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Dakota & Elle Fanning Cover 'W' December 2011

Dakota & Elle Fanning Cover 'W' December 2011

Dakota and Elle Fanning grace the cover of W Magazine‘s December 2011 issue.

Here is what the superstar sisters had to share with the mag:

Elle, 13, on her older sister: “[Dakota] is a nice older sister. But it’s not like we always get along. Now that she’s going to college, it’s different. I went into her room at home in California, and all her clothes were gone! Her closet was empty! I don’t get to go in there and steal clothes anymore. It’s really strange. It’s sort of like she’s off making a movie, but this time she’s not coming back.”

Dakota on deciding to go to college: “For the same reasons I wanted to go to a high school: You hear people say, “Oh, when I was in high school” or “When I was in college.” That defines a lot of who people are, and I didn’t want to miss out on that.”

Dakota, 17, on her introduction to fashion: “I was 12. I was always into fashion because my mom has always been interested in fashion. She majored in fashion merchandising in college, and it’s always been something we have in common. When I did that first campaign for Marc Jacobs, I really wasn’t old enough to wear the clothes. He made all the clothes from the runway in my size. I still have them.”

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Photos: Mario Sorrenti for W Magazine
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  • caro

    can anyone explain me when teens do a cover of adult fashion magazines? and why is it NOT in Just Jared Jr?

  • marq

    both these two are archetypes

  • catchy


  • bobbyweiner


  • Jennica Panettiere

    They photoshopped Elle to look like an 18 year old model, if you look at the other picture you can see her babyish features. I wish Elle would stop trying to look grown up all the time. You are only 13, enjoy your youth while you have it! Plenty of time to be on the cover of magazines when you’re older. That’s why I don’t have a problem with Dakota on this since she is going to be 18 in a few months.

    Also what the hell is up with putting ‘sexy holiday fashion’ near Elle’s face?

    Maybe I’m being oversensitive but I just think there’s something really off about this cover.

  • t

    how old do you think real models are? not supermodels or victoria’s secret models, but fashion and runway show models? they’re the same age as these two.

  • Anna

    I don’t think Elle looks older than she is, she’s just a lot taller than Dakota and they both look very young. Honestly, Dakota looks like she’s the same age as Elle in these photos. Her looking older in pictures isn’t a real concern, when she starts speaking like an adult then we can all worry. In interviews she’s such a goofy girl which shows her age.

  • c’mon

    There’s a lot of really old people commenting here. They’re the ones who say in their granny voices that kids these days are too young and should look a certain way for their age.
    t is right, they’re the same age as 90% of the fashion models you see in mags and on the runways.

  • YAYA

    I love Dakota Fanning. She is so talented and I’m really impressed with her decision to go to college. It didn’t hurt Natalie Portman.

    Also, people stop whining about girls these pics. there is nothing wrong with these pics. If you see something wrong with them, then maybe it’s you who should get help.

  • Jennica Panettiere

    @t: I was thinking about that I was typing my last comment. Yes, I understand that models can be as young as 13, but Elle is also an actress so it’s not just a clotheshorse issue, it’s also about being a celebrity who is trying hard to look grown up so people can take her seriously.

    I just don’t like it when children try so hard to seem grown up when they have no clue that being that young is limited and you have the rest of your life to be an adult.

  • Jennica Panettiere

    LOL. I am not old, I am in my early 20s thank you very much. Most of you people calling me old are probably teenagers so I’m not surprised you wouldn’t get what I’m saying since you are still that young. Whatever.

  • Audrey

    They’re both stunning and talented. Love this fashion spread! :)

  • mel

    @c’mon: that’s not true. I just turned 20 and my parents would kill me if I ever atemp to look or dress like these young girls (including that Chloe girl and Hailee) do. It’s just mindless business what adults are doing to and with these girls. Elle being on magazines at the age of 13 not even being the lead on a movie is sick. They’re backing on her sudden popularity and honestly, I don’t think that has a lot to do with being an actress and that is damaging their images as actresses.

  • mel

    @c’mon: Also, do you think being a model at the age of 13 is healthy for a CHILD? Have you stopped to think about how bad it is for society that the people that model the clothes that clerly OLDER WOMEN will buy are pretty much children? Do you know what that means? It means that societyis so f*cked up that if you are not young enough to wear or to fit into one of those desings, you’re worthless. How’s that? Huh?

  • meggyoh

    Jeez people, you Americans are way over sensitive. There is nothing wrong with these photos! They look classy, they look pretty, they’re not sexualised. How is that “damaging their images”?! And for the record, I’m 25 so quite far from being a teenager, Jennica.

  • Sue

    She’s only 13?! scary :o

  • mel

    @meggyoh: Well, I’m from Argentina and here celebrities pretty much have sex on live tv so I’m used to this kind of things still I find them extremely out of place sooo you shouldn’t make generalizations

  • Jennica Panettiere

    @meggyoh: Did I say Elle was being sexualised? The photos look pretty and classy on Dakota. On Elle, I don’t know. I said she looks too mature for 13. That’s my personal opinion. It would be refreshing to see her playing ball and laughing like a 13 year old kid on a magazine photoshoot. Not powdered brooding with make up appearing on the cover of an adult magazine trying to relate to adults. You would honestly buy an adult magazine with a 13 year old on the cover? Well good for you.

    That’s just me though and yeah maybe I’m overreacting but like I said, I just think young people should value their youth.

    And FYI, I am not American.

  • Jessica
  • mel

    @Jennica Panettiere: I really enjoy reading you posts!

  • Emly

    I just think that elle is wearing eyeshadow that is waaay way to dark. I agree with some of these comments, she’s 13 she shouldn’t be on a cover with her makeup so dark. Not because its too much makeup (lets face it, even bareface is a ton of work), but because it makes her look way older. Shouldn’t we also celebrate youth? What’s wrong with having her still look 13? She’s a gorgeous, gorgeous little girl and she’s going to be a beautiful woman, just not today. Her face looks way too photoshoped.

  • anon

    Um, shouldn’t it be Dakota putting makeup on Elle instead of the other way around? I mean I get that Elle’s taller, but she is younger than Dakota. I think it would have been cute that way. You know, the older sister teaching her young sister how to apply makeup.

    Btw, I can’t tell whether if that’s Dakota’s hand or Elle’s in the last picture?

  • Annie

    They way they have take:
    I wonder …How much they charge for a Lolita Night?

  • Annie

    The way they have take:
    I wonder …How much they charge for a Lolita Night?

  • I Worship Betty White

    This is funny cause there is the same exact discussion with Kate Moss’s sister who is 13 except she looks WAYYYY OLDER.

  • miri

    This is about a model who has been around ince 1947… and he started working at 15. Not unlike models today.

    there is a picture of her Vogue cover at 15 at this link:

    An 80-year-old model sounds like a fashion oxymoron, like stylish Crocs or flattering Spandex. But style icon Carmen Dell’Orefice proves that working the runway as an octogenarian is not only possible, but pretty darn fabulous.

    The veteran model, who celebrates her 80th birthday Friday, got her start on a cover of Vogue in 1947 at a mere 15 years old. Dell’Orefice went on to pose for photography legends like Richard Avedon, Irving Penn, Cecil Beaton, and Norman Parkinson, creating some pretty iconic images in the process.

    She hasn’t stopped working since — while many a senior citizen is walking with a cane, the agelessly elegant Dell’Orefice continues to strut the runway in her signature white-haired glory, appearing for John Galliano in 2000, Hermès in 2004, and Alberta Ferretti just this year.

  • Penny

    something about these photos offends me too. they are pretty girls, but there is an underlying sexuality trying to be pushed here that feels wrong for someone so young.

  • marq

    @Penny: What sophistry in your put-down. I’d love to see an MRI of their brain activity (that researchers are now using to study genius), when they reach the zone like this, or in their more intense movie roles.

    You might study each of their bodies-of-work. None of it, can one dismiss, lightly.

  • Gigi

    I LOVE these girls. For me they stand head and shoulders above all those no-talent teenage hacks in Hollywood who call themselves “actors”. Sometimes they are over-sexualized for work but their private lives seem so normal in comparison to all the other kids. People forget that even Natalie Portman started out as pedo bait in The Professional.

  • sss

    these girls are not normal 13 and 17 year olds. They are some of the most famous actresses in the world. They work just like an adult, just like models their age. world’s becoming more competitive. you keep up to stay on top or move aside. they can act young in their downtime. when they work, they need to act like a grown up, including dressing like a sophisticated one. no one is asking them to dress slutttty…

  • Warren

    2 Hot and Sexy women! I’d really love to kiss Elle’s hot lips.

  • Ka simply

    Elle!! ☺‎

  • http://nicole Jeny

    Beautiful girls and I’m already used to Elle’s too grown-up look. Now that almost all models are teens it’s not strange that they want to appear to be older.

  • JoD

    People, these are no “photos”, these are stylized and altered shots of two young women, making them appear unreal. ANYONE could look young and fairytal-y with that blown-out-white do. Elle is not pretty really. She is like one awkward puppy, and I don’t feel she acts in movies, she just “is”. She just stands there or looks, but that is not acting. Dakota is a real actress. I don’t think the hype about Elle is justified.

  • Marie

    These photos are beautiful. Quite ethereal. I love them!

  • shane colley

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