

  60. 60
    @#39 Says:

    Another Happy Day is coming out this month.

  61. 61
    mforman Says:

    Thanks Blue Crushed for that link. POSH 24 is one of the sites she pays, but even those sites have had it with this nonesense. Seriously no luggauge, walking the wrong way, it was like they just went to the airport to cling and hang all over each other and have pictures taken. The famewhore has nothing lined up so she will now be all over with MP being photographed to prove their love (yuck), she is getting worse and worse and more desparate.

    It really had to hit home at the Eastwood Gala, when nobody would even take one photograph with her. They have started releasing the photos from that night, from inside and outside and aside from one photo of her and MP, that is all they wrote about KB. I would love to know how many favors Robin B had to call in to have her get an invitation. The funniest thing is we all know she was sitting either by the bathroom or the kitchen and who knows who was sitting at her table. We know that nobody went over to the pariah’s table because if it was an A or B lister there would have been a photograph.

    Her reputation is just getting worse and worse, seriously to her 3 stans, doesn’t the fact that Ryan K, didn’t even pose with her, show you guys something. With nothing at all lined up we are going to see these two everywhere and anywhere hanging onto each other like they are drowning.

    I love how Sophia Vergara was wearing her line so proudly, she was telling anyone and everyone, it was great.

    KB wasn’t wearing any JM pcs or JJ would have told us, when he tells us exactly what she is wearing.

    At the Eastwood Gala she wore Neil Lane and made sure that was publicized, since the one year anniversary of JM we really only see her wearing JM to the nail salon or hair salon, very casual things and then it is always the same handful of pcs she has always worn. Who knows what is going on in that pee brain of hers.

    Another Happy Day will be released on Friday and be out of the theaters by Monday. The creature has such an amazing career, I bet there are so many people secretly jealous (ha, ha, ha). Her desparation and cries for attention are only going to get worse.

  62. 62
    just me Says:

    @@BlueCrushed: Rachel still is single. She just use hayden when he be in town. It seem that hayden has left her alone for awhile. Maybe she should hook -up with other guys. She only wants to be with guys that can give her media attention and help her career. She should loose the way she act maybe she can get someone to be with her. Kate knows when to let go. Rachel don’t know how to let go are a person when it has ran its course.I’m sure rachel can get out there and find her someone. Instead are clinging on to hayden and being seem with talented people that really work for their craft. Its over anyway with her and hayden. When she hook up with another guy. We will know it and she mention that’s its over with them. It seem like it already is.

  63. 63
    @ just me Says:

    You are here, too, LOL! I left you a note on Rachel’s present thread. You need to read the Nylon interview, Hayden and Rachel live together when Hayden is in LA. Rachel says they are very much together in the Nylon interview. Since you do not know Hayden or Rachel, you just made up the stuff you just said. Time will tell what happens with them.

  64. 64
    @#63 Says:

    Most of the comments made by the crazy posters at JJ are made up! Let’s face it, there are a lot of jealous fangirls at this site who use it as a bully pulpit.

  65. 65
    mforman Says:

    @#64–@63—Please give us crazy posters some examples of what you seem to be talking about. We are not crazy or jealous, but tired of the disgusting famewhore lying and doing whatever she can to stay relevant, so you tell me, what stories we have made up.

    It seems you have examples of us lying right, or do you just believe everything that her 3 fans write about her.

  66. 66
    @#63 Says:

    Mforman: You are so completely irrational that I’m not going to waste my time and energy arguing with you. You’re the craziest of all the posters.

  67. 67
    mforman Says:

    @#63—That is exactly what I expected for you to say. I ask you to give just an example of one of the things that makes us jealous and crazy and back up the theory that we make up stories, but all you do is throw another ridiculous insult.

    The people that are irrational are you and the other 2 stans, that change your names and defend the creature without any backup at all.

    I truly do feel sorry for you 3, she really cannot be paying you guys that much, becuase there is no other logical reason for you guys to even say half of the things you guys do, regarding the famewhore.

  68. 68
    Winnie Says:

    Kate is a professional beard. That is all that she is.

  69. 69
    mforman Says:

    @#68–Winnie—No KB isn’t a paid for beard, because we all know she is the one that had to pay AS to do everything she forced him to do. The creature is just a disgusting famewhore who will and continue to do anthings to try a keep herself relevant.
    She is truly a sad and desparate creaure.
    My goodness can’t she just go away.

  70. 70
    @mforman Says:

    To quote mforman #69: ” she is the one that had to pay AS to do everything she forced him to do.”
    Now there’s an example of one of the millions of your silly, delusional, made-up stories. Not only that, it’s incredibly insulting to imply Alex could be forced to do anything or that he’d collect bribes. I know you can’t bear the thought but they were very much a couple.

  71. 71
    mforman Says:

    Oh, good for you, I didn’t phrase something right, so that is what you grasp onto you.

    Since the three stans keep on insisting on writing ridiculous things regarding the famewhore, I thought this was a great article to put here:

    Home » Celebrities » News » The most hated girl in Hollywood
    .The most hated girl in Hollywood
    By carlo garcia Thursday, 27 May 2010
    Why Kate Bosworth’s become T’town’s public enemy number one!

    Share TweetEmailPrintImage 1 / 5
    Kate Bosworth

    Five years ago Kate Bosworthhad Hollywood at her feet – she was dating Brit heartthrob Orlando Bloom and her movie career was about to go stellar, thanks to her promising box office debut playing a surfer girl in teen hit Blue Crush. Fast forward to 2010 and the 27-year-old is now regarded as one of the most unpopular actresses in Hollywood amongst her peers, and her career has plateaued, thanks to a series of hook-ups with attached men and reports of her bad attitude.

    Ahlan! wonders where it all went wrong…

    The cheat scandals

    When Orlando dumped Kate in 2006 amid rumours that she had cheated on him with model James Rousseau (who she went on to date for three years), it sparked a succession of bad relationship choices which have seen her ping from one famous man to the next with disastrous consequences.
    The actress was said to have made a play for her 21 co-star Jim Sturgess, despite the fact that he had a long-term girlfriend at the time, with a source spilling, “Kate’s been majorly flirting with Jim in-between takes. She’s pretty shameless. She uses any excuse to touch him, stroking his arm and playing with his hair. Jim’s been lapping up the attention, but he’s made it clear he’s attached.”

    And she also stands accused of stealing her current man Alexander Skarsgard from his True Blood co-star Evan Rachel Wood, after pursuing him on the set of their upcoming flick Straw Dogs.

    “Kate made it very obvious she wanted more from their relationship,” said a set insider. “It looked like she couldn’t care less if he was attached or not.”

    Making a play for Chris

    But it was a rumoured dalliance with Gwyneth Paltrow’s husband Chris Martin earlier this year that cemented her ‘man-stealer,’ rep after it was claimed she spent two nights with the singer.

    “Chris is totally Kate’s type; she loves the Brits like Orlando and James Rousseau,” said a pal. While an onlooker at a U2 gig the pair attended blabbed, “There was Chris totally making out with Kate in front of other people. At first I thought it might be Gwyneth, but when she came up for air, it was clear the woman was Kate!”

    Out of the girl gang

    Kate is now persona non grata among Hollywood’s in-crowd – a point that was clearly demonstrated at the recent Costume Institute Gala Ball in New York when she was forced to walk the red carpet alone after her former friends Kate Hudson, Stella McCartney and Liv Tyler declared themselves ‘Team Gwynnie’ and refused to be snapped with her.

    And the actress is doing little to get back into favour, developing a diva rep for her nasty attitude. As one Hollywood party goer who met the actress recently spilled, “She was wearing very tight jeans, revealing the fact that her legs were the same size as her pinky.” Adding, “She looked miserable, especially noted from the look of death she was giving to anyone who looked in her direction.”

    Alienating co-stars

    Kate’s bad attitude hasn’t gone unnoticed by her co-stars and it’s widely acknowledged in Hollywood circles that the star is difficult to work with. Kate reportedly clashed with Win A Date With Tad Hamilton co-star Ginnifer Goodwin – who counts power players Drew Barrymore and Jennifer Aniston amongst her close pals – with an insider revealing, “Ginnifer was funny and sexy and charmed the pants of the entire crew. But Kate was the complete opposite – uptight and guarded.”

    As one casting agent noted, “There’s an old saying in Hollywood, ‘Be nice to people on the way up, because you’re sure going to meet them on the way down.’ Kate should really have listened to that advice.”

  72. 72
    Blackcat99 Says:

    I was watching Chelsea Lately the other night and Ellen Barkin was on promoting “Another Happy Day”. Ellen mentions Demi and Hayden by name and the characters they play.Ellen even mentions the daughter who cuts herself but she never said Kate’s name. I thought that was strange.Then I saw her on another show and the same thing happens.She mentions characters from the movie and the actors playing the part.Except for Kate.She mentions her character but never names Kate as the actress playing the part.I think that speaks volumes! I really do not think Kate made a very good impression on Ellen.

  73. 73
    mforman Says:

    @Blackcat—Especially since KB went after director Sam Levinson, even though he has been living with Ellen for quite sometime, but as we all know and as the article I printed above mentions, she doesn’t stay away, if a man is attached, until they make it clear.
    I don’t even think there are any photos of them posing together at Sundance, just those classics of a drunken KB falling off her feet.
    She truly is a disgusting creature, who only cares for herself and what she can get from others.

  74. 74
    ladybug Says:

    @mforman: They did pose together at Deauville, though a couple of them looked odd:

  75. 75
    mforman Says:

    @ladybug—Yes, quite a few of those pictures look very odd. Sundance was even worse, but like we all know KB went after Sam L the director knowing he was living with Ellen B, but as everyone knows KB doesn’t care and never will.
    Also, at Deauville, they were still looking for financing to get the film released, so I am sure Ellen B, being the A lister she is, grinned and just did what she had to, to help the film.

  76. 76
    Rachel() Says:

    Is KB dead? It’s been 20 days! Must be getting some pretty extensive work this time, or maybe her tiny little boyfriend is done with her. She can’t stand being seen in public manless…..

  77. 77
    Rachel() Says:

    Is KB dead? It’s been 20 days! Must be getting some pretty extensive work this time, or maybe her tiny little boyfriend is done with her. She can’t stand being seen in public manless…..

  78. 78
    Blackcat99 Says:

    @Rachel(): I was wondering the same thing! When she was with Alex she was papped every time she left her house. Either she has been dumped or she is having more “Work” done.

  79. 79
    Rachel() Says:

    @Blackcat99: Either that, or the paps don’t want to waste the film anymore.

  80. 80
    mforman Says:

    @Blackcat99 and Rachel ()—–I think you both hit the nail on the head with her having her ususal touch ups, it is about time, and we all know she goes into hiding until the redness and the swelling go away or until at she feels it does.

    KB and MP are watching as their paid for invitations dry up fast and quickly. Robin B her partner in crime, can only keep adding KB and MP’s names to RB’s A lister’s invitations. That can only go on before even RB’s A isters say, “I do not want my name associated with her, seriously KB’s reputatuion is disgusting and all over HW, she really cannot hide from it.

    My sister in law told me to go onto the JM FB page and there was this ridicuous picture of her and her dog, wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving, it was so funny.

    The paps will always take her money, that is why she has the Popsugar link on JM and will soon follow with a JJ link, but I must say that whenever they post a photo of the two of them on FB she always gives JJ or whichever gossip site

    I give it a week or two before we see her with swollen lips and a red face coming out of the hair salon.

  81. 81
    Rachel() Says:

    @mforman: Do you know if she has any actual jobs lined up? Other than JM crap?

  82. 82
    ladybug Says:

    @Rachel(): There’s nothing new on her IMDB page. So whatever it is, it doesn’t seem to be in movies/tv

  83. 83
    mforman Says:

    @Rachel()—To be honest after I read your comment I got curious myself and looked into things and guess what there wasn’t anything, not even anything new for Jewelcrap.

    I mean my sister in law and I even looked at the photo on her JM Facebook page and realized something, it is a really small photo and her head is down and she is just petting her dog, not even looking at the camera. I think it is the first time in all these years she isn’t smugly looking at the camera.

    I really think that Robin B has called in all the favors she had in storage for the creature and now they are putting their tiny little brains together to figure something out.

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