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Miranda Kerr: Flynn is Crawling!

Miranda Kerr: Flynn is Crawling!

Miranda Kerr carries her adorable son Flynn on Sunday (November 13) in New York City.

The 28-year-old Aussie model recently caught up with Us Weekly and said that her 10-month-old is already on the move! “He’s crawling now…[and] he has eight teeth!” she dished.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

“[He likes] when I sing to him,” Miranda added, singing, “‘Be-bop-a-lula, he’s my baby!’ He likes that.”

Last week, Miranda rocked the runway at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show – the big show will air on November 29 on CBS!

FYI: Miranda is using her Zuzu stroller!

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73 Responses to “Miranda Kerr: Flynn is Crawling!”

  1. 1
    ha ha Says:

    tired of seeing her and her stupid baby

  2. 2
    bee Says:


  3. 3
    bee Says:


  4. 4
    ray Says:

    flynn is adorable, her not so much.

  5. 5
    Jess Says:

    Her baby is adorable but this is the third post in less than two days with her doing nothing but going for a walk. I have nothing against her but if she should be featured it should be for actually promoting something.

  6. 6
    Lola Says:

    What I don’t like about her is the way she promotes a healthy lifestyle while clearly starving herself to be able to stay that thin. It sends the entirely wrong message to girls out there.

  7. 7
    Guy Says:

    Flynn: “I believe I can fly!!!”

  8. 8
    @1 Says:

    Then why do you insist on clicking on her threads?
    Is someone holding a gun to your head?

  9. 9
    @6 Says:

    With that gorgeous, radiant skin and healthy hair she is obviously NOT starving herself.
    She eats right and exercises to stay model slim. You can tell she is very healthy.

  10. 10
    canuck Says:

    The baby is super cute.. but is she only interesting because of the baby. because that is all the post on her are about. Flynn.

    Hate to think she pimping the baby for attention. Flynn is more popular than his father. But case in point. seeing a cute baby or two does not make people go to see you at the BO.

  11. 11
    gah! Says:

    Flynn is such a gorgeous, happy baby!

  12. 12
    @1 Says:

    “stupid baby”?
    What a nasty, hateful person you must be.

  13. 13
    cierra Says:

    that first comment is really mean. take it out on someone who can defend themselves. i know, i come on her and talk my opinionated ****, but i will never say anything about a baby who can’t defend hisself.
    second, am i the only one a little worried that she doesn’t have his shoes on him? i mean, i know she’s only taking him out for a lil bit at a time and all, but its cold in NY, blanket or not, shouldn’t the baby have shoes? maybe its just me.

  14. 14
    lexy hates bilson Says:

    It’s a shame how she can’t take her son out without these animals stalking her!!

  15. 15
    @13 Says:

    He has on nice warm socks. And it isn’t that cold in NY right now. Note how no one in the pics is wearing gloves? With those socks and his nice sweater, he should be plenty warm enough.

  16. 16
    Jennica Panettiere Says:

    @lexy hates bilson: LOL. Aren’t you the one who hates Rachel Bilson for calling the paps? This girl has been featured on this site too much in recent times. I’m sorry she has picked up on the trend too and she definitely calls the paps.

  17. 17
    NYC Says:

    Wow, crazy beautiful family.
    She is one of my favorites.
    I love Orlando Bloom and this baby is gorgeous.
    Proof they belong together.

  18. 18
    hmm Says:

    I wonder if Orlando is back in NZ?
    There have been a couple of tweets that have him on a flight. One that mentions an overnight flight without mentioning a destination. Another mentions Queenstown.
    Wonder if he went back for filming, and Miranda will join him after finishing press for the VSFS?
    Miranda mentioned that they will be in NZ around Christmas since Orlando will be filming, so I bet that’s it.

  19. 19
    Anna Says:

    wow I’d never thought I’d see those shoes on Miranda. Different look…I kind of like it but I’d like it more with a leather jacket.

    That baby is cute but I agree some of the posters, seeing her everyday is a little much. It doesn’t even feel like Just Jared anymore. It’s more like Just Miranda.

  20. 20
    @16 Says:

    Why would she have to call the paps when they have camped out in front of their buiding? Someone posted a pic of three or four of them camped out, waiting for them to come back.

  21. 21
    cute! Says:

    @canuck: “Flynn is more popular than his father.” Well why shouldn’t he? Flynn is so much cuter than his nasty-looking dad. Thanks god Flynn looks more like Miranda, which means he is more genetically blessed! “But case in point. seeing a cute baby or two does not make people go to see you at the BO.” LOL he new movie bombs, it’s just so predicable!

  22. 22
    Monkey Says:

    Jared, you’re turning this baby into a celebrity himself! I see posts about him everyday!

  23. 23
    zoe Says:

    Miranda looks gorgeous and aww look at her little boy……so adorable!!!

  24. 24
    j Says:

    cute baby

  25. 25
    Irena Says:

    I LOVE HER SHOES! Can someone tell me where to get those from?! Where are they from?!

  26. 26
    Jennica Panettiere Says:


    Who knows maybe they received a tip off?

    Look I like Miranda and I dont want to believe she calls the paps but did you see the Halloween post where she was in the ringmasters costume, she was walking out the door and the first thing she did was smile and pose to show off her costume. To say she is absolutely unaware of the paps is abit naive I’d think. Even when she was outside of the US, she was still featured on the site everyday, August in Sydney and October in France.

    I understand the Australian media following her , but is she that famous in France?

  27. 27
    Cindy Says:

    @Irena: They’re Isabel Marant. They look amazing but good luck affording them.

  28. 28
    tammy Says:

    so damn cuteeeeeeeeeee!

  29. 29
    @26 Says:

    I don’t think that anyone ever said that she wasn’t “aware” of the paps, or that she didn’t understand that they have their uses. It’s just that most people here don’t think that she has to call them to come and take her picture.
    And as others have said (numerous times) the people who are usually featured on this, or any other gossip site, are the ones that generate hits. If her detractors stopped posting OVER AND OVER AGAIN, using sock after sock, JJ would have less reasons to post about her. There would still be pap pics available, because their pics sell, and paps will always be willing to wait for them to appear, but they would show up on fewer sites.
    And as for France, the paps were out in force because of fashion week, and yes, she is a well known model. The paps were also hoping for pics of Orlando and/or the baby. Paps go where the money is.

  30. 30
    Skys Says:


    Do u know who makes the shoes I kind of like them and would love a pair

  31. 31
    sara Says:

    That picture of Flynn with his arms raised really shows his exhuberant personality. He seems so happy!

  32. 32
    rebeee Says:

    oh please she is not that famous. Its her hubby. she is almost 30 and only has like 3 Vogue covers (LOL), its appalling. she is so over hyped with nothing to show for its not even funny. Flynn and Orlando are her biggest ‘achievements” (and her humongous head of course)

  33. 33
    @34 Says:

    ONLY three Vogue covers????

  34. 34
    He's is DEVINE! Says:

    They probably have to stop themselves from eating that little darling up! I never wanted boys, but that baby is so gosh darn cute! He’s perfect in every way. I wish I could hold his little chubby body and make him smile that adorable smile he has!

  35. 35
    M Says:

    Shoes from Isabel marant. You get them the Isabel marant store in NY.

  36. 36
    Lena Says:

    @Jennica Panettiere: She’s married to Orlando Bloom, she’s a Victorias Secret Angel, Flynn is beautiful. Paps stalk her. SHE DOES NOT HAVE TO CALL THEM.

  37. 37
    Lena Says:


  38. 38
    @Lena Says:

    re: @34…I think that they were being sarcastic.

  39. 39
    Mari Says:

    Is it just me or does that kid have REALLY, REALLY blonde hair? lol *open 5th picture*

  40. 40
    samantha37 Says:

    he looks handsome at pic numb 5!!!

  41. 41
    squee Says:

    Second picture down, where Flynn is smiling at the camera……
    It looks like they just baby-fied Orlando’s face and put it on a tiny body. He looks so much like his dad! Same eyes! Same smile! So cute!

  42. 42
    Felix Says:

    First time I must say… bad outfit Miranda!
    The shoes and the pants is Justin Bieber style! :)

  43. 43
    unknown Says:

    Oh. another Miranda walking post. This is getting a bit ridiculous

  44. 44
    whocares Says:

    Awwww ma baby!!

  45. 45
    Bored Says:

    The world is once again complete with another pap set up. Get a life – be a mum and stop pimping your kid. Jerk.

  46. 46
    janie Says:

    This baby is SO adorable. I like him.

  47. 47
    JT can't act Says:

    Even if Miranda doesn’t call the paps whether she likes it or not she is being OVEREXPOSED and that is not good for a celebrity’s image.

    Besides how the hell is Miranda that different from Kim Kardashian. Miranda is a glorified model. Modelling doesn’t really require a talent.

    The only difference between the two is that Miranda doesn’t act sleazy, otherwise they are both business woman hawking fashion products to little fans who eat it up like hot cakes like the celebrity worshipping sheep they are.

  48. 48
    ? Says:

    Someone said that there are pics of paps waiting outside of her house, and even without those pictures, it’s perfectly obvious that nobody calls the paps every day to take 10 million pics of them doing the same routine, and be ‘overexposed’.
    Instead of blaming Miranda for being ‘overexposed’, people who supposedly find it annoying should try to not give her posts hits. But since we all know that those people want to read and comment on every single post about her, I’m wasting my time with that advice, right?

    “Besides how the hell is Miranda that different from Kim Kardashian”
    The difference between Kim Kardashian and Miranda is the same as between Paris Hilton and Charlize Theron.

  49. 49
    Aaron Says:

    yes only 3 Vogue covers, that is nothing. Most famous models have over 20. This girl better get to work and not for Who magazine or Grazia, the only thing she can seem to get now days. She is a very lame panty model, face it. Hardly different than Bar Refaeli type models. It must be that huge head of hers, that is not a photographer’s dream. (big heads, fat faces).

  50. 50
    Name Says:

    @Aaron: You mad bro?

  51. 51
    Felix Says:

    shoes from Isabel Marant

  52. 52
    @aaron Says:

    Bar Refaeli wishes she had been as busy and popular during the Paris Fashion Week, worked for the brands Miranda’s worked or been on the cover of as many respected fashion mags as she has. Vogue is not the only one out there.
    And I like that she still doesn’t mind being on the cover of ‘smaller’ mags and helping minor fashion brands.

  53. 53
    @47 Says:

    “Glorified model”???
    No dear. She’s a WORKING model. A VERY SUCCESSFUL working model.
    You’re just mad that she keeps proving you hater idiots wrong!

  54. 54
    Lucas (@TheLucasTalk) Says:

    she’s adorable

  55. 55
    kerr haha Says:


  56. 56
    Kerr or Kerrshaw? Says:

    The Australian media is pretty stupid to be bowled over by doubt she’s a good model and all that.. but in terms of a real fashion model..nah.. the woman doesn’t have a single major campaign under her belt apart from a jill sandan eyewear line and perhaps one prada advert.. she’s also a very under-confident editorial model..has very mere high fashion stints.. off late some glory in that area.. but why the big deal. aussie abbey lee kershaw is ranked no 5 on and has way to many campaigns … under her belt all at 24! And high fashion.. well women like coco rocha, karlie kloss.. sasha pivorova.. have been opening and closing shoes from the start of their modelling careers..
    she’s a very good commercial face.. but when did fashion become all about that?

  57. 57
    Ruth Says:

    Miranda is beautiful and Flynn even more but I can’t stand how she uses the child to promote her career. She + the baby appear on an almost daily basis in the media and I can’t think of even one other super model who allows her child/children to be photographed so often. Ms. Kerr is very successful and good luck to her but she should really not use Flynn for her PR.

  58. 58
    Micka Says:


    The only reason Miranda and her son are on JJ nearly every day is because she PAYS for this promotion. Same applied to Bar when she was also here on a daily basis.

    Miranda is beautiful and obviously a successful model but she is going to regret the overexposure. Just how many photos do we need to see of her and her baby every day? Of course she is using this as PR. There are many top models who have children and don’t use their offspring to sell themselves. NOT classy.

  59. 59
    The Other Model Mums exist! Says:

    Ambrosio had a baby almost after did Adriana, Giesele..and Doutzen Kroes.. had a kid 2 days before her… wonder why magnets like Bundchen and Lima dont purr around their babies.. its fine go for a walk in the park.. but whats with all the “i express milk to flynn… ” once is fine.. always? nah.. every woman on the planet is breastfeeding, what s the need to highlight it at all times.. not as if people wont breastfeed if she doesnt promote it.. besides.. the wonder body? All the recent vs model mums did it! including heidi..and 2 kids, is it a big deal after all these days?..its genetics for heaven sakes packed with effort! its her bread and butter.. she has to!

  60. 60
    @57 Says:

    At this point, it’s impossible that you aren’t deliberately ignoring that paps are camping at her door.

  61. 61
    @56 Says:

    She is popular because she is sweet and aproachable. She has a ‘girl next door’ appeal that people like.
    Most people don’t care about hf campaigns when they are deciding whether or not they like someone. And those other girls aren’t married to an insanely handsome and popular actor.
    She is popular. Get over it.

  62. 62
    @57 Says:

    Since when is going for a walk with your child “using him to promote her career”?
    Are they supposed to stay inside or the rest of their lives?

  63. 63
    @58 Says:

    She isn’t paying JJ. YOU ARE!
    When will you haters realize that she gets threads because she gets hits. Many hits fom you idiots.
    If you would stop whining about her threads, she wouldn’t hve so many threads. How THICK are you?

  64. 64
    ellie' Says:

    What a beautiful baby…love those chubby cheeks..and beautiful parents..

  65. 65
    @61 Says:

    yeah.. well you seem to know hell lot about fashion to decide whats confident and whats not! go read up some fashion blogs… of course i like this women … havent i mentioned that over and over . but marrying a hollywood actor isnt what a fashion model should be in the news for! whats the difference between her and any other random celebrity.. do some good work and get appreciated.. what campagins.. she did a recent guuci or cavalli? besides, if shes soo good a model.. why isnt she giesele with a billion dollars under her belt ;)

  66. 66
    @61 Says:

    its crazy to be a part of such sensational journalism… promote people who deserve promotion not every tom **** and harry.. the others.. go see the work this woman has done and the work of many other high fashion models.. then you ll know the difference.. anyway who cares.. orlando s famous .. hell yeah.. gave almost 3 back to back flops! for fashion addicts. as long as the lagerfelds are using freja beha eriksson and the donatellas the lindsey wixons..the fashion universe is in place… Jared ATTENTION “ITS ANNOYING” .. peace
    ta ta

  67. 67
    Pii Says:


    Try ti learn to write in a way that other people would understand what you are trying to say. You make no sense. Of course it could be possible that even with better grammar/syntax you would make no sense.

  68. 68
    Pii Says:

    And I will try to learn to spell correctly… :-)

  69. 69
    @65/66 Says:

    Do some good work? Do you mean in the industry? Or to be altruistic? Because she’s done both. Covers of major fashion magazines (NOT just Vogue), walking HF runways in Paris, HF and commercial campaigns, as well as working closely with several charities.
    Any other random celeb? No difference if you mean ‘random celebs’ who are out there working and making a good name for themselves. Big difference if you mean the celebutards who are only famous for being famous. And any model who marries a high profile man will get more news coverage. Whether you are Miranda marrying Orlando, or Gisele marrying Tom Brady. And why isn’t she Gisele? Why isn’t Heidi, Gisele? Or Adriana, or Doutzen, or Candice, or Karlie or ANY other model? There is only one Gisele. Claiming that Miranda isn’t successful since she isn’t on Gisele’s level is idiotic.
    BTW. You are probably one of the most ridiculous socks that I have ever seen, Not only do your syntax and grammar give you away, you didn’t even try to change that stupid sentance structure of yours.

  70. 70
    @70 Says:

    Name a few high fashion campaigns she’s done. In lines of Lara Stone for Calvin Klien and Karlie kloss for Hermes or even Karmen Peadru for Gucci. The fact that you got the drift is clear by your grand justification to my point. Nevertheless, was this about Grammar or Kerr? Go ahead and take a dig, doesn’t really matter.. You should celebrate the day she gets her first ever Fragrance endorsement besides VS bombshell.. haha.. or her first ever make up line or maybe even do a Louis Vuitton hand bag line.. Just saying the woman needs a good body of work.. not just one full of ‘commercial stints’.

  71. 71
    *@69/70 Says:

    Not that she hasn’t done substantial work, one good Prada editorial in i-D and a good Numero spread, one Pirelli calender, One shoot with Meisel, lots of harpers bazar, gq and now rag bone, to be precise. The point is there are 100′s with her body of work. Models who are just starting out have her body of work. Linsey Wixon perhaps. Even she has more.The kind of hype that surrounds her really makes it look like she has an exceptional record. Which she doesn’t.

  72. 72
    @70 Says:

    Prada is not HF?
    Jil Sander is not HF?
    BTW, she doesn’t need a makeup line (even though she already did Maybelline) because she is more than a model, she’s an entrepeneur. She has created her OWN successful line of skin care. Did Lara Stone do that? Or Karlie? Or Doutzen? Nope, didn’t think so.
    She is successful. You really need to get over it. You are just sounding more and more desperate the more that you prattle on.

  73. 73
    kerrazy and her crazy friends Says:

    Can you imagine? Kerrazy and her friends from Delphi now think that Flynn is not Orlando’s son, but he is the son of Miranda’s business partner, only because this man has also brown eyes! Aren’t they so crazy that they are almost hilarious?

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