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Leonardo DiCaprio: Sydney Sightseer!

Leonardo DiCaprio: Sydney Sightseer!

Leonardo DiCaprio takes the beautiful day to do some sightseeing with some pals on Tuesday (November 15) in Sydney, Australia.

The 37-year-old actor, who celebrated his birthday this past weekend, visited Sculptures by the Sea at Bondi Beach, where there are art installations that coincide with the actual landscaping!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Leonardo DiCaprio

Leo celebrated his birthday in NYC this past weekend. The party was held at Avenue, where Leo “was having a great time and talked to everyone at the party,” according to People.

Bradley Cooper, Alessandra Ambrosio, Russell Simmons, and mom Irmelin were all in attendance!

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  • Oh – My, My

    Saw “Edgar” today. Man that was a triumphant performance. Thanks for the excellent work! Hope you have some lovely weather, fun, and relaxation built into your Australian schedule!

  • Mara

    Just being nitpicky, but it is technically Sculpture by The Sea, not Sculptures. Just a teeny typo, doesn’t really matter. :)

  • Ryder

    Haha I kind of like the fact that he’s totally lacking style wise. At least he’s not vain and decked out in designer labels. Guys like that turn me off.

  • Eurasia

    He doesn’t look 37 at all. At least in these pictures.

  • Birkin

    stupid man

  • G55

    tubby!!! lmaoooooooo

  • Ka

    Enjoy your day, Leo. You look great.

  • Lovely

    Look at pic 2, the girls are so excited!

  • @ Oh – My, My

    @Oh – My, My: This is the first time I agree with you.

  • tinkerbell

    you know, I just like that he went to see the sculptures. Looks like a dweeb, but that’s OK. white ankle tube socks-but you know, I like he has some flaws.

  • Drake

    Only a blind man does not see this man is 100% gay

  • Dray

    @Drake: in your dreams!!

  • tinkerbell

    you mean drake on top of the page…because leo aint gay.

    BTW, one of them must be ethan suplee. ethan is married with kids but leo hooks a buddy up with a trip now and then- took ethan to Bhutan, remember???? like his loyalty, just not his socks. But I think the big dude is security.

  • http://Aj Slig o ^______________^ cute

    Leonarado look great ^_^

  • cute

    Leo is so cute!!!

  • A

    @Lovely: No offense, but they’re not excited for Leo, they’re not even looking at him. They are looking at the old woman coming towards them. Probably their mother or grandmother….that’s what it looks like if you look at the pic closely and her arms, as if ready to greet/hug her.

  • @ tinkerbell

    @tinkerbell: i was going to ask who the big man is. Leo put his hand on his shoulder and they talk to each other. Look like they are friends.

  • beautiful

    @A: Who cares??? It’s about Leo not them!!!!

  • beautiful

    @Lovely: are you lesbian?

  • ?

    It’s tuesday then why doesnt he go back to shoot as the schedule is tight?

  • Ka simply

    Nice to see Leo ☺

  • Lovely

    @beautiful: No. Who cares? It’s all about Leo, not me.
    I just want to say if I was there and saw Leo, I would be as happy and surprised as them.

  • beautiful

    @Lovely: That’s so obvious!!!

  • Ka

    @Ka simply: Hi, nice to see you and Leo here too.

  • dr brown

    Friendly waves to Tinkerbell (it’s good to see you back) and Raven. Hope you’re well girls.
    So Leo dresses goofy in his down time – at least he’s consistent right? Plus it makes him look all the more handsome when he wears those gorgeous suits/tuxedo’s on the red carpet.

    It sounds like Leo had a fun birthday shame though that there was no mention of Kate being there. I had hoped that being around Leo for a while could help her put that new Ned Rocknroll (eye roll) guy into perspective.

    I have to wait until January 2012 to see ‘J Edgar’ where I am unfortunately. I’m really looking forward to seeing his performance in that.
    Baz does n’t seem to be hurrying himself with Great Gatsby. It’ll be interested to see how over budget they go.

    Take care all.

  • NYC guy

    Leo’s party was INSAAAAAANE….he rented out the entire club, people were talking about it on acebook etc for days after!

  • ka simply

    thankx ka ☺ nice to meet you too.
    me and you fan leo ☺

  • carrie

    LEOS SO HOT!!!

  • k

    The guy in the black is ethan suplee the other guy is lukas and the other other guy is the one who looks like kevin dillion but isnt

  • curious george

    I think one of them (the guy in the grey hat) is one of leo’s business partners…remember that whole illlegal gambling thing, was anything ever said about that?? I have a feeling leo himself could be involved with some shady characters in his business dealings…hanging out with naomi cambells bf would normally spell trouble

  • nurse90

    Haha lukas looks like a humpback in the 5th pic…..both him and leo have bad posture, slumped shoulders etc may look “cool” but you”ll regret it when your old guys also makes pople look much heavier then they really are as its preonounces the stomach, bad move all round STRAIGHTEN UP!!!

  • ageless

    This man DOES NOT look 37….dam leo whats your secret?!

  • ?

    Any update about the illegal gambling?

  • R rates

    Why do i always find myself staring at this mans crotch…PUT IT AWAY LEO!!!

  • y

    Glad to him hanging out with his best friends.

  • JJ

    Thanks JJ. You work so fast in the recent posts. You are the best. oh, sorry Leo is the best!

  • Naomi Fan

    Nice to know he went back to Australia and he had Lukas and Ethan to travel with him. Cool!

  • Sweet

    No model? Thanks.

  • Swallow

    Leo you look so handsome!

  • @NYC guy

    What was said about the party? Can you tell more, please?

  • dr brown

    So Brad Pitt says he’s quitting acting in 3 years. Oscar campaigning Mr Pitt? No shame.

  • j

    Thanks for the pics JJ. Hi @dr brown. Good to see you back.

  • Yummy!!!!!!
  • Playboy

    Look … he put his hand on the shoulder of a friend. Leo never hugged his girlfriends in public..

  • anonym

    So did he put his arm on a friend’s shoulder or did he hug him? The two are not the same and what’s the big deal about it? That is an old friend of his who is married with kids. What’s your point?

  • Ka

    @Yummy!!!!!!: Thanks. Like his look in this pic. It looks like his b day party. Cant remember who said that he’s born to play gatsby. agree?

  • Flynn

    Bar is too good for old fug leo. don’t you miss her?

  • sab

    Hi Everyone,
    Leo looks sooo good (big surprise there!!!!!). Cant believe this guys 37. he just makes me smile now when i see what he’s wearing…..but as someone said earlier..its so refreshing to see someone who doesnt care about their appearance…..and why should they???….he’s just sight seeing ……..just wear what you are comfortable in…..also his clothes do not detract from the fact that he is one HOT guy……..(the socks make me laugh though……..the shorts i can just about handle…but the socks….what was he thinking..haha).
    unfortunately JEdgar does not open in the UK till jan….so i am on tenterhooks here…….but i am pleased to here that his performance has been given such positive reviews.
    when will gatsby wrap?….is there a date set yet…….no doubt he will be back stateside for xmas.
    also ive got to say…i really like a clean shaven Leo, there is something so open about his appearance…..definately makes him look younger and more vulnerable…love it!!!!

  • Oh – My, My


    are you tzipi?
    bug off azzhole

  • milk

    what ever happened to the psychic that said gatsby would not get finished and leo would never return to australia after promoting j. edgar in the states?