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Miranda Kerr: Museum of Modern Art Film Benefit!

Miranda Kerr: Museum of Modern Art Film Benefit!

Miranda Kerr hits the Museum of Modern Art’s 2011 Film Benefit on Tuesday (November 15) at MoMA in New York City.

The 28-year-old Aussie model met up with the night’s honoree, director Pedro Almodovar, as well as Vogue‘s Hamish Bowles and model Karen Elson, on the carpet.

“This month KORA Organics has gifts for you! Order online & receive an environmentally friendly toothbrush + a Chemical Maze Skincare App xx,” Miranda recently tweeted.

Earlier in the day, Miranda left her apartment in a pair of short shorts with a grey coat.

FYI: Miranda is wearing a Peter Pilotto dress with Nicholas Kirkwood shoes and a Calvin Klein bag.

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Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris; Photos: Getty
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    JJ why do you keep posting about this chick? She’s not that interesting, it’s becoming irritating and it’s obvious you’re getting paid to keep posting about her.

  • zoe

    She looks beautiful!!

  • Stop

    raise their hands if you are sick of this woman… ok 1,2,3,4 … everyone

  • Lena

    Pretty girl, ugly dress. Where’s Orlando and Flynn?

  • Lena

    JJ gets infatuated with different celebs from week to week. There’s been Alexander Skarsgaard, Isabel Lucas (who?), of course K. Bos. The list goes on so don’t worry next week it wll be someone else you may be even sicker of than Mrs. Bloom.

  • longchamp

    that dress looks like her tapeworm escaped her insides.

    gross? yes. but no less true.

  • YES!

    Not crazy about the dress, but she looks radiant and gorgeous!
    Love her!

  • @1

    And yet once again, you are the first person to post on her thread. What does that say about you?

  • Ambrosia

    Oh come on Jared! Give us a break from her. 15-16 posts in the past two weeks. I like the girl but this is going to ruin her image and make her seem like a fame whore. Just keep the posting to a bare minimum.

  • @9

    How can this possibly ruin her image? She has been pictured being a mother and a successful working woman. Now she is pictured rubbing elbows with a respected director and a big name editor for Vogue.
    I’d say that her image is doing just fine.

  • beautiful

    She looks divine!!

  • claire

    i dont know why people are complaining about there being posts about miranda. if you didnt want to read about her…then why click on the story????

  • canada goose

    True, it fell sharply between 2004 and 2007, but those were years in which the economy was artificially pumped up by massive cheap borrowing interacting with deep tax cuts. Without the tax cuts and the cheap borrowing, and without a recession (more realistically, a depression)

  • Hmm…

    @Lena: @Ambrosia:\

    I think this is a legitimate post. She’s attending an event which is when celebs should be photographed.

  • Gorgeous….

    Miranda looks beautiful, love her dress and shoes…..she always looks so effortlessly stylish and classy!

  • Ambrosia

    If you cannot see how a celebrity being posted on a gossip blog day in and day out is bad for their image than you are seriously deluded. it doesnt matter if you are schmoozing with some big wig celebrity director. Oooh prestigious…Pfft, who cares?

    I used to be a fan of Reese Witherspoon until I saw her featured on this blog every single day. It’s annoying!

    If you guys enjoy famewhoring, good for you but in the long term, people will get sick of it. If Jared is a real friend he should stop posting about her once in a while…. I honestly don’t see how being on a gossip blog everyday doing mundane things is going to be good for a person’s image.

    Familiarity breeds contempt.

    There’s no variety with the celebrity news if its the same person every single day. He needs to shake it up and post about different people who never get featured.

  • @16….Ambrosia

    Oh please, what utter nonsence.

    Just because YOU don’t want to read about Miranda doesn’t mean other people feel the same way.

    It’s just an excuse because YOU don’t like her because she’s beautiful, successful and happily married to Orlando and YOU can’t handle that fact so you’re looking for ANY reason to put her down.

    Besides plenty of celebrities are featured ALL THE TIME and it hasn’t hurt them at all.

    Miranda is popular, get over it!!!

  • Ambrosia

    @@16….Ambrosia: LMAO. OH MY GOD! WOW! I never made one personal jibe about Miranda and you have the nerve to spiel all that ‘you’re just jealous’ haterade on me???? Are you serious? BAHAHAHAAHAHAH!

    Okay, now you are obviously crossing over into STAN territory.

    I like Miranda, I am Australian, I am proud of Miranda doing good things and giving Australia a good name, which is why I AM VERY ANNOYED that she is letting Jared post about her all the time.

    Any PR agent with a brain knows that OVEREXPOSURE is not good. It doesn’t matter if you are a legitimate celebrity or not. Look at the crap Natalie Portman got this year for being in so many movies that came out or Jude Law circa 2004.

    People get sick of seeing the same faces over and over again. It’s psychology, nothing to do with ‘being a hater and wishing Orlando was your husband’ or whatever crap you’re trying to say.

    I say the same thing about Reese Witherspoon, Rachel Bilson, Hilary Duff, Kate Bosworth and every celebrity who pops up at least once every 3 days consistently.

    Girl please, I think Orlando and Miranda make a cute couple so you can take that fangirl obsessive BS and stick it up your ass.

  • Davinia

    I think the above part of the dress is gorgeous. Not sure about the skirt.

  • ahhh

    yikes her face is….bride of chucky!

  • @Ambrosia

    So basically you are blaming the celeb for having a life?
    Unless popular celebs hide in their apartments in LA or NY, or move to the country away from their work, they will be papped. It’s just what paps do. Especially if pics of those celebrities sell well.
    Those pics, be they of Miranda, Orlando, Brad, Reese, etc., show up on JJ because people post on their threads. No one “lets” JJ post about them. It’s his blog. HE decides what he wants to post. And of course, he will choose the celebs that always generate a lot of hits.
    And remember, this is just one blog. She isn’t showing up on major sites, or TV every day. There were big reports from the VS show on all of the big gossip sites, and a picture here and there on People and E! of her out with Flynn, but it has not been every day. You are making a mountain out of a mole hill. She isn’t being overexposed in the national media, and her image is still perfect.

  • blah

    wow that face.. U G L Y

  • nvm

    It’s the hairdo which is antiquated….

  • don’t get the hatred

    People who say her face ugly are obviously blind! The real ugly person is her douche hubby. Never get the hatred she gets, and I just can’t see why some ridiculous fan girls claim Bloom to be handsome. He’s so FAR FROM that!

  • pass

    She is not pretty at all.

  • S.

    With a head that huge she really shouldn’t wear her hair like that.

  • sara

    She looks so chic and beautiful!

  • Bored

    @<a href=”/2011/11/15/miranda-kerr-museum-of-modern-art-film-benefit/comment-page-1/#comment-1963730

    Stop picking on her. She has a right to put out her opinion and judging by the posts from other people here, they are sick of her too. All she and Orlando did with the time they were in New York was to pimp themselves and use Flynn in the process. Now efl boy is out in NZ and is begging photographers to leave him alone so he can have some peace. Well, you can’t when you pay professional photographers to take pictures of you’re every movement and then want it off when you want it.

    And you know she’s happlly married to Orlando because? And turn the caps off. Its yelling on cyberspace and no reason for it.

  • Yep…

    @S.: Yes, and because she is so skinny and her head is so enormous (just look at the size of her forehead!) she kind of looks like an alien. LOL.

  • @28

    I know that you are incredibly thick, but this is getting ridiculous.
    We have pictures of the paps waiting outside their apartment. How are they “pimping” themselves by walking outside? Their pics sell. It’s the rags and the gossip sites who pay the paps, not Orlando or Miranda. And idiots like you (and your socks), who post over and over again who are paying the gossip sites to keep buying their pics.
    And three or four haters posting over and over does not qualify as “other people” who agree with you.
    Such a moron!

  • Ambrosia

    @@Ambrosia: SIGHHH. It’s no use, you are obviously a fervent supporter of Miranda who is blinded by the fact she is getting too much attention and so there’s no point talking sense into you!

    There has been a long debate about how Jared chooses which celebrities to glorify and which ones he ignores.

    It’s funny how you mention that Miranda features on JJ alot but not elsewhere, doesn’t that ring a bell to you that Miranda has some deal with JJ?

    Outside of this blog, Rachel Bilson, Kate Bosworth and a ton of other celebrities are complete nobodies that people have forgotten. But on this blog, you would think they were A-list celebrities with the amount of attention they get papped going for coffee runs and heading to the post office.

    Are you telling me they get that much attention because there blog posts are the most popular? LMFAO! HELL to the NO. They get that attention because they have connections with Jared.

    The most popular celebrities are the Jolie Pitts, maybe Zanessa back in the day and the Twilight crew. That popularity crosses over into mainstream media so that makes sense.

    Kate Bosworth, Rachel Bilson being popular? No that doesnt make sense whatsoever. Miranda Kerr and Orlando are popular but definetely not as popular as JJ makes you believe.

    So shut up! People are sick of her. Get used to it. It doesnt mean we dont like her… we are just sick of seeing her face everywhere!

  • Dieter


  • @31

    “There has been a long debate about how Jared chooses which celebrities to glorify and which ones he ignores.”
    But you’ve ignored it, I guess.
    “doesn’t that ring a bell to you that Miranda has some deal with JJ?”
    No, that just means that since JJ is an anon forum, haters can post over and over, thereby raising money in ads for JJ. On most other sites, yyou can’t post anonymously, so the haters don’t bother.
    But Miranda is popular enough to be featured on other sites, just not as often as here.
    “Are you telling me they get that much attention because there blog posts are the most popular? LMFAO! HELL to the NO. ”
    Wrong again. Especially with Kate. Kate’s involvement with Alex led to her having a ton of hater posts. Her threads often ran into the hundreds of posts. Since she and Alex broke up, that number dwindled rapidly. Have you noticed not as many threads since they broke up? And you still think that there is no correllation between the number of hits and the number of threads? Really?
    How dense can you possibly be?

  • Ambrosia

    @@31: What the **** are you talking about?!!!!!!!!! Kate Bosworth has been frequently featured on this site dating back to when she dated James Rousseau !!!!!!!! Even if you look at the comments back then in 2007, people were calling her a pap-caller!!!!!

    During September 2007, she was featured basically everyday for like 10 days straight whilst she was trying to promote the shit out of The Girl in the Park. An indie movie that went nowhere and was totally forgotten. There were even 3 posts with her wearing the same TIFF dress!!!!

    Sure, her celebrity spiked when she went out with Alexander but outside of that, she is a C lister at best and deserves to be posted maybe once or twice every few months like most C-listers. She was still featured on this site frequently when she was dating nobodies and promoting independent movies noone went to go to see. So dont give me that crap!!! The only reason why I even knew she did a movie called the Warriors Way was because on this site and even Jared posted the poster for Straw Dogs twice!!!! Yep, not once but twice!!!

    Hows this for objectivity, I actually watched the Girl in the Park and actually REALLY ENJOYED THE MOVIE thanks to Sigourney Weaver mostly. But kate was alright in the movie. SO THERE!!!

    My god not only are you a Miranda Stan you are a person who cant even own up to it when other celebrities famewhore too.

    And the thing is, I WASNT EVEN being PERSONAL about her, never made a disparaging remark about her looks or her personality or her husband. Infact, I love all three!

    I just said whoever is managing her needs to tone down the exposure. And what did you do? You come up with your stupid ‘you are just a hater who wishes Orlando was with you” or some cliche BS.

    My god you are weak willed.

  • @ambrosia

    Since she isn’t popular enough for the paps to hang out outside her apartment, Kate may indeed have called the paps on a regular basis. But Kate is not Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr. They don’t have to call the paps to get photographed. Are you ignoring the pictures of the paps waiting outside their building? If they were called, why would they have to wait for them to get home so long that they set up chairs?
    But just being papped does not guarantee threads. Only the celebs that generate hits, get threads.
    Go to any of Kate’s threads, and you will see that most of the posts are from haters. Be they fans of Orlando with left over resentment, or of Alex. The point that you seem to be COMPLETELY IGNORING is the FACT that she gets a lot of posts. JJ couldn’t care less if someone was a A-lister, or a Z-lister. He will post threads on anyone that gets a lot of hits. And since Miranda has both fans, and detractors, her hit counts are always high. And ONE MORE TIME…..more hits = more threads. Why is that so hard to understand? JJ posts about her. It has NOTHING to do with her management. PERIOD.
    BTW, I didn’t see anyone claim that you wished Orlando was yours. We are just telling you that you are wrong. You either aren’t smart enough to understand the rules of ‘supply and demand’, or are just to darned stubborn to admit that you are WRONG.

  • ta

    They are getting papped a lot because they have been in NY for a while, and the paps know where they live. Sounds simple to me. I don’t know why some people can’t, or won’t, understand that simple fact.
    Once they are both in NZ, we won’t have very many shots at all.
    I’m sure there are a few freelance photographers in NZ who are out and about trying to get shots of the cast. But not nearly as many as there are in NY or LA.