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George Clooney & Stacy Keibler: 'Descendants' Duo

George Clooney & Stacy Keibler: 'Descendants' Duo

George Clooney and Stacy Keibler attend the premiere of his new film, The Descendants, on Tuesday (November 15) at the AMPAS Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 50-year-old actor recently filled in the L.A. Times on his favorite movies of the year so far.

“You know what [else] I just saw that I really liked – I thought I’d like it anyway because they’re all friends of mine – but I really liked Moneyball. You know I’m still a baseball nut. It’s really good. Brad [Pitt] is one of those actors that I think is always sort of underestimated … and the truth is he’s really good in that movie,” George shared.

FYI: Stacy is wearing a Naeem Khan dress with Rene Caovilla shoes. She finished off her look with Swarovski earrings, a Hellmuth ring, and a Swarovski bag.

15+ pictures inside of George Clooney and Stacy Keibler at The Descendants premiere…

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Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez; Photos: Getty
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  • bobbyweiner

    dump the beard Georgie

  • JC

    God they are such an annoying couple. I can’t believe she is part of George’s Oscar campaign.

  • Anna

    Any money she’s walking with him on Oscar night. What’s sad is how ridiculous this all is. Its gotten to the point where everyone and their grandma knows this is all for show. Why does he think that having a fake woman is going to get him anywhere? If he was single, everyone would want him and drool over him. Clooney needs to know that people would like him more if he was just a charming silly single guy as opposed to this weirdo creep.

  • canada goose

    But a crisis of such magnitude can bring about or be correlated with or highlight a structural change in the economy.

  • I Ate a Thesaurus

    She’s a remarkably attractive woman, but for some reason she resembles a wax statue here.

  • mkhay

    i wonder what it feels like to be one of George Clooneys whores.
    She’s basically just waiting for him to dump her.

  • rudolf

    Her new stylist can dress her up, but nobody can forget her a.. bending over in her wrestling performances. So gross. Huge forehead, btw.

  • Ka simply

    Maryse with george

  • oh my!

    I’m sorry but no matter what she wears she look cheap and tacky to me!
    Please marry her George and let her become the “stay at home mum” she wants to be and for shit sake leave her at home . That way we won’t have to suffer that fake smile of her all the time.
    Take any picture of her and you will see that she has only one single expression on all of them, just that stupid fake smile!

  • ?????

    She is overdressed. Someone should tell her that she is not the star of the movie, she just screw the star of the movie.
    They look ridiculous again.

  • He is in love

    Georggie is in LOVE and ambarassing about that
    because that is something unexpected for him
    But she is very lovely warm and femin women
    She looks likeeverything in one
    lover, partner, mother, women, friend and sportsman

  • Saph

    Stacy seems to think she is the star and for some reason keeps overdressing. No one else wore a gown, she is showing how stupid she is. The dress makes her look huge and she already towers over George now she looks like could be dating Hagrid. The hair and makeup are just wrong. I can see she is trying to look classy but she comes off as a cheap girl trying and missing classy by a mile. Someone needs to tell Stacy how to dress properly and maybe cutdown on the botox you could land a plane on that forehead. Those expressions or expression in her case looks as fake as her stupid grin. We all know what is going to happen if George is stupid enough to think anyone is believing she is any great love of his life he must be losing his mind. Once she does the awards shows and I think he should dump her sorry untalented very nothing to look at ass now, George will dump her. Will she get a summer at Lake Como doubt it from the pictures he seems to be over her already and ready to move on to someone with a personality and some dress sense maybe. I can see why Stacy is D list and why she has to show her body the girl has no talent and the personality of a blow up doll. I guess that is the part that appeals to George. His poor mom and dad got stuck looking at her uneven tata’s all night I don’t think Stacy put much thought into impressing George’s folks. But then Stacy seems to put little thought into anything. Like how becoming one of George’s bed buddies makes her look like a wannabe desperate for attention and happy to sleep her way to get it. You know things are bad when you are making the Italian Queen look classy and smart.



    PRETTY P!!!!!!?????? HAHHAHAHAHA

  • Maya

    When will he finally have his coming-out?? This relationship is as much staged all all the others before. It’s ridiculous… And yeah, Stacy looks tacky and cheap, no matter what she wears which, by the way, always seems to be out of place. She’s a wrestler for f*cks sake and you can’t take this out of a girl!

  • Sloppy is not the new black

    personally, i think the others are a tad underdressed. a tie would have been nice, i think. but i guess since he is the main attraction, he sets the tone. and he said in an earlier interview, he doesn’t interfere with other people’s lives, so i guess that extends to whatever his date is wearing. since when does your date dictate what you wear? my rule of thumb is that you dress for the occasion. but maybe he bought her all these dresses and she wanted to wear them? i am personally against the glaring display of boobage (seems so desperate) so she gets a no vote from me on this ensemble, but i love red lipstick (on brunettes) :)

  • no offense

    I don’t have anything against blondes but I think he should stick to petite Brunettes he would look less ridiculous than with that blond plastic barbie girl.

  • greek music fan

    I can’t understand how anyone can cheat on George Clooney. I would marry him. Don’t care about age.

  • EB

    A little more tact and discretion is called for in Keibler’s outfit given that, 1) she’s not part of the movie, but just the accompanying paramour for man known for having many such, 2) she is kind of freeloading on Clooney’s celebrity and no one likes a freeloader, and 3) given that she’s an amazon physically and towers over him. She sets all the wrong tone with this loud “look at my boobs” dress.

  • Okay?

    Geez! The dress is tacky! It wouldn’t have been bad if the front was more of a panel. It makes her look like she is auditioning to be Playboy. Playmate. I heard his parents were there as well. How tacky! I would love to be the fly on the wall last night. Stacy is “trying” to emulate the Hollywood glamour from the past. She is so not there. The glamorous women of Hollywood dress with elegance, and carried the air of aristocracy. Not Hee Haw reject or Appalachia turnip. Gerge is proud of this? Isn’t interesting how they came up this goofah just a day after Elisabetta brings out Mehcad? Also why was Stacy avoiding Elisabetta at the same event the day before this red carpet disaster? Could it be that she does not want to face the woman who she was boinking the boyfriend long before the official split? Makes me wonder….

  • Gelina Whiddon

    Dear Okay?

    What is it that you don’t understand about alleged contract girlfriends?

    Contract girlfriends are women that are paid to attend events, dinners, charity functions, yacht parties, and photoshoots (beach and motorbike and etc.), and if their employer (the guy) want to have sex with the contract girlfriend that is okay because the woman is already paid or the installments are dropping quite nicely into the bank account (her people will have to get a cut).

    If a man is unfortunate enough to place an orgy whore (the lowest of whores) under contract; that one will generally be the hardest one to get of rid of … like shi_, she will keep floating to the top.

    I am pretty sure that there was no “boinking the boyfriend” until after the last alleged contract ended, because nobody can get “boinked” until the lawyers hammer out the details of the alleged girlfriend contract and it must be signed first…and then the “boinking” can began and foreplay is not required (it’s paid for already)… that may be why whispers of “rough sex” was heard via the Internet. :)

  • ms. Pendleton

    It’s nice when your dear Ms Gelina is in live
    she still very proficient in business love to George…

    just curious
    How do you find the look of Ctacy ( translation)

  • Gelina Whiddon

    Dear Ms. Pendleton,

    The dress is lovely, but unfortunately it does nothing for the wearer. The face, once pretty (this summer) is unnatural (maybe too much botox). The Veronica Lake hairstyle is lovely. There appear to be breast inplants dents (so gowns showing the indents are a no no).

  • ms. Pendleton

    @Gelina Whiddon:
    George He’s dynamite with a gun girl
    ohh your Word Is Words of expert exceptional MsWhiddon

  • Okay?

    @Gelina Whiddon- I said the boinking because her and George got together way before the official ending of his tie to Canalis. Stupid Stacy had listed dated March 3rd on her Facebook that she was now in a relationship. Stories were floating around end of last year that Clooney was in a different pasture, and it was at the core of the fights between George and Canalis. Now she is being “escorted” it would seem to me that the contract was hammered out a long time ago, and just a matter of timing. He had to have all of this in place, and due to whatever agreements that still needed to be honored in his relationship he had to do them. Also too don’t you think George sampled Stacy enough times for a dry run? Guess that is why Stacy made sure to avoid Elisabetta the other night. So in essence when you think about it, Stacy is just another crafty, scheming golddigger. She states she doesn’t “want” anything from George. I guess not. Inflated appearance fees, plus all the other goodies they agreed upon. Seems alright with parents, from what I heard there there. Now what that was again? Oh yeah! I am a son of a newsman? I was raised in the Midwest and have solid Midwestern values?…..

  • looker

    She looks way older than her supposed age. She looks at least forty. And she always looks cheap and tacky. George disappoints everyone again by using a contract famewhore for one of his Oscar campaigns. People should start a boycott against him like they have Kim Kardashian.

  • looker

    Oh and no matter what happens with that Oscar he wants, he’s already lost. The Oscar is just a material item and a symbol. If he wins it, it will stand for nothing except superficiality, just like his campaign to win it. How could he possibly feel good about winning it when this is how he’s going about it? I’m starting to agree with the people who have said that his head injury must have done way more damage than just physical, it seems to have affected his mind and personality. At least I hope it’s the injury and he hasn’t always been this fake and superficial. Maybe his trips to Sudan are staged, too. He probably takes a jeep or a boat out somewhere then goes to a nice house after the camera stops rolling. At this point, he has no credibility.

  • looker

    @Okay?: He hasn’t boinked her at all. This is a publicity contract, same as the past two fake relationships. I hope he smeared vodka on his lips real good after he put his lips on her hand so he doesn’t catch herpes or hepatitis from her.

  • looker

    Poor George…
    It nearly killed him to do it.

  • looker

    My bad. I just noticed that in none of the pics do you see his mouth actually touch her hand. It seems that he just acted like he was going to kiss it but actually just hovered. Some of the camera angles have his face behind her hand so it looks like they touched, but no pics actually show them touching.

  • well

    It was very selfish of him to fly his elderly parents all the way out there to have them pose with the skankbag. I’m not going to see either of his stupid movies.

  • booo

    she kinda reminds of the other girl Clooney dated before he dated that Italian chick. what was her name again? EXACTLY..

  • Okay?

    @Looker- Just because it is pr does not mean they are not boinking! Now you are opening the door to speculation of being gay, bisexual, and whatever. So you know he is not celibate, and there is clearly no secret girlfriend. What you are saying leads into a plethora of not so good stories to come.

    Now I watched Regis Philbin this morning. He showed the pic of George kissing Stacy’s hand. He talks about Stacy is a “model” and former wrestler, that she is 5’11″ . Regis said that he thinks George is in way over his head with Stacy. I was shocked, and did not know if I should laugh or be in shock. Pretty bad when someone like Regis Philbin says this about George’s choice of women. Lol!

  • looker

    @Okay?: Who said anything about being celibate or a secret girlfriend? He probably has certain friends with benefits, but it’s not Keibler. Mixing business with pleasure is dumb. He wouldn’t take a chance on one of his p.r. escorts trying to sue him for palimony or somesuch. They’re just for photo ops.

  • Okay?

    Really? Then what was Krista Allen? Maria Bertrand? He mixes business and pleasure all the time. His penis has no discrimination in this. It unfortunately has more mileage than a frequent flier. Young, even dummer, and full of c- seems to be the order of the day.

  • looker

    @Okay?: Allen was never one of his p.r. girlfriends, and I’ve never heard of Bertrand, so I don’t think she was either. Like I said, friends with benefits.

  • Okay?

    @Looker- You are a bit naïve. Stacy and George have been acquainted for quite some time. Same with Krista. The thing with Krista is that she wasn’t too bright. Stacy will be like Krista. He will go back again and throw her a few bones. Stacy is trying to play it smarter but she is a tad brain deficient like all the rest. You do not know who Maria Bertrand is? That’s funny. You are trying to pass yourself off as expert so surely you would have done your homework. Lol!

  • Okay?
  • looker

    @Okay?: I don’t understand what you mean. I’m not saying he didn’t sleep with Allen, just the opposite, but he never took her on any red carpet photo ops, did he? If he had taken Bertrand on red carpet photo ops, I would probably have heard of her, but I haven’t. Doing a google image search turns up no pics of Clooney with Bertrand, so she wasn’t a p.r. girlfriend. You actually proved my point, as you’ve show that few of the women he actually slept with did p.r. stuff with him. He keeps those things separate.

  • looker

    @Okay?: “Well she got a free movie out of it.” ROFL. Funny video. Seriously, though, I don’t think George should push these tramps on his parents and co-stars, especially the young female co-stars. Though Shailene Woodley already realizes he’s an idiot, and because of that I’m her newest fan. ROFL again.

  • Okay?

    @Looker- He decided to step up the game a bit. He was trashed on how he handled Allen. Plus like Stacy, Elisabetta, Snowdon, she ran her mouth to reporters, made it was known she was his Oscar date. He doesn’t keep it separate, he just plays a higher end dimwitted game where he actually thinks he is getting over on everybody. Apparently Stacy was talking about George’s parents on Access Hollywood that comes on at 11am on the west coast. George is still mixing up and thinking it is a smooth job. Lol!

    As far as Bertrand- one hint Confessions of a Dangerous Mind.

  • looker

    @Okay?: Oh please. They have zero chemistry. These photo ops are just as painful to see as the ones with Canalis. So fake.

  • signage

    You know how George likes to tell that story about jumping off of his bed with pebbles in his shoes? That was a type of “mortification of the flesh,” one of the crazy cultish practices of Opus Dei. And Canalis referred to George as a “father.” And there are these weirdos always trying to plant stories and rumors about George having a weird sex life, but why would they do that? Why are certain people so determined to make the public think that George has a weird sex life? Someone is hiding something.
    “[The] attitude was, ‘What’s this? What are they all worried about, the politicians and the press, they’re all worried about some looting?” Hersh was quoted as saying. “Don’t they get it? We’re gonna change moseques into cathedrals. And when we get all the oil, nobody’s gonna give a damn.’ That’s the attitude. We’re gonna change mosques into cathedrals. That’s an attitude that pervades, I’m here to say, a large percentage of the Joint Special Operations Command [JSOC].”
    How Opus Dei is Cult-Like

  • signage

    Associates are unmarried, celibate members who typically have family or professional obligations.[3] Unlike numeraries and numerary assistants, the associates do not live inside the special Opus Dei centers.[6]
    The official statutes of Opus Dei discuss Associates thus:
    Those lay faithful are called Associates, who surrender their full life to the Lord in apostolic celibacy in keeping with the spirit of Opus Dei; nevertheless, they must devote themselves to concrete and permanent personal, family or professional obligations which ordinarily lead them to live with their own families. They resolve all these things, at the same time as they fulfil some duty of apostolate or formation in Opus Dei.

  • signage

    The rope story was another hint.
    “Discipline : [Photo of discipline] a cord-like whip which resembles macrame, used on the buttocks or back once a week. Opus Dei members must ask permission to use it more often, which many do. The story is often told in Opus Dei that the Founder was so zealous in using the discipline, he splattered the bathroom walls with streaks of blood.”
    My take is that he’s left the Opus Dei cult, but they want him back.

  • signage

    Opus Dei may also have worked out a cooperative association with another cult, Scientology, which would explain the involvement of Kirstie Alley with Canalis’s publicity and also Kelly Preston having been one of Clooney’s housemates. Being an Opus Dei associate would also explain why Clooney said he would not get married or have children. I think he’s left that cult, and the cult is trying to control him and get him back.

  • signage

    What is the role of women in the Opus Dei ideology?

    A:Let us see how they think about women:

    … Woman are so sinful and are responsible that we have been dislodged from the garden of eden. And the only possibility for them to lessen their guilt is by subordinating themselves… “You should be like a carpet where people can step onto” he explained… (Heard by a lot of people at an information evening of the Opus Dei in Dornbirn Austria. easter 1994. from the book “gottes rechte kirche” by t.m. hofer)

  • signage

    I guess they forgot about Joan of Arc, the Messenger ;-)

  • signage

    The OD infiltrator will also exalt pain and suffering.

    Example: One OD fellow was for ever rejoicing when it was either miserably hot and humid or when it was painfully cold and windy. He would wait until some saint expressed having a hard time, then the OD infiltrator would go to extremes telling how joyful he was to suffer in the cold. This gave him the feeling he was acting in good monastic form while he shamed the poor saint. His apparent love of suffering made everyone around him feel guilty for groaning under the pain of the curse. He worked like he hoped to kill himself at times in the worst heat and humidity of the summer, while others could not keep up with him. All the time, his wife was feigning concern that he might overdo it. The pastor only figured this out long after the fact, so it had a powerful impact on the peace of the assembly.

  • signage
  • Okay?

    2nd time trying!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol!
    Let’s see if this gets deleted.
    Whenever George’s pr starts flapping out the latest dip, and it goes full steam the following video reminds me of it. I hope everyone gets as many laughs out of it as I do.