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Katie Holmes: 'Late Show' with Letterman Visit!

Katie Holmes: 'Late Show' with Letterman Visit!

Katie Holmes arrives at the Ed Sullivan Theater to make an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman on Wednesday (November 10) in New York City.

The 32-year-old actress bundled up in a Holmes & Yang trench and an Inhabit scarf to promote her new movie, Jack and Jill.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Katie Holmes

Earlier in the day, Katie was spotted carrying her daughter Suri making their way out of their apartment.

Suri, 5, who held tight to her stuffed animal, got camera shy and made faces when she spotted photographers.

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes out and about in NYC…

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  • it’s robo-bride

    It would be nice if Katie or Tom would clue the kid in that these faces make money for the paps and the more she does it, the more they are going to yell at her and get in her face.

  • cam

    so obnoxious.

  • Gigi


  • cm

    just wondering…does this kid have ANY friends? ps. you can’t count your mom as your friend!

  • Kate’s movie finally makes 20k
  • Tessa

    UGH! These two!

  • Her hands are odd
  • Ailen

    Aww que bella suri!
    esta tan grande esta niña!
    es un amor!
    mori con las carita bellas que hacia!
    se notaba en su cara que estaba divirtiendose!
    por sus ojitos divertidos!
    hago una pregunta nomas… no tienen nada mejor que hacer que criticar a una niña de 5 añitos?

  • Kay

    Egad, those legs of hers. Really, why can’t she ever, ever flatter her figure?

  • alienHumanHybridChildNeptun

    serious question folks..why is she always carrying her around like a baby? is Suri handicapped?

  • Suri is stimming in her face!

    So sick and tired of the nasty, mean and stimming look of the very SPECIAL brat.
    Go home! Stop pimping the brat that needs so much early intervention! Keep carrying her like a prize pony, NOT!

  • Suri is stimming in her face!


    YES, in some way. Developmentally and mentally.

  • wren

    weird, sad, pathetic.

  • Question

    How did Suri do with her schoolwork this week?

  • Helen

    I don’t understand why Suri is in NY. She obviously hates the place. If Katie really needs to be with her that badly, why not stay at the Carlye like Tom does. He doesn’t stay at the apartment because he can’t slip out the back.

    I’m starting to wonder if Katie is forcing Suri to be in front of the paps for PR reasons.

  • joel

    Her mom thinks she’s funny. And amazing.

  • annie

    Could be, the little girl likes being with her mother, instead of being left behind in LA with anybody else. Suri seems very close to Katie, her dad is away making a movie.
    So she’s pulling silly faces at the paps- this kid has character plus.
    Katie looks lovely, her coat is really nice.
    Oh… and perhaps you could show the up to date box office result of DBAOTD,
    Don’t get too carried away with sneering remarks-Dream House with James Bond himself, and his very talented wife, is on the same par as Katies movie, won’t go on.

  • ali

    cute kid but it is normal to pick her up at this age . she has legs

  • ali

    i meant it is NOT normal to pick her up .

  • @ annie

    Annie did you ever think that there is something wrong w/ this child… cowering and making funny (mean angry)faces is not indicative of character, its like she doesn’t know what to do and is acting out…. this kid is like any other kid…. nothing great, just dolled up and always being photographed professionally. I do think something is up w/ her…. her hand gestures and the bottle, blanket ect. are really alarming. She is angry, you can see it in all the photos over the last year.

  • it’s robo-bride


    Why are you bragging about DBAOTD? It cost $25 mil to make and probably another $15 mil in promotion/marketing–maybe more. So far it has taken in $24 mil US and $7 mil internationally in 73 weeks. Hasn’t yet made its money back. Probably won’t on theatrical release, but may when the DVD comes out and rentals. Overall it has gotten lukewarm reviews. Dream House is no where near making its money back and has had stellar reviews. Weren’t you knocking MoneyBall? Made its money back and is on track to become the top baseball film as well as on track to hitting the top ten for sports film and it probably won’t go much farther as it has to compete with Rocky and the Blind Side. Weren’t you the one bragging that it was failing big time?

  • JEN

    Feral child. Ship it back to the wild where it belongs.

  • Kris

    I think it would be so funny if Katie or the nanny dropped Suri and paps got photos of it. I don’t know how Katie or nanny can carry this mini adult around. I am sure she has to be heavy.

  • annie

    @ Robo bride
    I don’t remember bagging Money Ball- because I don’t really care , all I see is a lot of movies not making the money that it cost to make, and I’m discussing Katie- if we are going to discuss something, then let’s discuss honestly regardless whether or not you like that person.
    It’s made 24 million – still going- made more than 7 mill overseas, just add up and you will see .
    I saw it last weekend, and quite liked it- unlike you and a lot of others, who just want to say mean things, regardless how much truth there is in what you say, as long as you guys believe it , it’s ok, sorry I don’t work that way, even tho I’m a katie fan, doesn’t mean that everything is perfect just because I happen to like her, because that’s not how it is, for anybody, let alone celebs and how the media helps to influence peoples thinking.
    I have seen a few models and stars in real life, believe me there is nothing to them, a lot different in real life as to how they come across in the media when all done up, actually it’s eye opening.

  • Peapo

    something just ain’t right with that little girl. I don’t know if it’s how she is raised or if she has some kind of autism or most probably both. but I think Katie and Tom should stay out of the limelight (or at least let Suri out of it) and get the girl some real help. This pick me up, drink out of a bottle, hold a blanket, never smile, never interact with children her own age is just going to make things terrible worse as she gets older. And her parents seem oblivious. but they will never stop their fame whoring and bring the child along because it does wonders for their careers and most of all their egos. you see other famous people’s kids react scared or angry with the paps but that is only once in a while. Suri looks like an evil demon all the time. I know it’s horrid to say such a thing about a child, but it’s true. She needs some kind of therapy immediately. (But Scientologists don’t believe in therapy). so the problem will just get worse. and Katie’s clueless face makes it all the more worse.

  • violetle999

    suri is so cute!~~~~
    love her~~
    Katie is a good mother..

  • Romeo

    She’s 5 years old, #2. And shouldn’t you be blaming the paparazzi for not leaving a little girl alone?

    As if any of us here would know, #5.

    How would any of us know, #15?

    Where do you get she hates NY or any other city, #16? You idiots have been saying her parents use her for PR for ages!

    Quit psychoanalyzing people you’ve never met, #21!

    You’re disgusting, #22.

    Dream House did NOT get stellar reviews, #23.

    You are disgusting too, #24.

    She’s not a mini adult and what is it to you if she is being carried, #25?

    She smiles plenty of times and you don’t know how much or how little she interacts with other kids, #27. Her parents don’t need a child that doesn’t do anything to help their careers. Right now, Tom Cruise is going through a career revival that had nothing tod o with any of his children. It’s not just terrible but insane that you would call someone a demon child.

  • NG

    If you look at Suri’s dress in the link below its riped which is probably
    one of the reason’s Katie decided to carry her.

    In this outing Katie is on her way to record the David Letterman’s show and probably right before Suri threw a tantrum and ripped her
    dress. She is also wearing shoes with a hole in the front of the shoe. After recording the David Letterman show Katie takes Suri to the American Girl store to buy her another doll. Good-bye stuffed animal, hello another new doll.

    But whatever has happened, Suri looks like she’s stimming and her dress is torn and she wearing a torn shoe.

  • Lina

    That’s a freaking mean and nasty looking child. Wtf is up with her facial expression?!!!

  • siennagold

    She should stop carry that child. She’s already 5 years old for chrissakes!

  • The80sRule

    With that face in the 1st pic, Suri looks exactly like the girl in Problem Child 2

  • Lavito

    Hey jared, why did you delete my post yesterday evening?

  • mara

    Poor Suri. She is so gorgeous….it’s not her fault that she has dumb parents,that spoiled her and allowed her to act like she acts.

  • mela

    i’ve been saying it for years. something is off with this child. she has a strange look in her eyes constantly and her demeanor is off. she never seems full “present”, like shes stuck in her head. and katie always trying to get suri to focus on a stuffed animal that she holds in front of suri’s face a lot ? seems odd for a 5 year old.

  • anon

    What a hideous looking monkey! It’s no longer cute. Let the girl walk. No walking = no going out. It is as simple as that and yes, you can win that argument, Katie.

    No more “oh she’s terrified of the paps.” Same theory, no walking = no going out = no paps to be terrified of. That girl needs to be in school.