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Leonardo DiCaprio Shoots 'Great Gatsby' in 3D

Leonardo DiCaprio Shoots 'Great Gatsby' in 3D

Leonardo DiCaprio looks dapper on the set of The Great Gatsby at Centennial Park on Friday (November 18) in Sydney, Australia.

The 37-year-old actor, wearing a white suit, was joined by co-stars Carey Mulligan and Tobey Maguire.

“What’s really cool is working with [director] Baz [Luhrmann] and this 3D format that’s being used for drama,” Leo recently told Access Hollywood.

“Most of the time, you associate 3D with the spectacle of it, but he really wants to use 3D to create emotional impact with the characters and almost use it like what it would be like to immerse yourself in a theater production,” Leo explained.

10+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan, and Tobey Maguire at Centennial Park in Sydney…

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Credit: Andy Athineos; Photos: INFdaily
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    incog here Says:

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    Hey Larson, nice to see you over here too.

  2. 77
    tinkerbell Says:

    thanks larson, agreed, now where is our little sweetheart. I think you are right.

    I worked in the media/international journalism for seven years. Then I worked doing internet stuff..fairly high level but on the intellectual property side…I have a pretty good instinct for crap vs. possibly real. Those ones just read as real, or not glaringly untrue.

    my thing is….why bother????? if you really want to set people off, just write fake sex stuff and have people go really???!!! I mean I could do like four or five of them s h i t s without breaking a sweat myself.

    i guess i am wasting myself working in medical oncology…..should be writingfake sex scenes for cash. or crap about ashton kutcher’s divorce.

  3. 78
    @incog here Says:

    Honey, you are a bull hitter, too. ANYONE can claim to be incog on lsa, anyone can claim that she/he started anything there. Of course no proof and people should just take your word for it? Come on! But I certainly agree with you about Tinkerbell… The crazy is back on these Leo threads ruining them left and right. Poor Leo, it’s a shame people like Tinkerbell post about him. Embarrassing!!!!

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    tinkerbell Says:

    Adi, go back to sleep. Go get some humous and pita bread…take a break.

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    @@101: This is SO not true. Most of us over here only insisted Blake was PR. Which it was. Obviously. Was anybody saying that Bar was for PR reasons, or Giselle? I only remember people saying contract girlfriends which most likely wasn’t true.

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    ‘…take a break.
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    @Larson Says:

    U insist his last girfirend was PR because he was not behaving the way YOU expect him to
    There is no shred of ACTUAL proof that Bar or Blake were contracts Just the word of some random blogger claiming to be an insider
    As if Leo lives his life for online gossips!
    You and Tinkerbell INSISTING on it is not going to make believers of us
    You can take it as gospel truth and I can call it BS
    I cant change ur mind, you cant change mine
    We’ll leave it at that

    Countdown to being called PR for Bar/Gisele/Blake 3, 2, 1………

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    How dumb are you to keep coming back even though people are sick and tired of you and your bullshit! What else should I call you other than crazy? You are a textbook crazy and with every single post you just keep proving it! I actually feels sorry for you whenever I`m not annoyed by your stupid and unnecessary comments! Just get the clue already and save us from your continuous gibberish!
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  10. 85
    Larson Says:

    @@Larson: OK you are obviously a lainey fan. Mostly because you keep saying her handle of gossip being a buffet table. And no it wasn’t just me who was saying that Blake was PR. Almost everyone on this board was. Look it up and tell me if I was the only one and I can probably find a whole bunch of other people who said the same. I mean seriously? Are you seriously saying I was the only one who said that? People were saying it ALL OVER THE INTERNET. Not just here and not just me. I mean all of this arguing over a fake relationship is dumb. It’s over, it blew up in Leo’s face, Blake went about her business, so has Leo. Even if it was a real relationship, Leo damn for sure didn’t care enough to stick around. It was his shortest relationship since he became famous. You only insist the relationship was real because she’s his type.

  11. 86
    @tinkercreep Says:

    Take your own advice: DON`T BOTHER US HERE! Don`t bother people with your gibberish!

  12. 87
    Larson Says:

    You know I’m still stuck on how or why anyone still cares or wants to talk about those two nobodies(bar and blake)? I mean it’s over between them and Leo. He went about his life and according to the aussie press is quite enjoying himself out there. Neither one of those nobodies names need to be associated with him anymore. The fact that months later their names are still being said on Leo’s threads are tragic. Just like crazy ass Lainey. Bish you know full and damn well Blake would not have dumped Leo. After all the stuff she did to make that relationship seem plausible including going to Australia and being on a plane most of a whole day to stay there for a weekend? Who does that?

  13. 88
    @Larson Says:

    What the hell has Lainey/Perez etc got to do with that saying
    ‘Gossip is A Buffet’ – is as old as the hills
    Paranoia is evidently infectious in this post
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    I’m out
    Cant handle this level of crazy

  14. 89
    Larson Says:

    @marymary: Basically. We just need REAL gossip. Or at least some other kind of news. Leo needs to make a sextape and release it. By accident of course. Or some pictures of him making out with a woman in a club. Or passed out drunk on table. Something Leo, give us something.

  15. 90
    Larson Says:

    @@Larson: Ok whatever, bye. You are still talking about Blake and tinkerbell is still talking about Bar. We got over those two MONTHS ago. Please keep up.

  16. 91

    I see that these “LEO” topics still have the same poster(s) who refuse to take their medication. Incredible what envy and jealousy can do to losers without a life… LOL, LOL, LOL!!!!

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  18. 93
    @tinkerbell Says:

    Please keep posting
    Its obv from post #134 the Bar-barian is ticked off that you’re not attacking his/her preferred targets – Gisele/Blake/Kristen as much.
    Its not a principled stance against haterade just being selective
    I enjoy ur tips

  19. 94
    @137 Says:

    Here we go! Another Bar hater/tinker creep fan ( probably Tinkerbell under different name). How ORIGINAL! Can you come up with something new instead of pushing the same old stuff again? Seems like understanding the fact that Leo is not with her anymore is too much for you to understand, dummy! LOL!

  20. 95
    GerrysFascinatingWoman Says:

    Leo doesn’t have anything to give.He plays it safe with interchangeable models by falling for their looks rather than a woman of substance, and age-appropriate. His lack of depth is the trouble growing up in Hollywood from humble beginnings. He’s stingy… with everything. And his emotional well isn’t all that deep. He’s so way over-rated it’s pathetic. And way mis-cast here.

  21. 96
    Magda mama Says:

    Anyone see this? He’s going to be on the inaugural copy of Russian Interview. Na Zdorovya!

    I think Leo needs a ‘love in’ from his fans…I think his environment, stature, and good looks has possibly made him desensitized to the art of subtle manipulation, when he should be able to make a decision without pressure. Just a guess. I’m going to share some wisdom that I received. I know. I don’t mean to be presumptuous. My heart is in the right place.

    LOVE is nurtured when 2 people have similar styles. Similar values and a dependable moral compas in a partner is important. Like communications, problem solving and conflict management styles all help to sustain a long term committment. Love should n o t be harvested out of pity or guilt.

    Anyone have any gems to add for our fave actor?

  22. 97
    leolovergr Says:

    Can we just stick to the whole point of this thread? ie Leo??? He looks sooo good it’s not even funny! Jay over Jack aaaany day!
    And can we all stop mentioning the israeli has-been? Leo def has – what with his aussie harem and ‘late night’ visits, he’s been trying the local produce and enjoying his stay down under. Why do we need to be talking about the past???

  23. 98
    sab Says:

    does anyone know if gatsby will take a break from shooting for thanksgiving?…..and also can we expect to see Leo home for the holidays?

  24. 99
    What about Says:

    that Romanian model, Madalina??? Her agent must be pissed her name is no longer attached to Leo…. well it was for like a week, but now that her movie is released, she’s not interested. BTW, there is a photo of her with a guy (we don’t see his face) posed on her Facebook on the night of Leo’s birthday party in NY. It was posted to pretend that the guy is Leo. The thing is that it was written in many articles that Leo was wearing a black shirt with a grey costume on the night of his birthday…LOL, while the guy on the picture is wearing something else. Better chance, next time, Madalina!!!!

  25. 100
    @sab Says:

    I don’t think so. He just got back to Sydney and the filming is not over yet. I believe they’ll be working till the holidays in December.

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