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Leonardo DiCaprio Shoots 'Great Gatsby' in 3D

Leonardo DiCaprio Shoots 'Great Gatsby' in 3D

Leonardo DiCaprio looks dapper on the set of The Great Gatsby at Centennial Park on Friday (November 18) in Sydney, Australia.

The 37-year-old actor, wearing a white suit, was joined by co-stars Carey Mulligan and Tobey Maguire.

“What’s really cool is working with [director] Baz [Luhrmann] and this 3D format that’s being used for drama,” Leo recently told Access Hollywood.

“Most of the time, you associate 3D with the spectacle of it, but he really wants to use 3D to create emotional impact with the characters and almost use it like what it would be like to immerse yourself in a theater production,” Leo explained.

10+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan, and Tobey Maguire at Centennial Park in Sydney…

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311 Responses to “Leonardo DiCaprio Shoots 'Great Gatsby' in 3D”

  1. 1
    kiki Says:

    leo looks great and will do the role justice. he was amazing in j edgar.

  2. 2
    Lydia Healy Says:

    I wish Leonardo DiCaprio would do more movies. At present, he already has 25 projects in various stages of development but he only does one movie a year and he has nothing solid lined up after ‘Django Unchained’.

  3. 3
    Ka Says:

    Leo is amazing!!!! Carey is beautiful too!

  4. 4
    LOVE Says:

    Wow, Leo you are so handsome!

  5. 5
    Ka simply Says:

    Yes leo looks amazing and handsome ☺‎ ☺‎

  6. 6
    @dfg Says:

    Leo and Carey in the same movie? Wow, classy! :) I love it already!

  7. 7
    Lovely Says:

    Carey is so lovely. Leo and Tobey look great too.

  8. 8
    Swallow Says:

    Thanks JJ. Leo is gorgeous.

  9. 9
    LondonCalling Says:


  10. 10
    cute Says:

    Leo’s hair is so cute.

  11. 11
    y Says:

    cant wait to see

  12. 12
    sab Says:

    Hi Everyone,
    woowwwww!!!!… about be still my beating heart!!!…………….love the suit, love the hair, love the face, love the hands……love the MAN…..
    he looks perfect……the only thing thats off….is his tie in the main pic….i dont know if anyone else has noticed, but its a little crooked…hahaha….someone call wardrobe!!!!…………
    he is beautiful…….never thought a white suit could look so good on anyone…………(huge sigh)

  13. 13
    Man Says:

    I can see gatsby but not leo here!

  14. 14
    Sweet Says:

    Glad to see them shooting together. Thanks Jared.

  15. 15
    Sabrina Says:

    The cast is amazing. Tobey, Leo and Carey are perfect for their respective roles. I’m really excited, I loved the book ! Tobey looks great !

  16. 16
    l0nely-girl Says:


  17. 17
    oh Says:

    I like Carey’s dress.

  18. 18
    Sydney Says:

    Oh, you reminded me of don’s plum. Its just amazing that they come back together after almost 20 years!

  19. 19
    Sydney Says:

    Tobey doesnt change much but Leo changes a lot. Leo is much mature now.

  20. 20
    Mary Says:

    There’s no one like Robert Redford

  21. 21
    slurp Says: leo at bondi, hottie

  22. 22
    larson Says:

    I wonder when he will actually finished shooting this movie. Baz is a freaking mess. I hope that he will be back in the states by january. If he is doing django, it sounds epic. I feel there will be gossip overload in new orleans.

  23. 23
    slurp Says: love his outfit here

  24. 24
    interesting Says:

  25. 25
    Ka simply Says:

    Thanx for great link!

  26. 26
    sos Says:

    @interesting: They’ve been linked before haven’t they?I like what the source said about Star that it was getting lower than the national enquirer…lol!Star had a story a couple of weeks ago about Leo and Blake still being in contact and that Ryan could get his heart broken,gossipcop has the denials.@larson: So they are filming Django in New Orleans?I’m a 7 hour drive away from there.
    On Topic Leo looks good in these shots.

  27. 27
    YUMMY Says:

    Oh my God, this man could not be born more beautiful. Perfection is the best definition. Sweating!

  28. 28
    K Says:

    The Great Gatsby? YES. In 3-D? NO.

  29. 29
    HOT Says:

    @slurp: Thanks for the photos, he is so hot! Love his smile too!!!

  30. 30
    @ Mary Says:

    @Mary: There is no one like Leonardo DiCaprio!

  31. 31
    Ka Says:

    Leo has explained very well why it’s in 3D in this post. Let’s trust him.

  32. 32
    photos Says:

    More photos here. They are so cute on the set!

  33. 33
    Magda mama Says:

    I love Tobey in tight pants. lol Especially when he’s walking his stylish self with his gorgeous wife and sweet babies! What a trendy family! And Carey’s dress is gorgeous. This cast is gorgeous! The LION looks like he’s 28 years old here. Good genes. He’s going to have beautiful children one day. lol I read some of the other threads. Can I just say…
    True love is not insidious. Nor is it contrived or manipulative. It’s also not insistent or set with conditions and disrespect when you don’t compy. Mr. LION, I have to agree with some of the other people. If you don’t know for sure, right to the DNA level, that someone is 110% right for you, you don’t waste another minute. Look elsewhere. You deserve the whole enchilada, and she’s out there! Maybe you’ve already briefly met her…just go with the TAO….don’t fight the universe…the TAO is going to lead you right to her. Don’t worry!

  34. 34
    Magda mama Says:

    I love Tobey in tight pants. lol Especially when he’s walking his stylish self with his gorgeous wife and sweet babies! What a trendy family! And Carey’s dress is gorgeous. This cast is gorgeous! The LION looks like he’s 28 years old here. Good genes. He’s going to have beautiful children one day. lol I read some of the other threads. Can I just say…
    True love is not insidious. Nor is it contrived or manipulative. It’s also not insistent or set with conditions and disrespect when you don’t compy. Mr. LION, I have to agree with some of the other people. If you don’t know for sure, right to the DNA level, that someone is 110% right for you, you don’t waste another minute. Look elsewhere. You deserve the whole enchilada, and she’s out there! Maybe you’ve already briefly met her…just go with the TAO….don’t fight the universe…the TAO is going to lead you right to her. Don’t worry!

  35. 35
    hefty Says:

    larson, you down for a road trip to new Orleans during shooting?

  36. 36
    Larson Says:

    @hefty: LMAO, sure. I might just do it. I have always wanted to go to New Orleans. Well not always, but I love their accents. I love southern accents. They sound so regal.

  37. 37
    milk Says:

    tink, someone in another thread said leo refused to take bar to the oscars one year when he was nominated. have any insights?

  38. 38
    hefty Says:

    @larson, do you know the exact dates he’ll be in NO?

  39. 39
    raven Says:

    He looks great! I like seeing everyone in costume. I like the color of Carey’s dress.

    Hi Sab!! his hands are awesome, lol.

    @magda mama: I liked your message it was really nice. I hope he does keep looking and finds that kind of love :)

  40. 40
    tinkerbell Says:

    I think it would have had to been the Departed. I am sure that was not even on the table for her…she probably asked but that was a no. He was with Gisele for five years before the Aviator…i have no info but I am sure that was not ever on the table for Bar. The best she ever got was courtside at the Lakers…if you believe the incog that was because she threw a fit about not going to the Golden Globes.

    Reason: not to bring her up again, but she’s stumpy, cant wear a ball gown, kind of embarrassing, and they were always broken up or about to be for years anyway. and always when she opened her mouth something stupid came out.

    anyway, basta.

  41. 41
    sab Says:

    Hi Everyone
    Hi Raven…I know his hands are amazing…..i still dont know what it is about them, but ive never seen a pair of hands quite like
    im a convert now…..a clean shaven leo just looks exquisit……it makes him look more boyish, youthful, playful…adorable!!……i know it wont last but its amazing how a bit of facial hair or lack of can give off totally conflicting vibes…..
    have a great weekend everyone…

  42. 42
    Naomi Says:

    Now we understand why Carey was chosen for the very important role of Daisy. She’s cute, refreshing and very natural.
    Among the many girls who auditionned for the part, only her showed the real talent and probably the chemistry with DiCaprio.
    Can’t wait to see the movie!

  43. 43
    @56 Says:

    Nobody on LSA believes the incogs anymore. Their credibility has been lacking for a long time now. And 99 percent of the “informed” information on Leo is bull with the other 1 percent being stuff that you already knew like that he is an only child. Incogs are just reg LSA members that nide under their name handle to mess with people.
    For every incog that says something about Leo you have one saying the opposite thing…
    It all comes down to what you want to believe because nothing is conclusive.
    Gisele probably did insist that he take her to the Oscars. He probably would have prefered not take her too.

  44. 44
    Looking better Leo Says:

    Good to see Leo has lost some weight. His head doesn’t look so much like a dumpling.

  45. 45
    @ Naomi Says:

    Agree. Carey is so pretty and classy. Is she engaged?

  46. 46
    @ JJ Says:

    Can you remove that video?

  47. 47
    60 Says:


    I remember that red carpet entrance with Leo and Gisele (pic 19 below). He was so proud. They were so proud of each other:

  48. 48
    Oscar Says:

    They have so much fun on set!

  49. 49
    @60 Says:

    Well “she” was proud… but I don’t think I have seen him looking so uncomfortable on a red carpet. She looked ridiculous with her hair extensions and she towered him. That certainly put an end on him bringing a date on a red carpet. LOL!

  50. 50
    tinkerbell Says:


    Going to an afterparty and the Berlin No One Has Ever Heard of it Film Festival
    are not the same thing as on the red at the Oscars. Bar is not the same as Gisele. Bar was cutrate and embarrassing, Gisele the most sucessful female model of all time, as the article up there probably says.

    Do you think Bar could have worn that $5,000 Dior dress like Gisele? Do you think Dior would have loaned it to her in the first place? Its just not the same. It’s like comparing a Mini Cooper to a Bentley.

    Now I know for sure who you are, but why be hurt about the PAST.
    All I know is Gisele upgraded, Leo downgraded. But what Gisele wanted- family, children was different from what Leo wanted (convenient piece of a s s) this is woefully obvious to everyone else.

    Just compare what Bar wore to berlin to what Gisele wore to the Oscars.

    He also kept seeing other women besides Bar the whole time, that I’m sure of.

    But we dont even need to talk about it..its PAST.

  51. 51
    tinkerbell Says:

    @@Tinkerbell: no clue but Bar and Gisele…different animals.Gisele said publicly she did not want Bar compared to her….they were “too different” nice for saying “Happy Meal” vs five star restaurant. Dont be hurt because your girl Bar was always second best.

    Gisele could move on and upgraade, her type of relationship if not the man. What has Bar done????

    and even I dont feel the need to flog bar anymore, but ihate letting her team get away with crap like that.

  52. 52
    Yellow Says:

    @hi everyone. I don’t think Leo was fond of either Bar or Gisele .well hope one day he does fall in love, that’s all i’m saying.

  53. 53
    tinkerbell Says:

    funny thing is, I still believe the incog-if not entirely than mostly because she sounds right to me. and judging by the number of people who read the thread…it has a lot of credibility to some. I’m thinking she was / is in PR somewhere, someone who needs to vent. Actually I find the revelation that it was his step mom Peggy VERY credible, and that the November 2010 was Lukas Haas very credible as well.

    So that is what I think/intuit. You are welcome to wish differently, or if you really are a third party, think differently.

    For Bar fans, however, what happened in the past is MOOT. Look it up Israelis. It doesnt matter, because its over for good. As is Bar’s modelling “career” this year. I dont even feel the need for such Haterade but you brought it on yourselves.

    She’s done like two things since they broke-up, no wonder they are here flogging it. The Escada was signed prior.

    LEO doesnt care either as long as you watch his movies and he gets his Oscar. He doesnt want you to be looking at his fcuk trail, sorry to say it but there it it.

    The man must have a libido the size of Mt. Rushmore is all I am saying—kind of hot in a way.

  54. 54
    incog here Says:

    I have posted as “incog” many a time for Leonardo DiCaprio on LSA and I have to say, I was making everything up. I was thinking what would be the most likely scenario that people would believe but not too outlandish and then add in something that’s totally plausible. Looks like I created a monster(s)…
    Its all fun and games over there really…just pointing this out to let you people know that you can’t believe the hype just because its written online… I wll give a dollar to the person who can figure out which pieces are mine….ok, maybe not a dollar…

    & one more thing, its lame people still talk about Bar ad nauseuem. Frankly I don’t think Leo loved either of them although he probably enjoy Gisele a little more.

  55. 55
    @incog here Says:

    You think he “probably enjoyed Gisele more” because obviously, he was younger and more immature. He learned quickly what type of idiot she was.

  56. 56
    incog here Says:

    @@incog here: I don’t know I’m just judging based on the smiles on the pictures compared to Bar but when he was with Gisele I didnt think they were that great of a couple…Gisele seems overly bossy and Bar seems overly complacent… None of those qualities are good in a relationship.

  57. 57
    tinkerbell Says:

    @incog here:

    Sweetheart, I just dont believe you. But nice try ! Why are the barfolas so worked up these days….I think things are really desperate over there—she looks sooooooo lonely….and hasnt “worked” in quite a while.

    Bar, you know you can always waitress or be a shampoo girl in a hair salon…work your way to your cosmetology license. They wont let you work in Israel because you dont have your military leaving certificate–but you could try under the table in the US! You could be a nanny too…pays a princely $12 / hour depending on who you work for.You’ll never starve!

    and then there’s…..

  58. 58
    tinkerbell Says:

    ok, bring it. what are the possible contenders for the best male lead oscar noms this year besides Hoover? anybody know? I dont pay that much attention to new releases…..I just saw Dustin Hoffman in Straight Time (1978) and that was GREAT. Too bad he hasnt done so many films in the 90s and 2000s—I wonder why.

    I think Baby Boy is strongly in the lead…was there anything else passably good this year??

    this is why I dont think we’ll see him with any floozes until after the oscars in feb. Doesnt want to take any chances she’ll open her mouth like bar did about Egypt et al.

  59. 59
    leolovergr Says:

    I’ve already written two huge essays and they haven’t gone through but here’s a brief summary.
    a. Tink, nice to see you back, always nice to read your comments
    b. Could the barfies just get out of Leo’s boards and go hang out with their beloved would-be Vegas girl???
    c. Why don’t we just cut the guy some slack??? He loves his ho@s, he has a type, ok, he unashamely goes after any young blond thing… but so what??? Wouldn’t u do the same if you could? As long as he keeps it covered (and we all know leo knows better…) i don’t care about his wh*ring. In fact, i quite enjoy it! As long as we don’t get ‘coverage’ aka Fake’s pr running around taking fake pics, then why can’t the man just do what he likes best? He’s mature when he needs to be – on the set, when choosing roles. He is the most dedicated and professional actor there is, and these are not my words but his colleagues’.
    d. Just give leo that oscar already. He is so desperate for it and so so so deserving!!!
    e. Clooney, Brad, Leo and the guy from that silent film are the strongest contestants so far. Will be tough…

  60. 60
    Larson Says:

    @hefty: No I don’t exactly. He hasn’t even confirmed being in the movie, we are all assuming that he will based off of his people’s silence. His part is supposedly just a supporting role so he won’t be in the whole movie.

  61. 61
    Brandon Baker Says:

    They had better not screw this up – the book is an absolute masterpiece.

  62. 62
    tinkerbell Says:

    thanks…silent film??? I really dont go to the movies. Sigh. I dont have the patience…..

    yeah, I agree let him mess around. Its like covering up a spot on a damask tablecloth—just makes it worse..

    it does hurt me to see the ninnies and I am glad there isnt one in evidence now. Im different than you there. the la times leo article is good, check it out.

    I wouldnt go after any young blond thing….but I admit to having a long interest in any cute light skinned dread locked thing like gary dourdan….just saw a nice tall one. If I knew I would be well received, sure I’d try.

  63. 63
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Larson: for Django?

    its funny that’s the name of leo’s french bulldog isnt it?

    however role of Django will be Jamie Foxx

  64. 64
    leolovergr Says:

    Jamie Foxx confirmed him ages ago, when asked about the film. I think it’ll be awwwwwwwwesome! And leo was spotted the other day walking django… how sweet is that? I bet the poor dog’s forgotten his face, what with his globetrotting and all! Anyway, if i were to do the naughty business, it’d be ashton (hiding in shame). I just find him ridiculously fit. And obv Leo, cos, well, he’s the ish – and very professional in the bedroom department, according to the ‘sources’!

  65. 65
    @incog here Says:

    Check out Leos b-day posts
    NO-ONE with a modicum of intelligence believes anon bloggers on the internet claiming to be insiders posting gos on Leo
    Only the slow
    Anyone can do/claim to be an insider even me.

  66. 66
    Larson Says:

    @tinkerbell: Yeah for django. IDK about the movie. I’m not a historical buff and I don’t like watching movies about really serious topics like slavery and the holocaust with the exception of schndiler’s(sp) list. I loved that movie. His dog’s name is django, which I found ironic. I really want to see him in the devil in the white city and wolf of wall street. Especially the latter. It’s set in NYC so he can film here and I can, ahem, watch him film. Yeah, watch him film.

  67. 67
    tinkerbell Says:

    Yeah, I think Ash was cool to be willing to date and marry someone 15 years older..even if it was Demi who doesnt have her head on straight.

    Ash is looking good—he needs some better roles though. I usually hate sitcoms but that 70 show was on at a convenient time in re-run- he was at least likeable then.

    he doesnt look so happy right now, divorce not a happy thing. but hey, he’s available.

    of actors working in HW I fancy
    terence howard
    gary dourdan (minus the heroin and the gut please)
    Lee tergeson
    leo di cap
    michael pitt
    james franco if he were straight (no one seems to know)
    djimon honsou
    christian bale
    denzel (yes, still)
    Vin diesel
    chris meloni
    ice-t when a LOT younger-New Jack days
    paul walker
    I like the new and improved LL Cool J

    help me out girls ! Or guys –I’m not uptight.

    oh, and he’s a total idiot but TI from ATL-he’s gorgeous but what a dumb a ss, and I have a stupid little gangsta thing for the game because he reminds me of someone …yes I’m white but I’m an EEOC lecher.

    and I really liked Andy the Spartacus, that was really a crying shame there.

    chris imperioli I wouldnt say no to or, on the bizarre side, steve buscemi-hes not good looking but I love his work. Wesley snipes is in the can but he was doable around the time of Demolition Man.

  68. 68
    Larson Says:

    @leolovergr: Yeah but it’s odd to me that another person besides the actor or the actor’s manager, agent or publicist is confirming his part in a movie. Only Jamie has said something. I guess we will have to see in january when they start filming. Another thing is I’m a business management major in a school in NYC. My small business entrepeurship(sp) class we had a this very same conversation about publicists and blogging. It’s a very lucrative position. You can telecommute, stay at home, in bed, in your pajamas. But it’s becoming over saturated which means there are a lot of publicists posting on online boards. Like someone else said, IDK what people have against LSA, but some of the info posted on that board has turned out to be very true. The internet is the way of the future. Publicists are on boards like this doing damage control. There are constantly posts just randomly disappearing. I’m not saying to believe everything you read, BUT, where there is smoke, there’s fire. I don’t believe everything that has been posted about Leo on the net but the cheating stuff I really do believe.

  69. 69
    tinkerbell Says:

    @@incog here: some people do, some people dont, its a 50-50% break. But rest assured that celebs do post as do insiders here and there.

    Believe what you want to believe. Perez Hilton knows who’s who on his site…he said they are frequent fliers over there and who wouldnt try to get in there and write their own copy??? the more “reality show” the celeb the more they do it, too.

    seems like we upset a lot of lurkers by bringing it up.

    I am just looking forward towards there actually BEING SOME TEA TO SPILL…..its quite interesting to me.

    as for him and cam diaz—they already did the friends with bennies thing when he was broken up with bar in 2009…she was seeing jude law too at the same time in London—this was publicly reported. However they ARENT doing it now. He’s been in OZ for months.

    and I also believe that he and kate broke down and did nasty during
    revolutionary road and that kate was at one time “coke Mom” on Awful Truth…..this should really rile someone. what the hell, lets go for it.

  70. 70
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Larson: You know what, give me a client and I’m jake. Maybe I should go to a big PR firm and do just that-you know about electronic equipment, cars, political stuff. I’m all for easy and a lot of $$$$$$.

    the thing is leo PR, we LIKE the ish on LSA. We’d rather THAT be true than the awful truth. What ever is being touted there is better than your version…we hate Bar, we are at most lukewarm on Blake….we like what we hear over there so maybe Leo should FIRE Ken Sunshine and hire LSA. What do you think?

    It’s a case of we like the lie better than the “truth.” Whereas for Bar the lie makes us puke and the truth makes us laugh.

    larson, what they have against LSA is its
    1. not their version of the “truth”
    2, not under their control or billable
    3. shows unlikeable people in their unlikeable light. I truly enjoyed Sayat’s first person story about Bar calling Palestinians “animals” at a photo shoot, and I believe it.

    I dont mind reading about Leo in bed either–the first person reviews are actually encouraging so why mind it? If I was him I’d let his floozies keep posting about his, uh, verbal abilities. it’s his version of a sex tape.

    Seriously, I LIKE LEO MORE after LSA. Didnt we all ! So he should just hire them…then of course, MAYBE HE DID. Maybe they work for him already…because we like the LSA version SO MUCH MORE than the purported.

    They should just keep coming up with bogus sex stories…they seemed to have made the rounds already and we like them…

  71. 71
    tinkerbell Says:

    “Cause I’m a BAAAAAAAAAAAAAD girl.”

    -Lil Kim

  72. 72
    Larson Says:

    Ahh tink I like ted’s king ******* posts. I have to go read the first posts about him but c’mon the sexting part is kinda hot and would explain why his phone is permanently attached to his hand. IDK, the banging random women is sorta, kinda hot too. I am torn between wanting him to settle down, get married and have babies and between wanting to hear sex gossip.

  73. 73
    incog here Says:

    Ok Swan2068, believe the bs crap on the internet from LSA if you want including some of mine from a few months back! All I’ll say is one of them was quite legendary and a lot of people hopped on the bandwagon like yourself.

  74. 74
    Larson Says:

    There have only been like 6 big Leo threads over there. The first one was from when he was shooting inception and the pic of the black woman hugged up on him, the second was the huge any info thread, the third was the birthday airing out one, and the last three have been since blake. The truth about blake, the one about his mom not liking blake and the last one which was SUPPOSED to have pic evidence of some woman he was messing with. That last one was FAKE. It just was. It had the fake feel all over it. I reckon incog here wrote the last one and we all knew it since we over there all wanted a reveal. But we never got it. The bday one, the truth about blake and the one about his mom were written by the same person. The writing style, even the same grammatical errors and misspellings were the same. The last one had a “oh I’m bored and I’ll just make up some **** today” feel to it.

  75. 75
    @101 Says:

    Dont bother

    They still insist Leo bangs booby blondes under the force of a gun
    By his PR, Manager, his ma hates her yada yada
    Even though they can easily be debunked!

    And the real love of his life is a brunette somewhere over the rainbow.

    The only people who IMHO had some info on Leo were ‘epk’ and ‘eileener’ (might have been the same person) but they arent on JJ anymore sadly.

    Ah well Gossip is a buffet.

    When he goes to the next blonde model/actress we can expect the “IT’S PR” **** again

  76. 76
    incog here Says:

    @tinkerbell: you’re the biggest bullshitter on here Swan2068…now you’re saying I’m being paid. You are some kinda crazy. Yeah I’ve been infamous “incog” and its fun and I’ll probably do another one just for you The Idiot.
    Hey Larson, nice to see you over here too.

  77. 77
    tinkerbell Says:

    thanks larson, agreed, now where is our little sweetheart. I think you are right.

    I worked in the media/international journalism for seven years. Then I worked doing internet stuff..fairly high level but on the intellectual property side…I have a pretty good instinct for crap vs. possibly real. Those ones just read as real, or not glaringly untrue.

    my thing is….why bother????? if you really want to set people off, just write fake sex stuff and have people go really???!!! I mean I could do like four or five of them s h i t s without breaking a sweat myself.

    i guess i am wasting myself working in medical oncology…..should be writingfake sex scenes for cash. or crap about ashton kutcher’s divorce.

  78. 78
    @incog here Says:

    Honey, you are a bull hitter, too. ANYONE can claim to be incog on lsa, anyone can claim that she/he started anything there. Of course no proof and people should just take your word for it? Come on! But I certainly agree with you about Tinkerbell… The crazy is back on these Leo threads ruining them left and right. Poor Leo, it’s a shame people like Tinkerbell post about him. Embarrassing!!!!

  79. 79
    tinkerbell Says:

    Adi, go back to sleep. Go get some humous and pita bread…take a break.

    the “crazy” comments are tiresome and just not original. Can you try something else?????

  80. 80
    @115 Says:

    If the subject is a person with mental issues just analyze yourself for your exam. Haven’t you noticed that people don’t wanna hear or talk about bar anymore? How stupid are you that you still don’t get it? I bet you are the kind of weirdo who has her face on a dartboards and all kinds of photos of her with her face blacked out, woo doo dolls and stuff like that! You should just walk into a psych ward voluntarily and get help already!
    I swear I will start a anti -Tinkerbell petition and hopefully that will help to make JJ a tinkerweirdo – free site!

  81. 81
    Larson Says:

    @@101: This is SO not true. Most of us over here only insisted Blake was PR. Which it was. Obviously. Was anybody saying that Bar was for PR reasons, or Giselle? I only remember people saying contract girlfriends which most likely wasn’t true.

  82. 82
    @117 Says:

    ‘…take a break.
    The “crazy” comments are tiresome and just nit original. Can you try something else????”
    Are you for real???? TAKE YOUR OWN ADVICE, IDIOT! COME UP WITH SOMETHING ELSE OTHER THAN ‘YOU ARE ADI’ AND YOUR NEVER ENDING BAR BASHING! Do you think that’s not tiresome and you are so original? People are tired to read your crap, you scare the Leo fans away from here! Get back to reality already and realize that bar is gone! Move on instead of pushing your years old crap over and over again! You are pathetic broken record! It’s hilarious that YOU tell someone to be original! Nut case!!!!!

  83. 83
    @Larson Says:

    U insist his last girfirend was PR because he was not behaving the way YOU expect him to
    There is no shred of ACTUAL proof that Bar or Blake were contracts Just the word of some random blogger claiming to be an insider
    As if Leo lives his life for online gossips!
    You and Tinkerbell INSISTING on it is not going to make believers of us
    You can take it as gospel truth and I can call it BS
    I cant change ur mind, you cant change mine
    We’ll leave it at that

    Countdown to being called PR for Bar/Gisele/Blake 3, 2, 1………

  84. 84
    @tinkercreep Says:

    How dumb are you to keep coming back even though people are sick and tired of you and your bullshit! What else should I call you other than crazy? You are a textbook crazy and with every single post you just keep proving it! I actually feels sorry for you whenever I`m not annoyed by your stupid and unnecessary comments! Just get the clue already and save us from your continuous gibberish!
    @incog here: Again ANYONE can claim to be incog on LSA. You don`t have proof that it was you. I could start posting here as `incog from LSA` claiming I started those threads. Again should we just take your word for it? Come on! But at least we agree on tinkercreep…

  85. 85
    Larson Says:

    @@Larson: OK you are obviously a lainey fan. Mostly because you keep saying her handle of gossip being a buffet table. And no it wasn’t just me who was saying that Blake was PR. Almost everyone on this board was. Look it up and tell me if I was the only one and I can probably find a whole bunch of other people who said the same. I mean seriously? Are you seriously saying I was the only one who said that? People were saying it ALL OVER THE INTERNET. Not just here and not just me. I mean all of this arguing over a fake relationship is dumb. It’s over, it blew up in Leo’s face, Blake went about her business, so has Leo. Even if it was a real relationship, Leo damn for sure didn’t care enough to stick around. It was his shortest relationship since he became famous. You only insist the relationship was real because she’s his type.

  86. 86
    @tinkercreep Says:

    Take your own advice: DON`T BOTHER US HERE! Don`t bother people with your gibberish!

  87. 87
    Larson Says:

    You know I’m still stuck on how or why anyone still cares or wants to talk about those two nobodies(bar and blake)? I mean it’s over between them and Leo. He went about his life and according to the aussie press is quite enjoying himself out there. Neither one of those nobodies names need to be associated with him anymore. The fact that months later their names are still being said on Leo’s threads are tragic. Just like crazy ass Lainey. Bish you know full and damn well Blake would not have dumped Leo. After all the stuff she did to make that relationship seem plausible including going to Australia and being on a plane most of a whole day to stay there for a weekend? Who does that?

  88. 88
    @Larson Says:

    What the hell has Lainey/Perez etc got to do with that saying
    ‘Gossip is A Buffet’ – is as old as the hills
    Paranoia is evidently infectious in this post
    Everyone is a seemingly plant for someone
    I’m out
    Cant handle this level of crazy

  89. 89
    Larson Says:

    @marymary: Basically. We just need REAL gossip. Or at least some other kind of news. Leo needs to make a sextape and release it. By accident of course. Or some pictures of him making out with a woman in a club. Or passed out drunk on table. Something Leo, give us something.

  90. 90
    Larson Says:

    @@Larson: Ok whatever, bye. You are still talking about Blake and tinkerbell is still talking about Bar. We got over those two MONTHS ago. Please keep up.

  91. 91

    I see that these “LEO” topics still have the same poster(s) who refuse to take their medication. Incredible what envy and jealousy can do to losers without a life… LOL, LOL, LOL!!!!

  92. 92
    @133 Says:

    Again: take your own advice and try to come up with something new, something original other than you are Aid, you are Tzipi, Bar is a loser….. and of course giving yourself credit for saying the obvious ( Blake). It’s priceless that you tell peopke to be original. You clearly have mental issues so what else do you expect from peopke to tell you other tan take your meds? It’s a given and has nothing to do with originality. As soon as you start posting the thread is ruined.

  93. 93
    @tinkerbell Says:

    Please keep posting
    Its obv from post #134 the Bar-barian is ticked off that you’re not attacking his/her preferred targets – Gisele/Blake/Kristen as much.
    Its not a principled stance against haterade just being selective
    I enjoy ur tips

  94. 94
    @137 Says:

    Here we go! Another Bar hater/tinker creep fan ( probably Tinkerbell under different name). How ORIGINAL! Can you come up with something new instead of pushing the same old stuff again? Seems like understanding the fact that Leo is not with her anymore is too much for you to understand, dummy! LOL!

  95. 95
    GerrysFascinatingWoman Says:

    Leo doesn’t have anything to give.He plays it safe with interchangeable models by falling for their looks rather than a woman of substance, and age-appropriate. His lack of depth is the trouble growing up in Hollywood from humble beginnings. He’s stingy… with everything. And his emotional well isn’t all that deep. He’s so way over-rated it’s pathetic. And way mis-cast here.

  96. 96
    Magda mama Says:

    Anyone see this? He’s going to be on the inaugural copy of Russian Interview. Na Zdorovya!

    I think Leo needs a ‘love in’ from his fans…I think his environment, stature, and good looks has possibly made him desensitized to the art of subtle manipulation, when he should be able to make a decision without pressure. Just a guess. I’m going to share some wisdom that I received. I know. I don’t mean to be presumptuous. My heart is in the right place.

    LOVE is nurtured when 2 people have similar styles. Similar values and a dependable moral compas in a partner is important. Like communications, problem solving and conflict management styles all help to sustain a long term committment. Love should n o t be harvested out of pity or guilt.

    Anyone have any gems to add for our fave actor?

  97. 97
    leolovergr Says:

    Can we just stick to the whole point of this thread? ie Leo??? He looks sooo good it’s not even funny! Jay over Jack aaaany day!
    And can we all stop mentioning the israeli has-been? Leo def has – what with his aussie harem and ‘late night’ visits, he’s been trying the local produce and enjoying his stay down under. Why do we need to be talking about the past???

  98. 98
    sab Says:

    does anyone know if gatsby will take a break from shooting for thanksgiving?…..and also can we expect to see Leo home for the holidays?

  99. 99
    What about Says:

    that Romanian model, Madalina??? Her agent must be pissed her name is no longer attached to Leo…. well it was for like a week, but now that her movie is released, she’s not interested. BTW, there is a photo of her with a guy (we don’t see his face) posed on her Facebook on the night of Leo’s birthday party in NY. It was posted to pretend that the guy is Leo. The thing is that it was written in many articles that Leo was wearing a black shirt with a grey costume on the night of his birthday…LOL, while the guy on the picture is wearing something else. Better chance, next time, Madalina!!!!

  100. 100
    @sab Says:

    I don’t think so. He just got back to Sydney and the filming is not over yet. I believe they’ll be working till the holidays in December.

  101. 101
    @152 Says:

    What do you mean filming wrapped yesterday…??? Great Gatsby filming is over?

  102. 102
    @what about Says:

    Madalina’s PR shamelessly used Leo’s name for a short period of time. The sad thing is that she also used Leo’s friends to approach him. There is a name to qualify this behavior. You all know what it is and I won’t have to write, it starts with a “h”.

  103. 103
    160 Says:

    @@what about:

    I don’t think so. She was with Leo’s friend Danny A. Leo was also spotted sitting by her, and there was the pics on the balcony ringing out laundry. The short PR push was probably pre-approved by Leo through Danny beforehand. Otherwise they would have made an effort to hide her. Unless she did have a ‘fling’ with Leo. I don’t know what “one of Danny’s girls” really means. I don’t see how this is different than marrying a man 2.5 X your age to escape military service, which could have been typing, filing, the full spectrum. Or Tedi Sagi? Fischer?

  104. 104
    161 Says:

    Don’t know if it’s 100% correct, but I heard through “a vine” that Leo’s bit, at least, wrapped for xmas break. He’s supposed to go back after New Year???? Do you have some concrete info?

  105. 105
    161 Part2 Says:

    sorry… just thought of something. Would Leo need to be in the states for the Oscar push? I understand it’s quite political, and I don’t know if the actors are relied upon to meet people, shake hands, you know, network? Any Hollywood industry expert is most welcome here? I’m clueless but interested.

  106. 106
    GG Filming Says:

    Thanks JJ for the wonderful photos. Leo is super dashing in his ’20s suit. He’ll be a great Jay Gatsby, I’m sure. Carey is adorable in her elegant lilac dress and both are fabulous actors.
    The filming is supposed to be over by mi-December. So all will definitely be back home for Xmas. I wonder with whom and where will Leo plan to celebrate New Year’s Eve this year…?

  107. 107
    Amused Aussie Says:

    @sab: I doubt it. Thanksgiving is an American holiday and has nothing to do ith Australia.@152: Where is he??? UMMM IN SYDNEY STILL FILMING. They have not wrapt- aren’t close to wrapping (xmas time or after)- and there sure aren’t any random exs floating around Sydney- Soorrryyy… Don’t know what planet your from- but I doubt its earth- or reality for that matter………….
    Ohh and I did also try to tell you all there was a planned bday party in Sydney (in a previous post)…….

  108. 108
    Ellen Says:

    Will they kiss in the movie?

  109. 109
    CG Says:

    @@133: thank you for saying that Tinkerbell has mental issues. I totally agree. Of course I guess I’m Tzipi and Adi now! lol

  110. 110
    sab Says:

    @Amused Aussie:
    Thanks for the update AA…….so do you have any idea what the schedule is like and how often Leo will be expected on set……from my understanding (from the originl GG)…..Leo’s role isnt as involved as tobey’s character for instance…….so more time for play….

  111. 111
    @amused aussie Says:

    How was his birthday party in Sydney? Was it anything like that article described ( with two guest lists with 40 girls on each list ) or that was just the usual rumor-mill? Have you heard anything?
    @CG: LOL, yeah, you are either Bar herself, Adi or Tzipi now. Suit yourself! LOL! The obvious had to be said!

  112. 112
    tinkerbell Says:

    @milk: no, but gisele, bar, and blake all did, as well as implants.

    interesting eh? also his party was in nyc

  113. 113
    @Tinkerbell Says:

    Heres a link to what a gossip columnist wrote about the bday
    Its kinda intense

    Arent Ethan and Tobey married?
    I did’nt think Tobey went down like that especiallay as his wife is in Australia too!

  114. 114
    lol Says:

    Don’t we just love tinker-creep having a conversation with herself. ‘milk’ only post when she/he has a question for tinker-weird and of course she always responds and she never fails to bring up Bar…
    @172: that posts seems fishy. Tobey is in Sydney with his family, Ethan has a family as well ( could be divorced though ) and he left Sydney over the weekend. Her post is based on the original article, no new info provided ( except the ones that could have been easily made up ).

  115. 115
    @lol Says:

    Totally agree. I believe Tinker (and all the other names she comes under with) is waking up at night to “hate Bar”. No cure for this sort of pathology, I’m afraid.

  116. 116
    Philly Says:

    This is getting bizarre now some/every one is talking about Tinkerbell even when s/he’s not here

    @172 Thanks for the info

  117. 117
    @175 Says:

    1. Tinker bell posted today twice that’s why people are talking about her. Apparently you missed her comments #170&171. nothing bizarre is going on ( besides tink’s comments ).
    2. Talking about someone ‘who is not even here’ is tinker bell’s speciality! That’s what bugs people about her…

  118. 118
    Who do you want? Says:

    @Amused Aussie:

    You seem to be in the know. Who and where for New Years’?

    To everyone else, we should try something fun!! Who are everyone’s favouties for Leo next gf? Maybe someone will pass this along to him, and he can have a good laugh at us playing matchmaker:) Lookin’ out for him:) These are some ladies I love:

    - Hilary Rhoda
    - Anna Jagodzinska
    - Brit Marling
    - Anna Vyalitsyna
    - Gabrielle Union
    - Ladies Amilia or Eliza Spencer
    - Candice Swanepoel
    - Lais Ribeiro

  119. 119
    Who do you want? Says:

    Even L O V E Madalina Diana the Angel girl….

  120. 120
    tinkerbell Says:

    Im only posting under one name, can you say the same. I must say I find the resistance amusing. we need a new leo thread.

  121. 121
    Who do you want? Says:

    @tinkerbell: who would you like to see him with?

  122. 122
    @84 Says:

    People are asking Tink questions. She should probably stay. Obviously people are interested in the scope of info. She brought me up to speed on these boards.

  123. 123
    tinkerbell Says:

    Nothing I have said has been particularly delusional. Why you’re working so hard at this I dont know, but I DONT CARE.


    And it is only one name-I know who I am. So hey, Ima keep posting here and at LSA. Not all the time, but you know.

    You dont have to believe me. Just go back and read the threads here and at Lipstick Alley. Make up your own minds folks. It’s good reading, I guarantee. Also check and and, the superficial, perezhilton and bar’s bellazon site. There was one guy named ienergy who spilled tea there. Im not the only “crazy” out there but I admit that even Im losing interest in her.

    Enjoy ! The one writing in ALL CAPS “BAR IS DROP GORGEOUS THEY WILL GET MARRIED THEY WILL HAVE GREAT KIDS DEAL WITH IT” is Bar’s Mom Tzipi Levine. Wasnt me who outed her in the first place, it was one of her own cousins on or

    As for the “leo’s b-day in AUstralia story-I dont know that website in Australia-the story is detailed enough to be true, but the other sites who report are complete bullshizz. Time of India was the one who used to report Bar’s “big yellow diamond” stories. This is the one with 80 women-it could be real, but the real newspapers that have been following him down there are not reporting it.

    Make up your own minds folks. If its true, its gross but predictable.

  124. 124
    tinkerbell Says:

    BTW the real incog- “incogneato” who’s a “team owner” with 15,000 posts, never answered me back on LSA. So the person here who saying she/he is incog is lying.

    Told ya!

    I honestly dont really know who/what is going on here any more but I have my suspicions. If its Leo folks doing pre-Oscar clean-up, you really should just leave the LSA stuff up-we all like him BETTER for it.

    If its the Barfies, what do you care??? Its all over any way.

  125. 125
    tinkerbell Says:

    Oh boy, spilled too much tea there…..but whatever. All I said was read the leo / bar posts- and make up your own mind. But then I mentioned a bunch of other websites and jared will can you for that—dont want to lose traffic I guess.

  126. 126
    tinkerbell Says:

    @@tinkerweird: In a word,


  127. 127
    tinkerbell Says:

    and before you say it, this is a GOSSIP site. Its NOT a be nice to Leo site–we are fans, and I find him fascinating—but I know that NO ONE is HW is a saint.

    I was a researcher in the media for five years—I researched all the old HW scandals in the UPI archive- everything from Charlie Chaplin’s underage wives to the Black Dahlia to Marilyn’s death and Rock Hudson’s “roommates” back in the fifties. For books, tv, and film. I dont do it anymore, but I know my HW babylon. So please dont come out with that crap up there anymore.

    You wanna reality check read the last Paul Newman bio that came out—he was always portrayed as a monogamist while he was alive but he was doing everything including Joan Crawford, (she’s a whole category in of herself) or about the real James Dean or Clint Eastwood gay lover back when he was starting.

  128. 128
    tinkerbell Says:

    that no one wanted to work with Bar/Tzipi, that they lost their Reebok contract, that her mother threatened to “out” an entertainment reporter who was researching whether bar took money from men in Israel to go to parties with them….I remember him being interesting, just go to Bellazon and look.

    all I know is they actually sued one of their own clients, (Samsung)entered into contracts that were mutually exclusive, and set up phony shell corporations in Singapore and Cyprus to avoid paying taxes to the Israeli goverment. Who then busted them to the tune of 500K any way. They are/were VERY shady and thought they were just too clever for their own good.

    Still do, as a matter of fact.

  129. 129
    LOL Says:

    … and the pathetic self-conversation keeps going on and on! The crazy took over another Leo thread and keeps talking about Bar! Tink, don`t you realize how pathetic, laughable and just dumb you are ?????

  130. 130
    LOL Says:

    @200: Or maybe she has a life. You know, friends and family. Unlike you who seems to be a pathetic, sad and lifeless woman who doesn`t do anything else besides spreading hatred.
    Obsession is an understatement in your case and it seems like Leo is just an excuse for you. Him being her ex gives meaning to your sad life because you can come to his threads and keep bashing someone who is not even part of his life anymore.
    You are aware that real Leo fans just laugh at you, arent`t you?
    Bar should get a restraining order against you or sue you for all the cr*p you posted about her over the years. You need some serious help!

  131. 131
    tinkerbell Says:

    ive only been a leo fan since the departed-when I saw it on TV in 2008. Before that I could not have cared less. If you’re talking about kristen zang, his mother set them up, she dumped him after titanic because she knew about the colossal overrun of girls that was going to happen. She was right.

    scary that I know that’s but that was the public explanation.

  132. 132
    tinkerbell Says:

    @LOL: that’s what you would like to think. This is a tiny, rather silly part of my life but its fun. Its just that the bar crowd managed to offend me so much I didnt forget it. Nor do I think she deserves it.

    Bar COULDNT get a restraining order against me if she tried. you couldnt even FIND me if she wanted to! The lack of practical and legal info on her side always AMAZED me.

    What is a “real” leo fan? I dont think there is a single “real” leo fan who posts here regularly. People like him but know he’s flawed, and most of them hated bar too when she was around. they didnt like blake either! They wont like the next one either!

    I’m sorry if you dont like me, but i just dont care and will skip your silly and repetitive posts from now on.

  133. 133
    tinkerbell Says:

    they’ve insulted me now for years, and still are. They also lie and are racist and homophobic. They used to tell me to go “straighen my nappy” head because they knew I was pro multiculturalism….I’m white/irish–that is how smart they are.

    me personally, NO. But I hate morons, especially blond female morons and the men that like em. Just a personal thing, Ihate dumb women who think the fact of hair color or breast implants makes them deserve some rich guy to bankroll them. I find it especially offensive. I also dont like liars.

    I am willing to let talk of her go if whomever is writing the “they are getting back together” rumors go. Because I am going to put a stop to it one way or another.

    I also did not like the fact that she got jobs and cash she didnt deserve for being his fcuk toy. NOONE did. BUt like I said, I’ll let her drop if EVERYONE else does.

    Like on her empty head.

  134. 134
    milk Says:

    tink, what’s your opinion on leo’s friends? lukas, kevin, danny etc. are they using him too?

  135. 135
    tinkerbell Says:

    @milk: No, my opinion is that they have all been friends since childhood, so no. But you have to understand, of them all, he is the BIG KAHUNA. Not one of them can even touch him….the one who comes close is Tobe, but he’s married
    to Jennifer Metro Goldwyn Mayer (some just told me that).

    I think they all need him and probably resent him a bit. Because he takes them on great trips etc, but they are wing men, the “entourage.” Hell, Kevin’s TV career is based on his being in the Leo Pack. At one point Luke was living with him—probably because he couldnt afford a big HW address himself. You think Ethan’s there in OZ on his own nickel? Or in Bhutan?

    So that’s why I think they would spill on him—they need him but he also has the power/juice. You think Luke would be in Inception without

    I think Kevin is sympathetic but shares leo’s sex addiction tendencies.
    Sex addiction is running away from intimacy–read Crawley McNuggets.

    Danny is a professional party giver. Leo is a big name client.

    Im enjoying your questions. at least they are about something not fencing about old news.

  136. 136
    tinkerbell Says:

    I like the fact he’s had the same friends since third grade-it speaks well of him.

    He’s still screwed up about women, though, although part of it is the massive, overweening opportunity he’s given by golddiggers of many stripes. What I am interested is in is will he ever change?

    The fact of the matter is most womanizers dont. But there are some guys, who for some inexpliable reason, DO. I’ve just seen it. They meet the one confident woman who can keep him in place, and they do. Or they have kids and that makes a difference.

    as the guy in hes just not into you wrote:

    “Most men get married. Just not to YOU.” Jack Nicholson got married twice, has grandkids. Clooney, already married and divorced. James Woods too and he’s a known starletizer, that’s why Sean Grey probably went nuts with him. Will he change—I really have a strange feeling that someday he will.

  137. 137
    tinkerbell Says:

    But the chick that does it is really going to be something ! blistering beautiful, supertalented, and cool as hell. Someday.

    Or we’ll just have the Bimbo Parade to make fun of. That’s almost as good.

  138. 138
    tinkerbell Says:

    milk—if you are here in a professional capacity to get traffic for the site or just traffic for leo I dont care—that’s ok with me. I give the man his due.

    Intelligent, articulate, smartest actor in HW, philanthropist, artistic risk taker, skilled actor….yes I love him for all that.

    But such a disappointment in the woman arena to everybody- even I think to himself. Certainly to his Mom, certainly to the women whom he dates and really like him. Sorry its true–there are 100s of Leo’s all across America, I’ve known a few.

  139. 139
    tinkerbell Says:

    IMHO Leo was BORN to play Gatsby—just the right combination of things in his personality/life to be right……

    screw robert redford-he was a good actor but does not have the depth.
    If you have seen him lately he also dyes his hair this unbelievable fire engine red.

    Its sad that a lot of the great 70s actors dont work anymore—I’ve been watchin Hoffman in his heyday and he was GREAT. No redford, jack we get but not in things that are good for him….jon voight does movies like anaconda for christ sakes. Eastwood is around but he’s getting geriatric on us…

  140. 140
    milk Says:

    tink, what do you make of all the soulmate talk?

  141. 141
    tinkerbell Says:

    my hope is yes, there is such a person. She will pop up whether he’s expecting it or wanting or not.

    but the bimbos he’s been with of late havent been that–or else he’d still be with them. and he would not have broken up with them every five minutes if they were. Supposedly he broke up with Blake like twice and they were only together for like five minutes.

    my analysis is he is afraid to visit old wounds from his father’s leaving, he’s afraid to have a family and fail. But also he gets so much womanhood thrown at him it would be hard and ridiculous to say no…
    but then again look at ashton kutcher-he could have stayed single and flogged the HW thing until it dropped. Insread he married someone like 15 years older and stayed with her for a long time—though she did help boost his career at the beginning.

    the best thing for leo to do is one day just jump in—have a family, trust the process, see if he can do it. it would be healing to him. Then again (leo)pards supposedly dont change their spots.

    I’m glad he’s in the Oscar race this year because if he wins he can slow down and look for a mate. that is what the reliable incog has been saying. Not just another fill in the blank bimbo, but an honest to goodness WOMAN. Then again, it could just be blonde-a-rama.

    People have a way of suprising you though.

  142. 142
    milk Says:

    tink, i loved your insights on the sm situation. what’s your opinion of giselle? do you have a history with her or her camp? do her people come on here?

  143. 143
    tinkerbell Says:

    gisele is gone daddy gone. she got what she wants ! hates boston though. So do I actually. No history.

    Gisele is the most sucessful female model in history, just as Leo is the most commercially sucessful actor for one film-Titanic was the first to hit the billion mark, Leo is the Face That Sank A Billion Ships. They are actually neck and neck in lifetime earnings, Gisele might even be ahead. (around 200 million for each)
    Leo might be the most succesful actor in COMPENSATION as well, because he took point on Inception, he made $50 million, twice the going rate for an A-lister nowadays (24-26 million) nobody said anything about that but I dont remember having an actor EVER having a bigger paycheck,

    I dont think she gives a rats a s s about justjared. I dont think Leo does either.You have to be a B through D lister to care. But someone named “cookie” wrote some nice things about Gisele, that I think was Leo’s Mom, or could be because that is her nickname.

  144. 144
    Loser Says:

    How pathetic this idi*t tinkerbell is? Just look at this thread! NOBODY cares about her blabbing so she keeps having a conversation with herself! Isn`t it just sad? 15 comments from the same person in a row! Someone needs a life and some medical help!
    PS: It`s not `insulting` you. It`s stating the facts. You are a mental case who needs some serious medical help because you are pathetic and completely delusional!

  145. 145
    Amused Aussie Says:

    @@amused aussie: all I will say is it raised a few eyebrows….. Tobey didn’t get up to any mischief (I’m told)- he actually seemed like a fish outta water- standing- seeming like he was off in his own little world. It was almost like his body language was saying “Dude your my friend, its your birthday so I make the effort But this really isn’t my gig anymore” (bless his cotton socks). I adore Tobey (just wanna hug him- but I think being close to 6ft I’d prob crush him!!). Don’t know about the other guys. Whilst I don’t doubt there was some playing up going on I do think the reports of ph numbers and sleaze was a bit of exaggeration…. (shrug).
    @sab: I don’t know re actual schedules. Going by the book the Tobey’s character is the lead and would have more shooting than LD- HOWEVER being Baz I’m not going to pretend to understand the way he’s doing things. I can say we’re having crap weather here at moment so any outside shooting has been waylaid- unsure of how much they’ve still got to film inside the actual studio…

  146. 146
    puleaze!!!!! Says:

    Tinkerbell, please STOP, you are so BORING!

  147. 147
    @Tinkerbell Says:

    You do have interesting info
    Especially on the tax issue I think itts funny Barf is travelling to Brazil, Morroco etc.
    Not becos she has modelling jobs, unlike Gisele whose in Jamaica shooting for Givenchy
    But probably cos those were the conditions of her tax deductions
    She thot she could skip on pay if Leo put a ring on it and she became American, didnt happen now its Plan B/C LOL LOL

    Where is Luvie?

  148. 148
    SHUT UP Says:

    will you FOCKING PSYCHOTIC PEOPLE STFU and stop TALKING ALREADY. YOU ARE RUINING Leonardo dicaprio’s threads with your BULL SH!T talk, STFU already and go away! Nobody cares about Bar or Gisele or their taxes or any of this **** you are talking about; SHUT UP ALREADY FOR GODS SAKE

  149. 149
    @amused Aussie Says:

    You are really trying hard to make people believe you have inside info but now I’m sure you don’t. When Leo flew back to the USA to promote Hoover you said he got one week and then he has to be back on set. In fact he was away for two whole weeks. Clearly you have no info about the birthday party either. Just because you are from Australia it doesn’t mean you are in the know!

  150. 150
    @222 Says:

    This person has been off on a lot of suposed ‘insider info’
    Leo’s still here – He was in US
    Blake’s not in Aussie – She was
    Leo’s left – Didnt fly out till the next day
    Pinch of salt people

  151. 151
    tinkerbell Says:

    @incog here: You are not the real incogneato, that is why you didnt post. You cannot fool me, and I’m not interested in any more. I recognize you every step of the way.

    BTW, point of order, anyone can be an “incog” but incogneato is a registered, real user. You’re not them. That’s why you didnt post. Nice
    imitation of an “urban” LSA poster.

    Consider yourself ignored.

  152. 152
    tinkerbell Says:

    glad you learned how to back browser and remove cookies so you could fake your thumb count. I cant be bothered.

  153. 153
    Jen Says:

    Seriously, Carey Mulligan as Daisy? Boo.

  154. 154
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Jen: I think so too.

    We desperately need a new Leo thread and something to talk about

  155. 155
    @230 Says:

    We desperately need you to stop posting already. A new Leo thread so you can ruin that one as well! GET LOST, WEIRDO!

  156. 156
    tinkerbell Says:


  157. 157
    lol Says:

    How pathetic it is that even though someone is not liked she just keeps pushing it! Clearly she needs a life! It was said so many times that her comments are boring and people are sick and tired of them but she just won’t stop! So sad!

  158. 158
    @Tinkerbell Says:

    Please keep posting
    Check out earlier Leo posts
    These are Bar fans gathering
    One poster is an expression starts with ‘H’ the other ‘C’

  159. 159
    YAWN Says:

    @234: Please, come up with something more original than the `Bar fans`. It seems like it`s too much for you to understand that this is not something `pro-Bar`. It`s `anti-Tinkerbell`. And since she doesn`t have anything else to talk about other than Bar it`s the easiest to blame it on her fans. I doubt you get it so just keep talking to yourself, tink.
    By the way why did you stop counting the thumbs? You used to do that ( now that was beyond weird as well ). Now that they are always red you give up counting them? LOL! And of course you still don`t get the clue what all those little red numbers mean… Sad, sad, sad.

  160. 160
    STOP Says:


    whatever psycho, nobody here is a Bar fan, we just want you idiots to stop ruining Leo’s threads!! take that sh!t somewhere else and keep it out of his threads. Nobody wants to hear this crap anymore!!!!!!! Why don’t you and your beloved tinkerbell exchange emails and talk about this bullsh!t via email and spare us all the agony of seeing your psychotic multiple posts every fockin day.

  161. 161
    Message Says:

    What is going on here? This thread is about Leo and how fantastic he will be as Jay Gatsby. I am as fascinated by the persona of Leo as everybody else, he is an amazing actor and a living legend. However, I’m not going to argue with people online over it.

    And, honestly… No one cares about Bar. She is completely irrelevant now. Let’s move on…

  162. 162
    lol Says:

    LOL, very intelligent. You have the right to post anywhere but clearly you don’t have the brains to realize that nobody wants to read all the stuff you keep posting and people are just tired of you! Get the clue already and stop ruining the Leo threads. The thumbs down speak for themselves! Real Leo fans are avoiding these threads ( and just laugh at JJ threads ) because of psychos like you. Why are you making a fool of yourself over and over again? Start an ‘I hate Bar and my whole life is all about that hatred’ site and stop ruining Leo’s threads!
    You suck all the joy out of the Leo posts!

  163. 163
    ???? Says:

    If no one responses to her or asks her questions, she’ll stop. Even if she really talks to herself she’ll be bored and stop. Why dont you all take a break and talk something else, like:
    1 Do you think Clooney or Pit or DiCaprio will win an oscar?
    2 Does Carey Mulligan really suit the role of Daisy?
    3 Do you think 3D Titanic will top the box office again?
    Thank you very much.

  164. 164
    tinkerbell Says:

    No honey, you’re not incog. Or anyone I am going to listen to or try to read through your posts anymore.

    We need a new bimbo Leo! C’mon, how hard is it to find one on Thanksgiving!

    :) :) :)

    Well, there should be a new post after the holidaze.

    Why they are going SOOOOOOOOOOOOO crazy over here I dont know……I think its general career/life panic, I’m not sure.

  165. 165
    not real incog Says:

    @incog here: Though I disagree with tinkerbell’s style, I do agree with her when she says u’re not the real incog. Coz the real incog posted lately saying that she there isn’t any new tea. Secondly, real incog is way confident of the tea she dishes. So stop pretending imposter.

  166. 166
    @incog here Says:

    Does anyone with half a brain believe what anon faceless people post claiming to be close friends/reps of Leo?
    Here or on any other site?
    I guess people will believe what they want to believe
    All BS IMHO

  167. 167
    255 Says:

    ok – so it’s become so agressive, I’m afraid to use my own monicker! I’ve been following Tink for 10 months, and she seems to drop the truth, yes that’s right, the truth. So let her spill.

    I am one person that believes Leo and brr had a hook-up or she’s taking advantage of the paps to make the public believe they are still together.

    I do believe that “milk’ is either from Bar’s camp or Bar her bored self…because it does seem they are out to bait TInk. Tinkerbell, I hope this doesn’t bite you in the bumms.

  168. 168
    @248 Says:

    Well, apparently you are wrong. Even if you don`t respond to ( any of ) her ( personalities ) she keeps talking to … herself. And what do you know she keeps bringing up you-know-who over and over again. Any other ideas?
    To answer your questions I think Leo is the most deserving to win an Oscar. I haven`t seen the Clooney movie that created Oscar buzz but I was never a big fan of his acting. Pitt? I don`t think so…
    Carey seems like a little girl next to Leo not someone who is his love interest. I like her and I think she is really talented but this role and the co-stars just seem to be too much for her. Not there yet!

  169. 169
    wild blossom Says:

    @255: Nobody wants to talk about this girl. Why don’t you STFU! She is the past…I swear some of you people like conflict. And you’re just as dumb as Tink if you believe anything she says… Some of you people are real losers

  170. 170
    ???? Says:

    @@248: Thanks for answering my questions. At least I can find a person to talk to in this thread . I agree with what you said about Oscar. I dont like Clooney’s acting in perious movies but I heard he’s good in this one and had high potential in winning an Oscar. I like Carey too. When you say she ‘seems like a little girl next to LEO not someone who is HIS love interest’, are you refering to ‘ not someone who is GATSBY’s love interest? Do you think she doesnt look like Daisy?

  171. 171
    lol Says:

    @????: What I meant is that she seems way too young for that role. It seems like a little girl playing dress up among the adults. I always found it weird that The Great Gatsby remake is shot in Australia instead of New York. And to cast a British actress as Daisy? As I said I love Carey and I`m not saying she is not going to be good as Daisy but Leo+Carey as Gatsby+Daisy seems off to me. I can`t possibly imagine chemistry between these two. I do think there would have been better choices for Daisy like Scarlett J. or Rachel McAdams.

  172. 172
    Magda mama Says:

    Did you all see this? He’s doing a series on lobotomy. “Goo’d intentions way off track.”

    Here :

    ok – we need some love, esp MR. LION

    In true love, the words “owe” and “deserve” don’t exist. Intimacy is also rare; it’s not bliss. It’s the true revelation of one’s self – even the words you are afraid to say to yourself out loud – and upon looking up, the revelation that the other’s true self understood the message with love, without manipulation. Do you know what manipulation is Mr. LION?

    Love is also about the minutes, the hours, the slog of everyday life. It’s about snoring, and puke, and who is going to be “bad cop” to the kids again. Are you with your very best friend? Because, Mr. LION, you will be making your own history. Is it not best to develop that, in order to share a glance when you’re both old that reminds you of it with a smile.

  173. 173
    lol Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to all the sane and ( sadly mainly ) insane JJ posters! It seems like the crazy keeps going on even on holidays!

  174. 174
    tinkerbell Says:

    we’re all having relative academic arguments here now, we need some fresh gossip or whateva.

    did our boy come home for T-giving? Or will he wait until X-mas???

    the lobotomy series—remember Teddy Daniels was gonna get one at the end of Shutter Island???

  175. 175
    tinkerbell Says:

    the real incog, incogneato, registered user, answered me back

    Team Owner

    Join Date: Jan 2008
    Posts: 15,732

    Re: Looking for new dicaprio tea/ish

    The tea that I posted isn’t fake. There is really nothing much going on in Australia and the stories about him and all those women are grossly exaggerated. Having said that, all tea isn’t created equal. The tea about Leo and Blake is pure nonsense. He isn’t in trouble with anyone and he doesn’t owe any debts to anybody. Yes there is a lot of fake tea out there and majority of the tea about Leo is pure bunk. Leo isn’t the man-ho that some try to make him out to be.

    You can meet me over there and ask questions if you like.

  176. 176
    incog here Says:

    @tinkerbell: omg, you’re such an idiot!! So who do you think wrote this you idiot?!??!!lol Doesnt that strangely sound like what I’ve been posting ALL ALONG!! THAT MOST OF THE TEA ON LEO IS PURE CRAP!! Pure bunk!!!
    Anyone can say “nothing is going on in Australia.” Leo said so himself! There is nothing amazing about that tea. Just borrowing off Leo’s words! The tea about him and Blake was pure nonsense and someone was bored and decided to post. Leo isnt in trouble with anyone and he has no debt to repay to anyone.
    Even if you believe I’m a fake incog the “real” incog just so happens to agree with me, so what difference does it make? lol What a coincidence.
    But its “strange” how I knew that the “incog” would agree with me. Again, you’re SUCH an IDIOT!
    Now, I think I’ve been around long enough that only a few dumbos take you seriously now, and thats good for me, and that was my whole intention. If you start talking crap again I’ll put you in line and also make another incog post to put some sanity in your madness. Of course it will probably be to contradict anything that you’re saying. And you’re welcome to post in on JJ after. : )
    Like I said he’s not the man-ho that people are making him out to be.
    I guess I should be glad I don’t leave a distinct online trail by my lingo. Either that or you’re reaaaally dumb! I think its the later.

  177. 177
    lol Says:

    … and the main insane just keeps proving my point! Sad!

  178. 178
    mariah scary Says:

    @milk: Hey Milk why don’t you give Tink your email address and you and her can discuss fantasy stories together. I’m sure when you were younger you rode the short yellow bus to school!

    And to answer your question no, Leo doesnt have any kids and if he doest she would be the LAST person to ask. Anything you want to know about Leo can be found online and if its not online she doesnt know it but you’re a lost cause so continue.

  179. 179
    Helvetica Says:

    Hi tinkerbell,
    I personally think if you want to post info about bar negative/positive, you should post it in her thread not Leo’s thread

    They are not together anymore, so there’s no connection

  180. 180
    ??? Says:

    @tinkerbell: Must you continue to bore us all to snores zzzzzzzzzzzzz, Like someone else posted, I also think you are secretly in love with her, you STILL can’t stop reading everything you can about her, find another interest love, this is SO unhealthy for you and intensely tiresome for everyone else.

  181. 181
    @coconuts Says:

    That is a good laugh
    But Tinkerbell appears to have issues with ONLY Bar not all Leo’s girls.
    For whatevere reason.

  182. 182
    tinkerbell Says:

    @coconuts: she’s cute!

    no, she’s not, just very smart. She’ll find some other really smart nerdy person and live happily after, they usually do.

    I’d stop talking about her but her peeps are all over this like a cheap suit and its fun to yank their chains.

    Sorry to anybody else.

  183. 183
    tinkerbell Says:

    and the reason they are all over LEO threads?

    Nobody posts on hers anymore. they die at 20, and half of them are her peeps saying “israeli perfection doesnt come better than this.”—the same thing over and over every thread which should prove to the unitiated that its someone working for her. They just cant get a rise with her alone anymore. So they try to work up ish here. They used to bash Gisele out of abject jealousy too. sorry, just explaining.

    I probably will have issues with any of his girls—if he ever switches to women then I probably wont have the same problem.

  184. 184
    lol Says:

    @286: What other threads, dummy? Who said that all those people who are sick and tired of TInk like Refaeli or they never made a negative post about her? Nobody! But she is the PAST so move on already! You don’t see the point because either you are too dumb or you just don’t want to see it! Bar is his EX girlfriend so why do we still have to read about her? It’s only tinker-creep and the tinkerfeaks ( her alter egos ) who keep pushing the subject. So your stupid comment about hypocrisy just doesn’t make sense ( just like Tinkerbell ). Genius, if you don’t have anything valid to say just don’t post!

  185. 185
    tinkerbell Says:

    I posted Bar DIRT ONLY to piss them off. They seemed to have shut up a bit now. They’ll GET MORE if they come back, DIG??? There is plenty of dirt of her….I

  186. 186
    lol Says:

    Well, dumbo, comments are removed all the time. I just hope that all of yours are going to end up deleted. Generating traffic? You are ruining these threads, making the site infamous and you are embarrassing yourself and poor Leo!
    @294: Relax, dumba**. I don’t have authority ( unfortunately ) to ban the tinkerfeaks from these threads. Not to mention it’s not something others didn’t say before! So just relax and try to find something more interesting and valid to pick on, GENIUS! Or that’s all you’ve got, DUMMY? Lol!

  187. 187
    lol Says:

    PS: Why do I think milk keeps asking those questions? Easy! Every single one of your personalities wants some attention from time to time. And clearly every single one of your alter egos is obsessed with Bar so they won’t stop talking about her. It must be really crowded in your brain with all those personalities jammed into your seriously sick brain. You must be some sort of miracle! You don’t have several different personalities you have several obsessing about the same thing. Congratulations! Do you have a schedule for your alter egos?

  188. 188
    lol Says:

    @tinkerfreaks: Sure, whatever you say. I tend to believe nut-cases. LOL!
    By the way have you seen what happened to the thread? Comments were removed and apparently only yours! LOL! Too bad not all of them are gone…

  189. 189
    good job guys! Says:

    Whoever reported Tinkerbell and got her comments removed I say Good Job! Keep it up! Maybe she will eventually get blocked too! Let sanity return!

  190. 190
    good job guys! Says:

    Keep reporting her, maybe she will get banned. I will continue to do my part. Glad her comments got removed. If she keeps this up she will get banned! Let sanity return to the Leo threads!

  191. 191
    good job guys! Says:

    sorry, didnt know that it went through…

  192. 192
    lol Says:

    Well, I keep flagging her comments but it would be helpful if others would do the same. If the moderators see how many people are upset with her comments maybe they can do something more other than just removing them. But of course we still have other other personalities like oh-my-my. Has anyone noticed that the tink fan club / tinkerfreaks don`t post on regular basis. Only when thinkerfreak is either out of topic or is being attacked they show up and ask questions or show their support against the non-existent Bar fans posting here. I mean it doesn`t take a rocket scientist to see the pattern…
    So, PLEASE KEEP FLAGGING her comments. The more people do it the better!

  193. 193
    lol Says:

    @293: Professional writer? Just like tinkercreep with her short stories. So now we know which one of her personalities is responsible for the tinkertales. LOL! Your comment is stupid and doesn`t make sense. Hold your breath until you hear official word from Leo`s camp about his private life. If you are dumb enough to wait for that… Until then please, save us from your blabbing.

  194. 194
    tinkerbell Says:

    @good job guys!:

    No one removed ANY of my comments. Sorry just didnt have time to educate you today.

  195. 195
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Oh – My, My:

    If you have been posting here a while you probably realize who these posters are, I do.

    It’s simple. No one is posting on her threads anymore, so they have to come over here to look like they are doing something. Also the jobs are probably getting thin, panic is setting in. She’s in court this week against one of her own clients, they’re batting clean-up all over this shizz.

    Actually, it looks like Jared DID remove the posts I cut and pasted about her lawsuit and her tax evasion. I’m not heart broken, that was just cut and paste……which shows

    A. they’re heeeeeeere (poltergeist voice)
    B. and are more paranoid than ever before. I wonder why???

    that’s what interesting to me.

    No way in hell are they getting back to get together…bet they havent spoken in six months.

  196. 196
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Oh – My, My:

    they’re getting desperate for work. Leo=$. Any, even ancient association with Leonardo might help. It did before. Work dried up in2009 when the broke up…so she called all the time begging get to back. But I think there has been a sea change on his side….he’s not down anymore. They actually broke up in November, he started hoing around and it was final in May.

    There was a poster on The Superficial who said that Bar was told straight up by her agent at One Model Management that no one was interested in her without Leo so she better fix that. I wonder if he’s saying it again. The poster claimed to work at her agency.

    He’s not coming back this time so they are getting desperate and dont want anything that would deter new customers out there.

  197. 197
    tinkerbell Says:

    On Bar’s last thread the first four posts were all the same person, and the same comments get cut and pasted over and over by her “assistant” Adira Ronen

    Brandt @ 11/11/2011 at 5:36 pm

    Thumb up Thumb down -8

    Bar Refaeli is so gorgeous and sexy. She’s amazing. That woman is incredible. Israeli perfection doesn’t get much purer than her.
    @reply | Flag This
    # 2
    Christine James @ 11/11/2011 at 5:58 pm

    Thumb up Thumb down -10

    Bar Refaeli has an amazing figure. I just love her curves. She’s so shapely. She’s a great example to women around the country.
    @reply | Flag This
    # 3
    Naomi @ 11/11/2011 at 6:00 pm

    Thumb up Thumb down -4

    Great shots, Jared! A simple dress but worn on a perfect feminine figure! The woman knows how to look sexy without even trying.
    @reply | Flag This
    # 4
    Duh @ 11/11/2011 at 6:02 pm

    Thumb up Thumb down -4

    Is she dating someone? We never read about a man in her life. I can’t believe she’s totally single…what a waste.

  198. 198
    tinkerbell Says:

    actually when I googled adira Ronen this is what I got….maybe adi got smart and opened shop or always was a pro…

  199. 199
    tinkerbell Says:!/SparkleyAdi

    it’s this bish writing all the stuff. There are pix of her and bar together on bellazon.

  200. 200
    tinkerbell Says:

    ya see:

    Ronen Hillel – Pr in israel

    PR plays a crucial role in media crisis management and can help minimize damage. Handling a media crisis requires taking action in an intensive, quick and reliable manner in order to take control of the crisis in the shortest possible time and bring it to an immediate conclusion.

    Our offices’ run crisis management simulations and provide close support and care during a crisis, along with the tools to deal with possible scenarios that may work to the detriment of a client.

    There are various scenarios for handling and managing media crises: starting from attending to crisis situations caused by damaged products, poor service, layoffs, financial problems, and crises deriving from image problems afflicting the company/ organization at large or its high profile managers. These and other scenarios can cause serious damage and erode the trust of consumers, customers, employees, suppliers, service providers, competitors and the general public.

    Our office offers a real-time professional solution to resolve all types of crises. Our professional staff also provides the tools to recognize warning signs and forestall inauspicious scenarios through crisis prevention management

  201. 201
    tinkerbell Says:

    this is what they do:

    Suppressing the negative references on Google

    Surveys show that we are looking for search engine information about people, no less than for information about products or services. The Google search engine, on which 90 percent of the searches in Israel are conducted, is the main place where people will start searching for you online, and for this reason the way your name is presented will form the basis of your personal branding and online image.

    Nothing is more important than your full name, or the brand name that you represent. Online customers will click on your name to set up a business meeting. Potential employers will Google you before a job interview, and even the guy or girl with whom you have a date will first check what you wrote or others wrote about you on the Net.

    With an extensive knowledge of SEO and of the Israeli Web scene, we can influence the results of searches for your name on Google and make it relevant in a positive context.

    We will do this by:

    • Positive content insertion on your behalf with the right timing and in strategic positions promoted on Google.

    • Appealing to the owners of sites on which negative references to you appear (in the case of libel, unsubstantiated slander, the exposure of identifying information, etc.).

    • Appealing to Google Israel with a demand to remove a scanned page (in the case of libel, unsubstantiated slander, the exposure of identifying information, etc.)

    Suppressing negative references is an action whose results will in most cases be felt only after a lengthy process, so you better initiate it as soon as possible. In the framework of the service you will receive a monthly report detailing the amount of Google searches for your name and the number of pages where your name appears on the Internet, and update you whenever there is a new reference. This report will help you manage your online image and reputation.

    Your name is you – and there is nothing more important.

  202. 202
    LOVE Says:

    Leo is going to attend Conference of parties in Durban on tuesday.

  203. 203
    LOVE Says:

    @tinkerbell: not the lady, look up and you’ll see my leo

  204. 204
    raven Says:

    @tinkerbell: wow those comments are always the same. I remember the same ones about Israeli perfection from back in the day. Why do they always have to say Israeli perfection?? That just bugs me.
    and I remember the poster Sparkly Adi on here. Interesting stuff you found.

  205. 205
    LOVE Says:

    What’s the next project of Leo after Django unchained? Frank Santra?

  206. 206
    almond brown Says:

    perhaps our boy has turned a new leaf. While doing press for J. Edgar he was asked what’s next for him. He replied, “The next chapter [of my life] is called ‘family’. I always wanted a family.”

  207. 207
    sm news Says:

    here is an interesting snippet about the astrology of leo’s love life in the future:

  208. 208
    nuts Says:

    Oh my Gosh, Tinkerbell has seriously lost it, why does she google bar and her friends, why does she bother to read bar’s twitter, I can only think that she has nothing better to do and no-one to tell her that this behaviour is sick and scary ! Tinkerbell, listen there is no ‘they’, it is all in your sad and sorry mind.

  209. 209
    lol Says:

    @310: because she is completely nuts. I keep flagging her comments and yesterday several of them were removed. Please, do the same!

  210. 210
    tinkerbell Says:

    @@nuts: Ive never seen that—maybe its true…all I ever noticed is he is just slightly cross eyed!
    even the wax statue at Madame Tussaud’s captured this to make the likeness…not noticeably, just a little off.

  211. 211
    TinkerHELL Says:

    Please, someone put this idi*t out of her misery with a well deserved lobotomy!

  212. 212
    tinkerbell Says:

    @TinkerHELL: New out of focus bar post —go there if you want. I’m not. Let it die at 5.

  213. 213
    TinkerHELL Says:

    YOU talk about ‘out of focus’? That’s priceless! Get yourself checked and maybe you should go over to the new Bar thread and obsess over her! Clearly your pathetic liitle life revolves around her! You are a sad human being!

  214. 214
    tinkerbell Says:

    The Oscar nominations will be announced january 24 2012 –hope Hoover is there. Keep ya fingers crossed, lets see the golden globes.

    the pictures are out of focus. What more do you want–they werent even taken by a real razzi—like someone with a camera phone. what do you care!

  215. 215
    tinkerbell Says:

    Golden Globe noms will be announced december 15th go Leo boy! I’m waiting for a NOM then a WIN at the Oscars.

  216. 216
    LOVE Says:

    An excellent archive of Leo, many recent and old photos/interviews, every Leo fan should take a look:
    I love the nude one of Aviator most, sorry.

  217. 217
    LOVE Says:

    Tink, this one is specially for you. Leo ask you to forget the past and dine with him.

  218. 218
    haha, Says:

    @tinkerbell: Ah so Cookie isn’t Lopez Fahey, Leo’s sometimes wardrobe master???

  219. 219
    wtf Says:

    @tinkerbell: My job??? I work in a hospital in Wetern Australia, how is this MY job??

  220. 220
    tinkerbell Says:

    @LOVE: Oh yes indeedy.

    a lot of times beautiful kids dont grow up to be particularly attractive adults…but I love GROWN UP Leo. In a suit, the best. The smart, strong, alpha male. Swooooon.

  221. 221
    tinkerbell Says:

    @LOVE: yeah, he’s supposed to be crazy but all I could think of was

    nice a s s leo too bad we dont get to see it more often. Although it was nice in the Departed too..I wish he would stay chunky like that but its not his thing, he’s not a pin-up, doesnt want to be,

  222. 222
    tinkerbell Says:

    they are posting fake posts under my name or about me under the “Unmentionable’s” thread —does anybody else find that

    STRANGE???????? I guess its to get her to the “top posts” at the head of the page…but its all FAKE.

    the best thing I agree is IGNORE. That will all play out on its own

  223. 223
    tinkerbell Says:

    @milk: thanks boo

    I WONT.

  224. 224
    tinkerHELL Says:

    … and the creep keeps talking to herself. The crazy is still on the thread. What`s new????

  225. 225
    @351 Says:

    For someone who claims not to care and calls everyone an idiot
    You sure spend a lot of time on the matter
    LOL that Tinkerbell isnt even responding anymore

  226. 226
    tinkerHELL Says:

    I said I don`t care whether anyone responds. There`s a difference, IDI*T! You still don`t have anything better to pick on? Tinkerfreak!

  227. 227
    @356 Says:

    Yep you REALLY don’t care tool
    Go for it Tink ! LOL

  228. 228
    tinkerbell Says:

    @@356: thanks.

    I just passed one my Health information management tests with a 90 and I needed to bring my average up…so I feel good.

    But I feel like maybe I should say screw the last 10 years and go to film school instead (NOT, I just like movies and documentaries) wanna see if I can finish this class tomorrow

    ya never know…

  229. 229
    tinkerbell Says:

    its obvious he wants change. But he has to win an Oscar first–that will signal the opportunity for it…so I am hoping Hoover will do it for him.

  230. 230
    almond brown Says:

    sorry folks, for more leo astrological info please google:

    TRANSITING pluto in the 4th house
    TRANSITING uranus in the 7th house
    TRANSITING saturn in the 1st house

  231. 231
    almond brown Says:

    wow, so my comments regarding leo’s astrology were deleted? very interesting.

  232. 232
    LOVE Says:

    lovely baby leo and his family. Does leo look like his mom more?

  233. 233
    tinkerbell Says:

    @almond brown: yeah that is really strange—-but I dont think its the content, its the fact that you copied and pasted from another website – that can be copyright infringement for Jared.

    Dont think its personal.

  234. 234
    LOVE Says:

    Vote for your leo

  235. 235
    haha Says:

    @haha,: So, someone tell me why I got the thumbs down, for stating that Cookie is not Irmelin, it is Leo’s wardrobe guy !!

  236. 236
    LOVE Says:

    Leo was spotted at north bondi italian with Kevin connolly last weekend

  237. 237
    370 Says:

    @bar is alright:

    Are you talking about when she dressed up as a basket ball player for Halloween? She had a black fro but not sure about black face?

    One other – respect for one’s own spirituality and the nation you come from. Bar took $? to walk the red carpet at Gibson’s premeir of “The Beaver.” Nice. A Jewish antisemite.

  238. 238
    Lilliput Says:

    Leo and Kevin seen in Sydney this week-I like how faitfhful he is to his friends. Granted, Kevin C has a so-so rep but I still like how Leo takes care of the friends he’s had for almost 30 years–its speaks well of him to me.

    I actually just figured out looking at some old Frank Sinatra photos that he could actually pass as Frank with a little weight loss and corrective makeup–Frank was a smaller guy but with a low carb diet and some makeup, he could be a dead ringer. Especially when Frank got older and filled out.

  239. 239
    LOVE Says:

    @369 I keep actively posting because I want to talk about Leo but not anyone else. Why I got thumb down?

  240. 240
    Yep Says:

    @almond brown:
    what did u write? that he wont date a model but a unique, rebellious & something else?

  241. 241
    tinkerbell Says:

    I’m not IN LA, but this was interesting because that part of it was right. They were involved in an illegal gambling thing….its just interesting. I dont think it has much to do with the Blake Mistake either…just interesting that was right, and it didnt hit the news until today. I have a feeling the story will get bigger, too.

    As for my alleged “mental issues” – having opinions which differ from yours dont make me sick. Nor does anything else.

    Anyway the “incog” on this thread is fake. That’s obvious. As was the
    “I think Bar’s Ok” apologia from an alleged “black person”. That was funny!

  242. 242
    381 or 382 :) Says:


    My post was moderated out. Thank the Lord for copy and paste :) I still haven’t received an answer at my post #369.

    JARED, why are they allowed to post here, if they have nothing to do with Leo?

    I’m getting the message that they are still together; otherwise, it would be “hands off” and let him get on with his life. But, they are manipulative workers aren’t they? Still posting here, but nice messages this time. I wonder if Barf has something on Leo, and her mom is willing to go public with it if Leo doesn’t comply with them?? Because, surely an intelligent man with (self esteem??) would see through such crap.

  243. 243
    383 Says:


    Not crazy, but you sound mean. You are being a whiney bully. Stop it.
    Take a nap.

  244. 244
    larson Says:

    @@tinkerbell: Hey I never said I believed all of what was posted over there. Like you said those guys are huge gamblers, so when that broke I wasn’t surprised. It wasn’t really that big of a deal. I don’t understand why, if people know that tinkerbell keeps going on and on, people still respond to her. It’s unfortunate that we can’t ignore people on here but it is what it is. That’s why I haven’t been back to post. It’s just like I believe what I want to believe as does tinkerbell so it’s no use arguing over that. Once again I have said that I NEVER believed everything that has been posted. Some of it has been so off the wall that, well, you just have to smh. It’s clear that tinkerbell is ignoring some people, so others have to do the same.

  245. 245
    Chace Says:

    I’ll only say to any innocents reading
    Look at posts # 265 and 267 for semblance of sense
    It might save us all from this hell

  246. 246
    LOVE Says:

    Brad pitt won New York Critics Awards best actor! How about our leo?

  247. 247
    LOVE Says:

    new cover, he’s so handsome

  248. 248
    incogneato Says:

    Regarding Bar:

    They are not in a ‘relationship.’ They have an arrangement. Someone on his PR team is related to Bar, the struggling model. They thought it would be a good idea to link her with him and it was. It worked out in her favor. Yall have to remember, Leo is an actor. All those pic you see of them lovely dovely is simply part of his job.

    He’s STILL too devestated over Gisele getting married and having a baby to seriously entertain any woman at this point.

  249. 249
    Helvetica Says:

    Gawwddddd, someone stop this Tinkerbell user, SO ANNOYING !!!!!

  250. 250
    Helvetica Says:

    @incogneato: I don’t think he’s still pinning over Gisele at all. From what i read Gisele is a bit of “drama queen”.
    There was a solved blind item,it said that one day Gisele 2 hours late for Leo’s friends birthday party. Leo asked her why she was late then she poured her drink to his pants. Nutjob, right ?
    Someone who has interviewed Gisele at Leo’s house even went as far said that those two share no similarities. She also said that she can sense Leo set distance between him and Gisele.

    I think Gisele is a great great model, but she was more like a trophy gf to him at that time.
    Just my 2 cents,

  251. 251
    tinkerHELL Says:

    Is it just me or did anyone else notice that there are like 100 comments less? It seems like flagging tink`s comments works! YAY!!!!!!

  252. 252
    huh Says:

    wow, someone came through and did a clean sweep of all the comments. we went from 410 comments to 250. what happened? which comments were deleted?

  253. 253
    tinkerbell Says:

    I cant tell, but some of mine are still there. I think anything to do with other websites was removed. And yes, I think some of Tinkerhells were too.

  254. 254
    tinkerbell Says:

    most of mine are still there.

  255. 255
    tinkerHELL Says:

    I bet most of the removed comments are from tinkerfeaks. Good! Let’s keep flagging them! The more tinkercreep comments get removed the better for whole mankind!

  256. 256
    tinkerHELL Says:

    @tinkerweird: How was the major’s visit? Did you wear your special white jacket?

  257. 257
    tinkerbell Says:

    I like this article..especially drunken expat’s comments. My grandpa knew Hoover through his boss–I asked if he was gay and he said yes.
    Even people back in the day had “gaydar” come on.

    I also love James Ellroy-I just saw his LA Demons TV presentation. Leo should do some of HIS books – the guy is a freak and his books are BRILLIANT and all about Hollywood.

  258. 258
    258 Says:

    I just read that article in Ynet/business&financial on Barf’s modeling contracts. I’ve been talking about restraining bully behaviour on these threads…. case in point about Barf’s mom, Tzipi:

    “I was told that unless I pay Refaeli $250,000 in compensations, Suny and my own reputation would be ruined in Israel and in the world… These threats were put into action in a letter sent to Samsung Chairman and CEO Lee Kun-hee and to Samsung Electronics CEO Jong-Yong Yun, which brings serious allegations against Suny, including deceit.”

  259. 259
    larson Says:

    @Helvetica: Now THIS I can get with. IMHO, most women act crazy like this towards men because the men have done something to them. Now there are definitely crazy women out there but that reeks of “how dare you question me, when you’ve done the same?” I remember hearing rumors of BOTH of them cheating on each other. When was this interview? Maybe it was towards the end of the relationship and he had already checked out. From the surface he seems to have nothing in common with any of his gfs. Like I said from the surface, because I don’t know these people intimately.

  260. 260
    tinkerbell Says:

    @258: that is what they do. They arent the best behaved of people. Did you see the article where her father was convicted of assault? Supposedly he’s ex-Mossad too.
    They are NOT nice people. I think she and her peeps are trying to turn over a new leaf though and suppress all this ish. Its good to really turn over a new leaf because you want to, but it should have been a given. I think they are finally afraid they will not get new business with all this stuff out there and no Leonardo to buoy them, which it what I have been sensing/seeing on this thread.

    I really dont care that much what happens to her either way, its being insulted and lied to I dont like. She can go on her merry way and make money or not make money, be a model or a zookeeper, I am cool with that. Live and let live…but just dont insult me, call me crazy or outright lie to me. That I do not like.

    When an Israeli journalist was investigating Bar for taking money from men to go to parties Tzipi called him up and threatened to out him as gay. He tape recorded the conversation and played it publicly to show what he was up against.

    That’s why I think she was responsible for the “Leo is gay” rumors on Ted Casablancas AND the other “Leo trades drugs for sex with boys” comment made when they were broken up. That and someone else outed Tzipi.

    That whole thing with Casablancas was like “some hot young Hollywood chick” which is how they would describe Bar, hot or not. I could just picture Tzipi making that up to get back for the “he cheats on Bar all the time” post Casablancas published first.

    But of course I’m “crazy.” I just put two and two together and make five.

    Honestly I no longer give a damn about the Refaelis and Team Israel but when they come on here and trying to insult me and remove my posts it gets my dander up. They dont realize ultimately they cant and wont win.

    Models dont have much of a career past 30—Bar has to find something fast for her to do. Its obvious she could be on reality TV-in fact she has before, or could just be some kind of TV presenter. She cant act. There’s nothing wrong with it, viable careers have been made of less. I just dont understand what the big deal is.

    The successfully made something out of nothing, and if you look at it objectively they took a C level model and got her some B and even some A contracts and gigs. They did well, she had her day. But the “modelling” will get thin from her if she doesnt up her game. THere are only so many cheap lingerie and bikini gigs and cheap department stores like Israeli Fox. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a LOCAL or CATALOG model or a local celebrity in Israel. Surely she’s earned that. I just dont get the big whoop. Even great models like Linda Evangelista and Christy Turlington retire after 30 or scale down. She will EVENTUALLY have to do something else since the rich husband hasnt come along. I think one will.

    If they really felt like Bar was a bonified “supermodel” they would be so confident as to not care what got written here or anywhere. You think Gisele cares? And what, if anything gets written about the big Victoria’s girls? Certainly Miranda benefited from Orlando, but she was on the way up anyway. You dont see them plugging away at Just Jared all the time…their looks, body type and professionalism got them where they are, they dont need a celeb boyfriend.

    Bar’s career has been based on her “celebrity” status- her clients said they wanted her for her “lifestyle” image- on yachts or at parties with Leonardo. So she has to protect that.

  261. 261
    tinkerbell Says:

    I dont mind if Bar Refaeli gets modelling gigs or not. I dont care how she makes her living. Just dont lie or insult me we’re cool.

  262. 262
    tinkerbell Says:

    and dont pretend to be the incog from LSA or that you’re black, or that you are different people posting under different names, and then accuse me of being crazy and having multiple personalities. And then go on the warpath trying to get rid of my posts, etc.

    I am only Tinkerbell here. It’s a dumb name but I at least have the courage to keep it.

  263. 263
    tinkerbell Says:

    this one sounded pure Tzipi to me………it sounded like maybe Bar heard something so Tzipi called Ted……….like she used to call other mags about fake engagements and such.

  264. 264
    tinkerbell Says:

    here’s just one of the web pages where Bar’s mom was outed – it wasnt me that posted, I just saw it. She was also outed on JJ and on several Israeli news sites. She’s Abbie—scroll down.

  265. 265
    tinkerHELL Says:

    I keep flagging the weirdo’s comments. The more people do it the better so please, support my efforts! Tinkercreep is losing it big time! Pathetic!

  266. 266
    @Helvetica Says:

    That story proves nada
    Its really bizzare how some Leo fans use ONE/TWO picture or incident to define his relaltionship / flings as fake or unhappy in some attempt to convince themseleves that they are his his true love or project their fantsises on him LOL LOL
    But scarily I’m sure most of you are adult women!
    I and my b-friend have our moments doesnt mean I’m not crazy about him
    I’m sure in their 5 year relationship they had ups and downs like any couple what does your ‘insdie info’ prove.
    Surprise surprise Gisele and Leo were normal

  267. 267
    @@Helvetica Says:

    “Most of you are adult women” ? Seriously,how do you know that? Get your grammar right first before you claim to know what’s on other people’s mind!
    I think Helvetica just tried to share a blind item with us

    And how do you know that Gisele and Leo were normal ? See,now you’re the one who tried to define their relationship as a normal happy one. There’s a lot of news that said they both cheated during their time. Maybe not true, but when there’s a smoke there’s a fire.

    Please stop being a hypocrite and judging people

  268. 268
    milk Says:

    tink! hey baby! keep it coming! also, i don’t know if it was you or someone else who mentioned that there was a blind item about giselle throwing a drink at leo at a birthday party. do you know where i can find that blind item?

  269. 269
    milk Says:

    tink! hey baby! keep it coming! also, i don’t know if it was you or someone else who mentioned that there was a blind item about giselle throwing a drink at leo at a birthday party. do you know where i can find that blind item?

  270. 270
    tinkerbell Says:

    @milk: No, I dont, sorry. I think they had the typical dysfunctional she wants more than he is willing to give thing going on, but I wouldnt be suprised if she was a bit of a diva as well.

    Tom Brady seems to know how to “behave” for her !!! ;) I just saw him in an UGG for men ad..I guess she rubbed off on him. She made the right choice for her but I am not sure that her and Tom are forever…they seem like two pretty people whom might lose interest in each other later.

    BTW baby is in Durban for the UN Climate Change conference. Angelina and Bono are there too..might we have a new post tomorrow???

  271. 271
    milk Says:

    tink, what’s leo’s relationship like with his father?

  272. 272
    @270 Says:

    I return the question to you
    And how do YOU know they were not normal?
    Of course as everything via gossip and innuendo

    But before telling me to check my grammar you might need to check your eyesight as I preceded my comments with the words – ‘I’m sure’ -

    #Helectivia had EVERY right to post 2 blind items to analyse a 5 year relationship as I had EVERY right to question that rationale which is what a post forum is for

    If yo dont want to hear it skip it. But pls dont tell me what to do

  273. 273
    @@270 Says:

    I never said in my post that i know they weren’t normal, so where did you get that ?

    The ” I’m sure ” word just proves that you think you know it all. You have the right to respond BUT when you said “some Leo fans use ONE/TWO picture or incident to define his relaltionship / flings as fake or unhappy in some attempt to convince themseleves that they are his his true love or project their fantsises on him” , How do you know the real motives ? Right, you just draw your own conclusion. Maybe Helvetica just want to share the blind item and her opinion about it. You were the one who judged right away with that statement of yours

    No one here is telling you what to do. Look at your own comment, it has 3 thumbs down, probably because you’re being hypocrite and judgmental.

  274. 274
    tinkerbell Says:

    @milk: I dont really know them !
    But he has said his father was the one who encouraged him to be a real artist….dad is a visual artist ex-hippy. Leo looks just like him but hes blonde and dad is dark. The father advised him a great deal in his early career- for example to do that movie about Rimbaud. I think they have a good relationship-he was there for leo early on but not with the mother.

    get his hands, height, general build and thick hair from Dad. Dad was pretty attractive in his own way back in the day- he looked like Pacino in Serpico.

    both are tall, robust-big hands, shoulders, tall etc. Big heads of hair- dad never lost any so leo wont. he wont go bald like some. (ben affleck supposedly has plugs, travolta goes out with a wig)

  275. 275
    milk Says:

    tink, where do you get most of your leo gossip/info from? have you ever met him?

  276. 276
    @276 Says:

    ‘I’m sure’ doesnt mean I know it all it simply implies a higher rate of probablility of an incident

    I never said I knew the real motives of the post this is my opinion of the reason for posting BI as its to whomevers opinion it is to believe it or otherwise. Why is this so hard to understand?

    It matters not one whit to me if my comments get thumbed down or up it is a free society after all

    You parlaying out instructions seem far more judgemental and dictatorial to me but hey as long as you get thumbs up from anons on a forum I guess righteousness is on your side. Sarc/Off

  277. 277
    tinkerHELL Says:

    Crazy still rules this thread. It`s insane to see what people have time to do instead of doing something actually useful or having a life. Yapping about the past over and over again is just pathetic and pointless.

  278. 278
    @279 Says:

    @@276: Then i guess we have different idea of definition the word ‘sure’. For me ‘sure’ means 100% free of doubt, convinced, confident. Higher probability doesn’t equal 100% to me personally.

    You said you never knew the real motives, yet you judged right away that “some Leo fans use ONE/TWO picture or incident to define his relaltionship / flings as fake or unhappy in some attempt to convince themseleves that they are his his true love or project their fantsises on him”

    I never give any instruction to anyone.

    That said, LET’S JUST MOVE ON !!

  279. 279
    tinkerbell Says:

    @milk: no. Just what I read online. I am observer only.

  280. 280
    tinkerbell Says:

    @milk: no. Just what I read online. I am observer only.

    But I do think people close to him spill tea once in a while

  281. 281
    tinkerbell Says:

    what’s our boy doing in Durban? he’s at the UN climate conference…but what is he doing specifically.

    the interview about Hoover is good.

  282. 282
    Magda mama Says:

    Huh. Some bad news Leo, Ted C. is complaining about Edgar on video. Just close your ears to the negativity and open your eyes and ears in your personal life.

    You need some support now, and I have a sincere question for you. Do you have any idea how intelligent you are? I and my prof hubby are VERY impressed with your humanitarian efforts. Your movies too (smile). You are a leader. So, I’m wondering if in your personal relationships you close your natural radar to SIGNS.

    I’m talking about the little clues you get from your partner that implies they want you to change some behaviour. Instead of being cognizant of the SIGNS, a person can try to “make excuses,” “convince oneself their love is the exception to the rule,” or they do the worst thing, and ignore until the “hints” start up again.

    Mr. LION, do you really want a relationship like this? I would be worried that this incompatability would affect your child’s perception of what a real, true love relationship is. Children are not your right. They only come to you for uncoditional love, mentorship, and safety until they go off on their own.

    Please give them the best chance for true love. Follow the Tao until you find the right woman, and until then, go read some books and play with the children at the Sick Kids hospitals all over the world.
    Surely, I would have to think your mom would be happier for you and your family if you made decisions without any doubt whatsoever. You might make a couple of best friends in those kids at the hospitals. They’re ok – trust. It’s not too scary. Have a friend who is doing this right now, and she calls it her “sublime time.”

  283. 283
    Magda papa Says:

    The proper basis for marriage is mutual misunderstanding. (“Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime”)

  284. 284
    Magda uncle Says:

    Sorry,but Gemma looks like young snake and she is really young.Is it really a BIG PROBLEM for Hollywood to find beautiful and talented actors and actresses?

  285. 285
    Magda cat Says:

    Sorry,but Gemma looks like young snake and she is really young.Is it really a BIG PROBLEM for Hollywood to find beautiful and talented actors and actresses?

  286. 286
    tinkerHELL Says:

    Gosh, those photos of Karlie… I don`t find that girl attractive at all! She is WAY TOO skinny and her body seems pretty … masculine! And actually that applies to all of the VS models! They need to eat, they need curves!

  287. 287
    milk Says:

    love ya tink! how was your meeting with the mayor?

  288. 288
    ugghhhh Says:

    @Magda son: please, no, I’m pretty sure magda mama is t…….ll

  289. 289
    confused Says:

    Can you please explain this@Magda mama:

  290. 290
    tinkerbell Says:

    @ugghhhh: nope I only use tinkerbell. she’s someone else.

  291. 291
    tinkerbell Says:

    @milk: good actually, I only met him briefly but I met a real estate developer and some other highly placed business people….it was a networking thang for me.

    I like the mayor, I may be asking him for a j-o-b sometime, I work in health and human service and we are both liberal democrats…we’ll see.

    I’m glad you know how to spell.

  292. 292
    Magda mama Says:


    Mr. LION is a very smart man, and he’ll understand this advice. It’s from the heart. We really admire and respect him in this house.

    After posting my message at 282, I was threatened in a scary way by a VERY concerning blogger, Magda son. It’s best that I don’t encourage retaliation by this person. I am sorry I can’t participate for now.

  293. 293
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Magda mama: @Magda mama: Go ahead and post what you want. I agree with you for the most part about Mr.Lion even if your way of expressing it is a little kooky. We all get bullied here, but the main bully seems to have left. I have been dealing with them for a while. Ignore em.
    The more fun, silly stuff we have here the better.

  294. 294
    confused Says:

    @Magda mama: Oh no I missed the comment from the son person. Thats sad your comment really intrigued me. At least one more message if that son threatens you then theyll have both me and you p’d theyre outnumbered here.

  295. 295
    tinkerHELL Says:

    Networking? Good to have connections in severals institutions, right? I bet you looked great in your special white jacket!
    It’s hilarious that the main crazy considers someone’s post ‘kooky’. Look who’s talking? LOL!
    But what’s even more amazing is the tinkerfreak considers someone other than her ( delusional ) self a bully. She has been bullying Refaeli and her family for years but when someone does the same thing to her that’s a bully! Crazy and a hypocrite!

  296. 296
    Magda mama Says:

    @confused: Thanks for your support. I don’t know why 288 is engaging this person. He/she said something like,” if you don’t answer me, it’s the worst thing you’ll ever do” and then he/she started saying things like, “what signs, did you see them in our bath water yesterday. I’m scared, mama. did you see the signs in the water.” JJ deleted. Certifiable.

  297. 297
    Magda mama Says:

    @confused: Thanks for your support. I don’t know why 288 is engaging this person. He/she said something like,” if you don’t answer me, it’s the worst thing you’ll ever do” and then he/she started saying things like, “what signs, did you see them in our bath water yesterday. I’m scared, mama. did you see the signs in the water.” JJ deleted. Certifiable.

  298. 298
    Magda mama Says:

    @confused: Thanks for your support. I don’t know why 288 is engaging this person. He/she said something like,” if you don’t answer me, it’s the worst thing you’ll ever do” and then he/she started saying things like, “what signs, did you see them in our bath water yesterday. I’m scared, mama. did you see the signs in the water.” JJ deleted. Certifiable.

  299. 299
    tinkerbell Says:

    @tinkerHELL: gee, if they were all short and stumpy, BAR REFAELI could be one of them and have a much better modelling career instead of working for the NO NAME BRANDS she’s always been with!

  300. 300
    tinkerbell Says:

    I cant wait until leo is back in the states and then we have real gossip to talk about–he’s laid so low in Oz its just no fun !

    I predict he’ll lay low on the beyotches until March after the Oscars-doesnt want to take chances with nudie shots and slips of the lip “Israel is primitive” until then, then it will be the b i t c h brigade.

    I was right about Bar, (actually broke up last Nov, had a contract,will never get married and never got “secretly” engaged) and Blake (will last to end of the summer) so I bet am right about this too.

    I am going to see what Ted C is complaining about and maybe find Hoover on bootleg somewhere…

  301. 301
    tinkerbell Says:

    @@300: that’s not what I said. As far as dicaprio is concerned, you can put a fork in bar’s ass, she is DONE.
    But once the Oscars are over you can expect him to hit the bimbos again-ones just like Bar, until he finds something better.

  302. 302
    tinkerbell Says:

    @tinkerbell: this statement here is pretty clear. Date bad people like Bar Refaeli and get continuous criticism and media backlash. Date Fake Lively and get nudie pictures.

    Date a real woman who is honest and knows how to handle herself and you wont get this stuff.

  303. 303
    tinkerHELL Says:

    No, your comments don’t make sense at all. I’m stupid? That’s just hilarious coming from a complete wcko like you! Thanks for the jok, tinkercreep! You keep proven everyone’s point with every single post what a sad and disturbed human being you are! And you are upset by being bullied and you call others stupid? Are you for real?
    @304: Angry? Yeah, because tinkerfreak exists and is allowed to post here. I wonder how would you describe tinkerweird whose life revolves around trashing Bar and sadly she is completely obsessed with her? But I guess that’s OK, right? Given the fac that you two live in the exact same disturbed mind…..

  304. 304
    confused Says:

    @Magda mama: wow, at least this is anonymous, but i’m still confused, what did you mean?

  305. 305
    PREACH Says:

    Keep posting you’re fun
    The aggravated Barf fans ( or the one as it seems) only make this even MORE fun to watch

  306. 306
    tinkerHELL Says:

    Tinker-freak, keep talking to yourself ( Preach ) because it makes you even more pathetic! It’s so obvious that from time to time you ‘support’ yourself and at the same time you are dumb enough to keep pushing the ‘Bar fan’ slogan. Clearly you are not able to understand that one doesn’t ave to be her fan to be sick and tired of your continuos cr*p. But clearly it’s easier to stick with the Bar fan theory! Whatever helps your delusional mind!

  307. 307
    @PREACH Says:

    They claim not to be Bar Fans but keep harping on on and on about Tink ‘trashing Bar’
    Why care if not a fandom
    This is FUN

  308. 308
    tinkerbell Says:

    @PREACH: thanks.

    It’s even more fun because it could be Bar herself or someone close to her. I’m saying COULD be, because as far as I know she doesnt have fans.

    I’m not PREACH barfele, that is someone ELSE who just joined the convo. They are trimming comments again though.

  309. 309
    tinkerbell Says:

    @@PREACH: Most likely its her PR flack Adira Ronen- I posted links before. She was in charge of Bar’s JJ presence, she doesnt sign her name like she used to but its her. I know the language and style she uses.

    Oh, but I’m “CRAZY”

    I agree it is fun. Let the girl try and make a living…but dont lie to me here about it.

  310. 310
    @308 Says:

    What did you say? what did they trim?

  311. 311
    Quick Heartburn Relief Says:

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