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Leonardo DiCaprio Shoots 'Great Gatsby' in 3D

Leonardo DiCaprio Shoots 'Great Gatsby' in 3D

Leonardo DiCaprio looks dapper on the set of The Great Gatsby at Centennial Park on Friday (November 18) in Sydney, Australia.

The 37-year-old actor, wearing a white suit, was joined by co-stars Carey Mulligan and Tobey Maguire.

“What’s really cool is working with [director] Baz [Luhrmann] and this 3D format that’s being used for drama,” Leo recently told Access Hollywood.

“Most of the time, you associate 3D with the spectacle of it, but he really wants to use 3D to create emotional impact with the characters and almost use it like what it would be like to immerse yourself in a theater production,” Leo explained.

10+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan, and Tobey Maguire at Centennial Park in Sydney…

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leonardo dicaprio carey mulligan gatsby centennial 01
leonardo dicaprio carey mulligan gatsby centennial 02
leonardo dicaprio carey mulligan gatsby centennial 03
leonardo dicaprio carey mulligan gatsby centennial 04
leonardo dicaprio carey mulligan gatsby centennial 05
leonardo dicaprio carey mulligan gatsby centennial 06
leonardo dicaprio carey mulligan gatsby centennial 07
leonardo dicaprio carey mulligan gatsby centennial 08
leonardo dicaprio carey mulligan gatsby centennial 09
leonardo dicaprio carey mulligan gatsby centennial 10

Credit: Andy Athineos; Photos: INFdaily
Posted to: Carey Mulligan, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire

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    To answer your questions I think Leo is the most deserving to win an Oscar. I haven`t seen the Clooney movie that created Oscar buzz but I was never a big fan of his acting. Pitt? I don`t think so…
    Carey seems like a little girl next to Leo not someone who is his love interest. I like her and I think she is really talented but this role and the co-stars just seem to be too much for her. Not there yet!

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    @255: Nobody wants to talk about this girl. Why don’t you STFU! She is the past…I swear some of you people like conflict. And you’re just as dumb as Tink if you believe anything she says… Some of you people are real losers

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    @@248: Thanks for answering my questions. At least I can find a person to talk to in this thread . I agree with what you said about Oscar. I dont like Clooney’s acting in perious movies but I heard he’s good in this one and had high potential in winning an Oscar. I like Carey too. When you say she ‘seems like a little girl next to LEO not someone who is HIS love interest’, are you refering to ‘ not someone who is GATSBY’s love interest? Do you think she doesnt look like Daisy?

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    @????: What I meant is that she seems way too young for that role. It seems like a little girl playing dress up among the adults. I always found it weird that The Great Gatsby remake is shot in Australia instead of New York. And to cast a British actress as Daisy? As I said I love Carey and I`m not saying she is not going to be good as Daisy but Leo+Carey as Gatsby+Daisy seems off to me. I can`t possibly imagine chemistry between these two. I do think there would have been better choices for Daisy like Scarlett J. or Rachel McAdams.

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    The tea that I posted isn’t fake. There is really nothing much going on in Australia and the stories about him and all those women are grossly exaggerated. Having said that, all tea isn’t created equal. The tea about Leo and Blake is pure nonsense. He isn’t in trouble with anyone and he doesn’t owe any debts to anybody. Yes there is a lot of fake tea out there and majority of the tea about Leo is pure bunk. Leo isn’t the man-ho that some try to make him out to be.

    You can meet me over there and ask questions if you like.

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    And to answer your question no, Leo doesnt have any kids and if he doest she would be the LAST person to ask. Anything you want to know about Leo can be found online and if its not online she doesnt know it but you’re a lost cause so continue.

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    Hi tinkerbell,
    I personally think if you want to post info about bar negative/positive, you should post it in her thread not Leo’s thread

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    no, she’s not, just very smart. She’ll find some other really smart nerdy person and live happily after, they usually do.

    I’d stop talking about her but her peeps are all over this like a cheap suit and its fun to yank their chains.

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    I probably will have issues with any of his girls—if he ever switches to women then I probably wont have the same problem.

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    @286: What other threads, dummy? Who said that all those people who are sick and tired of TInk like Refaeli or they never made a negative post about her? Nobody! But she is the PAST so move on already! You don’t see the point because either you are too dumb or you just don’t want to see it! Bar is his EX girlfriend so why do we still have to read about her? It’s only tinker-creep and the tinkerfeaks ( her alter egos ) who keep pushing the subject. So your stupid comment about hypocrisy just doesn’t make sense ( just like Tinkerbell ). Genius, if you don’t have anything valid to say just don’t post!

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    @tinkerfreaks: Sure, whatever you say. I tend to believe nut-cases. LOL!
    By the way have you seen what happened to the thread? Comments were removed and apparently only yours! LOL! Too bad not all of them are gone…

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    Whoever reported Tinkerbell and got her comments removed I say Good Job! Keep it up! Maybe she will eventually get blocked too! Let sanity return!

  • good job guys!

    Keep reporting her, maybe she will get banned. I will continue to do my part. Glad her comments got removed. If she keeps this up she will get banned! Let sanity return to the Leo threads!

  • good job guys!

    sorry, didnt know that it went through…

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    Well, I keep flagging her comments but it would be helpful if others would do the same. If the moderators see how many people are upset with her comments maybe they can do something more other than just removing them. But of course we still have other other personalities like oh-my-my. Has anyone noticed that the tink fan club / tinkerfreaks don`t post on regular basis. Only when thinkerfreak is either out of topic or is being attacked they show up and ask questions or show their support against the non-existent Bar fans posting here. I mean it doesn`t take a rocket scientist to see the pattern…
    So, PLEASE KEEP FLAGGING her comments. The more people do it the better!

  • lol

    @293: Professional writer? Just like tinkercreep with her short stories. So now we know which one of her personalities is responsible for the tinkertales. LOL! Your comment is stupid and doesn`t make sense. Hold your breath until you hear official word from Leo`s camp about his private life. If you are dumb enough to wait for that… Until then please, save us from your blabbing.

  • tinkerbell

    @good job guys!:

    No one removed ANY of my comments. Sorry just didnt have time to educate you today.

  • tinkerbell

    @Oh – My, My:

    If you have been posting here a while you probably realize who these posters are, I do.

    It’s simple. No one is posting on her threads anymore, so they have to come over here to look like they are doing something. Also the jobs are probably getting thin, panic is setting in. She’s in court this week against one of her own clients, they’re batting clean-up all over this shizz.

    Actually, it looks like Jared DID remove the posts I cut and pasted about her lawsuit and her tax evasion. I’m not heart broken, that was just cut and paste……which shows

    A. they’re heeeeeeere (poltergeist voice)
    B. and are more paranoid than ever before. I wonder why???

    that’s what interesting to me.

    No way in hell are they getting back to get together…bet they havent spoken in six months.

  • tinkerbell

    @Oh – My, My:

    they’re getting desperate for work. Leo=$. Any, even ancient association with Leonardo might help. It did before. Work dried up in2009 when the broke up…so she called all the time begging get to back. But I think there has been a sea change on his side….he’s not down anymore. They actually broke up in November, he started hoing around and it was final in May.

    There was a poster on The Superficial who said that Bar was told straight up by her agent at One Model Management that no one was interested in her without Leo so she better fix that. I wonder if he’s saying it again. The poster claimed to work at her agency.

    He’s not coming back this time so they are getting desperate and dont want anything that would deter new customers out there.

  • tinkerbell

    On Bar’s last thread the first four posts were all the same person, and the same comments get cut and pasted over and over by her “assistant” Adira Ronen

    Brandt @ 11/11/2011 at 5:36 pm

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    Bar Refaeli is so gorgeous and sexy. She’s amazing. That woman is incredible. Israeli perfection doesn’t get much purer than her.
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    # 2
    Christine James @ 11/11/2011 at 5:58 pm

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    Bar Refaeli has an amazing figure. I just love her curves. She’s so shapely. She’s a great example to women around the country.
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    # 3
    Naomi @ 11/11/2011 at 6:00 pm

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    Great shots, Jared! A simple dress but worn on a perfect feminine figure! The woman knows how to look sexy without even trying.
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    # 4
    Duh @ 11/11/2011 at 6:02 pm

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    Is she dating someone? We never read about a man in her life. I can’t believe she’s totally single…what a waste.

  • tinkerbell

    actually when I googled adira Ronen this is what I got….maybe adi got smart and opened shop or always was a pro…

  • tinkerbell!/SparkleyAdi

    it’s this bish writing all the stuff. There are pix of her and bar together on bellazon.

  • tinkerbell

    ya see:

    Ronen Hillel – Pr in israel

    PR plays a crucial role in media crisis management and can help minimize damage. Handling a media crisis requires taking action in an intensive, quick and reliable manner in order to take control of the crisis in the shortest possible time and bring it to an immediate conclusion.

    Our offices’ run crisis management simulations and provide close support and care during a crisis, along with the tools to deal with possible scenarios that may work to the detriment of a client.

    There are various scenarios for handling and managing media crises: starting from attending to crisis situations caused by damaged products, poor service, layoffs, financial problems, and crises deriving from image problems afflicting the company/ organization at large or its high profile managers. These and other scenarios can cause serious damage and erode the trust of consumers, customers, employees, suppliers, service providers, competitors and the general public.

    Our office offers a real-time professional solution to resolve all types of crises. Our professional staff also provides the tools to recognize warning signs and forestall inauspicious scenarios through crisis prevention management