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Max Irons: Jared in 'The Host'!

Max Irons: Jared in 'The Host'!

Max Irons will play the role of Jared in the upcoming film The Host, Entertainment Weekly reports.

The 26-year-old actor joined the project along with the already attached Saoirse Ronan, who will play Melanie Stryder.

I Am Number Four‘s Jake Abel has also joined the cast as Ian!

Max, Saoirse, and Jake‘s character’s are all involved in a love triangle in the film adapted from Stephenie Meyer‘s book of the same name.

Be sure to look out for The Host when it hits theatres on March 29, 2013.

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Credit: Sean Gallup, Jason Merritt; Photos: Getty
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  • Alaia

    What was Saoirse thinking signing up for this? A Stephenie Meyer adaptation?! Hopefully she will run for the hills last minute.

  • jacqueline

    It sucks when cool actors I’m a fan of sign up for terrible projects like this one.

  • catchy

    I’m glad Kit Harington is NOT in this project

  • wnint

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  • Dinq

    Ohhh YES PLZ!! I’d have much preferred Max to play Ian, but at least he’s in the movie!! Best news of the day! The Host is a wonderful book and I can’t wait to see the movie! I just hope they don’t ruin it like they did with Twilight..

  • Me

    A lot of movies are trying to be like Twilight, though. The Hunger Games are trying the same marketing that twilight was so successful with. the whole love story./triangle thing/ entertainment weekly spot. Promoting on MTV> If they could get just a fraction of twilight’s fan base.

    With such a low budget and the huge success—box office gold. just proves a good story and marketing team may be more important than sfx and big budget action blowups/ big name stars/big name studio.

  • Rocio

    THIS SUCKS!!!!! as an avid fan of anything Stephenie Meyer writes, specially the host, i’m so mad. I can already see that they are targeting tweens and teens by hiring young looking people. HELLOOOOO! These characters are suppose to be in their mid 20s early 30′s, early to mid 20s melanie and early 30s the guys. THIS IS NOT A HIGH SCHOOL LIKE ROMANCE!!!! Shit. I LOVE Soairse Ronan, but why not give the part to someone who actually looks atleast 21? She’s freaking 16! what the freak where they thinking? that they could target the younger crowd with a younger cast, D@MN IT! This makes me soooo pissed off. ARGH! this will suck.

  • b

    Did the people read the book?! Seriously? Saoirse is a good actress but the lead character is tan, brunette and 21!
    P.S The HOST is nothing like the Twilight series. This novel is in the adult section.

  • rocio

    @b: @b: TOTALLY (MOSTLY) AGREE!!! I don’t mind the lead being blond, or a redhead, or pale as a vampire (haha). watever. If the acting is great, and their is a decent reason why they cast the person, then it really doesn’t matter much too me. Just something i have to rise above. HOWEVER, i do mind the lead being 16 when she’s suppose to be 5 years OLDER. What? are they going to say she’s 21? Because unless they explain how she’s underfed and THATS why she looks so young, then okay. BUT D@MN IT! they are just making this moving into a tween/teen type movie with people their age. IM STILL PISSED.

  • Nana

    ME TOO!

  • Facts

    @Rocio: You’re an idiot. Most of these actors ARE in their 20′s in real life. Unless you think ppl who look 20 are supposed to look ancient, you’re wrong.

  • Manny

    A lot of people forget it’s Saoirse Ronan playing the lead and she is one of the best actresses today regardless of age. The Host is lucky to have her, extremely lucky.

  • rocio

    @Facts: No, youre the idiot who obviously doesnt know what youre talking about. Saoirse Ronan is 16 and the protagonist is 21 or so. The guys are 25 and like 23 or something i think and they are suppose to be like 28-31 something like that. And, while i think Saoirse Ronan is an extremely good actress, my problem is with ppl trying to make this into a film targeted at a younger demographic by knocking more than 5 years of the characters.

  • Jill

    People who are damning it seem ignorant of those involved and have no idea on what makes a film successful critically. Book fans will see this regardless if the cast is older so it just goes to prove that their complaints are petty.

    For those that say it’ll suck because it’s a Meyer book:
    A) Andrew Niccol is set to direct
    B) He also wrote the screenplay
    C) It’s part sci-fi. Niccol does sci-fi.

    For those that say the movie is already ruined because of the young actors:
    A) Ronan will be 18 near the end of filming. People are over exaggerating how old a person in their early 20s look like; a 23 year old does not look significantly older when he/she was 18. Besides, Melanie is 17 in flashbacks, 20 when Wanda gets to her, and 21 at the very end of the book.

    B) Jake Abel will be 24 soon. His character is in his mid twenties, so think of 24-26 age range for Ian.

    C) Max Irons is the eldest being 26. He’s character Jared is in his late twenties. Not my first pick for Jared looks wise, but I can live with the choice.

    D) This is far from being a teeny bopper/Twilight movie due to Andrew Niccol being the screen writer & director. Remember that book fans.

    Also, book fans are putting too much emphasis on actors matching the physical attributes of the written character. Most actresses proposed by book fans to play Melanie aren’t even close to matching Ronan’s acting talent. This role is a dual role, and getting one of the premiere actresses of her generation is a major plus. Ronan is one of the best.

    The complaints of people saying it’ll pander towards the younger crowds have NO proof of their opinions. Even if they cast an older actor in the early 30s for Jared teenagers would still see it if they’re fans of the book. Everyone from the lead actress (using Ronan’s age to get the younger audience in seats is a weak argument since Ronan is practically unknown in the states – what producers did was cast for talent and they got it. So be grateful.), to the director/screenwriter, to the producers say otherwise.

    So for that whine about it being ruined because of a younger cast: you have no clue what you’re talking about.

  • Jill


    One name: Andrew Niccol.

    He is set to direct and has written the screen play.

  • Sia

    Will you Twilight/Stephenie Meyer haters JUST SHUT UP ! Just cuz you don’t like Twilight blah blah blah you don’t have to hate.
    Give this project a chance and SHUT UP !

  • Amber

    This is ridiculous! At first I was so excited to hear they were adapting the book into a film but these actors are too young to portray Meyer’s characters well enough. Can’t see Max Irons playing Jared after he lost Melanie at all. Very few actors would be able to do that. Saorise can play Wanderer fine but Melanie? Um…no. But still, I’m glad they’re adapting it at all.