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Courteney Cox: No Reconciliation With David Arquette

Courteney Cox: No Reconciliation With David Arquette

Courteney Cox sends a quick text message while leaving The Little Door restaurant on Friday (November 11) in Los Angeles.

The 47-year-old actress was joined by a gal pal for lunch. Afterwards, the two went shopping at Satine.

Courteney‘s husband to whom she is separated from, David Arquette, recently went on The Howard Stern Show and said that there will be no reconciliation for the couple.

“I’m trying to keep my personal life personal,” David said. “It’s very hard for me because I’m a very honest person.”

15+ pictures inside of Courteney Cox lunching and shopping with a pal in LA…

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courteney cox lunch shopping friend 01
courteney cox lunch shopping friend 02
courteney cox lunch shopping friend 03
courteney cox lunch shopping friend 04
courteney cox lunch shopping friend 05
courteney cox lunch shopping friend 06
courteney cox lunch shopping friend 07
courteney cox lunch shopping friend 08
courteney cox lunch shopping friend 09
courteney cox lunch shopping friend 10
courteney cox lunch shopping friend 11
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    Looking GOOD! She’s already 47 :)

  • cjohn

    looks old like aged especially the picture witht the texting

  • in love

    David also said he is in love with his latest girlfriend- it’s good that he is honest. Too many people lie or deny/pretend, esp in Hollywood. Coco is the most important- kids are much better off if the parents are honest & happy.

  • Reality Check

    @in love:

    No one falls in love with their mistress. In lust is more like it.

  • may

    Good God – what has she down to her face this time

  • wnint

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  • ha ha

    oh oh! all black like jen!

  • Rose

    You know what I find interesting. When Courtney Cox’s best friend forever, Jen Aniston, went through her breakup with Brad Pitt, Courtney was there for Jen 100%. I feel to the point where Courtney and David could not even be friends with their one time friend Brad Pitt. Jen was like a 3rd wheel in Courtney and David’s relationship. But I notice that since Courtney and David split Jen seems to be no where around. Jen has moved on to her new man and other people she is using like Chelsea handler. What is up with all that? Just saying. Where is Jen when Courtney needs someone to lean on?

  • guest


    I don’t think so.We don’t know the truth.They have been friends for nealy 20 years and Jen always support CC

  • Auntie Em


    Yes, Young Rose. That is it is what girlfreinds like Jen do and girls do, needy ones. When their show is on the rocks, they want all sympathy from you and you need them, opps, gone esp. if they have a new man in their lives.
    Also, girls, don’t DO NOT share about guy with your girlfriends. You don’t need them to like, be friends with, love, know your guys’ every waking moment, his habits, likes, dislikes, what he gave you, where are ya’ll going, doing, etc.
    They don’t need to know that about your boyfriend or husband.
    1-Jelaousy 2)they will break you up because you are weak and tell them things about your relationship and are like a 3rd wheel 3) Don’t be surprised if she and your boyfriend find each other and go off together. thank you for helping out your girlfriend and your boyfriend find each other…like you se t them up..a lil free match making.

  • Rose


    true true. and since we do not know the truth, I guess we can also surmise that we don’t know if Jen has always supported Courtney. ha ha. we can go back and fourth like this forever.

    So I will surmise that Jen is a user, only using people when she needs them. and you can surmise that Jen is supportive of her one time friend of, as you say 20 years.

    But I will also surmise Jen hangs out with people who can only support her when she is in need. Also the company she keeps is questionable. cough, cough, Joe Francies and Chelsea Handler.

    But I will also say how much I admire David and Courtney with their honest behavior towards each. They were a great couple.

  • Auntie Em

    @in love:
    And may David stay and amke a new life with his new love, may she treat him right, amy they have a family. He seems like a nice guy. Sweet. Honest. Loyal like a dog.
    Silly goofy side. Yeah.

    Add that he was married to CC and Jen and they had a child .
    Jen , per Anniston, was always with these two. CC , you lost a good guy. These are hard to find.
    He was silly, goofy. Yeah. HTat was bad. Everything else seems good.
    No one is 100% and CC is not. CC alwasy had Jen with her husband and chiod, even celebrtaing Thanskgiving or some day at they had annually at some Hollywood steakhouse.
    Vacations, with jen. Coco ‘s godmother, Jen.

  • plez

    Please she just has not shot up her face recently to make it plump. Aniston looks the same way when she goes weeks without getting shots also.

  • sorella

    CC looks great and she has had a kid, so kudos to her, she doesn;t spend all her time like her former BFF just taking care of hself. I like Courteney, she and David seem to have handled their split as best as can be, the are really both there for their kid. CC stays out the spotlight seems to her own thing. I do get a whiff of hmm on why she has not been seen with Jennifer in ages, seems like JA is all about Chelsea now? SO maybe she wasn’t there for CC like she was for her, i don’t know but they don’t seem so close despite their denials.

  • harr-reh

    I fail to see how anyone on this board can guess that Jen and Court are not friends ..or they don’t talk. How do you know if Court hasn’t seen Jen ..this is silly.

    Just because the paps haven’t photo’d them? Friendships evolve–who knows what is going on–really.

    Court and David are mature and they’ve spoken about their marriage which people just don’t seem to get—they love each other and they’ve got a good parenting relationship with their daughter…who is adorable and seems well-adjusted.

    it’s nobody’s biz.

  • yep

    @Rose: david and courtney have been split over a year and last year jen and courtney spent a lot of time together around the holidays! before david did that 1st howard stern show! jen was there! haters love to forget! especially when they don’t like some one – same ole thing with brangelina fans. go back and check it out so easy to hate for some and not to give credit when credit is due! coco is in school now and i am sure has friends and activities and of course they would do more with her and their friends/parents with the same interest. doesn’t mean you are not still friends and there for each other! they don’t work together 5 days out of week! when courtney wanted jen to do the tv show for her – jen was there! friendship changes as people’s lives do however doesn’t mean you are not still friends just different places! i have lots of friends that is the case – different age children, no children, moved, split, dating and etc… be real!

  • yep

    @Auntie Em: courtney and david went on plenty of vacations without jen! gee! david knew what jen was going through with her divorce as his sister went through the same thing when jolie and cage had an affair when his sister was married to cage! so maybe that is why DAVID was so understanding! the truth is courtney wasn’t jen’s maid/matron of honor as her friend was high school was. yet, jen and courtney are close too! i don’t think jen really wanted to do friends the last year however 5 other people needed her too and she did! you ever think about that! they would have lost 7 million dollars per person! jen had plenty of movies at the time yet jen has never said one word about that! it is easy to seat around judging people! courtney is beautiful! seems like a wonderful mother and friend! happiness to all!

  • ali

    she looks amazing for her age .
    so she is going through tough time so what ? she is human

  • hann

    she looks 47 be real -.-
    her body just looks 35.

  • dianad1968


    I have a question for you, Oh Wise One…how is it that Courtney was not at Aniston’s foot-and-hand ceremony, but Handjob was? And how CC wasn’t at Aniston’s last “bought award” ceremony…but again Handjob was, and Reese Bitcherspoon spoke on her behalf? Shouldn’t her “bestest friend” as you hens like to call CC have been in attendance? Something is wrong with that friendship, even Stevie Wnder can see that, but I am sure Huvane is paying out mucho bucks to the gossip media so that they wouldn’t bring attenion to CC’s very glaring absence in Ticky’s like. Somebody is going to talk about it though…it’s just a matter of time.

    BTW, once when David was on HS’s show and Howard referred to Aniston as CC’s best friend, David said she wasn’t and named someone else. OH OH. LOL.

  • Love the shoes

    Love her and have never understood why her best bud JA has always gotten the main focus. CC is smart to realize that David is a better buddy than husband. He is a little boy not ready to wear long pants yet and it’s great they both realize it and choose friendship and co-parenting of Coco over trying to be mismatched as married people.

  • Missy

    @ dianad1968

    I haven’t heard that HS interview with David, but did he say Theresa? Because that’s who Courteney refers to as her best friend in a few interviews, she is from New York and they were already friends long before CC became famous. She also is Coco’s godmother, next to Jennifer.