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Angelina Jolie Jets Out of Vietnam With Pax & Maddox

Angelina Jolie Jets Out of Vietnam With Pax & Maddox

Angelina Jolie and her two sons, Pax and Maddox, catch a flight at the airport on Wednesday (November 16) in Con Dao Islands, Vietnam.

“Con Dao is very beautiful. My kids like the island very much. We hope to return here in the future,” the 36-year-old actress reportedly said.

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Over the weekend, Angelina and longtime partner, Brad Pitt, toured a former prison before he flew to South Korea to continue promo work for Moneyball.

The Vietnam trip marked Pax‘s first time returning to his native country four years after Angelina adopted him.

FYI: Angelina is wearing TKEES Foundations in Sunkissed.

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  • Whatever

    O, gorgeous Angelina Jolie….you made my day!!!!

  • Whatever

    And a smiling Maddox too!!! Hurray!!!

  • teri

    What a lovely family!

  • teri

    What a special gift to Pax to be able to visit his birth place.

  • http://n/a angierocks

    Angie such a beauty, Maddox and Pax presh fashion sense, cute boys.There are other photos w z and viv boarding the plane too:)They have a sweet life!

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    I think the whole family left Vietnam. Didn’t we see Viv, Knox, Z got on the plane. I didn’t see Shi but I am sure Shi left as well.

    Anyway, thanks JJ for the new tread. Angie looks great. Looks like Mad looks tan. Angie looks great in color. I wish she would wear more but I don’t care as long as I get to see her out.

  • lingling

    look at that smile on Madd’s face…. priceless!!!! and i love that color of pink on Angie… she looks so youthful and girlie… :)

  • Lara

    Aww how handsome are the boys, and growing up so fast. Angie beautiful in that dress, love it and the vibrant colour. The family have had another amazing trip.

  • chloe

    she is totally pregnant

  • Sue

    I love this woman. Can’t wait for her new movie.

  • j


  • anustin

    thanks jared.

  • may

    Baby in the tummy!

  • pittstaaain da fake

    Maddox only smile like dat wen pretend daddy pittstaaain is not dere. Seriously.

  • irene

    @Media Wh@re MANiston:
    shiloh must have been the firsst to hop on the plane!
    she is always leading everybody in the family pics

  • busted

    I don’t think she is pregnant.. but

    Would not be upset if she is.. They are great parents.. so another lucky baby.

  • Cheery

    Wow, she is so BEAUTIFUL and what a lovely color on her! :D

  • pittstaaain da fake

    inside.@j: unfortunate fo Angie fan dat like Angie only for her beauty Angie looks anorexic!c again but for da fans dat just like Angie we accept her at all weights. Anorexia!c and if she ever go obese like typical American we accept dat too. Jajaja

  • I called it!

    How cute and very awesome that Pax got to visit Vietnam with his family! Pax is looking a lot like Brad! Wow!

  • Cheery

    Looks like all the Mannifer Anal-stain psychos are disliking the nice comments, go obsess over your idol’s own posts.

    Jolie-Pitt <3

  • http://computer Susan

    I guess InTouch is wrong AGAIN. It said Angie was forcing Brad to spend time in Vietnam and visiting the Orphanage on Thanksgiving Day, to teach the kids about giving.
    Damn if Angie did not hop on a plane and take off, even the Nosy Vietnamese Gov don’t know where there off to, otherwise they would’ve published it by now.
    Intouch maybe you don’t know, Brad was in Asia promoting his movie, so your bull about Angie dragging the kids all over the world is just BS.
    Wonder what popshitter will pull out of his a s s this year about the tukey.

  • pair of rats!!!!!!!

    human skeleton in pink!!!!!!!!!queen of veins,lips of vagina!!!!!!!

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    I see the same troll is on crack again.

  • elizabeth

    What a handsome boyz. Madox is smiling and as usual if looks could kill, Pax is such a cool one. Angie looks relax and of course so beautiful good to see her in different color.

    The cildren are so lucky to see different part of the world. Im so lucky to see them somehow I’m seeing places too….just to look at all their iterinary…

    I miss the twins, Shi and Z. Hello to all JP fans

  • http://n/a angierocks

    the crazies are out since there is a new JP thread I hope the mods can do something about it,they really sound like broken record with their attack posts…..okay off topic bradley cooper is sexiest man alive?wut?why?how?really?

  • pair of rats!!!!!!!


  • http://tulipwawa justadream

    @pair of rats!!!!!!!: what wrong with you?LOL

  • juju

    pair of rats!!!!!!! @ 11/16/2011 at 8:32 pm
    says the fat crazy hateful ignorant
    envy jealous b i t ch

  • http://computer Susan

    @irene: I think Pax is always the first now, running from the paps.
    All the kids boarded the plane along with Angie, then she and the older boys got off and went in the Terminal for Pax to say goodbye, with prompting from Angie he said Goodbye in Vietnamese.

  • lingling

    on one of the vietnamese website a member here posted, it said that they had 50 luggages??!!! somehow, i doubt this is true. they’re not flying their own private jet out of vn. no way commercial airline would allow this many luggages. such exaggeration!! but i do like the part where they said Angie came back down the plane with Madd and Pax after she made sure the other children are seated to say their goodbyes to the ppl. she told Pax to say “thank you” in vnese to the ppl, he did and then got shy, smiled and pulled his hat down to cover his face… how sweet!!! now I understand why Madd had that big grin on his face… must be from watching his brother. Angie is such a considerate person and very respectful. it is no surprise that ppl from all over the world adore her.

  • l0nely-girl

    Pretty in Pink!

  • Honestly

    I have not seen Maddox look this happy in a good while. I kinda feel for him, not having a dad since his birth.Yes, Pitt is his dad now, but Pitt is not very touchy feely (demonstrative) with the kids and he came into Maddox’s life when Maddox was already used to being with Jolie. Brad’s body language is not free/playful around the children. He seems to always be in “Daddy Mode” or more serious. I sense that Brad and Maddox are not particularly close. I think Brad is closer to Pax because Pax is more outgoing. I think they have a better chemistry. Maddox is really growing now and getting cuter.

  • juju
  • juju
  • Sammy

    I love Angie & Brad so much! =) They are my favorite celebrities of today’s generation =)

  • DC

    Angle looks great – I also love to see in color.

    To the haters who are saying she is anorexic – look at a picture of someone who is really suffering from anorexia. Yes, Angie is thin but no way she is anorexia. If you don’t have anything good to write why read the post – stay away – keep your disgusting cooments to yourself.

    For God sake why are people so nasty to Angie and her family. what have she ever done to you.

    Angie you are the BEST! The most interesting and fascinating celebrity. None of the others compare to her.

  • http://computer Susan

    @lingling: The JPs hired the plane, so can carry as much luggage as plane allows. If they were flying first class with six kids they still could take a ton of luggage, now if they were flying coach, it would be a 50lbs and you pay for overweight.

  • What a woman she is!! ♥

    i loved that gesture of Angelina with vietnamese people. she could be left the country and nobody see them. but she wanted to show respect for the mother land of her kid. She showed respect for the country of her son. with this petit fact i can see what a woman she is. love her♥

  • lingling


    I thought they chartered the plane to fly out of Con Dao Island only. They would still have to go through Tan Son Nhut International to fly out of the country, and that would be through commercial airlines. I’m sure they’re flying 1st class, but do they really allow that many luggages??? imagine 50lbs/per … that would be roughly #2500lbs … that’s alot!!!

  • What a woman she is!! ♥

    sorry but again, any news about ITLOBAH? i’m anxious

  • busted

    @Media Wh@re MANiston:

    There are pics on some fan sites of Viv and Zee on the plane, and a picture of Shiloh looking out the window of the passenger van. The reports say Angie go the 4 younger kids on the plane with the boys.. then they went back inside to say thank you to the airport crew and the fans that were there. Wish is very nice of the to do. Brad did the same thing. He took pictures with the people working at the airport.
    I thought I saw Knox in the van too holding is blanket.. not sure

  • http://computer Susan

    @Honestly: @Honestly: Brad and Maddox are lucky to have one another.
    Show me a father with kids and Paps screaming at the kids and there are going to be smiling. How do you know how Brad treats his kids in private?
    Brad and Maddox looked damn close to me when they were at the Yankees game, the SuperBowl, at Dave and Busters, I can name so many different times, but you’re a sh*t stirrer.

  • African Girl

    Madam Cloe….is that you?
    Where were you when only BP and Mad went to football and baseball games alone? When they went dirt bike riding? Jet sking? Where were was your head buried when BP and Mad raced cars in Paris? How about when BP takes Mad alone to the set of his movies? And when they went fishing…was your face stuffed in your crystal ball?
    Yeah…that’s what I thought.

  • Laranjen

    The paps are always alerted to where they are.–like paps hang out in Viet Nam … where in the world are the JP’s ? They will stay gone till after Thanksgiving— then will be back in LA..

  • denise

    I love her dress. She is such a sweetheart. I saw the video of where she was taking the kids onboard and returning to the terminal to say thanks to the people. She was ecouraging Pax to say thank you and bye in Vietnamese. BEAUTIFUL WOMAN AND PERSON.
    I think that BP in recent interviews has had enough. He seems very disgusted by the media and press his family has been subjected too.
    Who could blame him he knows the truth; and the media is trying to shove this lame azz woman and her american sweetheart image down our throats.
    I’m so excited about Angie and her next career move. She is looking for more independent roles and writing and directing. I think she and Brad are trying to do that small thing now to help movies that would never get attention or be made. That’s a valant effort in my book.Just beautiful and wonderful.

  • anustin

    lol…faniston in deadshi.t if anjie is preggo!!! i wish though……

  • lingling

    @ busted
    and there were also pictures of Angie helping Shiloh up the steps of the plane… so yeah… all the other children were already on the plane when Angie came back down with Madd and Pax,

  • Evie

    Beautiful family!

  • African Girl

    A quick google image search for BP and Maddox will show a very “distant” father with his “poor, lonely” son.