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George Clooney Wanted Ryan Gosling to Be Sexiest Man Alive

George Clooney Wanted Ryan Gosling to Be Sexiest Man Alive

George Clooney leaves a restaurant after having lunch with his The Descendants co-star, Beau Bridges, on Wednesday (November 16) in Los Angeles.

The night before, the 50-year-old attended the premiere of the dramedy with gal pal Stacy Keibler.

On the red carpet, George told Extra he was hoping his Ides of March co-star Ryan Gosling would be crowned People‘s Sexiest Man Alive – a title that went to Bradley Cooper.

“[Ryan] really wants it. He’s been saying … the whole time we were on the set of Ides, he was like, ‘How did you pull that off?’ So I called up Brad Pitt and we worked with him for weeks on the walk. We told him how to train, everything,” George, who’s been named Sexiest Man Alive twice, joked.

10+ pictures inside of George Clooney leaving lunch with Beau Bridges

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  • Isabela

    His not alone on that! Ryan really deserved it

  • seeit

    Old + Ugly+Womanizer=George Clooney=Hugh Hefner in the making=will die alone.

  • villedeville

    I am glad George Clooney is taking the title “The Sexiest Man Alive” with good humor. After all, the title “The Sexiest Man Alive” by People magazine is nothing but a joke. There are billions of alive men around the world and all they could come up with is Bradley Cooper?

  • ana

    now i have one more reason to like george :-)

  • BIll

    I’m sure “Fudge” Clooney has his reasons.

  • speaktruth

    Ryan totally is the sexiest man alive, no offense to Bradley Cooper fans. I think what held Ryan back is that though he’s LOVED by his fans a lot, people in the industry aren’t quite at that level yet. Not saying they hate him but they’re not as passionate..yet. Couple more years, and it’ll for sure happen!

  • kel

    Me too!

  • John

    Time to come out of the closet, George! I wish you’d get your Best Actress award.

  • single

    George is an idiot.
    Now had Gosling dated Jennifer Lopez, he would have gotten the Sexiest Man Award.

  • QQQQ

    Need new material. Its the same tired thing he said for Matt Damon.

  • :)

    To each their own I guess. To me, my man is the sexiest, and not just because he’s mine but because he really is hot. I’d never redeem him for grandpa George and his billion dollars. Not in a million years!

  • Marcus

    Is clooney telling us something, I knew he was a little pillow biter. The guy is so self centered to reign on this other dudes parade like a little fairy he has to open his mouth.

    The world dont orbit around this dude and he has the most annoying goofy elderly fans in the world.

  • Truth

    Old George has passed his prime. I am glad he was not on the list. It’s time to move past him.

    Hey, George your personal life is pathetic.

  • George LIKES Gosling

    Somebody throw him a fruit cake!

  • onenightlover

    I agree. Those lists are stupid. For me there are millions of women prettier than JLo too and everyone has their own taste.

  • Ladyb

    Bradley’s PR people pulled it off. He went to Ellen to say he wanted it.

  • Danielik25

    Maybe George is finally in love …

  • Danielik25

    Maybe George is finally in love…


    funny, george is soo funny. ryan will get it soon, bradley is a great choice and george’s dialogue every year about this award is just hilarious.

    anyone who takes his comments seriously just doesn’t get it….

  • brenda

    Thanks God is not Brad ,Robert Pattinson or George the sexiest man alive!Thanks people!

  • G

    George is funny and still kind of hot. If only he didn’t have sh-t taste in women.

  • I Mean What

    Hey, People Magazine, you missed one… Chuy Bravo needs to be on the People’s Sexiest Man Alive List… no? What were those editors on? Crack?

  • Cheryl

    Old Georgie boy is losing his appeal – his sense of humor sucks, he is getting wrinkles and the world is so over him. How and why he is able to “pick up” flavor of the month chickies is sort of fascinating though. What would a beautiful young woman want with that old dried up coot?

  • Cheryl

    @seeit: totally agree

  • Amanda

    people magazine just gave bradley cooper one more reason to be a cocky douchebag, instead of giving it to ryan, who is down to earth and has a magnificent personality.

  • Aqua

    I couldn’t agree with him more! I’m a Gosling girl myself.

  • cindy

    Oh George is funny about him and Brad getting together to show Ryan lol I agree with George People magazine got it wrong. It should have been Ryan but it is what is.

  • emmaa

    I don’t know how on earth Bradley Cooper of all men got the honour. Bore.

  • Jose
  • alison

    i don’t know why ryan did get it. although it’s kind of corny and ryan doesn’t need it anyways, we all know he’s sexy :) maybe they didn’t want the give the title to a canadian ryan for the second year in a row lol.

  • Jennie


    What this article is about and what George has been saying since Matt won this award is . . . give others a chance! He, Brad and the others who had won this are already well known. This ‘award’ has become a PR press thing!
    P.S.: I still believe George is as gay as Ted Casablanca and Rob Shuter.

  • Canuck

    He’s got such an irreverent sense of humour. Remember this story from Anna Kendrick?

    ——”George gave me such a hard time about shooting Twilight,” she explains. “Whenever I came back, it was like, ‘Oh, sorry, this isn’t the Twilight set. You’re not working with Mr. Handsome.’ He called Rob ‘Mr. Handsome.’”

    To help him cope with his crush, Anna got Rob to sign his April GQ cover for George.

    Being the gentlemen that he is, R-Pattz signed the cover, “To George: Best of Luck. Hang in there. Love, Rob.”

    Not to let Rob have the upper-hand, George signed his May 2009 Esquire cover to Rob.

    He wrote, “Dear Rob: Thanks for all the inspiration. I’m a huge fan. Love, George (two-time Sexiest Man Alive)”—–

    I want to be there when George (two-time Sexiest Man Alive) and ASkars (Five times, motherf*cker, Five times!) sit down and have a few beers / Limoncellos / glasses of wine together…

  • Irreverent Sense of Humor


    In bed? Oh-la-la!

  • Canuck

    @Irreverent Sense of Humor: Ah no, George can’t have my ASkars, even if he does like blonds.

  • Dot

    love love Ryan Gosling! Next year I’m hoping <3

  • ChristyL

    @Amanda: Ryan Gosling is kind of a cocky douchebag, too. And there’s NOTHING sexy about Disneyland. Nothing.

  • ChristyL

    @Amanda: Ryan Gosling is kind of a cocky douchebag, too. And there’s NOTHING sexy about Disneyland. Nothing.

  • Alex Levin

    Stephen Colbert got robbed

  • whatever!

    @>seeit – your’re joking right? George Clooney is one of THE smartest guys in Hollywood no marriage or kids. And we ALL die alone in the end.

  • whatever!

    @Cheryl – DUH because he’s rich and famous you fool

  • George/Georgina


    It’s better to die surrounded by people who love you. Don’t be a fool. Your admiration for somebody is overboard. If you’re getting paid, that may be okay. There are some ways to promote somebody without looking like a fool.

  • Armenianlover

    Bradley Cooper and JLo must share an agent. Staged romance, people magazine titles… Think he is gonna get a few endorsements soon!

  • whatever!

    @George/Georgina – DUH don’t need to get paid by someone to tell me who I like or dislike. what’s your problem George is smart compared to alot of Hollywood idiots. Saying he will die alone because he doesn’t have a wife/partner in his life is pathetic.

  • JJ200

    @seeit – Or would you prefer George to be like Rod Stewart and have kids by lots of women.


    @seeit – I bet your’re old and ugly