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Miranda Kerr: Saturday Stroll with Flynn!

Miranda Kerr: Saturday Stroll with Flynn!

Miranda Kerr and her adorable son Flynn go for a stroll on the New York City sidewalks on Saturday (November 12).

The 28-year-old Aussie model and her family have been in the Big Apple as Miranda walked the runway in the annual Victoria’s Secret fashion show earlier in the week.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

The day before, Miranda held Flynn in her arms as they walked around the Soho neighborhood.

FYI: Miranda is using her Zuzu stroller!

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr and Flynn on a NYC stroll…

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miranda kerr saturday stroll with flynn 01
miranda kerr saturday stroll with flynn 02
miranda kerr saturday stroll with flynn 03
miranda kerr saturday stroll with flynn 04
miranda kerr saturday stroll with flynn 05
miranda kerr saturday stroll with flynn 06
miranda kerr saturday stroll with flynn 07
miranda kerr saturday stroll with flynn 08
miranda kerr saturday stroll with flynn 09
miranda kerr saturday stroll with flynn 10

Credit: Ivan Nikolov; Photos: WENN
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  • Stephanie

    That is one of the most adorable babies I have ever seen! I could stare at baby Flynn all day, so cute!!!

  • yes!

    Such a beautiful family!

  • A

    Baby looks arab

  • zoe

    I just love her and the baby, so beautiful and cute at the same time!

  • bee

    why is he so adorable?

  • @5

    Just look at his parents.
    He won the genetic lottery.

  • Jess

    That is one cute baby.

  • rockonme

    awww, those cheeks. I wish I could pinch them. He looks like he know will can get away with stuff..those cheeks. lol.

  • Emily

    CUTEST BABY. EVER. And I totally agree with the previous comment….genetic lottery!!

  • lea

    CUTE as a button!

  • nes

    all babies look the same, cute and chubby.

  • Lucas

    OMG every single day I see pics of her in this site, please jared stop posting about her every day.

  • @12

    Then stop clicking on her threads.
    Is that really such a hard concept to grasp?

  • YAY!

    I love this little family!

  • hann

    she has the cutest baby hes like a cabbage patch doll :)
    i still think shes basic

  • cute baby beautiful mum

    @bee: Why is he so adorable? Look at his beautiful mum and you’ll see it’s definitely no surprise! Flynn looks more and more like Miranda. He’s going to be as gorgeous as Miranda for sure!

  • Sandy

    Flynn is one of the cutest babies. He is going to be handsome when he gets older. Flynn looks like Miranda and Orlando . He has the cutest cheeks.

  • He’s a doll…

    Aww, he’s a perfect little doll. Those cheeks and lips! She seems like a sweet doting mom too. You can really tell she is crazy about the little guy. Must seem strange to be on the catwalk at one moment and a mom the next. Anyway, she seems like a great mom.

  • Jess

    Another day, another day with a post of Miranda Kerr taking a stroll…

  • kate

    Yes we really need the daily walking posts on Miranda. Hasn’t her PR heard of overkill

  • Hanna C.

    love his chubby cheeks <3
    sometimes i even wonder whether those cheeks are too heavy for his little face to take, lol

  • chip

    he is cute but she looks like a big alien head. No wonder models are not that famous anymore! This look can’t compete with the perfect beauties of the 90s when everyone loved models. This is just trendy beauty, with little girls and boys oogling over it. Can’t get past a model with such a big head/lack of bone structure. meh. She’s starting to be hyped up with nothing to show for other than parading her cute little son around. Where is the A list work??!

  • lil

    I don’t get why she has so many threads, ok she’s beautiful but there are other angels….anyway, I also think flynn is gonna be handsome later; he really has good and regular features, just like his parents…..we’ll see in a few years

  • http://justjared Mjforlife

    Such a cute duo other VS models are not married to Orlando Bloom and has a baby with him roll eyes…

  • 393

    Where are her friends, their parents, etc? They are photographed so much, and yet never with any other family member or a friend? Are they really that anti-social and detached from everyone? Sad.

  • Reply to Chip …


    What is your problem? Why are you trying to tear her down? Miranda might not be “model perfect” from all angles – I like her but I agree she doesn’t have the traditional sculpted model face (those dimples are sure cute though!) But people, especially women, should be pleased that a variety of women can be successful as models. Don’t you think it’s time to forget about the old standards and celebrate all kinds of beauty?

  • LOL


    What a stupid comment. You’re the sad one.

  • @393

    I’m sure within the last week or so they were photographed out at dinner with a bunch of friends. The time that Orlando snuck out the back of a cafe, Miranda was photographed with a friend and her baby. Orlando also went to the theatre opening night with Enrique Murciano (friend from Black Hawk Down), if that counts for you.

  • Cutie!

    what a cutie! he looks sleepy :)

  • :(

    Sunday, monday, tuesday etc, etc, etc strolls. Oh, so exciting…(sarcasm) LOOOOLLLLLLLLLLL

  • @25

    They were photographed just the other day going out to dinner with friends. They are often photographed with friends. And maybe their families being on opposite sides of the planet has a little something to do with them not being photographed?

  • @30

    And your own life is ‘soooo exciting’ that you keep clicking on her threads.
    You must have a very sad life.

  • Bored

    @cute baby beautiful mum:

    God, if he grows up and looks like her, then they will be matching cabbage patch dolls.

  • Bored


    Aren’t they doing exciting things with their life? Strutting down the streets of New York in a stoller, out of a stroller, all of a sudden doing a baby decoy because they are such private people yet hired Getty Images who arrange for celebrity pictures to be taken, him on a bike, him off a bike, her with a stroller, without a stroller, with Orlando, without Orlando. Yep, can easily see why they are making a difference in the world, and yep, here will go another asinine comment from LOL about how wonderful they are. Keep the rose colored glasses on shippers. What will you all do when they divorce? They have as much magniticism between them as a 10 watt light bulb. hmmmm, make that five.

  • @Bored


  • @34

    I guess that your own life is SO EXCITING that you stalk this family across the internet, posting hate whenever you see them. Your life must be so sad and empty if this is what makes you feel better about your own pathetic existance.
    You hate them because they are happy and in love. Something that you will never be as long as you have this dark cloud hanging over everything you do.
    How many hours do you spend on the internet wallowing in hate? 6-8 hours a day? Posting on delphi and delphi lite, as well as on your own blog and twitter?
    I’d feel sorry for you if it wasn’t all your own doing.
    Poor, pathetic hater.
    You really do need help.

  • @34

    Celebs are photographed just walking down the street all of the time. Why are you making such an issue out of this now? Or is it just the subjects of the photos that make it different in your mind? If that is the case, wouldn’t it be easier to just avoid their threads, than to constantly whine about their prescence?
    You do sound like a stalker/hater. Irrational and mean. Maybe you do need some help in dealing with these feelings of hate and inadequacy. And I do know that you feel inadequate. Bullies always feel inadequate.

  • Models + Photographs

    Go together like peanut butter and jelly. Live with it! Or go to another thread.

  • Models + Photographs

    And ————
    Thank you Miranda————- for ALWAYS looking beautiful and not like ***CR@P*** like most other starlets and famous women. They look so lovely on the red carpet, but then a week later, they are shopping or strolling and their hair is a mess, no makeup, and they look like hags! I am just like Miranda and I’m not even famous. I’m on my way to Walmart and you’ll never see me out anywhere looking like a witch. Females need to take better care of themselves for sure. Yay Miranda!

  • WAlterBisho[

    Flynn looks like little royalty riding in his baby carriage

  • j

    @chip: I agree the 90′s models were more beautiful but she is not ugly anyway that kid is cute and looks well behaved.

  • He’s well behaved…

    because he is surely loved. Children need lots of love and certainly discipline when they are naughty, but love for sure. Really loving your child produces secure, well-behaved little people. They’re not desperate for attention or “acting out” because they are getting their needs met.

  • 80s models were the bomb

    The years of the models are gone for good. I’ve been saying it. I don’t think that era will ever come back. There are beautiful women everywhere, but back 20 years or so models were women who OTHER people thought were beautiful, so they were more striking. They were the women who were out and about and a scout spotted them and got knocked down by their beauty and chased them down. Now, women look in their own mirror and deem themselves beautiful. Then they go to Hollywood or New York and walk into an agency, saying, “Here I am. Look at my beauty!” Self-made models who are more cute than striking. Still, Miranda has a lot going for her. She could make in in movies because her face (those lovely dimples and clear blue eyes) has some character. A lot of the other top models (like Gisele and Bar) are ugly to me, but not Miranda.