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Rachel Bilson Sends a Present With Kristen Bell

Rachel Bilson Sends a Present With Kristen Bell

Rachel Bilson heads to a FedEx store with actress pal Kristen Bell to mail a package on Saturday (November 12) in Los Feliz, Calif.

The 30-year-old actress bought a roll of paper to wrap up the present before sending it on its way.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Rachel Bilson

On the next episode of Hart of Dixie, airing this Monday on The CW, Rachel‘s character Zoe is asked out on a date by a handsome local veterinarian, Dr. Judson Lyons, played by guest star Wes Brown.

20+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson sending a present…

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rachel bilson sends a present 01
rachel bilson sends a present 02
rachel bilson sends a present 03
rachel bilson sends a present 04
rachel bilson sends a present 05
rachel bilson sends a present 06
rachel bilson sends a present 07
rachel bilson sends a present 08
rachel bilson sends a present 09
rachel bilson sends a present 10
rachel bilson sends a present 11
rachel bilson sends a present 12
rachel bilson sends a present 13
rachel bilson sends a present 14
rachel bilson sends a present 15
rachel bilson sends a present 16
rachel bilson sends a present 17
rachel bilson sends a present 18
rachel bilson sends a present 19
rachel bilson sends a present 20
rachel bilson sends a present 21
rachel bilson sends a present 22

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  • ck

    Also pictured, Kristen Bell.

  • d’americans

    Oh dear God, please (3x) let Steve Jobs return to us… and we will give you Rachel Bilson!!!

  • larkine

    Swollen eyes & swollen eyebags… no wonder raybans would always be her bff – yeeesh!

  • dancedancerevolution


    yes yes yes

  • Lou

    Seriously, you can’t even recognize Kristen Bell?!

  • call me crazy but…..

    Said it before, say it again! What’s with the eyebags? She’s 30 and not that hard pressed. Last time a bunch of Bilson fans beat down my throat but I am not a Bilson hater.So why the eyebags Rachel? Like I said before, they’re darn hard to eradicate!

  • marq

    Rachel’s character Zoe was most delightful during the heat wave.

  • Jamie

    Wow, she still looks cute even without hardly any makeup! I love that her and Kristen Bell are good friends!

  • Jamie

    @d’americans: K, that’s a horrible to say.

  • too work trying 2 …

    @call me crazy but…..:

    Might be too much work trying to remember her lines.

  • ppl,,,,

    maybe she needs ahem holiday with her said man,
    i mean he had only a couple of photo ops then went on holiday to recover
    from it.

  • http://Aj Slig o ^______________^ cute

    No no no no

  • http://Aj Slig o ^______________^ cute
  • Jennica Panettiere

    ‘with a pal’. LOL. Does Jared have a thing against Kristen?

  • v

    I’m not a fan of RB; Her show is my guilty pleasure tv time, which I will deny if anyone catches me watching it…that being said she may have puffy eyes due to allergies. I’m just being logical. I have horrible allergies and when the weather shifts of the wind blows it’s a nightmare.

  • call me crazy but…..

    Sheesh, she looks like a stoner! WTF is going wrong with her life? She should be in clover! Her own show, a steady fella, and she looks like death camping! I’ve never seen her look so bad! WTF?

  • A

    where is her jacket from?

  • lexy hates bilson

    LMAO!! How cold is it in Los Feliz?? Wasn’t Katherine H. eating there the other day – she wasn’t wearing a winter coat!! Look at Rachel checking to make sure the paps didn’t leave the post office!! Don’t worry Rachel – it’s not the end of the month!! You’re check is good for 30 days!!

  • tweet

    Kristen Bell introduced Invisible Children to Rachel, and they were both in Uganda last year.

  • lol

    I think the stress of real work on Hart of Dixie is tiring her out. She looks like she needs sleep, a good under eye cream,moisturizer and some make up.
    Rachel talking in a recent interview about all those “hard lines” she has on the show.
    “Definitely. I have to practice it a lot because it’s hard to pronounce certain words. Everyone’s really proud when I say it right.”
    Do they give her a gold star too when she gets the words right? Shes an actress being able to say words correctly is her JOB. It’s not like Hart of Dixie is E.R. or House where the dialogue would be much harder for her to try and get right. The People’s Choice Awards included Hart in the New TV Drama category against shows like Revenge. Hart of Dixie a drama? I could of sworn it was more a romantic comedy type show.
    How couldn’t anyone tell that is Kristen Bell? She is hiding her face more than Rachel Bilson is but its still really obvious that its Bell with Rachel.

  • maya

    i <3 them both they are my favorites actress <3

  • periwinkle

    Bratchel’s gets employed by her TV Godfather Josh Warts just very recently;
    But it looks like that her whole face is already “swollen” since time immemorial.
    Not “only” Raybans is Bratchel’s bff but also a miracle make-up!

  • Oh Jared…

    Can Jared get anything right? The “pal” is Kristen Bell, and Rachel’s not even at Fed Ex like he said above, they are at a store called Paper Source. If Jared was smart he would realize they are in a store shopping, not mailing a package. LOL

  • Oh Jared…

    @lol: I don’t think she meant she has a hard time pronouncing words, she’s talking about medical terms. Which some of the cast from E.R. and Grey’s Anatomy have said they’ve had trouble pronouncing the words, too.

  • Oh Jared…

    @lexy hates bilson: “Wasn’t Katherine H. eating there the other day – she wasn’t wearing a winter coat!!” You do know the weather changes, right? Can you not tell it’s rainy in the background? Kristen Bell is wearing a coat also. I doubt they would be wearing coats if it was 98 degrees out. It can get chilly in LA.

  • just me

    @ppl,,,,: Shouldn’t have mention hayden at all. He is not with her there.She don’t really care about being with him anymore it seems. All she care about is being in front are a camera with people that really work and got something going for them. Maybe she mailed haydnen rest are his things. Can’t say that he is her man . Cause she is interested in being with other guys other than him. Jared should have mention about the part about ryan goshing. Its seems that hayden didn’t want to be seem with her after that interview about ryan Goshing. jared always mention something about that magazine interview are her show hart of dixie.She have to do something with herself.She can’t date no one cause she always dumping them when hayden visit her. She should date other guys still whenever hayden is around are not. She just don’t want to say nothing about how things are going with him and her right now.Its over and why not say it already!

  • @ just me

    After Rachel did the Nylon interview at the end of September, Rachel and Hayden were in New York City together in early October, and he spent the whole month of October with her in LA. They live together, he redid her kitchen, re tiled, and painted. No man does that if he thinks he is going to break up with his girl. Did you read the Nylon interview? It is pretty obvious they are very much together. Ryan Gosling is with Eva Mendes, Rachel made a comment about Ryan when she met him a year and a half ago. Hayden is playing in a tennis match this Thursday in Toronto with Sampras/Raonic. Why not talk about that, instead of talking about Hayden yourself, since you are the one who brought him up in such detail? You are in such denial, lol!

  • whodie

    Oh look… its her *twin sister!*!!

  • sterling

    That was such a “dead ringer” for this one…

  • Oh Jared…

    @just me: Ryan Goshing? You really don’t know how to spell at all do you? LOL

  • Oh Jared…

    @just me: Do you really think they would break up over her saying in an interview (that I doubt he’s even read) that Ryan GOSLING was cute? They’ve been together for what, 4 years? That would be a little immature if they broke up over something like that. And I’m just going to say this to you once, you need to calm down. You are just stressing yourself out over Hayden and Rachel being together. Nobody on the comments or even on the description of the post is talking or mentioning Hayden except for you. If they bother you that much why do you even bring them up?

  • Oh Jared…

    @whodie: @sterling: Why would you post the same picture with a different username right after the other?

  • call me crazy but…..

    @Oh Jared…:
    Yep, quite agree. It was just a comment she made one time. No big deal. If my gf made a similar comment would I dump her? Hell no, course not! Just Me sounds like one of those crazy fan bimbos who would rather Rachel and Hayden split up. I’ve noticed some of the more crazy of the Hayden fangirls would go have an orgasm if he were to become single. In their little fantasy world they really believe that Hayden C would look at them. Can’t think why coz it’s not as though he would go out with a fat, crazy fangirl when he’s got Rachel B. Who the heck would give up Rachel Bilson for some lardy headcase!

  • Rach in Bev.Hills

    She is really losing her sense of style and fashion lately. First this outfit and now these pants.
    Rachel in Beverly Hills, CA
    The color of her pants is a lovely shade of purple on her but the cut of them and the fabric does nothing for her body type. Rachel drowns in them. Just bad bad bad. A dress maybe in that color would have been a nice choice for her.Kristen Bell!!! looks so pretty in the pictures above with Rachel. Her outfit is perfect and different. Rachel must be having an iffy week because her choice in clothes is really just off. Why didn’t she at least brush her hair. Sick,tired or having a bad week or not a girl should always brush her hair especially if she knows someone is going to take her picture! She looks like she is trying to look like Ellen Page or something above.
    @Oh Jared…: @call me crazy but…..: Egging on the looney fangirls are we? Why because Rach’s posts haven’t gotten past two pages of comments?Egging them on will only cause more drama and maybe more comments but HEY maybe thats what you are aiming for more comments.

  • Oh Jared…

    @Rach in Bev.Hills: Yeah, I’m sooo bummed Rachel’s post don’t go past 2 pages. Waah, I’m gonna go cry now. :(

  • @OhJaredaka2manyothers2list

    @Oh Jared…: I bet you are. Considering you have posted multiple times on the same old story about her. One troll is the same as another whether they are some hater girl troll or a Rachel fanboy troll. :)

  • she needs a new stylist

    For being a so called style icon she really doesn’t look like it here.
    If you sell yourself as someone that is suppose to be in the know when it comes to fashion, people are going to notice that you get it wrong more often than not. She needs a new stylist clearly. Because her choices are more misses than fashion hits. Her wardrobe on Hart of Dixie is pretty dang cute but her looks outside of the show leave something to be desired.Rachel keeps doing way too many trends or textures at once and it isn’t working, She really shouldn’t be giving people advice on what to wear if she can’t get it right herself. Fire the stylist and hire Rachel Zoe or someone that knows what they are doing.

  • larkine

    Naah really…. she most likely or badly needs to enter acting school coz she’s todays most awfully horrible TV actress!