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Rihanna's 'Talk That Talk' Album - Exclusive Preview!

Rihanna's 'Talk That Talk' Album - Exclusive Preview!

Rihanna keeps pumping out hit after hit and her latest album, Talk That Talk, out November 21, is no different. got an exclusive preview of all 14 songs off the deluxe version of TTT at the Island Def Jam offices on Wednesday (November 9) in New York City. The best way to describe the album would be is if Rated R and Loud had a baby – pure “dirty” pop.


Rihanna worked on a lot of the album on the road, recording vocals in hotel and dressing rooms around the world. As you can tell from the first single, “We Found Love,” a bunch of the songs have a lot of dub step and dance hall flavor.

Super producer Dr. Luke worked on three of the songs (maybe some of his last since starting his own Kemosabe label). Hitmaker Ester Dean, who produced Ri‘s mega-hit, “What’s My Name?,” has writing/producing credits on the majority of the tracks. Clearly, Ri is Ester’s muse and really gets Rihanna with the bulk of her attitude.

Click inside for the full TTT track listing and review…

1. “You Da One” is a fun pop record that was written/produced by Ester Dean, Dr. Luke, Rihanna, and John Hill. It’s going to be the second single and has lots of typical Rihanna island flavor. The song was instantly one of my favorites on the first listen and will be a worldwide smash.

The chorus goes, “You da the one that I dream about all day/You da one that I think about always/ You da one that makes sure that I behave/ My love is your love, your love is my love/ You are the one so I make sure I behave/ My love is your love/ your love is mine.” Parts of the vocals were recorded at the Hotel Sofitel Paris Le Faubourg, Room 538.

2. “Where Have You Been” is a fast pop tune that was penned/produced by Ester Dean, Dr. Luke, and Calvin Harris, who also worked on “We Found Love”. It has the classic, sweeping “build” that Calvin uses a lot. Very dance-y.

“Where have you been all my life” is the signature tag line you’ll hear throughout much like “We Found Love.” Rihanna recorded the song at the Grand Hotel in Oslo, Norway.

3. “We Found Love” has already been released.

4. “Talk that Talk” has writing/producing credits from Ester Dean, Jay-Z, and Diddy. can exclusively reveal the song contains samples from the Notorious B.I.G. recording “I Got A Story To Tell.” Ri intros the song singing, “Talk that talk to me yeah” twice.

Jay spits out his verse: “I be trying to chill, b–ches wanna f–k me/ Every little city I go, f–k me/ … Singer slash actress in my bedroom/ …/ Flying out to Pisa/ Just to get some pizza/ Fly down to Jamaica/Just to roll some reefa.”

The hook goes, “One and two and three and four, come on let me know if you want some more/ You know what I like right now get it right/ Boy talk that talk to me all night/ Yeah boy I like it yeah boy I like it/ Love it when you talk that talk to me yeah/ Yeah that talk to me yeah/ Love it when you talk that talk to me.”

5. “Cockiness (Love It)” is the new “S&M” from Loud. It’s really dirty lyrically but funny, clever, and has a great beat. The song starts off with a tongue roll and instantly gets us into “the mood”. Candice Pillay, D. Loernathy, Bangladesh, and Rihanna have writing/producing credits.

The very provocative intro goes, “Suck my cockiness/ Lick my persuasion/ Eat my words and then/ Swallow all your pride down, down/ Place my wants and needs over your resistance/ And then you’ll come around/ You come around/ You come around.”

The hook goes, “I love it, I love it, I love it when you eat it” eight times. One part sounds like Soulja Boy‘s “Crack That” when he sings “you.”

The second verse goes, “I can be your dominatrix/ Just submit to my every order/ Enter my diamond matrix/ Devour my golden glower/ Make Me your priority/ Place nothing above my pleasure/ She may be the Queen of hearts/ but Ima be the queen of your body parts.”

6. “Birthday Cake” is an interlude written/produced by The-Dream, Rihanna, Marcos
Palacios, and Ernest Clark. It was recorded at Radisson Royal Blue Hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Some of the lyrics go, “Come on, put your name on it…. Icing on.. I know you want it. Can’t wait till you blow my cake out.. I gonna make you my b–h… I know you wanna bite this… I wanna f–k you right now.”

7. “We All Want Love” has a bit of a deeper message and more serious moments than Ri’s other songs. It was recorded at Amstel Intercontinental Hotel in Amsterdam and Park Hyatt in Hamburg and written/produced by Ester Dean, Ernest Wilson, Steve Wyreman, and Kevin Randolph. The emotional song starts off with Ri singing, “We all” ten times. The verse goes, “I can’t pretend that I’m not lonely/ Constantly fooling myself/ I can pretend that it don’t matter but I’ll be/ Sitting here lying to myself/ Some say love ain’t worth the buck but I’ll/ Give every dime I have left/ To have what I’ve only been dreaming about.”

The chorus goes, “We all want someone there to hold/ We just want somebody’s one and only/ We all wanna be warm when it’s cold/ Yeah yeah yeah/ No one wants to be left scared and lonely/ We all, we all, we all, we all/ We all want the same thing. Everybody wants something gotta want something/ Yeah yeah we all want love”

8. “Drunk on Love“, which was recorded by Ri in the Fasthalle dressing room in Frankfurt, was written/produced by Ester Dean, Stargate, Baria Qureshi, Romy Madley Croft, Oliver Sim, and Jamie Smith. can reveal that the tune contains samples from the recording “Intro” as performed by The XX.

First verse goes, “I feel like I’m a hopeless romantic/ I can’t help falling in love/ I fiend for love/ I want it I crave it/ I just can’t get enough.” The hook goes, “Take me away/ I wear my heart on my sleeve/ Always let love take the lead/ I may be a little naive yeah/ You know I’m drunk on love/ Drunk on love/ Nothing can sober me up/ It’s all I need.”

9. “Roc Me Out” is a classic Rihanna song – fun and flirtatious. It’s written/produced by Ester Dean, Stargate, Rob Swire, and Gareth McGrillen. Some of the lyrics go, “This is for your eyes only/ Move over boy, I’m so ready/ You know how to make me feel/ Roc me out more and more/ Roc me out on the floor… I’ve been a bad girl daddy.”

10. “Watch ‘n’ Learn” is a very sexy song, pushing some boundaries with the naughtiness. It was written/produced by Priscilla Renea, Hit-Boy, Rihanna, and Alja Jackson. The hook goes, “Oh baby baby just like that/ Slow baby baby just like that/ Oh baby baby turn me out/ Oh baby
baby it’s your turn now.”

Some other lyrics include, “Ima do it do it do it till you can’t make no more/ Till my lipstick ain’t up on my face no more/ …/ Ima do it do it do it on the bed on the floor on the couch/ Only cause your lips say make it to my mouth/ Just because I can’t kiss back doesn’t mean you can’t kiss that.”

11. “Farewell” is the first of three bonus tracks and was written/produced by Ester Dean and Alex da Kid. Great sign off, into the sunset song. More emotional, deeper side. It’s pretty much the only ballad-type song other than “Drunk on Love.” Chorus goes, “Farewell, somebody’s gonna miss you/ Farewell, somebody’s gonna wish that you were here/ And that somebody’s me.”

The second verse goes, “I will write to tell you… what’s going on/ But you won’t miss nothing but the same ol’ song/ If you don’t mind catching up, I’ll spend the day/ Telling you stories about a land far away. But I know!”

12. “Red Lipstick” samples Metallica (guitar riff at the beginning) and was written/produced by The-Dream, Rihanna, James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, William Kennard, and Saul Milton. It contains interpolations from the composition “Wherever I May Roam,” which was written/produced by Hetfield and Ulrich. It also samples the sound recording “Saxon” by Chase and Status.

13. “Do Ya Thang” is a lighthearted, fun song written/produced by The-Dream and Rihanna.

The second verse goes, “You the s–t/ Baby you the bomb/ Middle of the Day/ Give Me What I want/ It feels so special/ It feels so good/ And he ain’t going no where even if he could/ I got that ow ow/ You know what I’m talking about out/ Make a nigg scream and shout, shout/ Every time the lights go out/ We out out out.”

14. “Fool in Love” was written/produced by Ester Dean, Dr Luke, and Henry Walter. Rihanna croons in this mid-tempo tune and soars through the runs. The lyrics go, “Mama, I found a man/ Who loves me and understands/ Papa, he’s quite a man/ He adores me, he’s my biggest man/ I know he’s not perfect in your eyes/But somehow he’s flawless in mine.”

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TTT executive producers: Rihanna and Jay-Z
Co-executive producers: SRP’s Evan Rogers and Carl Sturken
A&R: Jay Brown, Tyran “Ty Ty” Smith, Karen Kwak, and Abou “Bu” Thiam

Talk That Talk will be released November 21!

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    Secondly, the whole issue with his controversial lyrics was cleared up years ago. Beenie Man was even removed from the MTV Music Video Awards after protests by gay-rights activists. He signed the Reggae Compassionate Act way back in 2005 (an agreement to cease performances of anti-gay material) and apologized for those lyrics, shortly after claiming that they were anti-pedophilia, and not against consensual homosexual relationships. Rihanna supports gay rights 101% in case you didn’t know.

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