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Demi Lovato & Wilmer Valderrama: Tiffany Thornton Wedding!

Demi Lovato & Wilmer Valderrama: Tiffany Thornton Wedding!

Demi Lovato and boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama celebrate the wedding of pals Tiffany Thornton and Christopher Carney in these exclusive photos.

The happy couple celebrated the happy day at Garvan Woodland Gardens on Saturday (November 12) in Hot Springs, Ark.

The 19-year-old singer, who acted as a bridesmaid, and her 31-year-old guy, who acted as a groomsmen, looked smitten together as they joined in the festivities!

“Had such an amazing day…. Congrats to the new Mr. And Mrs. Chris Carney,” Demi tweeted. “Ps…. Guess who caught the bouquet…… ME!!!!! :D”

“Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Carney, honor to be groomsman.. What a memorable evening for all of us.. #LoveWinsAboveAll” Wilmer added on his Twitter.

Congratulations to Tiffany and Christopher!

FYI: Tiffany, Demi and the bridesmaids are all wearing BCBG and Tiff designed custom bracelets for all her bridal party from BesoBeso!.

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  • James

    I always love seeing Demi. She’s beautiful. Thanks for the pics.

  • Anna

    He’s disgusting. Where are her parents? I know she’s 19 but she just came out of rehab. This man isn’t what she needs right now. Honestly, she’s too talented to be this stupid. If she keeps this up she’s going to end up like Lindsay.

  • emily

    Demi is overrated. She’s not even pretty.Seems like her career will go down the tubes like Lindsay Lohan for dating that douche Wilmar too.

  • socal

    am I the only one who finds wilmer repulsive? I mean what is he doing dating a 19 year old? I’m just so grossed out by that, I’m sorry.

  • Denise

    Shades of Milo Ventimiglia and Hayden Panetierre; very creepy and pervy!

  • BEAN

    Oh my god, scared me there. Thought she got married!

  • Raquel.K


    Just because you don’t think she’s pretty, doesn’t mean she isn’t. There are different forms of pretty in the world. I’m sure people think the same about you.
    As for the age gap, she is a young adult and its her life and her business. Her parents may not like it but at the end of the day she has to do what makes her happy and if that’s him at the moment, then so be it.
    Lovatic for life! Stay Strong Demi!!!

  • Guy

    I just don’t understand this, I really like Demi Lovato but if that were my daughter I would be knocking the dude senseless and sending her to a nunnery in the Swiss Alps! I know she is legal age but not by much and Wilmer needs to grow up and stop chasing these young girls, its creepy!

  • julie

    demi is very talented and attractive, i wish her well, but i don’t trust him, because of his past, be careful demi.

  • Sushi

    For all those people who hate on Wilmer and Demi…first of all..they’re a couple for almost a year…Demi came out of rehab and there she had a picture of her and Wilmer as her mobile phone background! So they were a couple during her treatment. Wilmer supports her. So shout your mouthes about Wilmer is a bad person….

  • sarah

    Demi looks so beautiful! So happy for her :)

  • superfly

    Wilmars always preying on little girls hes such a creep!!

  • superfly

    Wilmars always preying on little girls hes such a creep!!

  • miapocca

    even worse a 30 year old preying on a 17 year old..where are her parent.. the guy has issues if he has to date this young…milo and hayden??

    she is obviously the one who creates her own problems!

  • Yar

    He always dates teenagers and it is kind of creepy.

  • Creed

    I thought after rehab you were not supposed to have a relationship for 1 year…
    anyways, Wilmer uses girls… look at Lilo.

  • Polly

    So Wilmer likes them young, so, she’s almost 20, I’m sure it’s all consensual. Demi dated him before so apparently there’s something there she likes. But yes, it’s a little unsettling that Fez likes little girls.

  • Dustin

    she is her own worst enemy…

  • Dani

    Is it bad that they gross me out together but I love Hayden and Milo (since people are comparing). I don’t see it the same, especially with Demi’s situation.
    But she does look really pretty!

  • l0nely-girl

    Gross. I thought you were smarter than that, Demi.

  • Violet

    Demi is gorgeous. And so what if Wilmer’s 12 years older?? Beyonce is also 12 years younger than Jay-Z but I don’t see anyone giving her any hate about it. She’s happy. It’s her life, not yours. So shut up and get the f*** over it :)

  • aklan

    what she is doing with that man
    it is kind of creepy

  • gglover128

    And WDF how old is Tiffany Thronton she looks a litttle to young to be getting married?!

    ugh Wilmer is like a leech sucking off Demi’s fame this just a publicity stunt for him smh.

  • jaycie lovato

    i really love Demi Lovato !! but i don’t likeDemi for Wilmer !! but i need to understand the feeling of demi for wilmer so just UNDERSTAND THEM !! but i also love JEMI 4EVER !!

  • ++Nola++

    Beautiful! I love how she is the only one of the bridesmaid that looks to the camera instead of the bride!

  • paul

    he looks like joe jonas in that picture.

  • kate

    Legal age is Leagal age. She is old enough to vote, pay taxes, and die for her country, so get over it. She looks very happy!!! Let her be happy!!! Quit trying to make what makes her happy seem dirty and cheap. So you wouldn’t date a man 12 years older. Good for you. But let her make her own legal adult decisions.

  • whatever

    Sorry, but that is one of the ugliest wedding dresses Ive ever seen. And as far as Wilmer, well I think it’s creepy that he preys on VULNERABLE young girls. The ones that have some issues and are needy. THAT’s disgusting.

  • Notic3

    Damn!! This dude Wilmer constantly be going at that teenager girl a$$. I mean he banged out Mandy Moore when she was a teenager, same thing with Lindsay Lohan. As long as there legal keep doing your thing my brotha.

  • lafamepoma

    She’s too young for him

  • texas

    I love how everyone makes their comments on Wilmer & Demi rather than the Bride, Demi is not the Bride here & who really cares who she’s with or how old they are, seem to me all of you need to check your age! Congratulations to you two on your beautiful day!!

  • Pete

    Who are these people? is Wilmer the janitor?

  • kate

    @texas: Be serious, Jared probably wouldn’t have reported this story and nobody would have clicked on the link and commented if it weren’t for Demi. Unless your a preteen, you probably didn’t even know who the bride was.

  • Indhira

    @Anna: so she is gonna end up like lindsay lohan just becuz she is dating wilmer?? kind of ignorant! and i know wilmer’s reputation isnt the best, becuz he talked about his relationships and his personal things, which was not nice. But how does that make any girl become a drug addict(like lindsay lohan for that matter) she did it, cuz she wanted to, not becuz she dated him.. and i say it cuz everyone seems to be assuming that every girl who dated wilmer or is going to date him, is or is gonna end up broken.. but thats not it! people change and idk maybe he grew up as maturely… u cant judge anybody for their past cuz u dont know them, and the age gap doesnt mean anythin when ur already legally an adult. She is not the first girl to date a guy older and she is not the last one either

  • Rroxane

    Wilmer is exactly what she needs. She’s been trough a difficult time and now she needs a man to be there for her, not a stupid with no brain boy who will dump her when she will need the most!!!

  • http://demilovato Kirsten

    the wedding is good i love wedding good fun i get happy of you and your friends do you get happy of your friens went your get marr i do i love my friends went get marr do love your friends get marr?

  • http://yahoo Emma

    I think Demi looks really pretty, and genuinely happy. So what if she’s dating Wilmer? It’s her life, she should be able to choose her boyfriends. I don’t like the idea, but as long as she’s happy, I’m okay. BTW, gglover128,
    Tiffany is not too young. She’s like 24/25 years old. Also, I know it’s been almost a year since the article was posted, but, I got bored.

  • http://yahoo Emma

    By the way, congratulations to Tiffany and Chris. I hop you too will be very happy together! Oh, and since it’s been a year, congratulations on your baby boy, Kenneth James Carney!!