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Victoria Beckham Wants to Make Women Feel Empowered

Victoria Beckham Wants to Make Women Feel Empowered

Victoria Beckham leaves a hotel carrying her adorable daughter, Harper, on Wednesday (November 16) in New York City.

The mother-daughter duo then headed to JFK International Airport to catch a departing flight.

Earlier in the week, Victoria, 37, attended WWD‘s annual CEO Summit, where she opened up about why she launched her own fashion line.

“I was very aware of people’s preconceptions, but I never went into the fashion industry trying to prove myself to anybody other than myself. I was just following my dreams, doing what I love to do,” she shared (via Styleite).

“It’s my passion to make women feel empowered, feel beautiful, and feel confident,” Victoria added.

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61 Responses to “Victoria Beckham Wants to Make Women Feel Empowered”

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  1. 26
    Lily Says:

    @Oh Please….:
    btw not only you are empty but you do not respect different opinions, you are sad

  2. 27
    who'sthedad Says:

    Harper is mini Victoria.

  3. 28
    carol Says:

    maniac detected !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    calm down dude

  4. 29
    Jane Says:

    Just one look better then the next, gosh she has swagger, and then some, a true Style Icon! And that baby is so adorable!

  5. 30
    Ivana Says:


    I’m calm thank you, and I’m not a dude! And for sure not a maniac. -.-

  6. 31
    anonymous Says:

    Aw, that little trophy Harper that David gave Victoria for his cheating on her is so cute. She seems to make her happy and likely will give David more time to play (c’mon people, you know he does, many reports of his cheating on Victoria the clothes hanger, he is just laying low for now but will happen again).

  7. 32
    ck Says:

    baby is cute but vic shouldn’t wear real fur!!!

  8. 33
    siennagold Says:

    She’s a beautiful baby!

  9. 34
    Diana Says:

    Tank god that baby doesn’t look like that ugly bit*h!

  10. 35
    single Says:

    Being “Empowered” in Hollywood means you turn a blind eye to your husband’s cheating and sleazy behavior..

  11. 36
    Me Says:

    This baby is SO cute!!!!!!!

  12. 37
    Truth Says:

    @Ivana: The marriage lasts because she’s willing to turn a bling eye to her husband’s mistresses and liaisons.

    He cheats on her all the time, with money who look like women. Not even her fake boobs can change that.

  13. 38
    marq Says:

    It takes courage, in the face of overwhelming odds. Consider the peaceful women beaten and maced in OWS protests.

    Yet I would be sure to award the highest badge of honor for courage for her one small step…and one giant leap for humankind, these days, to Aliaa Elmahdy.

  14. 39
    Auntie Em Says:

    I am surprised she is carrying her baby because she cannot possibly have that much time to carry the after her husband and her three sons because you know they never put that beautiful little girl donw. Victoria must have her family on a schedule when they all take turns holding their baby.LOL!! I bet those three sons of hers think that is their baby. Lil Ms. Harper is very spolied with her family’s attention and love. Material , nice, but Harper has what is priceless, a loving family. I will say VB took time, wanted a family, and minds her kids and good for her and her kids.
    That baby is such a pretty little doll face

  15. 40
    yva Says:

    She dresses that baby like a grown woman. Brown, Black, gray clothes. And baby does not have enough hair to have on a head band.
    She has never dressed that baby like a baby. You never see the baby with a baby blanket. Just little woman clothes.

    The baby is just another of Vics accessories.

    PS. That baby is NOT cute.

  16. 41
    mary Says:

    to Clara

    oh no! horror of horrors; Victoria is wearing nail polish. good God get a life.

  17. 42
    Jenn Says:

    I am so sick of her parading that kid around, like her newest handbag.

    Harper is going to be another Suri. A spoiled rotten brat.

  18. 43
    theresa Says:

    to single

    if she chooses to remain with her husband, the man she loves and the father of her children, despite his cheating how is that any of your business.

  19. 44
    ashley Says:

    Harper has a pug face like her mother. I have never seen that child dressed like a baby. She has women clothes cut down to baby size. apparently Victoria is having those grown woman clothes made for her. Those styes do not look good on a baby.

  20. 45
    mary Says:


    maybe you’re right. for what ever reason Victoria has chosen to stay with David. but i can understand why. she loves the guy and has no intention of giving him up without a fight. and she has 4 very good reasons for David to stay with her; Cruz, Romeo, Brooklyn and Harper

  21. 46
    debbie Says:

    I hear Vics husband cheats on her. I wonder if it’s true. The child has a pie face, she looks like Vic.

  22. 47
    theresa Says:


    do you honestly think that Victoria gives a damn what you think. as if your opinion matters to her at all.

  23. 48
    Danielle Says:

    Jenn @ 11/17/2011 at 3:40 pm #42

    I am so sick of her parading that kid around, like her newest handbag.
    Harper is going to be another Suri. A spoiled rotten brat.

    Yes, Suri the sequel! She is Suri II. Sad

  24. 49
    Lilian Says:

    She would never carry the baby in a blanket, because she is trying out looks for a children’s fashion line she is working on. About women feeling empowered not sure she is the best example, since she rose to fame because of David. Even when he cheated on her she got pregnant to prevent him from going … Just a thought!

  25. 50
    FromtheVillage Says:

    Mom and daughter are very chic
    Mom wearing high heels
    Mom matching nails to baby clothes.
    Hired help to style mom and baby. (do you honestly think mom had time to bathe, diaper, feed and dress that child?)

    Mom in a fur

    Baby cold.

    Photo op.

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