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Demi Moore & Ashton Kutcher Split

Demi Moore & Ashton Kutcher Split

Demi Moore and husband Ashton Kutcher have called it quits, her rep confirms to

“It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that I have decided to end my six-year marriage to Ashton. As a woman, a mother and a wife there are certain values and vows that I hold sacred, and it is in this spirit that I have chosen to move forward with my life,” the 49-year-old actress said in a statement.

“This is a trying time for me and my family, and so I would ask for the same compassion and privacy that you would give to anyone going through a similar situation,” Demi added.

News of the couple’s split comes just a few weeks after a 22-year-old woman claimed she had an affair with Ashton, 33, on his sixth wedding anniversary.

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  • ace11

    I love how all the Women in here rip Ashton

    Get Over yourselves

    At some point the guy was going to want Kids

    and she CANT give him any

  • obvious

    @yuck: Probably someone like Ashton they did once date for awhile long before he married Demi.

    Well Demi pretty much confirmed the rumors are all true by her own words. Big surprise…not. He got Charlie Sheen’s part in Two and a Half Men and now he is going to prove how much they have in common after all.@Guy: No its not just you noticing that.
    Don’t forget other couples like Olivia Wilde leaving her husband after she got her” big”film career with Tron Legacy and Cowboys and Aliens. Suddenly she didn’t need to married to a royal from Europe anymore. She was with him since she was 18.
    Even non married couples like Zoe Saldana and her fiance splitting after 11 years. Once one person out grows the other and gets a BIG spike in their career the relationship tends to end soon after.
    JLO’s divorce was really seen a mile away the second she became important again with American Idol and too many promotional deals to name.
    Ashton got the BIG part in Two and a Half Men and he was dumb enough to think that makes him a big shot now… He’ll learn the hard way later on. HAHA

  • nicole

    Demi should have not married a very young good looking guy who is almost like her kid.

    Demi looks so horrible. She is like bones and skin and looks like a scary cougar.

    She should have use her money to fix herself and look good.

    Men are visual. They are attracted on what they see. How can a young guy be attracted to an old woman who is like bones and skin?

  •!/SaadGKhan SaadGKhan

    Once a Douche-bag, always a douche bag.
    Ashton doesn’t care at all, you can cheat and humiliate her publicly once, not again & Again.. as if Cared at All!
    Demi is Good without Him.

  • Auntie Em


    thetis, , you jjust answered your own post, comments, etc.
    Demi is 15 yrs. oler than Ashton.he was a few years older than her eldest child.
    Demi looks body wise fit, trim, Inside she is 49.
    She has been acting silly, giddy, trying to act years younger like Ashton’s age group.

    I don’t if you a boy, girlm or what age.
    I am girl, 46, fan of Demis’ from the 1980′s. the St.Elmo’s Fire , Brat Pack days…. Demi , honey, let me tell you, she ahd her hotsy totsy day , wild child, partying, some drugs too.
    Demi Moore was IT in the mid 1980′s and early 1990′s.

    That was then. Now, as 49, that day is long gone of dramadrama. Ashton is WHERE she USED to be.

    Age matters.

    After that, Demi got clean and sober, married Bruce, had the kids, had some good movies, really good movies and a three bombs, and moved and raised her kids in Idaho after the b-bomb movies.

    Then she found this child, Ashton of then 27 and alter married him. It was doomed from the beginning.
    He wants out.

    Stil, yes, he should have not humitlated her, degraded her in the public with these peices of cheap trash, ugly poor White trash, nasty garbage girls.

  • Danielle

    Dina @ 11/17/2011 at 4:51 pm #3

    Thumb up Thumb down +14

    He had it coming
    He wanted it, you nitwit. He has been itching to get free for a long time.

  • nicole

    Demi should know from the start where her relationship with a good looking young guy almost like her kid will end.

    Ashton is cheating coz he is no longer happy with Demi.

    She was beautiful but not anymore. SHE LOOKS SCARY!!!

    Maybe she is trying so hard to look young and attractive. But it will not work.

    I guess Ashton might be wAnting to have some kids of his own so he wants to. Get. Out of the union.

    Bruce Willis should shut his mouth because he was cheating Demi too when they were still together and left her and their 3 children.

  • Monkey

    They seemed so happy earlier in the marriage… shame it didn’t last

  • Vivian

    This makes me sad. I seriously thought they would work it out but this shows how much respect Demi has for herself. GO GIRL! :)

  • http://g Mann

    No kids…so nothing really that sad or as sad as it could have been.

  • http://g Mann

    No kids…so nothing really that sad or as sad as it could have been.

  • pup

    Well at least now he can go have some babies with someone fertile. . .

  • FFer

    Gay marriages between a woman and a man are so gay.

  • jenny

    Neither Bruce or Ashton is good! Good for Demi Moore. Demi you have discovered your real life and the purpose of life! Love

  • jenny

    Neither Bruce or Ashton is good! Good for Demi Moore. Demi you have discovered your real life and the purpose of life! Love

  • jenny

    Neither Bruce or Ashton is good! Good for Demi Moore. Demi you have discovered your real life and the purpose of life! Love

  • jenny

    Neither Bruce or Ashton is good! Good for Demi Moore. Demi you have discovered your real life and the purpose of life! Love

  • jenny

    Neither Bruce or Ashton is good! Good for Demi Moore. Demi you have discovered your real life and the purpose of life! Love

  • jenny

    Neither Bruce or Ashton is good! Good for Demi Moore. Demi you have discovered your real life and the purpose of life! Love

  • wake

    Neither Bruce or Ashton is good! Good for Demi Moore. Demi you have discovered your real life and the purpose of life! Love.

  • wake

    Neither Bruce or Ashton is good! Good for Demi Moore. Demi you have discovered your real life and the purpose of life! Love.

  • Listen up, yung-ins

    The ONLY reason why there will be a divorce is because Demi is not going to put up with it. He doesn’t really want out. He wants it all, like a lot of men these days. Ashton dated plenty of younger women before Demi and never wanted any of them like her. He married her for a reason. You can’t tell me she’s not a great lover. He wanted her as his wife, but he also THOUGHT he would be able to “fool around” on the side. He possibly thought that since she is older and experienced, she might not mind so much if he dips his stick in other honey pots. Demi’s clue should have been Ashton’s friendship with Puff Daddy. Puffy is nothing but promiscuous. That’s why Puffy won’t wed. Ashton is good-looking. Guys like him get women regularly, and unless they have a strong spiritual life or really good values against that lifestyle, they don’t turn it down. Men like Ashton specifically want to be able to do what they want to do. They are looking for someone who will stay with them through their romps. It is selfish, of course, and extremely degrading to the woman who cares. He should have thought about her daughters and setting a good example, but how could he… he’s a ho!!! He’s tasted that life and since he’s still young enough, he does not want to let it go — yet. Do not marry a ho if you want a monogamous relationship. And young ladies, please stop “giving it up” so easily. That’s why there are men like Ashton on the prowl in the first place. They get woman after woman to sleep with them. They don’t even care about you. They take it and leave. And women today don’t even care about another person’s vows. It’s totally wrong and disgusting. I can’t stand people like that! They have no scruples!

  • Lily

    Good! It always seemed like a weird mix to me and Demi seemed pathetic trying to be young. She should just be who she is and not try to be younger!! 15 yrs is a big gap in age. I am actually 9 yrs older than my husband- so far it is good for us-! But 15 yrs is a lot

  • margie


  • wendy

    Isn’t Ashton the 3rd husband of Demi?

  • Jenn

    Ashton enjoyed showing off how he make his marriage work in interviews. I wonder what he’s going to do now. He’s certainly going the Charlie Sheen way. I hope it’s good for Two & a Half Men..Watching this show puts me into depression mode! I feel like Alan!

  • Auntie Em

    Yeah, he is her 3rd. When she palyed on General Hopstial, she married some musician named Moore.
    took his name. Her profesional name.
    3 marraiges.

  • Pat

    Demi got punk’d!

  • faxperez

    cronicas de una muerte anunciada!!!

  • mike

    Now Demi could join Aniston and Lopez for a a pity party.

  • Purple Poet

    They were only staying together because of all the publicity it brought them. Demi Moore will seek any press attention to stay relevant because her acting career sure isn’t. And Ashton likes the attention too. But now that he’s got a big tv role he doesn’t need the Demi/Ashton supercouple attention anymore.

  • Dez

    Ashton thinks he has it to will get old my friend. Karma will be a bitch.

  • aww

    i kinda liked them

  • Mara

    Sad news.

  • Jude

    It’s was inevitable

  • nomy

    hes an asshole keep strong demi :D

  • lenny777

    Ashton is currently dating Soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo ex,…Port­­ugal Abstract Artist Cristina Canas …­They reportedly met at Art Basel Miami…As­­hton was reportedly seen with Canas at The Ivy .

  • jenna

    Now what a surprise!? *yawn* Guys, that was so clear form the very beginning. Marriages like that never last.

  • Geri

    That’s HoLLyWooD…

  • Keilee

    IF, if, he cheated, then the marriage didnt ‘fail’ he threw it off a cliff. Do you know how to make marriage easier and help towards keeping it from ‘failing’?? Keep it in your damn pants if she isnt your wife. Dont expect sympathy and hugs and ‘love and light’ if you screwed your way out of your marriage. I dont understand cheating. I really dnt. I ahve never once even so much as thought of it, let alone being tempted. If you dont want your spouse/partner any more, or you thinking of cheating, do the honourable thing and either talk things out wiht your partner or end the relationship but screwing around behind their back?thats not ‘love and light’ thats being someone i have no tim for.
    Theya re both past their hollywood prime. for a short time she had a comeback and her name buoyed his but neither are as in demand anymore. He comes across as an idiotic fratboy child and I refuse to see any movie he’s in.he doesnt ‘act’ he plays himself over and over again in every role, no depth no talent. and shes little better. what has she been in recently? nobody cares

  • here I go again!

    Keilee, good points, but you must understand that not all men who cheat want to leave their wives. In fact, most do not… just ask the mistresses. At the center of the situation is the three-letter word, S-E-X! That’s what they want. They want the excitement that continues when you sleep with different people. When a man has previously had many women and then settles with one, after a while, the fire cools down in the bedroom, which is normal with married life. Many people do not stress over this because they were never that wild in the first place. But people who have had many partners and participated in various sexual activities get bored and frustrated after a while and they long for sex the way it used to be. They want it steamy and hot, with clothes ripping off in anticipation. Many men believe that this is how sex should be for them as long as they can still perform in the sack. They can still have good times with their partner, but it never goes back to the way it was when the relationship was new. Many, many long-term marriages exist with cheating. Nobody wants to talk about it, though. However, staying with a promiscuous spouse is a huge risk, as he or she can come across someone who really lights their fire again, they believe they are in love and it busts up their marriage. Ashton was not trying to fall in love with another woman. He likes his home life with the wife and kids. He is just using those girls for sex. It’s his hobby. And men like him are notorious for sleeping with stupid, trashy women — women they would never want to marry.

  • Keilee

    @here I go again!: Actually, its rarely about the sex, its about the power they think the sex gives them. that feeling of getting away with soemthing, about having a secret. its not the sex its the excitement around it. and thats childish and pathetic. why cant people just go to their partner and express they want something more from their sex life if its about sex. pathetic. and childish

  • here I go again!

    People who are married for a long time usually do all kinds of stuff to satisfy their husbands and wives. Their skills are not lacking. Lots of stupid girls get hooked on married men because the marrieds are experienced and are usually good in bed. Most men would not stay married for any length of time to a woman who wasn’t giving him what he enjoys. The truth is that a long-term wife can NEVER compete with a “new” woman as far sexual excitement goes. That’s why marriage is supposed to involve monogamy. Sex with different people causes a lot of problems. Often a new woman doesn’t even have to be that good as a lover. Just the fact that she is new is very exciting for men. It takes maturity to be married. It takes people who are willing to exchange the closeness and intimacy for sexual marathons and acrobatics. I believe it also takes values and a deeper love where you really don’t want to ever hurt your mate. People who have low levels of self control and need instant gratification are very poor partners for marriage. Ashton Kutcher always acted like a silly overactive boy. He’s physically cute, but his cuteness is overshadowed by his personality, which to me, is a complete turn-off! I’m not surprised by his actions at all.

  • JL

    We could see his smile but not the happiness. This is the end of his pation.
    And – go work, guy!

  • JL

    sorry: the end of his patience. She knew how to use him. Enough.

  • huh!

    Not happy because he knew Demi did not sign up for that and his wicked deeds would get discovered and she would find out. Guilt for being a cad, so unhappy.