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Katie Holmes & Suri: Nighttime in NYC

Katie Holmes & Suri: Nighttime in NYC

Katie Holmes and her daughter Suri brave the chilly weather on Thursday night (November 10) in New York City.

The 32-year-old actress carried her daughter as she made silly faces. Suri was lucky enough to get a treat – a huge cookie!

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Earlier in the day, Katie and Suri were spotted out and about together.

Katie made an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman that same night. In case you missed her episode, you can catch it on

FYI: Katie is wearing the cozy cowl neck sweater by Ann Taylor and an Inhabit scarf.

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Credit: Jackson Lee; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • shanellewho

    I laaaav Suri. She’s so gorg

  • weird

    suri is re-enacting scenes from the exorcist while katie smiles.

  • :(
  • just the truth

    Suritard is so neglected. Is Katie trying to distract her with that stuffed toy like she did in the park some years back? Is she going to try to distract her with a toy when she is 14 years old? And carry her and give her a bottle?

    Suritard needs intervention. She is crying out for help and she is not getting it. The public loaths Suri and it is pathetic how she is raised and will never be liked because of her parents.

  • WOW!

    ITA with just the truth.
    Sme ole story here. This child is caling out for help …from the nightlife, flashbulbs popping off like firecrackers but aimed at her.
    No tights. No jeans/pants/jumpsuit. Usually improper clothing, no hair clothing, etc.
    Carrying a 5 yr. old…5 yr. eating a cookie there as big as me.
    Look at that jumbo cookie.

  • crybabycry

    Katie is always with that witchy smile on her face and her daughter looks like the devil. I wouldn’t let my daughter do that in public.

  • Elsie

    Suri needs to be in bed at midnight. Not bribed with a huge sugar cookie so she won’t be a brat once again..

    Katie smarten the helll up!!!!!!!! Ppl do not like your child and you are the reason why and that alien fcuktard girl you married is as useless as ti.ts on a bull.

    No sleep, babybottles, diapers ,nightlife and highheels with her own makeup plastered on her face make for an ugly child..

    Robot Katie needs a boot in the assss.

  • Condi

    How can a 5 year old wear make-up all the time?

  • Condi

    How can a 5 year old wear make-up all the time?

  • :(
  • NG

    Whether she’s playing around or NOT, Suri is beginning to make
    more and more funny/ugly faces at the paparrazi and looks more agressive. In the first picture she looks like she wants to run away
    from Katie who is surely out in force promoting herself for her new
    movies: Son of No One and Jack and Jill both movies are expected
    to bomb at the boxoffice.

    Suri looks angry and Katie looks like she wants to calms her down
    with dolls and stuffed animals. Suri is ignoring Katie and making faces at the paparrazi.

    Yes, I think Suri is neglected. Poor kid. She is flown here and there, New York, Beverly Hills, back to New York, Pittsburgh, etc. She probably is bored out of her mind alone with her nanny who is trying to
    keep Suri busy at the Chelsea Piers doing dance/ballet classes or going to the movies, etc., while her mother does press junkets and Cruise is in Pittsburgh.

  • fake

    watch pictures number 4

    do you see how miserable she looks?

    that how she really is/feels, but when she steps outside the house , she gives us her crooked half fake smile so she can fool us by making us believe she is actually happy.

    sorry katie , we dont buy it.

  • FrG

    Like already said by someone else here and i agree…!
    Suri really has the face and body of the Exorcist….!!!!!! WOW impressive and scary?
    She seems to be a capricious girl… Yuk

  • missy

    For all you complainers…First of all how do you know what time of the night it is? It is late fall and gets dark early. Secondly, I’m pretty sure they were heading to the airport in these pics. It’s not like they were out and about for fun. Gosh, quit nit-picking.

  • KACG


    Pic 1 Suri is squeezing her stuffed animal’s neck so hard due to the anxiety of the paps. If this was my daughter I would sure get her out of the spotlight at all costs. It would be nice to NOT see Suri and have her lead a more “normal” life. It can be done….

  • it’s robo-bride

    Suri = The Heir of Slytherin (Xenu in this case)

  • Why? How Can They Allow THis??

    Look at how warm robo bride is dressed. Now look at her 5 yr old daughter. Panty hose flimsy 5 thousand dollar dress tho and make up.

    Money or no money this kid needs help not fancy clothes and
    being Katies best friend. She neeeds a mother with boundaries.
    Warm clothes, a mother who wants to take care of her baby.

    If this was a child in our neighborhood the Childrens aid would be rapping very hard on the door, Not taking NO for an answer.

    Good Grief this is absolutely disgusting.!!!!!!!!!!

    Pls somenbody help this baby before it’s too late if it isn’t already.

    If she lived in my State i would make the proper calls . It’s all confidential.

    She is going to be one very messed up adult if she lives that long.

    And whoever T cruise sends in here to defend with repling to 10 ppl at once.. Give it a rest , Shut the eff up and tell Cruise your scifi job is done . We won’t tell. Jesus H Christ!!!! For the small amt you make an hour with defending posts when there is actual neglect.PROBLEM!
    You are as bad as that whole dam cult yourself.
    If you think this is normal i hope you don’t have children b/c obviously it’s
    one more very scre.w.ed up kid./s
    Your posts are absolute BS!

    Mortified !!!!

  • cari


    Ah, but if you did that, then stalkers like Xenu loving Romeo couldn’t call your followers idiots for using common sense. Having no kids himself, Romeo is an authority on how to raise them. That includes carrying a five year old, putting her in a spotlight to promote your own agenda instead of considering her needs, and generally treating her as tho she were still a toddler instead of an almost six year old. And what would JJ post? If you were to protect her at all costs. The minute new pics of the Katie bot and the cult child come out, he is among the first to post them. Tsk, tsk, for thinking of the child first. How could you deny the paps a chance to scream and yell at her to get a reaction? How could you deny Katie-bot and Tommy-girl the chance to get extra publicity. Tsk. Tsk. Putting the child first before your own needs. Who’d have thunk it. Katie and Tom obviously don’t.

  • annab

    It’s chilly out and the kid has bare legs…..she has never dressed that child in the appropriate clothes for the weather. I wonder if she will still be picked up and carried when she is ten.

  • Lavito

    Katie you have to be the worse celebrity mom in hollywood. Why do you have that smirky smile, your daughter is struggling with the paps, stop it, stop taking her out pimping her to the world. Suri is one hot mess, needs therapy and she is only 5 years old, pathetic!

  • Suri is stimming in her face!


    How can they deny the chance for those hard working struggling paps?

    Of course, NOT!!
    It’s all arranged by Tommygur’s PR machine, ready or not, the paps are waiting.

    Hence we see that feral brat stimming in her face, in her her pajamas, without shoes, messy unwashed hair, insisting to be carried, with full makeup, in the heels.
    Any mother of any sense will leave the uncooperative brat home, let alone, the Beard is equipped with a troop of nannies and helps. No, not with this Beard.
    Both she and the greedy feral brat have signed the contract with the gay midget. They have their duty to fulfill.
    Suritard may be one of the hardest working child in this country!

  • Suri Jackson

    Just think what a different life Suri would have had if Katie had not sold her to Tom…Holidays with family in Ohio…playing with other kids…most likely dressed properly as Katie’s parents and sisters would have felt more empowered to guide Katie if she was faultering.
    This is a huge tragedy.
    …and quite frankly, Katie would probably have had more success in her career. She was never a great actress, but she was likable instead of the loathed, unmarketable person that she has become.

  • Punkinhead

    these pictures prove it again and again that Suri has issues. OR she is such a spoiled ( in a unhealthy way) brat and it will get worse unless Tom or Katie changes their crazy ways. She’s gonna become worse than Paris Hilton and have a very pitiful life.

  • Disturbing Pics of Suri
  • dholmas

    I am wondering if this child is home schooled. At her age she should be in school with her peers not on the road all of the time being paraded around. Make-up and heels are for playtime at her age at HOME not everyday in public. I have never seen a picture of her playing at a playground or a beach with other children. I feel sorry for her. Yes, she probably is a brat. I have had experience with a child who was alway around adults and treated as an adult. All of the adults would cringe when her parents showed up with her to an adult event as she was the only child there. Then again I have friends who would bring their daughter who was invited but had her own bedroom at my house and would be put to bed at a reasonable hour so the parents could enjoy adult time knowing that she was asleep and safe.

  • Uh oh!

    Kate’s movie pulled from theaters after only 6 days!

  • Romeo

    Mind your own kids, #15. You don’t how she is or how she’s being raised and kids of celebrities don’t lead normal lives anyway.

    Of course I’m not an authority on raising kids, #18. I never act like one. I jjst point that neither are you. They don’t or can’t use a 5 year-old that doesn’t do anything for publicity.

    If she is, it still won’t be your problem, #19.

    You’re a creep, #21.

    She IS home schooled, #25. As her parents even stated she was. And guess what? YOU are not her parent so let THEM worry about her education and upbringing.

    You feel sorry for the daughter of loving parents that provide her with everything she needs just because you’ve seen or haven’t seen photos were she isn’t having fun to your liking? You have no idea how she is being raised!

  • Susie#1

    It’s amazing that Katie would allow her daughter to act like she does in the store, where she’s snarling with her claw hands. I don’t believe in corporal punishment, but Katie needs to set limits (time outs, consequences of behavior, etc..) Some behaviors are just not appropriate and I don’t care if Suri’s fed up with the paps, Katie’s smiles and giggles are just encouraging her to make faces. it’s not a pleasant sight. Maybe Katie should leave her at home with her nanny. Also, Suri is very undernourished and pale and rather than barley water and huge cookies, she should eat real food. BTW, it’s only in the 50s in NYC. Why isn’t Suri dressed accordingly.

  • she has food issues
  • cari


    Most likely Tom is a member of Sea Org (the top of the Xenu chain) and even if he isn’t–what is most ironic is that Scientology children are poorly educated. Sea Org kids are put to work as early as six and in their pre and teens used as slave labor for the organization. In fact most Sea Org women who get pregnant are strongly encouraged to abort the child since it takes their energies away from the organization. These kids are often used as slave labor, poorly educated, and if they get ill doctors are not called. Because Xenu has attained religious status in many countries they are exempt from a lot of rules that would govern child well fare — i.e., mandatory schooling, not working until 16, etc.

    So I would say for Suri it is a good thing her dad is Tom Cruise and so visible or she would have a very very different life. For instance, any other child would be told to suck it up and face the paps. If she fell and hurt herself she would be told to put her hand on the wound and draw out the pain and don’t cry. Children this age are considered little adults. She would not be carried and she would not be coddled. So yep, Romeo, I would say it is a good thing that Cruise is, as you put it, ignorant of the abuses that go on his cult religion. (which I totally don’t agree. I think he knows, being friends with Miscavage exactly what goes on and uses his position for exemptions from what he doesn’t want to do).



  • mwannir
  • @she has food issues

    “My mom started a tradition where she makes these amazing pumpkin bars almost like a pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting but it’s not too spicy,” she said. “In my family we travel so much and we’re constantly living in hotels so my daughter and I have been in the living room of the hotel with powdered sugar going everywhere making these to keep up the tradition. They’re really gooey and moist.”

    Of course, Stewart wanted to know if her hubby, Tom Cruise, likes them.

    “Yes, I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t like the recipe,” she said.

    As for the family’s Thanksgiving plans? They’ll be in Los Angeles. “I’m not a big cook so I usually go to the flower mart in downtown Los Angeles and I make up for my lack of cooking with a good presentation,” she joked.

    They’ll have a turkey, though. “I make sure the fixings are there I just don’t tell how they got there,” the Jack and Jill star said.

    “That’s a good idea,” Stewart laughed.


  • Arielle

    I know that Suri has all the materialistic things in the world, but I still feel bad for her. The paparazzi has stalked her from day one, and she does not seem all that much of a happy child. She rarely smiles. She is always carried. She is never holding hands with her older siblings. There aren’t pictures of her with friends. It’s sad. Sure she gets a huge birthday party every year, Tom Cruise for a dad, Katie Holmes for a mom, thousand dollar dresses to wear once, hundred dollar shoes to wear once, but still. I just feel bad. I wish Tom & Katie treated her more like Brad & Angelina- their kids wear clothes from Old Navy and Gymboree, they wear hand-me-downs, they are often smiling, they take care of one another, and they have playdates. Does anyone else agree?

  • uh oh…

    Scariest kid EVER.

  • josh is an athlete

    “I see my daughter has really good athletic ability, and I say that’s her dad,”

  • @she has food issues

    and the smirk is worse than ever!

  • Lana Nicole

    In 15 years: Katie Holmes, 47 carried her daughter as she made silly faces. Suri was lucky enough to get a treat – a six-pack!
    Stop carring her…

  • Katie was rude story
  • eww

    you can tell Katie Holmes is so rude… that’s why people can’t stand her, there’s a “trying too hard be polite” thing about her… or trying too hard to be sophisticated” thing also.She so fake… And also, when you see her before she does her go-to smile-smirk, shes so miserable. I believe the article, totally.

  • Fmderos

    I’m guessing that most of you with the negative comments DON’T have children!! Get your own life and grow up!!